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Produced by Patrick Wimberly & George Miller
BALLADS 1 coming soon. #BALLADS1
Music video directed by Jared Hogan
Edited by Miles Trahan
See Joji at the 88rising Head In The Clouds music festival and 88 Degrees & Rising tour this Fall.
88rising Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival
September 22, 2018 | Los Angeles State Historic Park
88 Degrees & Rising North American Tour
88 is double happiness


  • I want all the 12 year old girls to watch filthy frank, and then be told "yeah they are the same people" love joji but frank needs to rise again, please

  • Frank ain't lookin' so good

  • I'm depressedpacito

  • joji just keeps improving love u man

  • He’s such a Mood 😭💔

  • 😍

  • Can you guys recommend me songs like this?

  • Flithy Frank evolving to joji

  • My father has grown so much.... so beautiful

  • Does any one realize he was a goat

  • trippping on acid to this video very pleased in the sadness

  • БЛЯТЬ... ЭТО БЫЛО *О Х У Е Н Н О!*

  • Can you? :(

  • Holy shit

  • Fuck the 9,000 people that disliked song.

  • i like this new version of pink guy

  • Wheelz is proud of you.

  • filthy frank, pink guy, and joji are all separate people. Never the same.

  • This is a mood.

  • Like si vienes por pedritovm


  • the best.

  • I keep coming back here, it like gives you a trance

  • love what he’s doin now, even though i’m not really listening to it. and i’m no one to say that he should go to filthy frank, mainly because this comment will prolly get lost in the comments, but i genuinely enjoyed the pink guy raps that were not a joke, so if this comment does get seen by joji, please man. at least pink omega.

  • Wow.. Immaculate

  • HES GROWING UP SO FAST no seriously coming from medicine and filthy frank days it's great to see how far he has come ♥ bit sad that frank is gone but hey he gets older and changes too and this shit here is amazing cant blame him "WE WANT REAL MUSIC, WE WANT JOJI MUSIC"

  • It really be like that sometimes... most of the time...

  • papa franku what happened to u

  • remember pink guy? this is him now feel old yet?

  • He is actually getting better at singing.

  • Narnia legacy seems like trash 4/10

  • For all filthy frank fans out there: "Don't cry because it ended,smile because it happened" -*some guy on twitter*

  • Found this song by accident last night and now i can't stop listening to it

  • Pity sos vos ?? Ahre

  • Alexa play despacito 2

  • Fuck this is a fucking drug. I have come here like 30 times in two days.

  • Lyrical Frank Dont @ Me

  • This album is excellent (and I understand that creating music it's very helpful for the artist to heal from depression, etc.), but I feel Joji will blow when he start to sell joy, not a fake one, not talking about trash comedy. Imagine what a sensitive guy like this can do with his soul full of positivity.. a lot of hits!! It will pay off a lot more than now. But I completely respect and enjoy the artist progression.

  • i looooove this omg

  • maltrato animal

  • Cuco Vibes

  • if you tipe yt now in google you will se slow dancing in the dark

  • Frank is now joji and I expect that we have joji deal with that even if pink guy is gone and shit joji wants to make his art so let him

  • damn

  • filthyfrank left the building awhile back, but i still cant stop seeing him

  • Why make depressing songs all the time? You alright?

  • Didn’t think a song could make me gay

  • One more artist that came from no where

  • 1:09 is that green arrow's Arrow he is meaning shut the f... Up?

  • ジョジがちょう可愛いよね。

  • Hes so talented at like everything he does wtf

  • this music is so good

  • Hey boss? I fuck with Joji 1000× more than I already did. His vocals in this song👌👌

  • Hi guys if you wanna check out lofi music and some trance tracks I would really apreciate it a lot thaaanks

  • Gente de España

  • I like joji but why did filthy go :(

  • Billie eilish with joji would make a perfect collab in music

  • This guy sorta looks like that Filthy Frank guy?

  • can i have the pussy please

  • 2034?

  • another billion-viewed song

  • all 11 million views are from me

  • Love you since dizasta music ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Лучше бы в говне и сперме продолжал валяться, чем вот эти вот непонятные клипы для умных.


  • He's a spiritual lyrical miracle.

  • do a fucking troll music u cunt xdddd

  • I just realized his deer legs and hooves Why is this okay with me and makes this music video 100% better

  • At first i did not like this song now i have played it 100000000000+ times

  • he has such a nice voice???? this song is so good?????? im actually blown away. this is unusual for me lmao

  • I have waited him to suddenly get up and say IT’S JUST A PRANK BRO

  • The filthy frank just died, and Joji just got born, R.I.P Papa franku

  • Good shit

  • Thats really impressive

  • The memer became the meme

  • Aguante yoshi

  • once apon a time, this man said theres good music in todays generation, we're just to lazy to find it, I thought him wrong, but after this, Ive never been happier to be proven I was wrong, thank you Joji

  • He symbolically died 3 times in this music video the personas was a white suit and hooves, which are Masonic and satanic symbols on a checkered floor, he died in a pool of his own blood and the others have blank eyes Meaning maybe he sold out and the real Joji is gone. His name belongs to someone who can tell him what to do In 3 personas of himself. Mind body and soul, he's been hunted and caught. It sounds crazy but think about it. It's how celebrities confess themselves to the public because they're sworn to silence

  • Can you dress up as Satan and eat ramen from a washing machine one more time? Please?

  • Que mierda

  • Mumble rapping like crazy


  • Like si vienes por pedritovm

  • .

  • 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

  • Intro reminded me of Falco’s ‘Jeanny’

  • Lost but still here ❤️

  • Lova ya joji

  • I melt

  • Did anyone else see that he had goat legs? No? Just me? Ok....

  • It all started with thom :,)

  • This is dark af. So much love and pain and loss!

  • 미친씨발존나좋다 이거왜이제들었지 조지 이름은 조지몀서 하나도 안좆같음 흑좆나잘만듬;; 이름 흑조지로 바꿔라 ㅅㅂ개좋네아무튼

  • Sounds very generic

  • is this ur new channel?

  • Anyone get heavy Frida vibes with this?

  • Okay but Joji send me those mf goat legs bo$$ if they're already covered in blood thats even better

  • "I don't want you anymore."

  • This is as close we'll get to Filthy Frank now...

  • Me hearings the song for the first time... second time *ears bleeding from high volume on headphones*