Jason Momoa Spills His Life Secrets!

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I got to interview Jason Momoa for Aquaman!
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  • So cool!

  • #1 on trending

  • Wow what a sellout first cloak and now this. 😂😂🐸

  • 1st on TRENDING DAMN

  • you both sound so tired man, but it’s really cool you got to interview him, *and* it’s trending

  • Wow, wow, WOW!!! I'M SURPRISED! Interviewing LIKE A BOSS!!

  • When u see jack at the top of recommenced

  • He totally skirted around the last question

  • I wish Jon Hamm was playing Batman

  • He’s so nervous 😍😁

  • Normally if this were Tom Holland or even the guy that plays super man I don’t think it would be a problem but I think this guys voice is really dull and mana tone

  • Jack you gotta play The Hex by Daniel Mullins!!!!! Same guy who made Pony Island and its SO GOOD

  • That's amazing, you're so lucky to meet so many celebrities

  • My birthday is September 24th what a coincidence

  • You should do a face reveal

  • Dang jack good for you you getting all the way to the top...this is #1 trending right now I'm so happy!!

  • First Ryan Reynolds, then Jason mamoa it's gotta be Chris Pratt next 😂

  • I’m subbing to anyone who likes this!

  • Please keep interviewing all famous celebrities because you are also a famous celebrity ❤️

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  • I wonder if Jack is ever gonna meet someone famous. *Jason Momoa Spills His Life Secrets!* OH. FUCK ME.

  • aw man, that’s cool as fuck.

  • Petition for Jack to turn part-time reporter!

  • That was the first time I've heard a Top of the Morning without getting ear damage

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  • Since when does jack work for ign

  • My name is Jason

  • Numero uno on trending baby



  • It's Ronan from Stargate Atlantis!

  • i don’t wanna watch it i hate all dc movies and i’m afraid they ruined aquaman so i’m not watching it hA

  • Im so proud of you

  • Aquaman has always been my favorite superhero and I think Jason plays it alot like I imagined it in my head. Which is way better than how DC actually made the comics.

  • Am I the only one who loves Jason's voice?

  • Omg I'm so happy for you keep rising up jack 👏🏽👏🏽

  • Best video in 2018 i say

  • Glorious interview! Well done Jack! Very much looking forward to this movie!

  • Congrats on 1st on trending my dude

  • Yo that was honestly an amazing interview. So cool hearing about his life.

  • Here b4 one milllll


  • Make a series of meeting celebs

  • I have always loved Jason for seeming so down to earth and just a fun guy! I'm so happy for you that you got to meet him and seemed to have a nice chill interview.

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  • I love Jack/Sean/Jacksepticeye/All of the above


  • We love a number 1 on trending king!!!

  • Hey jack I have a question what happen to your Duck Life series left us on a cliffhanger

  • That's Jack for you. Irish boy loved by all actors.

  • I hope Jack can meet with Chris Pratt someday :D

  • It's so awesome that you get to meet such cool people! Was totally caught by surprise today!

  • This Batman sucks

  • Not gonna lie, this conversation looks pretty awkward. The interview you had with Ryan was much more natural and entertaining

  • #1 Trending

  • Hell yeah man

  • Cringy

  • THAT IS ONE HUNK OF A MAN! His voice is so much deeper than Sean's!! XD

  • ohh, you trending trending

  • *_h e y t h e r e r o b l o x i a n s_*

  • UwU what’s this?

  • I don’t understand they hype around this guy. I don’t think his acting is all that great.

  • #1 on trending and meeting Jason Momoa. That's awesome!


  • Am I dreaming?

  • Can I meet him pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase please

  • Jack looks so nervous... But... If I met Jason Momoa in person I would totally get flustered too Jack. 😍

  • Somebody schedule a meeting for Sean to meet Robert Downy Jr. X3. Also, can you play The First Tree? It's a story-driven exploration game following a fox and a man. It's really emotional but you might like it :3

  • Congrats Sean you did it 🤗

  • I dont remember Steven Adams saying anything about being interviewed by you

  • yooooo you meet celebs it's awesome dude

  • I get why people doesn’t have Aquaman as their top 3 in DC. But I grew up watching Aquaman in the Justice League cartoon from the early 2000s and he was a cool character. Jason’s version reminds me of that.

  • My two favourite people

  • You Are So Incredibly Lucky Jack

  • Arin must be PISSED. He's wanted to fuck Jason for such a long time.

  • They're both acting so cute and shy


  • Oh my god jack, how did you get so many amazing chances and I’m over here still failing algebra😂 so happy for you though.


  • Where's trish

  • This refuses to show up in my sub feed.

  • jackseptieye is the best

  • This was a pretty neat interview even though you both seemed tired. I hope you at some point interview Hozier about his new album coming out.

  • Two hot guys in one room

  • DUDE


  • This is crazy Jack!! ❤️

  • Im Jason Momoa's son.

  • WHY, do people hare aqua man? is it cuz his political standing on not influencing the surface? cuz let me be frank, earth is like 75% water... aqua man can cause level 5 tsunamis and destroy multiple countries! also can communicate with any water dwelling creatures. has supreme power over every atlantean so... tell me u dont wanna be aquaman over some fk boi like superman !

  • #1 on trending ayye jacky boi

  • He's really buff and kinda scary

  • I'm such a jealous bitch right now -_-

  • Have you even had a day off since you got to LA?

  • Hey that’s my guy from braven

  • waiting on the sequel, take my money

  • Thats awesome!

  • His darkest secret:he has a Roblox event called "aquaman"

  • I can't beleive you got to meet Jason Momoa. That is awesome. I think that is really cool. Love ya Jack (also Jason).

  • Jack your so lucky to me the aqua man 😲😲 Hope you had fun talking with him