Jokes on jokes on jokes

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I have a journal I carry around and write in whenever I have a thought, joke, or really pretty much anything that comes to mind. Wanted to share some of them

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  • This video would've been a lot more funnier if you added sitcom laughter every 5 seconds.

  • The bird attacking Adam is the

  • My favorite time of year. A SomeThingElseYT upload 🔥

  • This is quality content...

  • You should publish these stories

  • I love how Adam has gotten sooooo much better at this, is amazing! This is pure quality content. ♥︎

  • All jokes aside. He seems to be pretty good at telling jokes.

  • I really appreciate like. How creative and inventive his videos are? Like not sticking to a formula and experimenting, it’s fun

  • Fun fact Adam, the famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld would carry around a notebook as well and write down his comedy content. Then he would show it to people and ask: "Is this something?"

  • Adam: "You can't punch a baby!!"

  • Adam’s slow descent into becoming animation’s Bo Burnham begins here, starting with that last joke

  • Really loving the Scott Pilgrim swear sounds they're much smoother then just beeps


  • I want someone to narrate my life the way that Adam narrates the Duckling story

  • I'd still probably watch even if he posts once or twice a year, it's like that one burst of happiness every time you get recommended a video

  • Whoa. It’s been so long since I’ve see one of your videos, you’ve progressed so much. I’m so proud of you. Your art is amazing. Just wonderful dude. Your absolutely incredible, I’ve missed you :)

  • Adam: I’m not afraid of anything besides the ocean and heights

  • The mugging and duck shooting ones genuinely caught me off guard and I legitimately laughed out loud😆

  • This isn’t just humor, this is