Just Be Yourself

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Just be yourself yo
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I didnt this time cuz i uh... couldnt find a good one


  • Buddy there's this girl at my school where I go too we're best friends but she gets called whore so I take up for her we've both gained a liking to each other but she has a girlfriend what do I do?


  • *im the only weeb in class, the only ones who understand me are my cousinz.''

  • Rare footage of SomeThingElseYT being bullied by Shaggy at 0:31

  • I’ll be myself Now are you still act stupid and weird to act cool but now thanks

  • I don’t need to fit in with others... because I never interact with people

  • #donkeys

  • at 1.27 i thought they were....... doing something

  • Hay, I’m freshmen... what do I do??? I’m really sad and depressed and I don’t have any ‘friends in school’ and, what do I do!? I love drawing, dancing, singing and watching cartoons and... I get bullied and picked on by passed school friends... and, Jasmine, Chloe, Summer and Jackson... if you see this... please stop bulling me... bye... (and don’t let yourself be in my situation, cause, it sucks... it really flicking sucks) be yourself and STAY STRONG! 👻😥😭🥰😍🤘🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🧸

    • I meant fricking ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 bye...

  • Did a demon just teach me a lesson about “me”

  • Bully: WADDA U WANT Adam:*has two arms then grows two more but buff* Are u challenging me

  • Just be Yourself

  • This is my skool

  • Did money just have sex with you

  • You guys see the game last night? Which one

  • That “ReSpEcT mE” killed me 😂🤣😂🤣😁😄😁😝😛😋🤪

  • 4:20 all mIghT iS WoRtHy -stain

  • I don't rly like people cause a lot of them r pretty mean :(

  • meh if i get bulled idc :3 if you ever listen to mean people i will slap u like a babe and hit the means with a truck >:3

  • DONKE-

  • i tried but it never worked :D

  • do you live in the u.s.a

  • _You have NO idea how much you inspired me to be myself and not care about what anyone else has to say. Thank you Adam!_

  • God I can't stand when people say just be yourself because 99% they have a "but not that way" themself here are some big examples I have seen. Fat people Smokers Furries Hell even I have one and that is jerks I often wish they were nicer. but that means i don't want them to be themselfs. Point is

  • Man i am mexican you moth..... *Slap* aiuda

  • The part about the ID-tv name is the same as me

  • I don't have eny freinds😥

  • What if being yourself makes you have no friends? 😢😢😢

  • what in the name of h- *Slap to the face*

  • Anyone who tries to be rude or who tries to make fun of Adam: *makes fun of Adam or is being rude* Me: fight me. *punches them* don’t do that to our artist.

  • Has anyone noticed that everyone thinks this way? Like I don’t think anyone is cool. Everyone thinks that they are weird or they hate something. So uh. It’s a thought

  • Adam: look out for that motherfu.. Frikers:Coin *SLAP!

  • Adam:These kid were complete Jacka.. *Giant coins ties adam up* Adam: like Donkeys Donkeys DONKEYS!:

  • 1:24 BRUH XD

  • When he brought up anime I was like oh cool we’re on the same page but when I saw the all night poster oh I about shit my pants

  • MHA is the best

  • Being “popular” in my opinion sucks , cuz I remember when I was in grade 6 (public school) there were a lot of popular kids and I was one of them but not that that popular it’s just bcuz my aunt is popular she was 14 btw , I was looking at these popular kids and think of being like them , and it happens actually I changed so many schools and I went to a private school at the first my classmates were bullying me :/ but I act like I don’t care even tho it hurts sometimes” I wish I was not in this school “ I have cried yeah yeah yeah bullshit btw that was in grade 7 after months they started liking me which I found weird , but at least they liked me and stopped bullying me , and now grade 8 I’m popular and I hung out with the popular kids it’s boring tho all they do is open their iPads and watch insta and talk about boys , which I found stupid their are literally just using as bcuz of our personality and actions but they still don’t know anything about the inside and what we actually think about them but I don’t think our relationship is real . If you want to have real friends you must know them for long and trust them and never hung out with bully’s and these spoiled kids, pisses me off sometimes , still tho I have everyone rn lol plus my sister works in this school so they must treat me right.

  • Lmao this is so me “uHhH”

  • Me: *sees all might in the background* My reaction: “ GASP HELL YES ITS ALL MIGHT!!!!!!!!”

  • Love my life bc or you guys bc mean because Hehehehe I’m to lazy be your self guys

  • :3 true and be your self guys no matter what they do to you only matter when they touch you like so somthing to you.... that sounded wrong uhhhhh I mean like.... uhhhhh hit.... hehehehehe

  • Just be yourself that's all that you can do

  • True. But sad hahahahaha love it when he tied you up haha

  • I don’t get racism. I don’t get why people do it. My best friend is black and I support that

  • I live in an apartment complex here we call it the projects and there are a lot of kids it's not like we are poor but they would constantly make me steal with them and constantly break the law but even my best friend makes fun of me for being white but that's their excuse for making me do the stuff they want I really want to be myself but after I broke my arm and wrist they call me fragile and make fun of me more

    • Toxic friendships arnt the best but trying to get out of them ends bad and I found that out the hard way.... Help?

    • I'm sorry for the paragraph but I needed to vent 😅

  • Thank you😊

  • I have lived in a mainly black area most of my life, so I've always been one of the very few white kids in my schools. I would be bullied a lot because of that as well. I just don't understand why people get mad about people who make fun of their race, but then go out of their way to make fun of another. People are becoming the thing they sought to destroy

  • I know what the coin is, ID-tv demonization and it has to be PG

  • Monetization be like.... “You dare oppose me mortal.”

  • I ALMOST I FORGOT i like this art and animation i dont know what is a good to create Cellphone OR Computer

  • High School life is terrible To be truth

  • After I watched this, I became a freaking became a weird machine at school

  • Actually #RespectEveryone

  • #RespectAdam


  • My sister also has trouble being herself in school.

  • Person: just be yourself. Me: Umm, ok. 15 minutes later People: THE HORROR!!! COVER YOUR EARS AND EYES CHILDREN!!!


  • speack spanish

  • most relatable thing i've seen and heard *"uHHH-"*