James is a good butt friend

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James is a good butt friend
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  • actually I didn't like how my elbow rested on my desk


    • ▪▪▪what¿

    • Wow what a nice friend

    • You inspire me! :3 <3

    • 500th comment

  • You know Mr.Adam... maybe he likes you :/

  • Omg you are markiplier! 👏

  • Oop hello James

  • Are you Markaplier lost son?

  • Tis indeed a Butt

  • 2:12 the real how2basic

  • Best unboxing ever

  • I have a good ass friend :)))) she’s stuck by me since second grade.

  • I’m so confused. I want to get into animating but how does the price of these tablets fluctuate from $15 to $1k???

  • That's a major the gathering card and a game boy color sonic game. If you want to use the game you can use the game boy color of the ds lite

  • Awe James is so kind 💕

  • Who tf ask for someone they don’t even know to buy them a fucking expensive tablet. Dumbasses but James is a really good friend and you deserve it Adam even if he bought it for you, you still deserved it.

  • James is so nice wtf

  • This is is really great thing! Y'all are great friends and I Read More

  • Adam: *says sksksk* me: *AND I OOP AND I OOP*

  • James you're such a good person OMG

  • james can you buy me a tablet :D

    • @Ari the anime wolf XD ok

    • @yes_im_pedro I was joking! Ok just to make it clear

    • Ari the anime wolf ok idk if you were joking but i was...

    • Adam just said in the begging of the video to NOT try to make or ask James to buy you a tablet


  • You can tell how much of a nerd James is just by opening one package, that's amazing 😂❤

  • It looked like u were crying in the start

  • Friends are always there for eachother

  • I love your laugh

  • Yes

  • 4:22 The best most perfect laugh??? Ever???


  • Is the "butt" a noun or adjective?

  • Dude😂😂 was I the only one who saw and heard Markiplier for a sec😂😂😂😂😂oml

  • I wish I had a friend like james

  • so... does he have anymore on shelf? ^>^

  • why is this on a jacksepticeye playlist

  • My cousin thinks ur markaplier and Now he thinks mark has a second channel xd

  • i thought this said two hours ago 3019 lel

  • {\_/} ( *0*)

  • High kality video

  • Dude he looks so much like Markiplier! (Throwback to the last video 😂)

  • Somethingelse what is that thing called?

  • butt

  • Im a fan james

  • That was like me when I unboxed my artist 12 Graphic tablet. *SHMAKING INTENSIVYS*

  • Something ellse yt can you ask James if he could buy me one?

  • What a madlad

  • goodness, Shgurr, TheAMaazing, TheOdd1sOut *and* Tabbes all commented o.o

  • Can anyone give me recommendations to buy drawing equipment? :)

  • Everything about this made me smile so much

  • *when you're cleaning your house, and have a bunch of small stuff left...so you throw it in a random box....XD)

  • I thought u said shi* but. U said ship

  • james is the sweetest :(

  • why does he sorta sound and sorta look like markiplier?

  • Well somthing else looks a bit like markiplier

  • He looks like markaplier

  • I love you man plz reply

  • Get him sprikles for a cake.lol 🍰

  • hablo español pero estoy aquí :3

  • Meme is good but friend (that my eyes see)

  • James you are an angel UwU

  • ??

  • James: : ) he likes it Adam: I will be doing something of equal value for you James James: OOOOO :D

  • I found out the exact tldate and time he did the end time, that anyone cares 😐