JUNIOR - Anti-Bullying Short Film by D’Tonio LeBrian

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A young boy is battling with depression and the stress of being bullied by other boys in the neighborhood. With no one to turn to, he is forced to go to extreme measures in order to be at peace with himself. This film tells the story solely from the victims point of view.
Written & Directed by Dtonio Cheatham
Produced by Dtonio Cheatham, Cohl Echols, Carmen Mi'chelle
D'Bless Robinson as Junior
Flexx Live as Dontae
Gwendolyn Jackson as Naima
Kevyn Hardiman as Duke


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  • I saw the light are you a michigan state fan I see u msu

  • I keep a nife at school

  • 15:00 best part go junior

  • "DAAAAAAAAMN HE SPIT YO SHIT! hey dante you alright man?" I died at that part not gonna lie 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Those bullies actually were very good at acting

  • So the moral of the story was When you get a new haircut it makes you stronger

  • Yo tambien me llamo junior y vivia el abuso es lo mas orrible que hay esta muy bueno el video

  • Is there any part 2

  • You look good “I know I do” -Junior 2018

  • 6:52 nice knife

  • BULLYING IS NOT OKAY it's not banter, it's not just "harmless fun" its is something that scars people for life, its something that wrecks spirits, its something that takes lives. dont do it. just dont fricking doing.

  • Bully kid look like polo g

  • Im crying 😢 😥

  • I feel soooooo bad i gave a like 👍

  • Bro if u hate bullys make this blue 👍

  • These are some great films, you really need more recognition. Great work!

  • Xxxtentacion said,Don't fight with Depression be filled with joy.

  • You faked the punch

  • After juniors cut he was looking fine

  • Why it’s so short

  • I like the message

  • The bullies are talking stuff bro they have a free phone

  • I like this cause it feels realistic all the others are just something that never will happen in real life

  • NBA young boy

  • 3:31 is it bad that I laughed

  • Jr You Better Than what they call u don't try to change your self

  • “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn” had me dying 😂😂😂

  • I am so mad

  • Omg so good 😊

  • I fell so sorry 😭❤️

  • I feell so sorry

  • If You Were Bullied Like. this. *Comment* So basically, I was bullied because I was good sports, he's name. Is Daniel he thought that he was thought he was the strongest guy in class. So there's this guy in my class named. Dafa he was bullied. Too because Daniel said he was ugly,stupid *even tho he's the second smartest dude in class* so tomorrow on Daniel came up. At dafa and pushed him to. The. Ground and stepped on. His head I. Didn't know. What to do there because he's/Daniel is stronger than me that was the hardest moments in my life the story doesn't end there *2 days later* I saw dafa's eye is red and. I was. Shook I was. So mad I. Came up to Daniel and punch him to. The face *one week later* my teacher planned on. A conversation and Daniel was so. F*cking scared I was gonna tell the other. Parents about. Him part 2. *2 years later* he started to. Bully a newer kid *to bee continued*. If. This comment. Get 100 likes I'll do part 2

  • Socked em in his shit

  • this bullying shit need to stop especially looking at young black faces this hurts me to see inncocent young kids dying everyday please stop the violence and stop the killing. its a high percentage of these kids dying enough.

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-Nb7lcR7wV7c.html Check it out I reacted to you

  • you made him cry bully someone your own size ... you guys are bullys if i see you guys bully ing someone on a nother video im done

  • you guys are bullys

  • When he cold clocked the bully in the nose that made me feel so good

  • My mans cut lookin fresh

  • Yo I saw that Michigan State sticker on his wall, was this film produced in Michigan

  • 💪🏾💪🏾Say shog

  • This is so emotional I feel bad

  • Bullies

  • You is a bitch

  • Boi your hair look like a Dinosaur 3:15 I’m literally doing a speech about not bullying wow

  • I wish jr was my brother

  • Me:please dont kill yourself. My brother: you know its not real

  • That kid roasted his hairline but he is covering his just cause of how bad his is (the bully) 🤦‍♂️ smh

  • If I were the little one that’s getting build I wouldint only punch him but I would take him down and started beating him up

  • I'm not trying to be sad or anything but that nigga gats a big nose😂

  • his cut was kinda dead tho...


  • I thot he was gonna stab the bully

  • I beat up those bitches and stand up for you bro

  • fucking andriod user

  • I got so happy when he punched the kid

  • Fuck bully's

  • Poor junior when he got bullied by those guys it made me sad

  • 4:52 tf did that come from 😂