Interview with Nick Peet - UFC 257

Dipublikasikan tanggal 23 Jan 2021
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  • قناه غير ملتزمه في وضع فيديوهات مترجمه . واضح انه قناه غير محترفه

  • go on nickolass

  • This lad is good. He is one of Dan Hardy crew.

  • Ufc

  • احين بفهم القناه يو اف سي ارابيك ليش ما تحطون ترجمه عربيه ؟؟

  • Dana says thanks LW tournament is on! Lets Go

  • Who is he? It would be nice if you added some information about the interview in the video description section. We also are not able to hear the questions being asked. If you could bring the microphone closer when you ask a question it would be helpful. Thanks.

    • He is a Liverpool fan

    • Look him up if your interested? And turn your volume up bro lol