James is a good butt friend

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James is a good butt friend
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  • actually I didn't like how my elbow rested on my desk


    • ▪▪▪what¿

    • Wow what a nice friend

    • You inspire me! :3

    • 500th comment

  • I having second thoughts of why James and Adam are getting shipped :/

  • Ok nice tablet

  • and james you adam i love also

  • Can we just have a moment for James for giving Adam this expensive CINTIQ. God Bess and appreciate.

  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • My friend tells me to kill myself on my birthday

  • No offense but when i hear adams voice it reminds me of markiplyer

  • You really sound like markiplier

  • Bootiful art best art always best art The James x Adam shippers: *OmG He AgReEs WiTh Us YAsSSsS ThE ShIp WiLl SAiL* Me: ._. Are you good Ight ima head out idc if it’s a ship it’s a friendship not a SHIP OF LOVE jeez 😂👏

  • James is like iron man giving spiderman his new suit xD

  • Very good butt friend

  • ""he sent me a Cintiq I don't have a stand I have a crappy light" Dude wtf stop trying to cash out free stuff from your friend

  • You have a good friend Adam I subbed to him and you!!! Good vid

  • ball strecher

  • I have toes btw

  • the title is confusing

  • This video is more sincere than any of those apology videos combined

  • What does the butt mean

  • I'm sorry but- Butt friend sounds a lot like boyfriend if you ask me...

    • Its okay

    • @froot loop sorry boi

    • Sorry to break it to you, but he meant "James is good ass friend" he didnt wanna get demonitized

  • I love when the internet is filled with good sweet wholesome innocent people it makes me happy

  • Dude I want one

  • OMG!!! My love for James is just increasing!!!!!!???? I love him!! I have a crush over him!!!!💗💗

  • Why is this so wholesome (*´꒳`*)

  • He sounds like markiplier lol

  • What the name of the animation tablet

  • Can yo not bark (thank you) YOUR BRAINS OUT

  • thats 2000 dollars

  • youtube in 2017: youtube 2020: think i'm just gonna recommend THIS TO YOU NOW...

  • Bruh I actually never understood the title butt now I get it

  • Bagley man is proud of u both

  • Cintiq products in 2020 are like $3,300.00 U.S Dollar

  • What cintq model

  • James is such a good friend 😁😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Aww this is so sweet

  • That’s awesome, and very nice of James.

  • Mi yayyyy yo ok

  • Your good Your good jeims

  • I am getting a cintiq 22hd

  • Good job!!!


  • Nice

  • WhY Is ThE TiTlE CaLLeD “JaMeS Is A GoOd BuT FrEinD?

  • Did I read the title right 😂

  • Getting free things from James

  • cool video

  • This right here is called quality footage

  • He sounds too much like Markiplier 😳

  • Is the photoshop or flash animation

  • He sounds like markplier

  • The amount of great animators who commented on this

  • I couldn’t use it. I write like a left handed person.

  • Magic is James’ favorite card game.

  • An this is how Adam’s channel turn into an unboxing channel.

  • Daaww so sweet James

  • Which type of tablet did you use as your fist one (I really want to start an animation channel

  • You are latterly James with a deeper voice!😂 love it!

  • I’m pretty sure WacomCintiq’s are anywhere from 400$-1,000$ Feel free to correct, cause I’m not too sure of myself. That’s just what I remember the price range to be.(do note that this is coming from someone who doesn’t own a Wacom, I’m not too rich either😢)

  • Markiplier why are you here

  • Your voice Is like markiplier. ;w;

  • this was posted on my birth

  • This makes me cry

  • Hello

  • No se ingles :v. ¡¡Yo te elijo traductor!!

  • Wow James is a really really good friend so nice of him :)


  • Why am I laughing while he laughs...

  • James did you get your magic carda back ???

  • James is so nice wtf QAQ that's so generous of him!

  • Why does james have to be such a great dude it’s so unfair it just makes me want to be his friend even more ughhhh James I love uuu lol

  • am pregnant thats a good story

  • I can just imagine James being like shit I didnt mean to give him my sonic game

  • I bet this was unlisted

  • James is such a good friend UwU

  • Clearly the Best item is The Sonic Advance Cartridge

  • oh my god his laugh is actually adorable, james protect the boi

  • lets all agree that Adam,James and Jaiden are all great animators and friends.

  • James is such nice person

  • Wow James is a really good but friend

  • He's realy a good frieend