K-pop Stars React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (NCT 127 엔시티)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 6 Jun 2019
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Try Not To Sing Along Played by K-pop Stars. Original links below.
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NCT 127 takes on the Try Not To Sing Along Challenge. Watch to see
Content Featured:
EXO - Monster
NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb
Red Velvet - Bad Boy
NCT 127 - Regular
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NCT 127
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K-pop Stars React To Try Not To Sing Along
Challenge (NCT 127 엔시티)


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    • @Ren they played fire truck. But yeah it was regular

    • @schockmoment It's not "Fire truck" They didn't even play "Fire truck" It's "Regular" (English Version)

    • FBE can you make BTS version? Love your vids!💜❤️

    • I love your reaction videos. could react to Seventeen's videos, please


  • Get someone from GOT7! :D maybe Jackson or BamBam

  • Johnny: If you don't dance to Bruno Mars what are you doing? ~Meanwhile~ Doyoung and Taeyong: *not moving* Taeyong: I'm sorry Bruno Mars Doyoung: *laughs at Taeyong and nods when Jaehyun says I love you* yeah yeah yeah //WELP GUESS TAEYONG AND DOYOUNG DONT KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING


  • Johnny: If you don’t dance to Bruno Mars what are you doing? Tae: *statue*

  • johnny: if you don’t dance to bruno mars what are you doing wtf preach brother 😰

  • Mark, mah boy :)


  • Please ask Stray Kids to react please I love them.

  • I’m highly recommending A Stray Kids video They are killing the kpop industry right now Also NCT is always great (Sorry for being a multi fan)

  • Mark such a liar 😂

  • I actually discovered them through this video, I absolutely love them. I wish I could have found them sooner.

  • 0:37 "piece of cakes" that was funny

  • I was trying to play with them but I couldn't stop my self sorry😁😌 2019?!?

  • Rlly? Only music of SM? So sad, I want see more artist or idols from other companies. But, they were so uncomfortable looking at RV, you can tell that the policy of the company is to go out among them. LOL

    • Just to clarify, they have watched other companies music videos before.

  • “I’m glad I finally got to put my baby in the music video” *sounds like a girlfriend 😭😏*

  • When they strategically place an english speaker within each group of three. I see you nct, you ain't slick XD

  • i watched this a while ago, but a lot of people’s comments are from today, so hi guys

  • Lol I saw this like weeks ago and like all the comments are from today Came to rewatch cause why not

  • Taeyong: “this is easier than I thought” 7 rings plays: gets up immediately and starts dancing 😂

  • Mark is a good father!😅😅

  • 0:22 I'm not a nct fan but the dude in the middle is hilarious 😂

  • I am confused why people are commenting now?

  • Stray Kidz next please Seventeen too aNd AlSO pEnTaGOn oK tHanKs

  • 5:36 Remember when Mark and Haechan watching RV debut mv?

  • If you don't dance to Bruno Mars, what are you doing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Our. Saenior. Super. Good. 🖤🖤

    • Senior* Still, such a cute quote by the leader! ^_^

  • Johnny look very funny, he sing and dance all the song.

  • FBE loves mark lol

  • Taeil actually failed since Monster but always got away lol

    • U Know Me oh yeah, it was subtle, but he lost at the 43 second mark. He didn’t even make it past Baekhyun’s first line.

  • BTS please

  • Amazing!

  • Pleas bring over BTS and TWICE next time

  • TY: Its easer than I imagined *2 seconds later* *dancing to 7 rings*

  • it's even hard to watch it😂

  • Johnnyyyy

  • I like how they put one of the foreign swaggers member in each group lol

  • 💚💚💚💚

  • #BTS

    • No respect for you. Bye

    • I'm a big Army fan but don't comment other idols on there videos or whatever. If I commented "Blackpink is better than Bts" on Bts that would be disrespectful. I'm not a nct fan but as an army you can't do that to other idols..

    • JayJay Coolio #NCT

    • JayJay Coolio this isnt bts lmao

  • NCT127 only next time bring the who NCT for sure they will sing and dance at the same time

  • That challenge even looks hard watching it

  • Very recent comments.......kinda sus but k

  • Y'all need to see a Stray Kids version of this omgggggg I'd die 😂😂😂

  • "Our senior super... good"

  • I want to see seventeen

  • who is BLACKPINK

    • margarita tunieva ... if this is a serious question, search them up. And Listen.

  • I want to see straykids and got7 does it tooo

  • 쟈닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅅㅂㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • wow they so good speak in english

  • Also invite got7 plz #got7

  • So when are you guys calling STRAY KIDS to do a try not to sing along challenge? My top three groups are STRAY KIDS, ATEEZ and NCT. I need this in my life.

    • The Ateez one is really funny as well.

    • @cynthia flores YAASSSSSS

    • Kpop Is Life OMG sameee Stan talent legends NCT, Ateez, and Stray Kids💚

    • @Zoey Hansen sksnshsk exactly why I need it RN

    • Yessssss I'd love a Stray Kids version can you imagine Jisung and Felix lmao

  • Taeyong before Ariana: 🗿 Taeyong while Ariana's working her magic: 🤪🤯😝💣✌🏼🤙🏼🎉 Taeyong after Ariana: 🗿



  • 6:21 and 6:24 "i can win" he is hilarious😂

  • Johnny failing this big time, and Taeyong failing at Ariana's song. hahahaha love my boys

  • yuta's group was like me and my friends in class wth

  • I found new love for these boys. Damn their english is on fire 💗

  • I love these boys so much oh my gosh

  • How cute Jungwoo is at 4:00

  • @3:41 Mark😂

  • “ our Senior Super Good”

  • 😎

  • As soon as Ariana Grande came on taeyong started dancing

  • exo please

  • I known these guys for two weeks and I’m definitely Obsessed 💜

    • @Czhao Zhao haha. Anyway welcome to NCTzen

    • nana nonoy lol don’t worry I’m not that obsessed with them

    • Dont be too obsessed 💚 doyoung even say dont depending happiness only on them and find happiness in our reality as well . 💚 i mean, obsessed can be unhealthy. Anyways thank u for loving the boys 💚💚💚

    • Yay!

  • OMG Mark's face is so cute!!!!


  • The most precious thing in the world is yuta pointing himself out in music videos and getting super excited

  • 6:05 Taeil: Wow, she’s a beautiful

  • 0:43 taeil is cute

  • Lucas nct???

  • Mark would be like THE PERFECT BOYFRIEND WTFFF he's so funny and just wants to explain everything we want to know

  • Taeyong not dancing to his sunbaenims but to Ariana grande. Omo.

    • He looked about to burst during Monster, though. :D If it had played a little longer, he might have given in and started to sing/dance. Lol.

  • taeyong is sooo cute uwu

  • Johnny is that one daddy at a party ! I love nct so much !

  • Okay but Yuta with Orange/red hair is superior

  • I kinda like Taeyong and Johnny! 😍 This is sooo cuuutteee!! Need to search more NCT127

    • if you wanna know them more, i recomended to watch : a cup coffe part 2 and johnny's communication center :)

  • 6:02 ♪ You like my hair? Gee thanks, just got it ♪ Haechan: ᵀʰᵃⁿᵏ ʸᵒᵘ

  • k so i may have an obsession with Mark even though i didn’t know he existed before watching ths

  • i think i might be obsessed with nct 127 now

    • Welcome to NCTzen 💚 just dont have an unhealthy obsession 💚 take care of urself

    • aye welcome to the fandom💚

    • Chloe X. Same Queen

  • Well probably you just saw this and the best person in the word is the 3rd word KEEP IT UP NCT

  • 4:04 haechan was waiting for it lmao

  • 1:05 TAEYONG'S FACE 😂😂😂 I'm ded

  • NCT 127 collaborations with Bruno Mars when?

  • Johnny: Aaah this is so hard!! Johnny 2 sec later: *DANCING HIS SOUL OUT*

  • I love how Johnny doesn't even try at all and just dances to every single song 😂

  • Johnny didn't understood the game lmao

  • I wish they could also do bts

  • I try this challenge to

  • hey FBE have blackpink react to k-pop songs plz i'm beging

  • taeyong crying ;(

  • i love how they added an english speaker in each grouping

  • Where is win win ?

    • Esther Nei Nei he is promoting with wayv (nct china) in china

  • I'm just here thinking...."after seeing Joy and Seulgi practically flirting on the bed, do they possibly have ships of other groups??" NEVERMIND

  • I knew they were gna fail as soon it started

  • i love the fact that there are so many recent comments! STREAM SUPERHUMAN💚

  • gO bUY iT

  • 2:28 Yuta u good?