Japanese Blade Restoration... With Lasers

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I'm giving away a bunch of handmade Japanese saws; click the link for details: www.blacktailstudio.com/giveaway
Restoration of an ancient Japanese Ooga saw. Also called a maebiki, or whaleback saw.
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Items used in this build:
Cactus Juice: www.blacktailstudio.com/cactu...
Vacuum Chamber: www.blacktailstudio.com/vacuu...
Trim Router: www.blacktailstudio.com/trim-...
Tapered Drill Bits: www.blacktailstudio.com/taper...
Feather edge file: www.blacktailstudio.com/japan...
Buffing Wheels: www.blacktailstudio.com/buffi...
Buffing Compound: www.blacktailstudio.com/buffi...
Cold Bluing: www.blacktailstudio.com/cold-...
00:00 Introduction
00:47 Spalted maple stabilizing
01:57 Cactus juice vacuum chamber
03:15 Laser rust removal
04:46 Upcoming jointer giveaway
06:30 Public apology
07:37 Rip saw sharpening
10:25 Where did I get this?
12:21 Polishing stabilized wood
13:13 Cold bluing process
14:12 A moment of honesty
16:46 Guess what I'm making contest
18:12 Installing a knife pin in the handle
19:13 Need feedback from you
20:12 Setting the teeth on hand saw
20:40 Will it actually cut?

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    • A bit like Boosted GT from Street Outlaws and bald McConaughey at some angles. Love your work to say the least, even this new one! The time and attention to all the arduous details most wouldn't think twice about skipping out on, is so great to see! Do you have a video about the cost of just wood and epoxy?? Or a ballpark figure if I wanted to make a 2'x4' coffee table top? Thanks for sharing.

    • And DarkMatter 2525

    • Your next project is... your going to naturalize a fish!

    • Not local... nope! I live in Saint Johns, which is North Portland. I think you look a bit like Briggs. His channel is World according to Briggs. He lives somewhere on the other side of you from me.

    • Bronce statue

  • Well done 47, looks like you successfully restored a Japanese saw, with minimal casualties.

  • The gremlins reference was hilarious. Acrylic floor wax, used in VCT tile upkeep has some very interesting gloss effects when used on wood. Can do multiple coats for different results.

  • I just love your content, your production, your narration, your knowledge, and your skills. I don’t care whether you’re restoring tools or crafting a table.

  • I absolutely love watching videos of people restoring old tools and or machinery. This turned out awesome man, good job with not letting the tool down by respecting it!

  • I love this video. Not only do I like tool restoration videos but what I really love is watching you do different things and the whole process of you learning new things all on camera it's really fun and educational as well.

  • Great restoration. I subscribe to other channels that do this type of thing all the time, so I definitely would enjoy you throwing a few of these into your lineup. I amazed myself by catching on to the Gremlins reference right away. I was suspecting that was where you were going even before the line about not getting it wet. Thanks for sharing your great work with us!

  • This was a nice change of scenery. I think one restoration video for every 2 or 3 furniture videos would be really nice!

  • Not sure if I’m biased, because I absolutely LOVE watching restoration videos, but please keep making these if you enjoy doing this! You make great content. Always a pleasure to watch.

  • Loved this video, mate. Found the tool restoration/upgrade process very interesting. Production was great - as always. Variety is the spice of life, as they say! 😉

  • My opinion from my experience: This was the first time I've seen any of your videos. I'm a fan of tools, especially old ones. I don't watch furniture making videos. You're reaching different audiences by doing different projects. Keep doing it! Keep doing what you like.

  • Perfect type of content for what you have been doing so far! I learned a lot just from this video. Thanks!

  • just found your channel a few days ago but i'm absolutely hooked!! love the craftmanship you do here, gonna try and get in one of those giveaways!! lol, beautiful work!!

  • Hey Johnny Sins, loved the vid. Wouldn't mind seeing some more off-brand stuff like this, really enjoying the variety.

    • Yep, exactly what I was gonna say :D

    • Damnit I was too late...enjoy your prize lol

    • I definitely don't know who that is. But, Cam definitely looks like my wife's doctor/mechanic/pizza delivery guy.

    • @@mdHugh your wife probably knows him

    • @@veganpotterthevegan I asked but she got all defensive. She was probably just irritable bc she pulled a muscle earlier. I heard the back massager going for like 30 minutes.

  • Hey cam! Just found your videos, and really love them. If you ever have the opportunity to do more tools or curiosity pieces I’d love to see them!

  • Great video, enjoy the change of pace with the restoration. Keep up the great work!

  • Love restoration videos! ❤ I enjoy the creative experiments especially 😊

  • Love the video. I always feel like learning something new. Keep making content in the way you are passionate about. Results never betray the hardwork.

  • Love this video, would totally watch more like this! Especially if you enjoy making them.

  • Jhonny Sins, this is an awesome project. From the lasers and the sharpening and that pin is just a great touch! Also, not being afraid to change everything in the 11th hour, earns you big points. You have to trust your own madness! Yes, do post more 'odd' projects like this, they are a great addition to the already great content you have here. Big fan, btw.. this is awesome stuff! Keep it up!

    • 😂😂😂

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤. Spot on!!!

  • Hey Moby! That new project you mentioned is probably a sword! I have no idea what can take a year (maybe too many tables to build), but i'm looking foward to it! Also, the saw turned out great. I loved the first handle, but I'm glad you went with a more authentic look. And even tough technology is great, analog things have their own charm. Keep up the good work, cheers!

  • I really like this video. I used to do similar things but now, at 75, I'm reduced to watching others do this. Keep doing this restoration stuff. You do it well.

  • been subscribed for a while. no recollection of how long. first time seeing this video today. absolutely loved it. can't wait to see more like this in the future. Was that little clip from the mammoth tusk video?

  • Great video. I love the fact that this old tool has been revived for the next generation. Well done Sir.

  • Love all your stuff, beautiful furniture. Keep pushing outside you comfort level and expanding your skills and knowledge. Your commentary along the way is fun and interesting as well. Great Job!!!

  • I LOVE videos like this! Also, you remind me of Matthew McConaughey.

  • Loved the restauration videos. Yes you can, and I would love to watch more and more

  • Tool restoration is cool, whether it's an old machine tool or a hand tool. Keep doing what you love doing, it's always going to make the best videos.

  • This is my first video of yours that I watched and it makes me subscribe. As a ID-tvr myself - I strongly appreciated the amount of work that you put into making this video. Great job!

  • Great restoration and a joy to watch. Look forward to another unique project.

  • Good work, 47, it's good to see that you actually care for your tools as well as what they make, and yes, laser rust removal is satisfying to watch, but I completely understand wanting to go back over it with the angle grinder.

  • Wow Cam, you’re like the Beatles of woodworking videos, great stuff!

  • Honestly, I love watching ANYTHING being made or restored. This was awesome.

  • Really loved this restoration. Keep em coming

  • Looks amazing, especially for something you weren't used to doing. I'm glad you had gone with that second handle design, I've seen way to many restoration channels make the same mistake of over modernizing an old design, with good intensions, only for it to ruin the look and feel of the tool. Awesome job.

  • Really worthwhile project. I found restoration videos improve my mood and encourage me to keep improving and extending my output. This saw was the solution to the problem of cutting truly straight and parallel boards for drawer sides of those exquisite cabinets the Japanese are so good at. The extreme depth of the blade prevents wandering producers very little waste sawdust (unlike the chain saw🤭) which is a consideration of you are cutting rare and expensive timber.

  • That's a really nice method you got there 👍🏻 I love the work!

  • Hey Saitama, loved the video! Restorations are always fun to both do and watch! Paul Sellers also has some great info about sharpening saws.

    • goku still slams

    • I don't thing he caught the reference or else he'd given you a little heart right away!!! Great comment!

  • #19.44 feedback. I think you as an individual carry any given project forward really well, you seem very honest and transparent, I discovered you today and intend to keep watching regardless of what you produce, your personality is what I'm interested in , the editing is good and angles effects while working is good too, thankyou for the content.

  • Well done on the restoration you should do more of that kind of thing!

  • your tool restore was really good especially with the dragon pin. I liked the first handle in terms of the texture but yeah it did not suit the blade, the second handle was perfect.

  • I like seeing craftsmanship practiced so these videos are gold. I'm absolutely in love with the the chisels he uses. Look expensive, are cared for and are we'll maintained. They look beyond sharp. Regarding the handle produced... looks American not Japanese. It lacked the details they add.

  • Nice job. I'd watch any tool refinishing videos you make.

  • Lex Luthor, I've been subbed for a while now, and probably ended up finding your channel because of my interest in restoration channels, so I'm very happy to watch you restore tools whenever the fancy takes you.

  • this was so cool. love to see old tools and furniture restored.👍

  • Please make more of these videos, I really enjoyed this. Plus this is more in line with the woodwork I do.

  • Dr. Evil, great video! Love your sense of humor, and the restoration looks amazing! Love your snarky answers to these online trolls, every time it makes me laugh. Thank you for posting the video, this was a great chance of pace, I would love to see some more!

  • Loved the video, but I do enjoy more the furniture videos. Great work, amazing content.

  • I REALLY LIKE the restoration videos keep it up :)

  • I feel strongly that this video is very entertaining. You do what you like and probably your community will watch it. It's not that we watch your videos because we're all woodworkers. We watch your videos because they are entertaining, good craftsmanship and insanely satisfying.

    • I appreciate that

    • Agreed! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    • @@BlacktailStudio Thank you, Sir! Much love and appreciation from Germany! You are probably the most humble master craftsman in existence.

    • Add another agree to this sentiment. If you make it, they will come.

  • I don't know anything about wood work but I love watching your videos. So calming and Informative. Please keep up the amazing art. Love it all. God bless and Led Zepp are the best !!

  • Interesting process to watch. Incidentally, I actually liked the 1st handle you made. The spalting gave it a bit more character. I don’t make tables, however I do look forward to future videos. Donald

  • Please keep doing this, its so satisfying to watch!

  • The second handle suited the saw much better and I love the addition of the dragon inlay pin, even if it isn’t “traditional”.

  • i think this was really cool i'd love too see more of this

  • Lol that Gremilins refrence almost went over my head for a min, but when I realized I burst out laughing. Much respect for choosing a different handle, I too probably would of switched after getting that far, just goes to show we all over think our creation process.

    • Me too xD

    • hahaha I only got it when he said don't use it after midnight- Well played! I was taking him so seriously!

    • Damn, me too, had me going for the longest time. I was like, meh, don't like the idea of going behind the old man's back. In my defense, it's been a VERY long time since I watched the film!

    • Glad I wasn't the only person that caught that lol

    • If you were one of ones like me that got this joke, we're old AF. lol

  • I think this video was great and very entertaining. Would love to see more. I also think the sneak peak of the next non wood video might you making a sculpture of some kind?? Can’t wait to see what it is.

  • More restorations like this please!

  • Never seen such a huge saw. Keep doing what you do, it nice!

  • This was great. I'd love to see more of these.

  • Really enjoyed it, been watching you for a few months. Interesting to learn something new!

  • Jason Statham, I love the video! I like the restoration, and I like the idea of changing things up every once in a while! Also I appreciate the fact that you could make something and then decide that you don't like it and throw it away. I think it takes a lot of guts, but it's good to be honest with ourselves!

  • Bruce Willis, I thought this was awesome, loved the lazer cleaning and setting the teeth was really interesting, was so excited to see it worked at the end. would really like to see more videos like this

  • Your attention to detail and thorough work I'd watch any type of woodworking or tool restoration.

  • What a fantastic video. It can be tough to find material on Whaleback (Maebiki) Saws, likely because not to many woodworkers are using them any longer. Nonetheless, I really appreciate your take on this restoration. Much better to trust your instinct / eye, despite the time and effort already invested, and allow yourself to pivot, instead of anchoring yourself to a decision you are no longer happy with. I learned a lot from this video. Thank you.

  • i like that you are doing both tables and restoration now as a little side project every now and again to break up the flow, i really like to watch both

  • Very well done Andrew Tate! You really top g'd on that wood right there!

  • I love that you were done with a handle, hated it, then redid it. That’s one of the most difficult things to realize. Fantastic work

    • Ya, we lie to ourselves a lot

    • I also loved that you re did it, good job 👍

    • 14:12 Believe it or not, this was my most favorite part of the video. "I don't like all of it"

    • @@BlacktailStudio :: great spalted handle but for another tool ..or utensil …js

  • This video is the first mention of dry ice blasting that I have heard of in over a decade. I honestly was kind of starting to think I might have dreamt it. a LONG time ago I watched something on the History channel about restoring really old book; they used dry ice blasting. They said that the tiny dry ice shards would sublimate on impact, breaking away dirt and grime without having enough energy to hurt the old paper and leather.

  • It is very interesting to see from time to time something else than furniture making. Finally it has everything to do with it because these were the roots. I love in general more to use hand tools than machine tools. I am fascinated by the passion of and for your work and that you really dig deep before you touch it!!!! 👍👍👍

  • Enjoyed the video, i agreed that the round handle was better than the shaoed grip handle you first made but i think that maybe a nice cherry would have looked better with that saw.

  • Hey Telly, neat saw! Cold blue doesn't really give you the protective oxide layer like hot blue does.. Probably someone around your area does hot bluing. I agree, a chain saw is far easier to rip wood than a rip saw!

  • So glad you decided to redo the handle, amazing restoration!

  • I love these kind of restoration videos of old tools and I appreciate even more you for putting your woodworking knowledge into such a beautiful and iconic object rejuvenation process. Congratulations for this content, sometimes little variations from your routine really help out freshening the channel and keeping your viewers attention high. Good job 👏

  • Great video. There are way to many rusted hand tools out there. Great restoration. There was a time before power tools. The old tools should be honoured. Very well done.

  • I think this format is great. As you mentioned, if you are having fun, just go with it.

  • Love this would definitely love more stuff like this

  • It was nice to see someone who took the time to restore something from the past. This actually isn’t my specialty, but I did enjoy watching a master at work. As for your second thoughts about your handle, I pleased that you went with your inner gut and changed it out. After all your labor of love, you sensed something that didn’t sit right in your head. Thanks for your video.👍

  • to finish your handles with a clear wood ( not necessary on darker woods) , you should use a brown compound, usually used for brass/ bronze polishing, and keep the wheel exclusively to polish wood ( everytime you will put a piece of metal on it, even a simple brass pin you could have on your handle, it will turn your wheel to black and you will no longer be able to use it on wood without making dark marks on your wood). i'm pro knifemaker btw. and for the record, usually, when non-knifemaker makes handles, they are ALWAYS, too big lol ;). and you did it too. believe me, you dont need a so thick handle to have a confortable one. the first one was not really nice i agree with you, but not that bad: it reminded me the Kukri handle, and at least it was not that big. the second one is for me way too big, too thick.

  • I like the restoration video you've done here. I'm not a furniture guy so much as a "process" guy. I like to see these things done, no matter what the end result or object of the build is. Your format and "brand", if you will, transfers to a tool restoration video quite well and that brand is what people tune in for. :)

  • I just spent 22m watching you do this so it must have been great. Love the details. Fun ending, good job

  • furniture, tools, tusks... whatever. you make great content! i enjoy all your videos.

  • Loved the video. A pleasant variation of common themes. I am in Alaska and appreciate old things and the wonderful stories they thrive in. Some are obvious and others are left to the imagination. Loved the saw!

  • I love your furniture videos, but this is a cool departure too. I watch restoration videos too, so I certainly don't mind seeing one here now and then.

  • The first video I saw on your channel was your latest video, the denim table. I don't know why I subbed right away but, I totally believe it was worth it 😄. fun fact: I never skipped a second on ANY of your videos that I watched!

  • I am a composer and I love watching your videos when I feel stuck on a project. Seeing other creatives doing good work in other creative fields like woodworking is a breath of fresh air and often inspires me to keep going.

  • Honestly i loved this video, the table video results sometimes feel too similar to each other

  • 21:10 It looks ridiculously big, and I love it 😂 Amazing work man, 10/10

  • I find your work amazing, more tools like wooden handles for Damascus knives, or any tool for that matter is a fat yes for me. Thanks from Henry/Elsa London.

  • Loved the video, I’d happily watch more tool restorations, or anything

  • If you're a maker, you're a maker. You make furniture. You make jigs. You make ... old tools look new again. Well, in this case, maybe not "new", but restored. Being a maker is about learning, and taking risks. Keep doing what you are doing. One can learn more about your attention to detail than they ever could from your technique. Edit: What a gnarly looking saw ... makes you really respect what the craftsmen in the days of yore had to go through, doesn't it?

  • Please do more restoration videos!!!!

  • I can say that I was a little shocked to see that this video was a Blacktail Studio video, but I enjoyed it just as much as any of your furniture videos! I enjoy your creative process and also your humble approach to your projects! Cheers to continued success! This saw would have looked great in my cigar lounge, but it looks like I'm a couple of months late. lol I really enjoyed this, and all of your videos nonetheless.

    • Yeah! I was like "Oh, I probably clicked on one of those fake restoration videos" right as I clicked on the thumbnail, then the page opens and the first thing I see is Blacktail Studio, then I knew I was in for a satisfying watch

  • I love your restorations! I love everything you do. I love it when you do a new video, I watch it, and I show it to my class. I teach math at the high school and junior high level. All my kids love to see your videos. Keep them coming! Whatever you decide to do go for it. The only caveat, is watch your language. That’s really important where I teach.

  • Cool saw, nice job!

  • Nicely done, Mr. Clean...and kudos to the lovely camera work of your DOP.

  • hey walmart jason statham, i really loved this video and this style of restoration work. it’s relatable in a lot of ways because the trial and error nature of your restoration is a lot like mine which is super fun. keep up the great work!

    • That's one of the best burns I've read in a while. Kudos to you good sir

    • "Wal-Mart Jason Statham" I spit topo hard seltzer all over my cellphone

    • Wow, not even Kohls Statham?

    • @@BlacktailStudio it’s a near thing, maybe like the back shelf of walmart, before it’s been all smacked around

    • Oh my, "walmart Jason Statham", that's harsh, funny AF, but harsh.

  • 5:27 love the honesty! One of the main reason I watch your channel despite me not being in the woodworking business. Can't seem to find it much these days

  • It was nice to see you being real with your audience on screen! I’m glad you hated that grip and made a new one! I enjoy this video

  • Super cool restoration. Stoked that it cut. PS I liked the spalted Maple Handle better.