Jackson State Coach Deion Sanders Belongings Stolen During Coaching Debut

Dipublikasikan tanggal 21 Peb 2021
Former NFL star and current Jackson State head football coach Deion Sanders' belongings were stolen from the locker room during Sunday's 53-0 victory over Edward Waters
Video Courtesy WAPT 16
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  • what do you think? Update: Coach Prime isn’t accepting the story being published that it was a miscommunication or someone moving his property to a safer location. Check community tab for his tweets

    • @jrh4lo I honestly expected better. The man is trying to improve not just the quality of football, but quality of life.

    • @Ed Peterson Jr it's funny you would expect anything different.

    • Do you? I don't

    • Why would you leave anything of value you coming to coach not show off your jewelry collection cone on deion think,,,,,think

    • I would resign and go help a school that can appreciate what he is trying to do with the youth 🤦🏾‍♂️ I hate a fucking thief

  • That's sad

  • Good luck and I HOPE you catch the CROOK or CROOKS! That MOVE has made everyone a SUSPECT.

  • Chuckle...too bad it’s a HBCU, no white people to blame things on? Female card? Student...um?!?!?🤷🏻‍♂️

  • He’s done after this season . Just living normal makes him a target. Who wants to put up with that.

  • I know niggas be trippin but for swim reason this feel like someone’s tryna sabotage the HBCU lane he’s carving .... This could be something this could be nothing lol

  • "The Reverend" at his best once again

  • Cameras should be there likely

  • So aint no cameras in the coaches office or pointing toward it?

  • This one of those Onion headlines

  • Is anyone really surprised

  • This shit is embarrassing, the fuck is wrong with yall!? Yall have a person that made it! Who is trying to lift yall up to his level. The community surrounding Deion needs to take action and make sure that nothing like this ever happens again

  • Anyone want to buy a watch, worn by pro football player

  • It sucks but don't have a press conference about it. Not what you want to be associated with. It's not what you want people to think of when they think of you, or your program. Just handle it and move on. It's not life changing money they stole from you. If a player gets his phone stolen it might be life changing but damn sure wouldn't make the news.

  • Totally feel for him it takes a real a hole to steal

  • Blacks

  • Sad man .. very sad .. cmon North FL wtf y’all Doing up there ???

  • Meme's comming soon

  • DAMN that is some BS 4real for some stuff like that to happen. I sure do hope they find out who did that shit

  • So entirely irresponsible,uncontrolled and embarrassing... PrimeTime.

  • Hire your own armed security for the locker room. Let's see stuff get robbed now.

  • Jackson Mississippi is the Chicago of the South WORST PLACE EVER.

  • So Deion does not like that what he paid for with his money and possesed got stolen? I thought he was ad democrat?

  • Wow sad asf tryna to make fast cash by stealing from a man who just wants to make a school better and this is how the community does him come on man.

  • First the boom box, now this? KARMA🤔

  • My brother step back for a second God is testing your faith. You are that University not to just win football games, you are there to win the entire campus and turn some to Christ. Do not let that get to you but pray and maybe just maybe the right message from you gets your stuff returned. God bless you brotha

  • That was messed up

  • You should’ve stayed away. Once you leave you never look back.

  • Inside job......someone will talk.

  • Damn how can U still something from Prime😰

  • Class act!

  • This reminds me of remember the Titans for some reason,,,

  • Is Jamelle Hill going to blame whitey on this? Where's Kaepernick on this? Shouldn't he be running his mouth about Blacks being oppressed in this country?

  • Happens once shame on you happens twice shame on me.


  • Deion got a reality check.... but when he said "we gon find out who did it", I'd be shaking if I was on the team and actually decided to rob my coach and my coach was Deion Sanders.... brobro ain't gon remove you from his team. He's gonna make an example out of you and there's only two ways it'll finish for the kid. An NFL career or not finishing high school.

  • How's it feel to be back in the college scene D?

  • Inside job.

  • A white man did it

  • WTH. Stay strong Prime don't give up on HBCUs it could have been a agent sent too make you quit or talk shit about HBCUs.

  • But but people just tryna put Bread on the Table. I believe it's AOC that quoted this during the riots not so long ago.

  • Inside job there. One of those kids set him up.

  • I wonder if taking a knee during the anthem will fix this problem?

  • So fuckin sad !!!!!!

  • Distracted you with the game ball.

  • & they say not to pay athletes.

  • He coulda kept this to himself

  • Let's blame Trump!

  • Keeping fighting coach! Don't let the dirt bags win!

  • I bet the suspect has a lot of soul and melanin...

  • how do ya know black people doing this ? antifa in the riots for example

  • the Day the Earth Stood Still...and spun the other way...back to Christ's teachings.

  • Deion is a Man, a stand up one. How can we sit here and let something like this happen to a man that is bringing his shine and energy into making our whole community better.

  • Changing the culture this won't happen again. This reiterates why Deion Sanders is there, it will not make him go anywhere. It proves there is work to be done.

  • Camera are everywhere. They should know soon who did it.

  • Didn’t he’s truck get broken into also?

  • The culture bs messes it up every time wtf

  • Disgusting criminals. Horror behavior in this country these days.

  • wow man....... thats ridiculous dont go back until its returned... after that man came there to help and thats how he is treated...... unbelievable...disgusting

  • What did he expect? You can’t promote the worst qualities of our people for decades and then expect them to act right....lol.

  • Had to be those pesky White Suprematist at it again......

  • Black Lives Matter, really? Clean your own house up first. This guy is a gift to that university.

  • Not a fan but no one deserves that

  • Either ninjas ain’t shit or somebody tryna make it seems like it

  • Black people gon black


  • God got you don’t worry

  • Too bad, bro.

  • A black man would not steal from another black man.

  • Press charges, make the young man who did this go if front of a camera and apologize. We all want to see who this kid is.

  • I hope this ain't a Juicy Smollet kinda incident

  • Well, when in da hood.....

  • Plain and simple someone doesn't wants him there and that someone has pull..

  • Shocking why people leave the hood once they make it.

  • They want to know what's on the phone

  • Inside Job

  • Bout to put in a big insurance claim 💯

  • Dats sad

  • He just got hazed welcome to the university prime now just order the team some subway sandwiches .

  • Lmao! HOW! 😂😂😂

  • If he was at Florida state this wouldn’t have happened man is a walking legend at that campus

  • It’s amazing how he came back to help his people and this is how they repay him.

    • As they saying goes “sometimes it’s your own people who do you wrong.”

  • Expose the crooks at that school Deion

  • So sad

  • Future head coach at FSU!

  • It's a setup: some white kids planned this to get prime out.

    • All cops not bad cops either

    • 😂 😂 😂 im from texas and i see all kinds of white kids wearing his jerseys

  • Well....lock your office door...simple

  • Those necklax s are older than each player on team. Why would you rob Prime? His autograph is worth more than anything they stole. Smh I just be like "can you sign my rookie card" .

  • BLM

  • If they don't return it, the person or people's actions will be downgraded from felony to misdemeanor or lessor charges unless they are non white. They will say we don't want to ruin their whole life over a prank, but if they are of the other group then it will be let's make an example of those who break the law. It's Mississippi y'all, and we all know the track record of those old confederate battleground states.

  • Fuck him nothing was stolen they told him they moved his stuff to keep it safe and he still sits up there and plays a victim what a liberal lefty commie Karening out because he can’t live his life unless he’s a victim of something fuck him fuck blm and fuck joe Biden and this whole way of thinking

  • Total bulls*#t. Deon can make that place great, if they listen to him. That’s disgusting, flat out disgusting.

  • Got to understand no one is immune to anything, especially theft.

  • That sad that man came there to make a difference, and y’all let niggas do him like that where the OG’s at we don’t play that shit in Houston Tx!! That’s foul bro!!

  • Sorry for you. Your blessings come with this. Stay positive & blessed...

  • Deion losing his belongings is not cheap stuff. Shame.

  • Give that man his stuff back. Who ever you are. Not worth it man. Not cool at all.

  • These items were not stolen but "donated" to a great cause

  • For the Culture

  • Why he trippin' bout getting robbed ??? He got plenty of money & filthy rich 💰 Remember that song he came out wit a long time ago called ' must be tha money ?' 😁