Jose Altuve's walk-off HR sends Astros to World Series in Game 6! | Yankees-Astros MLB Highlights

Dipublikasikan tanggal 19 Okt 2019
Jose Altuve hit a walk-off home run in the 9th inning to send the Astros to their second World Series in three seasons! ALCS Game 6 Highlights
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  • i was a true astros fan in 2019, but the next thing i know, they were cheating all along

  • Cheated

  • This turned out to be THE FINAL GAME in Hank Steinbrenner's life.

  • Ok Michael Brantley wasn't that far from first and it was still a one hopper Bellinger and Mike trout can do better


  • I’m a Yankees fan but I use to respect the Astros. I’ve kinda lost all faith in the Astros looking back at a couple of games. Even if they didn’t cheat in 2018 or 19, it seems like all their games are worthless and their fans don’t understand that they can still be fans but they have to accept that the team cheated. I still have respect for the pitchers and possibly Altuve(if he didn’t use buzzer) but the rest of the players should have been banned.

  • They cheated

  • this game reminded by how bad the umpires were

  • Cheaters! How can you celebrate knowing you cheated

  • Boo astros nobody likes cheaters

  • Did you make it before the Astros got caught cheating

  • Imagine being a professional baseball player knowing what kind of pitch is coming and hit 1 for 20

  • Astros 2020 champions 👀👀

  • WOW! altuve is so good it's like he knows every pitch that's coming

  • Altuve'作弊王 Altuve'蜂鳴器王 Altuve爛人爛人 爛人Altuve''

  • cheat HOU

  • Wow. Now that we know he was wearing a wire, this is soo interesting!!! It all makes sense now; they are such a corrupt organization.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="324">5:24</a> who else saw harden and westbrook there

  • Who's here after all the bitter Yankee fans failed to come up with conspiracy theories as to why they lost this game?


  • So if you lost multiple World Series. Wouldn’t you Try to just win one for once?

  • Hey, baseball fans! Like this comment if the Astors World Series trophy should be taken away.

  • (Altuve) “Don’t take my buzzer off!”

  • whistle once, off speed, no whistle, fastball, oNlY fIvE sWiNgS aNd MiSsEs

  • Astros still champs!!! I love my team

    • Nationals beat you

  • The fact that the Astro’s lost 2 games against the Yankees showed how good the Yankees were

  • I can’t watch that walk off makes me sick to my stomach

  • "And the Astros beat the yankees" 🤣🤣🤘🤘

  • no wonder they kept getting hit after hit lmao. i was like damn the astros are so good at getting on base. now we know

  • Cheaters

  • Its almost like the astro hitters knew what was coming up...

  • Sitting on a Chapman offspeed pitch on the outer half. C'mon

  • Half a year ago me: Wow, this is awesome down goes the Yankees!! Me right now: Well..... Remember the year they cheated to win, Yuli Guriel did an asian-eye to taunt Yu Darvish after a "home run" in the WS?

  • Cheaters.

  • Cheaters

  • Daaa yankees lose

  • Altuve is ugly mtf

  • 2017 Champs baby, lets go!!!!

    • What about 2019?

  • CHEATERS!!!!

  • no evidence of cheating in 2019 btw

    • Whatever helps you sleep at night

  • Why did you mute the trash can out of the audio on that home run?

  • Altuves knew what pitch was coming. 😪


  • The trash can Cheaters need to to get the death penalty and the entire team should be sued.

  • Cheaters

  • Altuve in the field has an undershirt. Altuve up to bat has no undershirt??? Cheater!

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> Altuve: “Good buzzer timing!”

  • Watching this makes me so sick knowing that piece of 💩 cheated!

  • I saw that, he was sitting on a curve ball,almost like he knew it was coming

  • Hey, Cry baby Yankee fans. The Astros banging on trash cans in 2017 had nothing to do with you losing to the Astros in 2019. You just lost.

    • Right Dodgers are Champs of 2017

  • Cheaters

  • “You guys are not champions, You are cheaters.”

  • Screw Altuve. The Only Thing He's Beating Is The Trashcan Today.

  • Disgraceful!

  • watch closely as Altuve comes around third. He first waves off a teammate/coach, then as he is approaching the mob at the plate he clutches his jersey tightly. Why would he be doing that unless he was afraid it would be torn off and reveal something he didnt want seen? Just saying....

  • Legit...Remember Astros according to MLB report were clean in this series. Astros banged trashcans in 17. In 19....beat Yankees fair and square.

  • How do you gear up for a fastball but ready for slider? 🤔

  • You know what is funny they said that 0.50 is a bad average then he hits a dinger

  • Wow, look at him sit on the off speed pitch. Man, that's not even baseball. Horrible.

  • I kinda fell bad for Astros fans. From now on, when someone is seen wearing Astros gear people will assume they condone cheating.

  • He is totally useless A shameful and cowardly warrior Apologize for Darvish Can he not do that because he's a total idiot? muscle dwarf

  • Fkn cheaters...

  • Altuve, Bergman and other Astros players should be banned for life for cheating.

  • *buzz buzz*

  • Altuve should go to prison.

  • WELP

  • when your team gets caught cheating but you gotta defend the team as a whole against yankees fans because you got family on it

  • Jose Altuve belongs in the Hall of Fame. The one for CHEATERS!!!

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="327">5:27</a> the worst call ever

  • Who's here after altuve said (don't rip my shirt)

  • Whatever. He knew what was coming.

  • Altuve is 5'6" again.

  • Chapman smiling makes way more sense

  • All that happen now that feel sorry for Astro fans. They cheated there fans and baseball. Now i understand why holding on to his shirt and did not have any thing to do with his mom. I dont like the Yankees but they were cheated out world series twice by the Astros. They not world series champions the title should be strip and playes give back there rings history book should say no world series champion for 2017.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="154">2:34</a> didn’t know Drake was on the Astros.

  • Buzzer

  • Altuve cheated I dont wanna hear it lol

  • Cheaters

  • UPDATE: Oof.

  • They cheated so bad that the tv show Cheaters made an episode on this