ITZY Performance Practice | 2021 ASIA ARTIST AWARDS

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ITZY Performance Practice | 2021 ASIA ARTIST AWARDS

ITZY The 1st Album "CRAZY IN LOVE"

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  • Yeji being the ace she is, Lia getting prettier than she already is, Ryujin killing me with her facial expressions, Chaeryeong slaying everything as usual, Yuna our talented maknae 😌💅🏻

  • My life is completed with:

  • Not even a K-Pop stan. This choreography is simply breathtaking.

  • vocals: ✅

  • Yeji hurts her back but still gave us this amazing dance practice, she isn’t called the ace for nothing.

  • Chaeryeong literally caught everyone's eye this time

  • Yeji's charisma is on another level. She really standout in every performance.

  • For new fans! ↴

  • Yeji's leadership, Rujin's stage performance, Lia's cuteness, Chaeryeong's dance, Yuna's visual... All together they are marvelous ❤️❤️❤️

  • ITZY is a group with five main dancers and five main visual.

  • Oh my god, I can't believe the performance and strength that Yeji has, despite her injury, she is still standing, she is simply very talented, the best in ITZY, her facial expressions end my life, they are so intimidating, without a doubt the better in facial expressions, and not only from ITZY, also from the 4th generation

  • I'm not really a fan of itzy, but ... THEY ARE TOO TALENTED. I love them


  • the choreography of MITM is unforgettable and deserve to have a history in the world of KPOP.

  • Ryujin is my bias, but I just COULD NOT keep my eyes off of Chaeryeong. I had to rewatch it to see everyone else. Beautiful work, my queens! 💞

  • yeji perfeita, chaeryeong perfeita, yuna perfeita, ryujin perfeita, lia perfeira = itzy lacrador

  • 2:40

  • 매년 AAA에서 멋진 무대 감사합니다! 앞으로도 쭉 계속 봐요! 2021 AAA 수상을 축하 드리며, 사랑해요 ITZY!♥

  • I personally love Yeji's facial expressions. She's not overdoing it and it just comes natural for her.

  • Vieron que los cordones de los zapatos de Ryujin y Yeji no estaban amarrados y continuaron bailando con fuerza😮 las admiro son increíbles y profesionales 👏