Jeep Wrangler JL 8.4 radio upgrade from

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  • Will this work if I get the alpine sound system upgrade through Quadratec?

  • Holy shit! Grovetown! Automatic sub

    • Sounds like we are neighbors lol. thanks for subscribing!

  • please can I add blind spot monitor my 2020 jl ??

    • I dont know for sure. I havent come across anything as of yet about it....doesnt mean you cant, just havent seen anything so far. Thanks for asking and make sure to subscribe.

  • This is easily one of the best made how to radio install videos out there. Well done!

    • Thanks Jason for the great feedback and kind words. Glad you enjoyed. Make sure to subscribe.

  • Great instruction video however I do have a question? You mentioned that you would have to take the vehicle to the dealership to have them add the sales code so everything plays nice together. The radio and its functions seemed to work after you did the install so is taking it to the dealer really necessary? The dealers I've talked with say there is no way to add the code because it was not a factory option.

    • ​@MotorCity Mechanic do you have any advise on how to approach this with the dealer as I have talked with at least six of them and non of them will do it. I currently have a factory installed 7" with premium Alpine sound system and the HVAC controls and purchased a used 8.4 that I am installing tomorrow.

    • MotorCity Mechanic is there any possible way to find your vehicles sales code yourself or is this something only the dealer can tell you? I bought my JL used and I am unsure if I could find this information from the original dealer.

    • I have access to the Chrysler website where I can change the sales code. The dealer you spoke with is incorrect......that vehicle did come with the 8.4 on certain trim levels and the trim bezel for that size used in the video was an oem bezel meaning that they make it for that radio from the factory. They just sound mis-informed. Its all about knowing what sales codes are needed to be changed. Thanks for the feedback on the video and for the question Russ. Make sure to subscribe.

  • Will also give you the off-road mode?

  • Ha! That's exactly what the parts guy at the dealership told me today. "It's not possible." Damn crooks!!

  • My wrangler doesn’t have rear camera facility. Can I add it to 7” radio?

  • Excellent “how to” video. Very articulate and understandable.

  • You can get the control panel from them as well

  • The GPS does not work.

  • Great video, if my 2019 JL doesn't have the GPS antenna installed for the GPS. Is this an easy install? Do you have a video for that and the XM antenna install? Again great video

    • I dont have any videos on that. I would check with to see what they offer and where they recommend mounting it in case its different then the oem original location. Thanks for the kind words about the video and for watching. Make sure to subscribe.

  • After browsing the comments, I did not notice if this question was answered already, so I will ask it (again?): After upgrading, did you notice whether or not the Off-Road pages feature of the 8.4 was present? Also, great video, I liked and subscribed! Looking forward to browsing your channel.

    • Good question.....I dont know for sure. Best people to ask are great folks over at are the experts on this and will be able to get you that answer for sure. Thanks for asking and for having subscribe Robert! Its much appreciated

  • Nice job, I feel like I can even do this now....

    • Its not a hard job and if you take your time you shouldnt have any issues. Thanks for commenting and for watching. Make sure to subscribe.

  • Can I use this on a 2017 jeep

  • Can I just drive to GA and have you upgrade MY system?

    • That might be an option. Hate to have you drive so far for something that takes about 30 minutes to do. I am working on possibly getting my own shop so that I can focus more on the videos and do some repairs as well to help pay the bills. Where are you located? Curious because the thought of a shop would require people like yourself wanting to drive a bit for me to do the repairs. Always wonder how many would do that and why lol?

    • I’m so serious.

    • For sure! 😂.

  • can we get an update on how the screen has held up?

    • I have no updates. That vehicle was sold and I havent seen it since the install. Thanks for asking and for watching. Make sure to subscribe.

  • Great video, is there an antenna for the gps that you have to add?

    • Some are equipped and on some you have to install......just depends on the level of trim that the vehicle has. Thanks for asking and make sure to subscribe.

  • Since infotainment came out with the replacement volume and climate controls can you do another video on putting that in?

    • I would like to if they let me. I might have to check into it. Thanks for asking and make sure to subscribe.

  • Excellent video! Thank you!!!!!

    • Many thanks for watching and for the comment. Make sure to subscribe and enjoy the weekend.

  • Is the climate control with stereo controls an upgradeable option as well??

    • Someone mentioned that they offer it as well so its worth checking into. I recommend heading over to their website to see about it. I just did as I was typing and they do. Its about $400 to add this and make it work.

  • I'd be interested in a comparision between the 8.4 OEM radio and the Alpine i209-WRA-JL radio. Anything in the works on that?

    • I dont have access to that radio unless someone wants to send me one to try out lol. I personally like the OEM look of the stock radios....they look part of the dash. All the aftermarket radios stick out like a sore thumb....not sure why they dont all go to a flat touch screen with no would be simpler and look the same as OEM.

  • So does this 8.4 unit have more power output as far as watts! Since the 5.0 system gas a low wattage speaker system...And most 8.4 have the 9 speaker system or Alpine option......

  • Any idea why the back up camera would not be working?

    • Back up camera issues can be radio or camera. Typically we dont see any wiring issues. They dont have a real good way for us to diag them....usually we plug in a known good camera to be sure and based off of that replace with either the camera or the radio.

  • Can I get a Jeep Wrangler jku kit?

    • I recommend reaching out to to see what they have avail. If anyone knows....its them.

  • Dude! This was super helpful. I been contemplating for weeks on upgrading from the 7 to 8 but this video help put my mind at ease about just leaving it be. Thank you! =)

    • Thanks for watching Austin. Glad to share what ever I know. Make sure to subscribe!

  • How is the 8.4 inch radio sound quality without an amp or subwoofer?

  • Once it’s installed are you able to drive around and play ID-tv or a movie on the screen? That would sell me right now lol.

    • Never had the chance to really play with it......I get to work on these vehicles everyday but never enough time to learn everything about the radios. I am sure the people over at would know that answer for sure. Thanks for commenting and for watching. Make sure to subscribe.

  • Can you do a radio upgrade on a Jeep Renegade from the 2015 5 inch to the 7 inch of a 2018?

    • Not sure if it can be done.....I recommend checking with first to see if they offer anything yet. They are the go to source for swaps like that.

  • My dealer just tried to tell me the wiring harness would not allow this! Maybe he meant the non-satellite one but that is not what I got.

    • It falls into a grey area. If their screen doesnt show one they always say no it cant but its the aftermarket companies or people that try it that find out if it really can or cant. Thanks for watching Mark and make sure to subscribe.

  • Does the navigation system work?would I be able to see that in the dash cluster ?

    • Nav worked......was able to play around with it much to see what the other features were. Sorry about that. Thanks for asking and make sure to subscribe.

  • good vid...quick question, dont think I heard you mentioned this in the vid...I've seen other videos on this upgrade and they said you would need to go to the dealer after the install to re-program the brains of the Jeep to know you have a new radio (8.4 from a 5)...does this not need to happen?

  • is there a way to get a new cluster beneath the upgraded display to have a volume knob? like in the models with the technology package? or does that require extensive rewiring?

    • Joshua sthilaire I cant say for sure. Haven’t had the chance to try it myself to see if it’s possible yet. The am curious was you are. Thanks for asking and for watching. Make sure to subscribe

  • good stuff

    • Pingus Pong thanks for the comment and make sure to subscribe as well as click the bell icon

  • Dave u are the best at explaining nice vid!!!!

    • Many thanks! The kind words are appreciated. Make sure to subscribe and click that bell icon.

  • Now that's how you do an automotive instruction video!!! Thank you!

    • Thanks Daniel! Much appreciated. Dont forget to subscribe if you havent already.

  • Great will it work for the gladiator sport, it’s all I can afford?

    • I dont know yet......the best way will be to contact and see what they have to say. The issue is that the vehicle just launched and no one has had their hands on it to verify yet. I dont see why not but we just cant be 100% sure just yet. Thanks for asking and make sure to subscribe

  • I appreciate you so much ❤️ Thank You!!

    • Your welcome and thanks for watching the video. Make sure to subscribe.

  • Good video ? I seen another video where they said that the inside was waterproof ,is that just the wires so nothing gets damaged or is The radio, instrument cluster, heating controls, encased in some kind of rubber seal. Much love from Philly!

  • how can i get a dealership to perform the sales code addition? every one of them that i call says they cant do it even when i offer to pay!

    • Sounds like they arent familiar with the process and how its done. The issue will be finding out what sales codes will be needed to make it work. It can be trial and error. Otherwise not much I can tell you about getting them to take on the job. Not sure who you are talking to....maybe a service writer or service manager that hasnt done it before instead of a tech that has. We have to do it for add on Mopar items like integrated trailer brakes so it wouldnt be much different then that. Sorry they are giving you the run around.

  • Can it have GPS without connecting my phone?

    • You can order the radio with Nav pre-installed and then your phone isnt needed. Thanks for asking Aland and make sure to subscribe.

  • what about for audiophiles do they fave say 6 rca outs so you can put in a aftermarket sub amp and speaker amp?. and what is the sound quality like and equalizer is it a basic 3 channel or multiple channel 12 or so? im thinking of going from my 07 jk to a jl but i always add a couple subs and amplify my rear soundbar and add a set of speakers i can run out side of the vehicle for when we set up camp.

    • normally you have on high end radios. a front left and right a rear left and right and a subwoofer left and right out put. and some times an rca input left and right.

    • On the set up in the video we are using the stock wiring and stock radio. Check out the infotainment website to see what they have to offer for that exact vehicle. They might have something close....not to sure about 6 outputs however.

  • Great video! I have a Jeep Wrangler JL Sport 4 door with the 5" screen, not the sport S which comes with the option of getting a 7'' screen from the factory. I wanted to upgrade to the 7'' screen. The dealership told me that they are not sure if this is compatible, so they didn't do the upgrade. Is this possible? Thanks for the great work in the channel.

  • So very confused here I asked a question 3 day ago and a guy says brilliant thanks 1 day ago. And he's messaged the next day say watch more. I really need to know this before I buy the product.

    • Hey Grant.....I checked and I havent seen any comments that you may have left. I get about 100 emails and comments a day. Can you tell me where the comment is or repost it here?

  • Brilliant thanx.

    • Your welcome. Make sure to subscribe and check out my other videos as well.

  • Question here when you switch to a 5 inch to a 8.4 inch. It looks like it takes the power button and the screen off button. Is there any way to power off the radio when the car is on or is there a screen off button on the radio itself? Say your night driving and you can't turn off that bright light when you would like to.

    • Just found this message. I have never responded to you as of yet so not sure what or who said "Brilliant thanks" or "watch more". None the less when it comes to this radio and the features I recommend calling or emailing and ask them. Its their creation and if anyone would know, they would.

  • Can I use the 8.4 inch to upgrade my speakers with an amp and a bigger subwoofer please let me know thank you.

  • I have a new jl. The steering does wander. Some people say there is a recall. My dealer says no. Do you have any true info or advice?

    • I realize this was a year ago, but the first thing to check is tire pressure. Mine came 14 pounds too full and was all over the road. I dropped them to 36 and suddenly it could drive in a straight line.

    • Recalls are very specific. I can be for certain days that a vehicle was build or a specific hour. Only way to know is having the VIN number. Here is a site you can go to to find out with your VIN number in hand:

  • Nice video.

    • Much appreciated! Make sure to subscribe and Merry Christmas

  • besides screen size, any other benefit be going from the 7 to 8.4 screen?

    • @diego marcelino I didn't, that's why I was asking. If there is no upgrades or features, I'm fine with the 7 inch.

    • did you upgrade from 7 to 8.4 ?

    • I never get to mess with them much, I cant think of anything at the moment.

  • Great video

    • Many thanks Pat! Appreciate you watching and for the comment.

  • If a pro takes your radio will you still be able to drive it without it screaming at

  • Great video! Just subscribed!...I have a 2012 charger, if i buy the 8.4 radio. Would i get the psg o the camera? Even tho the vehicle didnt come with gps or backup camera .

    • I recommend contacting them up and talk to them. They will be able to tell you everything that you might need to make it all work. Appreciate you watching and make sure to subscribe

  • Excellent video - detailed, precise, everything I needed. Really great work!

  • FCA loves those lever connects, several in my Town & Country upper console for my tvs. How is the PT coming along? Thanks for the content despite having to handle twins.

    • Thanks man for asking about the twins....they are a handful at times but priceless. They pretty much dictate what free time we have which is almost none. The head on the PT is off and I am working on getting all the needed parts together so that I can continue filming the process. I appreciate you following the channel!

  • For a Dodge Ram 5500 Cummins how does a under the dash compartment get disassembled ?

  • Hi david..can you tell me how much for 8.4” screen and from were can I get it....thank you again......

    • Average 8.4 is over $1000 those less wont have an warranty and might have issues. I would stick with

  • Great video 👍 subscribed

  • Hi David I have a ? not pertaining to this. I have 2015 ram 1500 3.0 I was getting 20 city 25 hwy I change the MAF sensor and the defuser tube with new parts, cleaned the old put aside for next swap out and change the oil from Pennzoil Ultra 5w40 to Rotella 5w40 my RPM dropped from 1000 prior to 600 after swap out and my MPG dropped from 25 HWY to 19 and city to 17.5 any ideas as to what may be the issue I was expecting a increase in MPG not a decrease please advise?