James Rodríguez All 78 Goals & Assists For Real Madrid

Dipublikasikan tanggal 5 Sep 2020
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▶️ James Rodriguez All 78 Goals & Assists For Real Madrid
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  • Such an incredible first season, but then came Zidane and his good times were over. Wish him all the best for his future! 👊🏼

    • @demejiuk god damned this comment came straight out of pornhub

    • Pb

    • Same kaylor navas

    • @Paul Is Also Bayern were going to buy him but James is the one that asked for them not to pick up the option to buy so it didnt work at Bayern because James still had hope he could fight for a spot at Real but Zidane was announced to be coming back 2 weeks after James asked for Bayern not to buy him. Bayern literally came out and said James didnt want to stay and asked them not to buy him so he could go back to Madrid.

    • @Paul Is hahahaha suuuure.... his passes are faster than anyone can run. He is faster than Isco and Kroos look it up. At least use the better of the bs excuses from madradistas which is he didn't fit tactically in Zidanes plans and unbalanced the team. At least that one is a little harder to refute.

  • Still prefer James than Asensio

  • Real Madrid Good Joob...

  • Un crack

  • I’m not even a Madrid fan I’m a barca fan but Madrid are honestly amazing,love watching them

  • James se veia feliz en el madrid jugaba bien, pero llego zizu y le dio una vuelta al madrid, ya no hay nada para ver ya se volvio aburridor el juego de el madrid nada nuevo modric el 10 q hay esta viejo y debes en cuando tiene suerte, gracias a zizu asta cristiano se fue.

  • 1:24 best goal

  • Real Madrid is so ridicls xD

  • El calvo lo debió, odiar mucho.


  • Hazard está viendo este video escondido entre sus sabanas y adivinen quien está a su lado. On parle français tous!

  • Illisible

  • zidane stop him from shine

  • El verdadero 10 del real madrid, una locura dejarlo ir! con ganas de verlo en el barza

  • I don't understand why he was traded.

  • Zidane out!!

  • Siempre tuvo mejores Número que Modric,Isco & Kroos Juntos pero bueno ahora la esta rompiendo en el Everton donde se fue gratis

  • Fuck me. I have a love - hate relationship with him. He's amazing and has already proved it. However, besides his first season at Madrid, he never found a place on the team, and that, to me at least, means he didn't try his best during Benítez and Zidane's time. It is also undeniable that he never got along with Zidane and that's where the conflict is. What really happend between them...? Like WTF happened?! Was he not training as he should've? Did Zidane never really like him? WTF?! Which one is it?

  • James only score golazos

  • Te seguiría pero ya no hay interés en el Real Madrid, gracias por esta recopilación y por el apoyo, respeto y admiración brindada a James Rodríguez, pero ahora solo Premier y Everton. Bendiciones 🙏

  • Like pirlo

  • James le mostró los dientes de leche a Zidane y se asustó muy triste un jugador con tanta historia y viva acomplejado con la zurda más temida de todos los tiempos

  • La zurda más temida de todos los tiempos no lo digo lo dicen las leyendas del futbol

  • El Mejor

  • if james play has a number 10, he's the second best in the world behind messi


  • Ah, ah, ah, malo el hombre, ¿o qué? Bueno, a jugar donde lo dejen.

  • Watch him now! He is killing in Everton. James is a top player.

  • Gosh! This guy scores nothing but masterpieces. Never seen a player with more sheer talent, such a joy to watch him playing..incredible

  • Quien no haga goles con este jugador tan brillante , está jodido

  • El crack de James ya hizo historia aunque el mala leche de zidan no lo quería

  • very big big big and big mistake from zidane

  • Great player

  • Evertooooooon, yeaaaah James!!!

  • This is the best video of its type

  • once again, how was that James didn't fit on zidane's real madrid? his left foot is magic.

  • Unfortunately he wasn't treated well in Madrid, despite his love for Madrid was unconditional. This is something real Madrid must realise giving respect to your players.

  • Zidane in Ronaldo, Bale, James all gone hmmm I wonder why

  • 78 goals!? actually? wow didn't think it was that many

  • 3:42 that guy's reaction says it all 😁🔥

  • When you see this, as an Evertonian you just have to pinch yourself when you realise he is now a blue. I really hope this move invigorates him to be the best he can be, and frankly if he achieves that I'm really looking forward to the season.

  • Cute James Rodriguez😁❤🔥🦵🦵

  • Player who is dead right after CR7 left RM - - - > James, Bale and Marcelo.

  • Your future is there not here, you're a great guy and a great guy.

  • If he was french, we would have played all the games with Zidane.

  • Que Jugador JAMES RODRÍGUEZ 🔥⚽️🔥⚽️🔥

  • Ojala james hubiera triunfado en el real madrid 😢💔💔

  • 7:20 that goal. Why nobody talk about such a world class goal

  • wanna be players like Lucas Vazquez will get first choice ..

  • His first season was breath taking 😭❤️ hope he rules the premier league this season.

  • He is a good player. We wish him.the best

  • Should have sold isco instead, too bad Zidane never trusted James

  • はぁ、ほんとにもったいない…

  • I was there live to see 3:12 when bale and modric went off injured early I was not happy but that was really cool to see

  • 谢谢你 哈梅斯!

  • Ronaldo left 2 free kicks for James,he was exactly like how Messi was affectionate to Neymar Sad to realize that Ronaldo and James will never play again together

    • I hope they reunite in the USA league.

  • He is better than Benzema with eyes folded on any day!

  • Bye bye sigurdsson

  • Guy took a massive pay cut to come to Everton. Got to respect that.

  • sayang banget james

  • So glad he left for free so his sale wont help bring Zidanes punk ass any new signings. All of colombia will rejoice when they win nothing next season and Zidane is finally fired.

  • 😍

  • So sad Real let that jewel go away. Wishing him the best in his new stage at Everton.

  • Welcome to everton fc james Rodriguez

  • Shame on Zidane!

  • My idole James Rodriguez

  • Looks like Mateo kovacic . I m chelsea fan and if i were Chelsea manager I wouldn't sell Hazard. I'll exchange J rodrigez and isco with Hazard.Back then i'll exchange Courtois(the snake) with K.Navas (who has CL luck) 😁😁😁

  • Zidane should have Played James and Bale that last game vs City! Cant believe his ego didnt let him see past himself it could have been a different story...

  • Thank you and good luck!

  • Seemed to do really well in his first season, good enough in the second, then after that it all just went downhill really quick.

    • there was a reason, zidane, and maybe a couple of injuries

  • how in this cosmic universe could zidane benched this gold?

    • @Paul Is Lucas Vazquez is fastestplayer it's simple some coaches don't like certain player ex mourinho and cassilas

    • Zidan play 433 .James lack speed to be a winger .

  • Because zidane, perform james down😞

  • zizou I still dun understand the why....

  • There’s no denying benching a player of this caliber had more to do with behind the scene politics than him underperforming. You can tell when he scored or made an assist his teammates loved him by the way they celebrate with him. I’m sure the coaches even the owners of the team respected his play. But for whatever messed up reason, they wouldn’t allow him to shine, and even then he would show loyalty to the club and fans. Shame

  • Порту, Монако, Эвертон - это его уровень.

  • Watching these videos just break my heart. A truly world class player. He's gonna surprise a lot of people in the Premier League.

  • falto una en la que hace como dos paredes y luego le pega al arco, golazo

  • This is proof that Zidane fucked this guy’s rhythm up. Ancelloti had much more faith in him back then 2014. James is a great player he orchestrates a lot plays and has a phenomenal left foot, but he’s not that’s fast and lost his skills that he had back when he was in 2014. Hopefully he gets his shit together, get motivated to train harder, and bring back some pride and joy to Colombia. We miss 2014 James.

  • So here's a guy that played 4 seasons, only being a starter on the first one and averages a little less than 20 goals participations per season and people say he was not good enough for RM. The Zidane era has been amazing but left out players that were really good for no reason. I wonder how the team could have performed with Llorente, Kovacic, Reguilon, Achraf...

  • Genius player, i wish the better for him, big love for James ❤️

  • One Game he Asist three Goals BBC

  • James Rodriguez ⚽❤🙏

  • Many will say we wasted him or he did not get enough chanches, the second part is probably true. With that being sad I will miss the Golden Boy and i'm grateful we had him and he had many, many, many great moments with us. Especially the 2017 La Liga championship is all James Rodriguez. What a class player!

  • Oh my God! That first season. Still struggling to understand how Zidane couldn't utilise him.

  • i'm a real madrid fans, i feel so happy james finally join everton, it was the best decision for him, i wish he become shines once again under carlos tactic.

  • Thank u but i dont wanna say goodbye to you handsome man, every match you play i always watched mostly because of you, i wanna see you Hala Madrid again, please sooner or later come back James(💙💙💙)

  • One of my favorite players, good luck with your new team 👋👍

  • Zidane destroyed James's career

    • his career is not over at all, he's just 29

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-IW2VuLPZV4E.html This one pass won't make it to your video since the ball didn't go in. But what an epic pass by James.

  • pemain favoritku kurang cocok sama permainan zidane

  • ITS AMAIZING to see ancelloti used so much of james and bale

  • 3:11

  • I hate to see him go but Isco just works better under Zidane's system I'm afraid and even then, there's Vinicius, Rodrygo and Hazard to fall back on

  • Bye. No one will miss him. No one.

    • you're already missing him watching his videos ;)

  • He should have gone for club like arsenal or united.

  • Y dicen que es malo¿?

  • Welcome to Everton

  • I miss he play with marcelo & ronaldo.awesome combination madrid have

  • Such a shame Zidane didn’t use his talent :( best of wishes to him

  • I feel like crying watching this. :/