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At last! Managed to chip away at this one throughout the summer! Hope you enjoy it and see you at the next one!

OG Clip:
Jerma's Twitch:


  • I love the "Alright" when chat asks to peep the horror as if, even in this dream, he still does the whole "Chat, we're not gonna peep the horror this stream. No seriously, no horror peeping, we're gonna actually play the game...alright we can peep the horror but only a quick peep."

  • This makes me want a fully animated jerma movie

  • "Peeping the horror" absolutely sounds like something Jerma would do.

  • Just the thought of Jerma's lifeless body laying there not being claimed or buried and Twitch allowing the stream to go for all to see is the funniest part imo

  • This actually poses an interesting dilemma: when you give people a warning that when they watch a stream they have a slim chance to just drop dead a lot of people probably wouldn't watch it, but because of that there are now less people on stream, increasing the odds for everyone else.

  • I love how "peep the horror" was like the one thing to ever make Jerma genuinely confused. That "WHAT?" at the end was so real

  • These Jerma animations never fail at being top tier .

  • I agree with everyone who says that jerma peeping the horror, and despite the thousands of people, is still the one who drops dead is the most jerma thing possible-

  • Quick math- if one viewer dies every time he shows the horror, and he shows it once per stream, and gets an average of 10,000 viewers, he'd have a 1/10000 chance of dying to the horror every time he shows it- in other words, a 1/10000 chance every time he streams. To get to a 50% chance of having died from the horror in his entire time streaming, he'd have to stream 5,000 times. If he streamed every day, this is nearly 15 years. However, he streams less often than that, so it's probably over 30 years. And then there's still a 50% chance that he hasn't died from the horror yet. It would take over 60 years of streaming a few times a week to be nearly 100% certain that he will have died of the horror by random chance at some point.

  • I love how a dream someone had and decided to share has now cemented itself in jerma lore forever

  • Jerma fans will write the most captivating, interesting and unique stories and then say “this happened to me in a dream”

  • This is honestly exactly how this bit appeared in my head. Everyone always seems to skip over the fact that the audience finds peeping the horror to be hilarious. You really made it out to be this dystopian-esque future of streaming, and I love it so much.

  • The amount of references being put into this gorgeous animation makes me believe that art is alive (can’t be said about jerma)

  • That final "what?" is like... Jerma's most tonally appropriate response ever. I know, it seems like a simple "wtf moment", but his TONE, my lads. That half-laugh, half-fearful-crow-call. The knowledge that this isn't real, but it's such a strange idea that it draws fear anyway.

  • My favorite part is how the stream of his corpse being left on was intentionally done as a sign of respect. Like the streamer equivalent of a Viking funeral.

  • "Memorial Stream - Silence is appreciated :)" is such a characteristically Jerma thing to do. i love it

  • It’s been said before, but I love how the inner recesses of someone’s mind made the most jerma-Esque horror possible.

  • The quality of the animation is amazing like the transition at

  • Glad jerma’s huge dump truck is being accurately represented

  • I love how you consistently make Jerma look like a horse