Is The F-35 Worth $115 Million?

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[23] .

Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

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    • Just watched this video and looked for the history of weapons series you mentioned. No luck finding it on curiosity stream yet. Was it removed, or is there something else I should search for?

    • 1 F35 vs 3 sukoi f35

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    • make video on this 2 or 3 days ago A British F-35 fighter jet has crashed into the sea during a routine operation in the Mediterranean, the Ministry of Defence has said. £100m British fighter jet crashes into Mediterranean

    • 🛩

  • Thanks man, I wasn't sure on whether to get one now or wait till it's on sale

  • Personally, I wouldn’t buy one at this price. You can pick a used one up for 60 to 65 mil depending on the mileage. I would shop around.

    • @Boo Baal GENIUS ,thanks🤪🥴

    • Make sure to rotate the tire every once and a while

    • This thread LOL!

    • @kindlin yeah the maintenance and supplying of the jet is more expensive than the initial purchase of the jets. Each hour in the sky takes $35,000, and lifetime cost for each plane is estimated to be 1.6 trillion

    • It's value drops 30% as soon as you fly it off the lot.

  • That helmet is absolutely amazing! How long until soldiers on the ground are also kitted out with these AR helmets, receiving live enemy and friendly troop locations. We're so close to video game HUDs becoming a reality it's quite scary.

    • @Full think they have been in testing and development for many years now

    • Hey PSST, they exist now. They are in testing.

    • @Fullback Source? I won't believe you until you provide a reliable source.

    • @Bananaman Our pilots use a helmet obviously.. but its not that one. They have problems with Latency but more to the core, pilots easily get orientation loss during dark or night flying. Check up what happen with the Japanese F-35 pilot.. you don't have to fight that if you are using such helmet or google on the ground

    • Already been happening for a long while for certain units.

  • "The F-35 will never replace the mighty A-10!" Oh no, how will the the F-35 ever live up to that stellar record of blue-on-blue incidents?

    • @Joren van der Ark and Blue on Blue as well. It

    • I thought the Farting Rhino was famous for Blue-on-Green incidents?

  • The B2 bomber program came to about 20x per plane, or almost $2.1billion. Was that worth that? Good planes are always worth it, as they fly forever (B52?) while bad ones quietly are mothballed.

    • The F20 is angry at you.

  • The F35A last confirmed price was under 80 million USD. The F35B was like 115 million, but it's also way more complicated. The F35C is built in much smaller volume and hence more expensive than the A by a decent margin at 105mil I think it was

    • @Justin Edwards I mean, I don't know what's different from how it's always been

    • There was a good video out from Perun about this topic recently, specifically defense contractors and spending. I’m stealing this directly from his video but it’s worth a watch still. Essentially yes the price is $80 million, but in reality it’s not really costing this much for the US government since that money goes to the government via things like income tax and payroll taxes that businesses pay to employees, then those employees buy things and pay sales tax which provides funding for other businesses to have employees, etc. also capital gains tax, etc paid on stock sales. It would be interesting if we could find out what the cost is after deducting the taxes the US takes back

    • @Neel Beke 115$mil per unit is the F35B, which is a way more complicated jet, if you want to compare the B model, its only equivalent in a sense is the sea harrier, which it outperforms in every possible metric. the First F35A models with low orders ranged about 83-91 mil per unit

    • Right, but the price is only that "low" cuz so many countries, allies, have been ordering them. However even at 115mil$ it wouldn't be that expensive since other modern jets like Rafale or Eurofighter cost just as much and don't have many of the features, not just stealth.

    • I guess I'll go for the F35A since VTOL capabilities aren't something I'm too worried about. I'll just build a runway in my backyard 👍

  • the f-35 is not designed to dogfight. It is designed to shoot down it's targets before visual range, just for anyone who thinks dogfighting is still extensively used in modern combat. Even the f-14s were able to shoot down targets that were 100 nautical miles away.

  • Adding a SVTOL version of the F-35 was expensive. The Marines really wanted it, but in my opinion it was the British that got it over the finish line. Without an SVTOL version of the F-35, they probably wouldn't buy it and they are a major foreign partner in the project.

    • @Angus Waterhouse And the USMC

    • @J Light Actually it's both, it just depends on your frame of reference. the F53B variant is indeed capable of performing full VTOL, but only without the additional weight of missiles, bombs and a full tank of fuel. When fully loaded and armed, it requires a short takeoff to get into the air.

    • @J Light Large amount of British involvement in this programme. I'm pretty certain all their needs were also covered.

    • The stovol f-35 will always be the most expensive, it will always be used in fewer number and only the Brits Italians and Japanese are interested in it.

  • Other considerations for ongoing price reductions: as manufacturers in the supply chain for these planes continue to build and improve their own production methods, they can reduce their cost base/scrap rate, thereby continuing to reduce the overall price of the aircraft as well. With current production numbered in the hundreds and target production in the thousands, the program is still relatively young, so there is a lot of room for improvement.

    • @Darth Cadeaus Fyi the discussion was about multi role and why you have 3 aircraft branded under the same name but they are in fact 3 seperate and completely different aircraft. so the A variant is a mutli role for the air force with specific modifications for them. The B and C likewise for the Marines and the Navy. When you say they are multi role aircraft but the roles are the same you kind of lost me because the role of the marines B is too support ground troops as that is what the marines want and need ask any marine and he will tell you I want support from a ground attack aircraft. That was supposed to be the B type goal. The role of the Navy aircraft is too protect the carrier and project power to land, Sea and air based targets. The A version is to be an air superiority as its for the air force. HMMMM see this is exactly why the F35 fails. its at best ok at some things but it is not THE BEST at anything. Multi role aircraft have been a dream of weaponized flight since day 1. Nothing is great at all things, You simply can not use the same parts to make an aircraft with the completely seperate roles it is asked to perform. that is the reason the F35 costs so much and funny that is why it can't do the tasks asked of it. when building an aircraft if you change something to make a part work you better look at everything else because it is a sum of parts that make the jet. The A, B and C are different aircraft and the US would have been better off building specific jets for specific roles.

    • @me notyou I’m saying that many of the parts used between the three types. Also, the “roles” of all three variants are the same, they are multi role aircraft. They’re isn’t a “ground attack” variant. The differences are entirely in the takeoff and landing capabilities and related things like wing size and the VTOL engine on the B variant.

    • @Darth Cadeaus so Darth your telling me the parts are the same? so lets assume we have a lensed sensor like an IRST. on an air superiority fighter it would not need much protection. On a ground attack it would need a stronger lenses, on the Navy jet your lens would need to be made air tight and salt mist proof so do we need the same sensor? You mention the A and C with the same engine but really is it? There is no compensation for its different roles? Similiar is not the same. even the same is not the same because it goes beyond the part itself. It is what holds the part securely to the jet, It is the location with all the wiring going to the part etc. Are all three variants the same length, Height, width and weight? If not it and I know they are all different then... Are the frames the same NO, maybe the Wings, No, maybe the landing gear No. Maybe the cockpit glass window No Proves my point now doesn't it. Hold it they all use the same sticks yeah that makes them the same

    • @me notyou Not necessarily. The computer systems and sensor suites are likely very similar, if not the same. While yes the variants have seemingly big differences, they have more overlap, even if you only consider maintenance training. The A and C variants even use exactly the same engine so that is also the same.

    • @Seth Henson the premise was never there in the first place. The premise was building 1 airplane to suit multiple roles has been chased since 1918, It doesn't work. You have 3 different jets with the same name now as each is a distinct aircraft. so what is the difference from having an A10, F15 and F16? Think about the differences between the A,B and C variants. They share very limited number of parts. Airframes are different, Wings different, landing gear different etc. Oh the tails are the same and the computers? But are they? As the program ages it will be no different than any other jets. As time moves forward costs increase, they don't go down.

  • It’s amazing how the cost of the f35 has plummeted as the kinks were worked out. And its reputation has been really unfairly biased. For the price, there’s no better fighter. The tech, the stealth, the versatility, VTOL & STOL capabilities, the situational awareness, and kill ratio. Nothing can touch it except the Raptor. But for the price, nothing can touch it.

    • @Lil Bathtub yeah although Russia has claimed they used then in Ukraine it seems they are quite unwilling to do so even though using them effectively would help them getting sales going to China India and maybe Iran if they could afford it. As of rn those countries don't want anything to do with it anymore (India originally did but backed out and opted for f-35s now)

    • @elmo I think we all know now that the su57 is probably either a piece of garbage

    • @Kevin Lee it is simply because the f35 is that good.

    • @Kevin Lee the f 35 could lock on to them and they wouldnt know the f35 is there and the f35 could fly away and hope it hit one

  • Amazing that the F-35A is now coming in at less than 80 million a copy...amazing improvement in manufacturing efficiency and cost reduction in a short time frame.

    • @Dustin Gwin Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure no they can’t, since they have no affiliation with any branch of the military or even the government itself. Besides, Musk would need a two seater version, since if he hopped in a F35, he wouldn’t even be able to get the plane ready to fly, let alone get it off the runway.

    • @Dustin Gwin Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure no they can’t, since they have no affiliation with any branch of the military or even the government itself. Besides, Musk would need a two seater version, since if he hopped in a F35, he wouldn’t even be able to get the plane ready to fly, let alone get it off the runway.

    • Can a civilian with the money, Musk, buy one?

    • Really? That is so cool.

  • I was an Airframes mechanic in the marines on the F-35B And even served on some of the ships shown in this video. You covered the subject very well.

  • Just an additional note, the F-35 discussed in the mock dogfight section had G and thrust limiting software so that it would not damage the few units in use at the time

    • @Galucius gigachad answer right there

    • @Jordon David reformer detected. Opinion rejected

    • @Matt the fact that detractors of the program are discussing dogfighting means the F-35's stealth isn't all it's cracked up to be? What? What kind of logic is that? That has no relevance to the stealth or avionic capabilities whatsoever.

    • @Jordon David Sure and in a dogfight id want the F-16, thing is, dogfights almost never happen anymore.

    • @Jordon David the F35 can turn sharper than the F16 (unless you’re only looking at early development models with very limiting software.) The F35 can fight from such a distance and so stealthily the f16 won’t even know it’s being fought until it’s downed. And the F35 can accelerate far faster than the F16 while carrying a higher weapon load, which is far more important than just the top speed number.

  • “So what should we name the F-35 for the Navy any ideas?” The guy at the back “The F-35 Sea”

    • @Jerry Richards it's been a year since your post and half of Europe has bought into the project.

    • The AF version name should be "we wanted more F22s".

    • @Kyle Matlock a mere typo slip , big deal!

    • ​@Bryan Geake It's F117 not F118.

  • Many years ago (~2004) I saw a documentary about the competition for the JSF. So this info is pulling from some old memories. I think it was 'Battle of the X-Planes'. The Boeing prototype had an issue caused by a last minute requirement change that caused the plane to end up heavier. The LMCO plane already met these new requirements but it required changes to the Boeing. As a result, they had to perform the vertical take off tests with some doors removed to save weight, but the same test plane hit super sonic once the doors were put back on. Both plane makers produced 2 test planes. One of the Lockheed planes is on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Annex near Dulles airport. There were 3 companies in the run-off at one point, Lockheed, Boeing, and Martin Marietta. I don't remember which, but either Lockheed or Martin was eliminated, and then the two companies merged to form Lockheed Martin before the final run-off with Boeing. The head of the project on the Boeing side had a full head of dark brown hair when this project started. By the end, he was grey and bald.

  • I remember when we had the charlies for some training runs when I was out to sea. The ABE's (guys the works on the arresting gear) hated the bird because it was too good at hitting the same wire and they had to do more maintenance on it.

  • the thing is about the dogfight reports you mentioned, the F-35 was a plane designed for only BVR fighting, so if an F-35 made it to the range where they started dogfighting, then the pilot of the F-35 has made some serious mistakes, the only reason the F-35 is said to out maneuver any plane except for the F-22 and its competition (the Su-57) is because it needs to do BVR fights which still require enough maneuverability to evade missiles. bonus note: I know I said the F-22 and the Su-57 can out maneuver it but it still can very well match those planes, and realistically if we factor in costs the F-22 and the Su-57 would be fighting multiple F-35s, so that's why its better, but its still capable enough to destroy 4th gen planes like the JF-17, J-15, and more

    • @J Light I think you actually missed what he was trying to say. Pretty sure he was trying to be smart ass, like, "You must work for Lockheed to be Simping/Shilling for them like that."

    • @Vidyut Devam he is member of India unemployed youth

    • @Vidyut Devam guess who is bombing Latakia?

    • @Vidyut Devam Most of this stuff isn't really rare stuff to know. Pretty much anyone who's ever done anything in, or related to, the military aviation community would know at least some of what air combat tactics and BFM are about. Players of games like War Thunder, DCS, or any other military flight simulator would know most, if not all (and more), of what this commenter said or what was presented in the video. I know what you're trying to say with your comment, but what the person you are replying to is saying is among the most basic information available on the topic.

  • considering the Euro Fighter was 65 million quite a few years back so inflation come into play, and considering the F35 is a much more advanced fighter 115 million isn't horrific, it's expensive, but not overwhelming so, although it's expensive enough that there should be a cheaper option available as you don't need a sheath fighter for the vast majority of missions. Although I think making it a general propose fighter was a mistake.

    • Ya man this plane is not expensive at all. I’m thinking to gift one to my niece

  • 22:05 “... this may have been a heavy to price to pay but what isn’t is a subscription to Curiosity Stream” Good to know the service costs less than the F-35 JSF development program.

    • Yeah, I was relieved to hear that. I’d been super worried before that I might have to take an F-35 over a Curiosity Stream subscription due to cost alone!

    • @AugmentedGravity if that were the case they'd better teach me how to make a computer which solves world hunger by ending global warming through high return stock market trading and also makes limitless pills and does your taxes or else that'd be a rip.

    • Jarring transition was jarring

    • AugmentedGravity; NO! its KLM royasl duyteches Airlines. Theyha ve airplanes go up in they skyes with passenguers and suchs. The alum,inum does not, I repppts mysewlfs it doe snto have infinuite life dor a 1 inch specimens. Stell, onthe other habnd has infinute for alternative stress of 20 ksi ro so. Mad ein CHina steel is bad, Governmunts conmtratcs often do NOT, I repppts myselfs onve again they DON NOT ALLOW huuiks MDAE IN CHINAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Three years later would be a good time to answer the question again. Now the F-35 is operational with full capabilities with several military branches. It is this fully operational F-35 that Finland chose to buy recently.

  • There's a good chance this plane will prove itself in the future by dominating whatever conflict it finds itself in. It will likely prove the capability to network share information between other planes and commanders on the ground as the decisive factor in its domination.

  • well if it truly performs well and actually replaces these other planes then yes, it's more than worth the price tag. considering the total cost of the other planes combined. however, i think the warthog is gonna be the hardest to replace. because it has so much built in redundancy, the a-10 can take a ton of punishment and still operate just fine. its a flying tank. for that fact alone i think we will use it for a good long while. however, if the f-35 is either able to avoid damage altogether, then there's no need for so much armor and redundancy. so, we'll see. but even it it just replaces the other 3 planes it is still worth it

  • I remember watching the x plane science episodes on PBS in the late 90s. They were basically just trying to build prototypes. I was around 15 or 16 and effing loved seeing it.

  • Pilot: the plane sucks at turning Lockheed Martin: Bruh it's in beta

    • @DeltaCharlie Romeo Name one aircraft that fits the profile Elthenar outlines. Come back to the conversation when you have at least one.

    • @Bernhard Ecklin Yeah pretty much. Every time they found something that the plane could do, they spun that into a wonderful blessed event, every time it was discovered that the plane couldn’t do something.. they downplayed the necessity.

  • This channel is incredible! Just when I needed, there's a video on how to save money when buying these! Thanks my friend! Helped a lot!

  • The F-35 will be the last jet with such costs associated to it. Going further, from lessons learned from the F-35 that have lead to huge leaps in aircraft design philosophy, computer modeling and other never before seen production technologies. New aircraft will go from the design phase to production in less than a year. The Air Forces new Gen 6 Air superiority fighter jet, which was leaked to have taken only 8 months to design and build a prototype, is a perfect example of these technologies at work. Completely over shadowing every other country by at least a decade in aircraft design and production. So yes, the F-35 was an expensive endeavor and at the end probably didn't produce the best aircraft needed by the Navy or Air Force, which is why both are rushing to get their next gen planes into production. But those planes would not be possible if it wasn't for the F-35 project that elevated the US's military aircraft design and production methods to new unseen heights of awesomeness.

    • The F-35 isn't perfect, in fact it's missing a lot of functionality that many countries require. Most importantly is range, speed, dual engines, air superiority, larger internal capacity, etc.

    • There is really no point for nato counties to build and innovate to match the f35 if Lockheed and boing have already perfected it

    • I work in military equipment design, and the military industrial complex does not learn. If anything it gets dumber every year.

    • Basically, walking is expensive, but once you start running....

  • These machines are one of the reasons I took Aero Engineering. I can say I am satisfied and I’m happy.

  • the heads up display on the pilots helmet allows him to see through the aircraft...pretty damn amazing.

  • the F-35 only costs 85-88 million per unit now for mass production in 2020 now so the cost got reduced by like 30% so now it's much cheaper than they originally expected!

  • The tail of the nighthawk shot over Serbia was on display at the airplane museum in Belgrade, had the honors of seeing it in elementary school, amazing tech for the time...still love the design looks like a plane from a sci fi movie.

  • Actually the Marines DO fly off the Navy’s super carriers. Carriers would often sail with a squadron of Marine F-18’s on board. I imagine the Marines will operate both the B and C models.

  • It was waaaay cheaper than the mix of F-15 upgrades plus new F22, that was the prime alternative at purchase time. We still did a small subset of the F-15 upgrades, but cut it by extending F-16 and F-18. This was never going to be cheap, but seeing how the rest of the world views its export-version, it looks better and better over time.

  • I don't think it's entirely fair to argue the F-117 'failed' given the fact only one single plane was shot down in ten thousands of sorties - that's actually very impressive insofar strike ratio's go. Especially considering how badly the deck was stacked against it in Serbia: Its radar signature flared up because of open bomb bays, no prowler jamming escort, the flight path was known by the enemy, long wavelength radar was used. They would likely have lost a lot more if it wasn't for its already outdated stealth technology at that time. The US deliberately didn't destroy the plane's remains because at that point the F-117's stealth capabilities were 30 years old and only of limited value to the opposing force. It's a shame it's remembered for being shot down once because it had a very good run.

    • One broke its wing off and fell on a residential house ,everybody took a piece of the composite material for soveneir showoff

    • The f-117 had no jamming and limited sensors. The F-35 can Jam multiple targets at once and out-range Sam sites

    • The only failure was in using the same flight plan day after day.

  • Will you do a video on the Avro Arrow and how it would stand up to recent fighters? Talk about insane engineering!

  • Any chance there will be a bundle edition with helmet? Little confused which one to get and discouraged by scalpers though…

  • Great video! I would only say that technical sapphire is not a gemstone and is actually quite cheap.

  • Great analysis. Love your uploads. Thanks for sharing.

  • I would love to see a video about the winner of the FLRAA contract, whenever that happens. Both the Bell and Sikorsky offerings are very cool engineering problems.

  • "More V-LOL"... XD that one got me laughing.

    • @Anaconda eunectes V/STOL mean Veritical/Short Take Off and Landing. It’s just takings the piss out of the design of the Boeing

    • No, it actually wasn't funny.

    • VLOL. Very Laughing Out Loud? That air intake looks like a joke.

    • it was pretty corny

  • The F117 information was pretty cool. I was part of that operation when it happened.

  • If they're trying to replace multiple other planes it seems like a no-brainer to give up on the vertical landing

  • Could you please do a kinematic comparison between the F-35 A/B/C Cost, Maintenance, Range, Loadout? Thank you.

  • Great video! Very interesting to see what our government just bought!

  • cool video! one correction though, when the f117 was shot over serbia in the 90s, they gave the mostly intact plane to china, not russia. this is most likely the reason why on a subsequent bombing run on belgrade(serbia's capital), one of the bombs "accidentally" hit the chinese embassy there. in any case, well done on the video.

    • did you accidentally comment on the wrong video

  • High price tag or not - at least they actually managed to deliver the plane in the end. I've seen much worse megaprojects where billions upon billions were spent to essentially gain nothing of value in the end

  • One thing that has remained constant in aircraft development is that they all had huge issues when first brought out. The P-51 Mustang was a marginal aircraft at first, F-22 went through development problems and so it goes with the F-35. Those earlier planes became the best in the air, the F-35 has done the same thing. Relentless pursuit of the initial problems with one of, if not the most complex aircraft built for combat has made this a really formidable aircraft. The MSM will have you think it's an abysmal failure, but if you get a chance to see it go through it's paces at a flight show, take it. Check out Curious Droid channel's piece on this plane.

    • @me notyou the f15 took 15 years to develop, the F16 was then built on the back of the F15

    • @Juraj Sintaj such as Speed. Maintenance, Runway length needs ie you just can't land and take off the same as most jets. lengthy upgrade process. The jets a turkey in comparison to other US jets, time will prove it

    • @me notyou such as?

    • @E F So you’re saying the end product (ie the plane itself) was a success, but the process of developing it was marred by incompetence and wasteful spending.

    • At least it would be better than Boeing’s proposal

  • Since the F-35 is available to other countries other than the United States, I'm kinda concerned that if one of these highly advanced aircraft we're to be shot down, there's a chance that an enemy might be able to reverse engineer the highly advance technology that the F-35 has.

  • Hell yes, that’s insanely cheap for current generation military tech! A cursory glance at other combat platforms would tell you that.

  • It is _trivial_ to design a route planner that scrambles the route to and from a mission so that a plane never takes the same route twice.

  • Very interesting video as always. But I gotta say that quoting the chief test pilot at Lockheed as a reliable and objective source is not a really effective method to convince people. When he doesn't fly the plane, his job is to sell it. I truly respect the skills of this people but they are the last I will listen to if I want a real idea of " is it worth it ? "

  • The sapphire windows scratch at level 8, with deeper groves at level 9.

    • @gorgborg Yeah! It should be square glass for the cockpit!

    • @Jupiter Dude! It’s Bluetooth of course.

    • There are deep trees at level 9?

    • Orange groves? Or tangerine groves?? Big difference...greets from Fla....

    • @Sherlock Holmes i know it's a quote by jerryrigeverything I'm not that dumb

  • I think it’s really stupid when people bring up that ”oh but it lost to a f16 in a dogfight so bad plaen” because they fail to mention that, in this day and age, dogfighting isn’t even relevant. If you have a plane that can spot you before you know it’s there and blow you out of the sky with a aim-120, it doesn’t matter whether or not you turn faster. The f35 has changed the game, and I look to it’s insane capabilities with open arms. Such a remarkable piece of equipment. Also, its super common for aircraft to have delays in production or issues from the get go. Look at the f15 eagle, the legendary fighter with an astounding 103:0 loss ratio. It took 13 years to fully develop and had lots of issues but in the end it’s high tech equipment changed the battlefield and it dominated the skies. I believe the f35 will(hopefully) be just as successful.

  • 27 years of developmemt, eh? And I thought 8 years for a video game was insane.

  • Since this video was made, the f-35 scored a 28-1 kill ratio on 4th gen fighters

  • Compared to a raptor as high as 300 million. The f35 is the way to go. Due to raptors high cost there was only like 187 made and then production stopped. Pardon me if my numbers are off a tad… but not much.

  • Nice, the perfect thing to procrastinate with than studying to be an engineer

    • @micko lesmana Yes my brain hurts on a bi weekly basis lol just whenever I have physics 😂

    • @Garrison Boyd wow are you not hurting you brain ? man Engineering alone is stressful for me

    • @micko lesmana that’s awesome, Im duel enrolling right now taking physics but I am trying to decide between physics and engineering.

    • @Garrison Boyd Aviation Engineering

    • @micko lesmana what’s your major if you don’t mind me asking

  • 13:36 -- In other words, if you're worried about scrubbing momentum as a result of a high G-load maneuver, you have already lost the engagement.

  • Yeah thanks for the heads up, i bought an f-22 a couple years back from a yard sale, absolute steal for 70mil but im looking to get one for my son, hes 4 and hes mad about the f-16, i found one but it doesnt have the brimstone or sidewinders, maybe i should get a typhoon? I dont know, maybe you could advise?

  • Frankly i can't see any benefits in having the same airframe, it's better to have three things that can do one thing great than having one thing that can do everything ok. Make parts interchangeable between models, that's a good idea

  • I love your work, and permit me an editor's minor, perfectionist niggle with your printed commentary. There is no possessive apostrophe in the word its. "It's" is only a compression of "it is". A tiny blemish on an excellent production. A mistake encountered often elsewhere too, unfortunately. Once again, love your work.

  • "As an Irish Citizen, that is not for me to decide." *Shows half of the entire Irish air force*

    • @David Tuttle I had a steak and potato au gratin, but so long as there's spuds it's fine 😁

    • @sdemosi I’m currently eating my traditional Sunday corned beef n cabbage with potato’s n carrots.

    • @David Tuttle true. As an Scots Irish person I endorse ham and pineapple on pizza, as well as eating potatoes at least 5 times a week. You haven't lives until you've had a pizza with potato topping. It's "delish"

    • Whelp, these replies became a real shitshow.

  • Tech evolved so much that a 200$ drone can balance itself perfectly even with wind and other factors from 4 motors and the harrier had manuals controls for this :))

    • A drone is roughly [checks notes] eighty thousand times lighter than a harrier. I think these might be different engineering problems.

  • To be fair, modern 747s and A380s cost well over $400 million.

  • 30 years?... that's alot of updates to catch up mate... this is like a development hell. Glad it came out ok.

  • I love the segue from $115 million price tags to $2.99/mo price tags :'D

  • “This sounds like a shit load of money..” first time hearing him curse lmfao

    • Dec 2021 reported that the cost has gone down to 79 million per and may be down to 76 million by end of 2022.

    • same, I was like "w o t"

    • Can I get a time stamp?

    • Like many others, I too thought the same thing. So seldom is that language used on this channel, it made the point abundantly fucking clear.

    • What time in the vid

  • the jet is slower than f16s but brings lots of new things with it... no wonder alot of countries are making its successor

  • the av8b was made by McDonald Douglas it was inspired by the Sea harrier but it had a completely different wing and fuselage system but the engines were the same

  • This was amazing! Well done!

  • *** Is The F-35 Worth $115 Million? That depends on whether you are selling one or buying one.

    • @TheDutchLucas I mean at first the three variants was made becasue the US miltary wanted one for each branch (army, navy and marines) and all had diffrent requirements for what aircraft they wanted. What i was hinting at is that the A does not really bring anything new in term of things the army had acess to, only the B variant for the marines and the C variant for the navy really bring anything remotely new, and out of that only the B variant really benefits from the F-35s initial design of , you know, being a next gen stealth VTOL. I still stand by my point that the F-35 is FAR from being a useless aircraft, but would have been cheaper and even more performant if each role used a dedicated fighter instead. I mean the A/B/Cs are essentially completly separate aircrafts already

    • 78 million

    • @Jason McGrath that part of the world has been at was since the beginning of human history. Tell all the families that have blown up family members long before the u.s. got involved when they brought it to us just said no and you don't like it. Don't start a fight with someone who's going to kick your ass.

    • @juntingiee ii

  • This is the kind of typical mistakes that senior management made when they did not push back on unrealistic client's demand during early discussion. Too eager to get the contract, ended up ruining the contract at the end.

  • They reduced the price to $80 mil and working to get it down to $70 mil eventually. This makes it cheaper than the Saab Gripen at $85 mil.

  • All time fav is the F22 On the Airshows Raptor maneuverability accelerations are breathtaking. Of course F35 does its typical air protocols but nothing like Raptor

  • Double or thriple the size of this F-35 V-Engine, mount it adjacent to a mustache shape beam wing & lay a spaceX SN body over the middle top, you get a two method flight of a fully SSTO STARSHIP.

  • It’s a tricky situation. It’s one of those investments you go into blindfolded. It’s expensive, lengthy and it may not even be useful. The moment you have initiate that investment, you dig yourself a deeper hole that you can’t get out of. Your only option is to dig deeper. In the end, you may just dig deep enough to find a diamond, or a lump of copper. The F-35 could potentially be a huge success, but it could also be a big failure. I’m willing to be it’ll be a success though. It’s obvious the military sees something in it that we either don’t see/understand, or can’t see because it’s behind curtains. They wouldn’t be invested this much unless they truly believe in that platform, especially since the current fleet of US aircraft is still WAY AHEAD of its adversaries. The US is producing insane amounts of current planes, so many that even the US Navy is one of the largest air forces in the world... second only to the US Air Force. My point is that our fleet is ahead of our adversaries, so there’s obviously something VERY attractive to the military about the F-35 of they’re willing to go this far to make sure they get their hands on them, and I trust their guts

  • Isn’t the b-2 the most expensive weapon ever made? Edit: i suppose the whole program was not as expensive

  • is there any one who does not know how stealth works by now ? what you fail to mention is how frail it makes the f-35 the scraped f-35s are already pilling up and we are at peace

  • x32 and f35 are both eyesores. the f22 looks better, but not much. too bad the yf23, f20, and comanche were never selected for production. those designs look amazing

  • Seeing as your average F-35A will cost somewhere in the 80 million range down the line (and that's what most countries will be buying), that's not a terrible deal. It's pricey, sure. But an Su-35 is 85 million per unit. And this is more advanced than that. Parts commonality will reduce flight hour costs as the supply chain grows. And let's be honest, the fact that it replaces like 4-6 aircraft also saves money. It's going to be economical once it's deeply embedded.

  • The cost for the f-35 program while expensive is far far cheaper per mission it will fly versus the fighters with their escorts. A fighter mission requiring 4 F-35s replaces a 24 plane requirement for the same mission using replaced legacy fighters. So every 4 man ship unit of F-35s per mission replaces 24 other planes for the same mission requirement. So 8 F-35s replaces 48 plane support craft. 12 F-35s replaces 72 plane set.

  • So, they started with the idea of making 1 single plane to do everything, and then they had to make 3 variants of it, hahahaha. Geniuses!!!

  • The F-35: the embodiment of "PUT ME IN THE GAME, COACH!!"

  • The X-32 always just looks so happy to see you.

    • @Kai YES! I was really hoping to see this comment! The moth fighter.

    • @Slartybarfast B Hey man that’s kinda mean, the X-32 has been insulted enough times bro.

    • X-32 is so ugly tho

    • @KrissCross AppleSauce *Dive horn intensifies

    • or is it something in it's pocket?

  • My uncle drove a tank in WW II and was at the Battle of the Bulge with Patton. No idea which version(s) of the M4 he would have been assigned to, but he made it home alive, thank goodness. In the real world, he became a bank executive in Ft Wayne, IN. He could not qualify for infantry due to a back injury as a child. On bicycles, he and his brother were hit by a car. He survived but his brother did not. Another brother was an Air Force air traffic controller and pursued this career in civilian life. My aunt, the eldest sibling, was a registered nurse in the Navy in WW II and her husband rose to the Navy rank of Commander in the PacifiC Theatre of The War. She recently passed at the age of 103! She will be laid to rest with her husband this September at Arlington National Cemetery. Four of the heroes of our Greatest Generation: thank you and all who fought and continue to fight for our freedom! My mother will be 89 this year, the youngest and last surviving sibling. Today is a Fathers Day and my dad, now 90, also survives. He was a member of the Army Reserve from just after The War through the Korean Conflict.

    • Cool story bro

    • wow, a very proud family history!

  • Yes, yes it is. I’m picking up my five next week. Can’t wait to take it for a spin.

  • The F-35 was not meant to be a fighter jet, but more to be a multi-role fighter. It has been proven to deliver it's payload and get out of the combat area. Time with the if the F-35 can hold it's own...

    • Agree, but not a air superiority fighter like the F22!

  • That ad transition is smoother than F-35s curves!

  • The X32 may of not gotten supersonic and VTOL in one plane but it was definitely a capable platform for the JSF role! It performed marvelous in it's test.. lockheed knew how to tickle the moneybags of the DoD. The F35 is a badass, but it's expensive and there's not alot of them..

    • Not the case at all.

  • “The f-35 would be commercially available” God I wish

  • The current F-35 is now far less than this number. It’s actually now cheaper to buy and fly than many 4th generation fighter.

  • Absolutely, one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built. I am sure this a/c will turn out to be the best investment this country has ever made and I love all 3 variants equally as each one has it's own mission. Great video and thanks for sharing!

    • @Jerome Barry Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • Most beautiful? Nearly every combat aircraft produced by every country are all much more pleasing in appearance. The F35 just looks fat.

    • agreed air conditioning very important on fighters

    • Yes, since USA is the one selling them.

  • One can’t even imagine the complexity of such projects

    • Yakob Izzrael Stop with your propaganda, no one wants it.

    • @John Johnson True dat, not only building this machine but doing so complying with all the bureaucratic BS

    • @ArsArma Okay, but it's still not true. Every single engineering project had time and budget constraints. Besides, engineering is not what most of the tax payer's money was spent on. R&D is a part of it, but the engineers receive only a small part of what LM calculates one hour of engineering time is worth. Most of the cost is overhead, future investments, reserves, profits and shareholder value.

    • @Stable Genius every aircraft has G and speed limits built in, what are you getting at? Also, titanium? They would cost a billion each...

  • It's expensive, but can it mine asteroids that can threaten whole continents on earth if impact occurs?

  • The vertical integration take is also a lie. Every aircraft company ends up having to spread construction around including Boeing and Airbus for commercial aircraft.

  • 15:57 the furthest object we have ever detected that MAY be an Exoplanet is about 28million light years away, aside from that all planets we have found are in the milky way

  • The point of this program was to save money over designing many different airframes.

  • No significant technology was handed over by a downed F-117. A Russian published information relating to radar avoidance that the US actually used on the F-117. That jet largely utilized deflection angles to avoid detection. Not very groundbreaking at all, which is why the US even bothered flying the jet so much over contested and enemy territory.

  • The F-15 is a 4th gen air superiority fighter; the F-35 is a 5th gen multi-role fighter. Saying that the latter does not dogfight as well as the former should be no surprise. Saying that it doesn't dogfight as well as an F-16 - the 4th gen multi-role fighter it was intended to replace - is more than a little concerning.

    • The popular instance where it was "outperformed" by an F-16 was when rudder authority was being fine tuned. It's truly ridiculous what a clown show arose from that.

  • I am sure going to miss the Super Hornet when it's gone. :'(