Jeremy Corbyn launches Labour's EU election campaign - watch live

Dipublikasikan tanggal 9 Mei 2019
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  • What was your international solution to Salisbury Corbyn ? Oh yes : side with Russia 👏

  • Supports the ira and hezbollah enough said, i dont support liarbour or the conningservatives but CUNTBYN is a threat to the uk

  • No mention of his dodgy relationships with country leaders that would do us the most harm. His antisemitic views or his honouring of terrorists. You will NEVER be PM 👍

  • Hi we’re rebuilding Britain after destroying it for the third time. You plebs need to vote-in our Private/ Grammar School educated MPs . After bringing in loads of immigrants, to depress workers wages , we’re off to the Lords to claim loads of attendance fees for doing nothing

  • The labour party used to be viewed as a working-class party unfortunately they are now regarded as a ethnic party .

  • To quote Kevin Maguire, Corbyn stands in the middle of the road and gets run over from both directions. Clarity is not Corbyn's forte and it's killing the Labour party.

  • This is the pinup boy of Hamas.

  • Corbin the parasite has been in Parliament for decades... What has he achieved?? Nothing The only job he cares about is his own 💩💩

  • I am far right but I cant help liking this man. I think I am the only rightist who does. Why? He is authentic. But he is not very intelligent and is way out of his depth.

  • You joined the band wagon on slinging mud at Farage, leave voters and the Brexit Party. How is that healing divides?

  • The prat is trying to develop the mannerisms and persona of Clement Attlee. The problem is that Clement Attlee was an intellectual, a war hero and loved Britain.

  • When all is said and done, Corbyn looking for a job, he might consider, like Ringo did, storytelling to children. His style is perfect to imbue relaxation and sleep. Turn it on to 1.5 speed for adventure in the storyline, but overall too much fantasy for me, I prefer Thomas.

  • I have to say it again. Top Man!!!!

  • To all you hard working labour people that voted to leave the EU. Its time you leave labour, they will betray you. Vote for The Brexit party - SPREAD THE WORD

    • I'm voting for democracy, and the Brexit Party are campaigning on upholding democracy. Everything else is meaningless without democracy.

  • Leave or Remain is now unimportant. It's the personality of the mighty Leader. The all knowing Leader will decide our relationship with the EU. Nobody must question the Leader.

    • It's about democracy. That's or foundation that everything is built on, and we have people trying to scupper it and lead us to anarchy.

  • The hon. member for Hamas.

  • VOTE BREXIT PARTY! Democracy !

  • This man has made all the promises, one after the other. Where is all the cash coming from? He won't answer...

    • @Rob Loxley Brexit party are worse than Tories, lead by a City Man, who pretends he doesn't drink wine. Funded by unknown secret backers. No, Brexit party will go much much further with Anericanising British Society. Get used to food banks, homelessness, private health insurance, crime and authoritarian police if they ever do get their way.

    • @higgs boson Hate the Tories aswell as labour. The Brexit party will rise. .. Laugh, sneer... Just watch, this is something I know.

    • Errrmmmm...are you getting paid more now than 8 years ago in line with inflation? If you had done, tax revenue would be higher? No???? I.e. Think!!!! About!!!! What!!!! Austerity aka the Tories have done????@@@

    • @Ron Johnson Jr idk about that. but jeremy seems genuine

    • @Inception That's what brown did. Then everyones tax went up

  • LOl i've never seen such a bunch of odd-balls in one room...

  • *5:00* now thank me.

  • Will Corbyn take a pay cut to £10 a hour and stop this discrimination?

    • @Lady Boy errrrmmmm. The mp that had submitted £8 in expenses claims his entire career before he became leader. Yep, this is the one you think is a parasite. Well done Sherlock.

    • darren G No. He’s a parasite

    • Errrrmmmm....doh!!!!

  • Remainers will judge him as a brexit enabler and leavers will point to his confirmatory vote. He’s shot himself in both feet

    • The Joy's of taking the centre ground....if only we had principled politicians, life would peachy!

  • Only Snake oil in can see is Comrade Corbyn.Who likes hanging out with Terrorists,Enemys of this Country.He should be in prison.

  • Wurzel the uninspired. What a dreadful display.

  • So, Labour's position is clear. Sit on the fence, point at squirrels and hope nobody notices.

    • @Craig Brexit Labour is trying to squeeze all of the common sense, simple decency and dignified humanity that they can, from the Tory Party. The Tories claim to be *ALLERGIC TO ALL THREE..!!* So, it is a path full of pitfalls and traps; where it's not wise to show your hand too soon. You just have to play the hand you're dealt, as it arrives. *The CON-(artist)-SERVATIVE way is to DESTROY ANYTHING THEY'RE GIVEN, TO THEIR OWN ADVANTAGE..!!* And we have been paying the price for centuries..!!

    • @Ollie Folayan But you know what you're getting with The Brexit Party or The Lib Dems. No one could tell you what Labour's position is.

    • @higgs boson yes, sit on the fence. We know.

    • @J S there is no confusion with labours approach.

    • Labour are not sitting on the fence, they want a customs union, regulatory alignment and free market 2.0. Tories are trying to stop it, they have the most MPs, so Labour will try to force a general election, and if that fails they will go for a second referendum. Ideally to get their vision of Brexit rather than Remian. In the end a general election or second referendum is inevitable.

  • More lies off labour

  • He speaks his slogan, for the many not the few, it's what is needed in this growingly hate filled society. Thought it was a great speech, humanitarian and environmental, exactly what we need on a global scale now more than ever. Get him in government, see if he can deliver and make the change that is so desperately needed, that being people before profit unlike what it is now, the exact opposite. Oh, and let's hope Bernie Sanders wins across the pond while we're at it. Yep, didn't matter what Corbyn said haters were gonna hate anyway. No problem, lovers are gonna keep on loving x

    • We Corbyn take a pay cut to £10 a hour?

    • Do you do all your shopping via Co-operatives?

    • Giz Noot Corbyn sucks muzzie balls.

  • 17.4 million voters are about to unleash a tsunami against the arrogant Tory and Labour parties. They can’t see it coming but it’s on its way

  • Stupid fool

  • Trust in the LabCon conspirators has been broken . No getting over it . The betrayal will never be forgotten .

  • Hypocrites

  • Why should british taxpayers pay money to Europe? I'm voting for Nigel ;)

    • @thecarpy - Get a grip ;)

    • @thecarpy We would have world free trade and lower taxes. Nigel all the way

    • That is the price for privileged access the market, even Norway pays for the benefits. The thing is, it brings so much in trade that is offsets any payment by orders of magnitude, but that you are only going to realize once you have left. Don't complain later!

  • Reading from an autocue rather than speaking from the heart is just spin without real compassion. You fail.

    • @Josh 2.0 Corbyn has no education.... its obvious. Ive seen better presentations from interns

    • There are plenty of speeches of him speaking from the heart. He is the leader of the party so in official speeches like this campaign launch he has to keep to a script

    • At least he's proved he can read.

  • And the GarbageBin AKA The Guardian is just as guilty for all the lies and misleading reporting.

  • The longest serving opponent of the EU in Westminster and one of the few who is opposed on ideological grounds. He is having to ditch that to appeal to members but still hoping to keep vast tracts of the working class.

    • @Mash M and there are plenty of countries with high salaries around the world, and they also have plenty of small and medium sized companies?!@!

    • Ollie Folayan “Hard” Brexit.

    • Corbyn will promise absolutely anything to everybody because he's desperate. He prooves every time he opens his mouth that he has absolutely no idea of how economies and business works. His ridiculous promise of a £10 p/h will reduce the number of young people getting jobs and will increase youth unemployment. Who does he think will fund the increase.? The majority of businesses in the UK are medium to small and could not afford the increase. The only way they could pay that rate would mean the costs would be passes on to the consumer, hence increased prices, leading to inflation. More inflation, more job losses, higher unemployment, more claims on the benefit system. Basis economics, its not rocket science. But this day dreaming marxist just doesn't get it. But then again, thats Labour for you.

    • He is still eurosceptic but does not mean he supports a hard Brexit.


  • Top Man!

    • 😂😂😂

    • If there was another separate global financial crisis, which many are again predicting, a US trade war with China, combined with a no deal Brexit, the people in this country would become refugees. We'd be sailing the English channel for a better life. Unless Corbyn takes power, we may as well all leave the country now, whilst we still can.

    • @Ron Johnson Jr a no deal Brexit will create a US style society, with a much greater gap between rich and poor. So many other social structures would be in danger of collapse, that anyone wanting a fairer more equal society has to reject it.

    • @Ron Johnson Jr Brexit party is funded by unknown dubious sources. Nobody knows what they really want.

    • @higgs boson Brexit party wants justice.

  • Corbyn welcome to #10

  • Brexit party it is then

  • Lies Lies and more lies. you are just as bad

  • He's had his chance and blown it, should have respected the brexit vote then you would of had the support. You just like the tory party will never be trusted again....... you are finished.... full of lies

    • @Ali Dee it shouldn't be about "here is the results of your decision (before it has even been carried out) what do you think" should be "democracy decided we leave, therefore we leave, no questions" rather than putting his own remain voting interests first

    • @Ali Dee , He has not got any deal. we hade the vote, we dont want another. vote leave won end of.

    • How is getting the best deal possible and, if need be, saying to the British people "Here's what Brexit will be like, so what do you think now you have the facts?" not respecting the (highly divided) referendum result?

  • Ms Poison from the bbc is here!!!

  • Bad employer and the vast number of immagrants.

    • IJ then.

    • @higgs boson never mond. I have dupuytren

    • Your spelling needs some work?

  • Vote borbin in and open your doors to socialism and more MIRGRANTS

  • Seems quite sensible.

    • @Marco polo 😂😂😂😂

    • Thats like saying diane abbott is intelligent with an abacus

  • Labour: “WeRe EvErYoNeS VoTe See” ▪️Leavers ▪️Remainers ▪️People’s voters ▪️Environment voters/Extinction Rebellioners ▪️Left wingers ▪️Right wingers ▪️working class ▪️upper class “So Be SuRe to VoTe FoR uS In At ThE NeXt ElecTiOnS” “WeVe BeEn WaItInG 9 years FoR ThIs”

  • Poor old Jezza is caught between a rock and a hard place. He doesn't want to lose votes from the Leave Labour heartlands and he doesn't want to lose the votes of the middle-class Remainers of London. He's been a Leaver throughout his political career, but won't come clean as he's scared of losing votes. What a pathetic little man.

    • You are very ignorant

    • He is not a 'pathetic little man' for not wanting to destroy all prospects of actually doing well in an election.

  • *Jeremy Corbyn* is *OUR MAN* for the many, *NOT THE FEW..!!* So, all you trolls can take a long hike (off a short plank..!!) The Labour strategy is *SO MUCH MORE SOPHISTICATED* than the CON-(artist)-SERVATIVE *TRICK* of offering *CHEAP BRIBES* as a last resort; unless they can get *LIES, THREATS and HOLLOW BLUFFS* to work first..!! Force feed the *CON-(artist)-SERVATIVE PARTY* some *PLAIN SENSE,* some *IRREFUTABLE TRUTH* and some *HONESTY,* please Jeremy..!! They *CERTAINLY* need a dose of that medicine. But I think they might claim to be *ALLERGIC TO ALL THREE..!!*

    • "So, all you trolls can take a long hike (off a short plank..!!) " You're hurting Labour with language like that.

    • You prat

    • Down with the undemocratic globalist Lib/Lab/Con weasels! Vote UKIP OR BREXIT PARTY 👌

  • just go already......................quit making a fuss.......nobody will miss you.

  • is this a repeat? I'm hearing the same old mud slinging bollox......... you blew it Jez.

  • "Rebuilding Britain" as a slogan for a European Parliamentary Election campaign - how brain-damaged can a political party be? How was that disease called? Autism?

  • "Rebuilding Britain" as a slogan for a Europian Parliamentary Election campaign - how brain-damaged can a political party be?

    • “We’re the party for....” ▪️Leavers ▪️Remainers ▪️Customs Unioners ▪️People’s voters ▪️Get on with it...ers? ▪️Extinction rebellioners ▪️Left wingers ▪️Right wingers ▪️Working class ▪️Middle class ▪️Upper class “See were everything now, so be sure to vote us in at the next elections kiddos” 👍 “It’s been like 9 years now, c’mon it’s our turn ain’t it?”

  • VOTE BREXIT PARTY. VOTE FOR NIGEL FARAGE. .....what a pathetic bunch of lunatics in this labour campaign. corbyn the marxist must be put in the recycle bin. he's done enough damage to this country

  • Many people have been wailing for a second referendum, ever since they didn't like the outcome of the last one. So finally they've got what they want. An opportunity at the ballot box to have another vote. The EU elections are that opportunity. We know that Labour, Conservatives, UKIP and Brexit Party are all leave parties, as it is written in their manifestos. Lib-Dems, Greens and SNP all want remain. So we can finally have our confirmatory vote. Simply vote for a remain party, or a leave party, dependent on your choice and we can see what the popular vote supports. All you have to fear is democracy...

    • @Anonymous Spot on.

    • So what is democratic then? 1) To keep making the people vote until it goes the way you wanted it too. By using the angry population of people who lost the vote and their claims of “PeOpLe DiDn’T KnOw WhAt ThEy VoTeD FoR” and “GiVe Us FiNaL SaY” and MoRe VoTeS = MoRe DeMoCrAtIc” as leverage to get another vote back to the public for another chance to win. 2) Actually delivering on what 17 million people voted for and WON in a clear referendum result, before you even suggest a second vote?