K-Pop Fans React To And MEET K-Pop Stars (ATEEZ 에이티즈)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 9 Sep 2019
ATEEZ (에이티즈) surprises their biggest fans. Watch to see their Reactions.
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ATEEZ (에이티즈)
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K-Pop Fans React To And MEET K-Pop Stars (ATEEZ 에이티즈)


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    • Wow, stray kids

    • I want gooooo

    • I wish I was her

    • Can you umm let me in fbe oh right england 😨

    • FBE.. I'm here for requesting you to cheakout ONEUS.. Who is very talented group now in kpop. Their new MV is “to be or not to be” id-tv.org/tv/video-XLV--CXZzxM.html

  • 6:44 look closely thank me later


  • mingi at 7:17 "yeah i love you"

  • I’ve never wanted to a member of FBE REACT as much as I do now😭

  • I swear that they have lipstick on.


  • Every celebrity: casual walking* Ateez: scare people*

  • ATEEZ Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stans everywhere i can't handle it...

  • Imagine meeting your favorite KPOP group for the first time and suddenly God gives you the power to speak and understand Korean cuz your love for them is too pure !! And then you wake up !

  • Why r they use fullmakeup


  • Me from watching the whole video and reading some comments has only one statement to make: LMFAOAASA. (Lmfao and also stan Ateez)😜

  • Pls bring BTS pls

  • San: You’re good at korean! man: I am korean Ateez: starts bowing

  • Wait thats BTS!

  • 14:13 they all looks so tired, especially wooyoung 🥺

  • I’m pretty positive I would’ve passed out


  • Omg, they are so lucky-

  • 12:59 Guy: *speaking English* Yeosang: 👁👁

  • How, just how, are they all so calm? Like I would've already paced all around the room (im really fidgety) and swore so much in Filipino and probably scream for help

  • how are they so calmmm

  • If I was there and they would to scare me- I'd rocket punch one o them- lmao

  • 6:44 hongjoong nooooooooooo xdxdxdx

  • So lucky

  • My anxiety would not allow this!

  • I would of fainted

  • 6:35 yunho you scared him 😭

  • sana all

  • Just one thing....... THEY ARE F***ING LUCKY!!!!

  • 7:04 i love how they just casually scared the shit out of that girl

  • The blonde guy at 4:54 is so cute can someone tell me his name 😭

    • His name is Choi San :)

  • Now I feel like I’m gonna be meeting them in real life-

  • i love how they just decided to scare the shit out of their fans

  • tengo unas ganas tremendas de llorar por la suerte que tienen esas personas al poder conocer a unos seres tan maravillosos como lo son los integrantes de Ateez, de estar en el lugar de algunos de ellos ya hubiera llorado, significan tanto para mi:'(

  • No one: Me: practicing my reaction just in case I actually meet them in person lol😂 Is it just me??!!

  • I'd die if I met Yunho 😭

  • This should've been titled " Ateez discovering there's Koreans outside of korea"

  • If I ever meet them, I going to choke by how many times I am going to say that I love them... Secondly, imagine sitting with 8 boys around you and talking to you... Bless these 8 boys... I love them so much...

  • K-Pop stans get offended over literally anything, even small jokes because their brains didnt develope past a point where they can understand what a joke is.

  • This BTS like what in the kree

  • This is BTS

  • Omg if I was there,I would faint

  • Lol that guy didnt get a high five poor guy XD 6:44

  • NO hate on Ateez but BTS are the King of Kpop

  • I know littrelly they were not surprise cause there not kpop fan #dope

  • This is so overrated

  • imagine the staff telling ateez: hey, you wanna come in?

  • HongJoong speaking english is perfection 😍😍😍

  • Mingi scaring people when they meet their fan lmao 😂😂

  • When your sister gets to meet ATEEZ but you dont

  • Imagine looking decenwearing everyday clothes and meeting your idols 💀💀

  • omg k-pop is a good singer

  • I wish i was there especially if black-pink was there or bts.

  • I just came back here to say thank you FBE!! I am now an Atiny 😊😂

  • Si me pasará eso a mi estaría todo el rato llorando de la emoción JAJAJAJAJ

  • i really don't know much about Kpop so if i ever meet them i'll probably just be wondering why a bunch of men are surrounding me.🤣😂

  • RM:*Speaks English* Every other member:*He is speaking the language of the enchantment table*

  • ateez in arabic means a butt a teez

  • I'd love to meet my favorite band gorillaz jamie and damon I'm jealous

  • they are so lucky to meet them in person :)

  • orada olmak vardı be

  • I loveee kpopp

  • If San got that close to me i would die-

  • Someone noticed that missed high five I've of hongjong at6:45

  • i accidentally stopped the video on hongjoong’ face and i almost cRIED. HE’S SO ETHEREAL I LOVE HIM

  • I would do anything to meet them I REPEAT ANYTHING

  • Omg there luckyy😭

  • Dis got me goosebumps😂

  • Do BTS

    • Unlikely to be able to do an in-person meet for a while...

  • yeosang looks so lost 😭

  • San was ready to risk it all for Becca lmfao

  • Did they really just reverse harem jitsu


  • If I'd meet my idols I'd just faint, possibly die from a heart attack..

  • You guys should do this with Blackpink just make sure Lucas is present

  • 6:44 poor guy

  • Why do i keep imagining that I am one of those people and i am meeting ateez

  • 5:07 wth is happening lol

  • I would be scrraming a lot just dont how they didnt do it

  • “You’re good at korean!” *”I am korean”*

  • man united fans when they meet ronaldo:

  • I’m not a fan but you can tell they’re such dorks lmao

  • dont know why im sitting with the air and not ateez right now.

  • The girl is shook how does she know whatb they look like in every music vid there different @-@


  • “Hakuna matata ya tAtaTatatAtaTataTa yEa! wEre aTeEz tAtaTa!” - Min Gi

  • I do like k-pop songs, and the artists have adorable personality, but I do not give two shits about the fandom, sorry but yeah. So if some psychotic fan girls are reading this don’t come for me

    • That’s alright lol. I’m kinda not crazy about the fandom too

  • is there a part2 pls invite me

  • "YOU'RE GOOD AT KOREAN" "I'm korean" That reminds me of the one interview when the guy said to Johnny from NCT 127 "your english is very good" and he was like "im from Chicago" lmaooo.

  • The guys with purple hair is like."lol who yhe fuck are these..oh wait I just saw them in the MV, ok..wait what?"

  • Im not even Ateez fan..but I guess that is going to change

  • I like bts sorrryyyyyy but I still like this like if u love btssss

    • You're lost. BTS isn't in this video. Just ATEEZ.

  • they are so lucky. He will not see the Turkish Atiny Ateez like me in life

  • I'm so jealous. 🥺🥺🥺

  • They literally all look the same

    • So you recognize a person just by the hair?. Someone needs to pay a little more attention :)

    • @•Mint Yoongi• they all have the same hair style and just different colored hair

    • They really don’t

  • one of the reason i love ateez is that they make time for their fans. other kpop groups do too but STILL

  • i have to stan