KAI 카이 'Peaches' MV

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KAI's 2nd mini album "Peaches" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/KAI_Peaches

01 Peaches
02 Vanilla
03 Domino
04 Come In
05 To Be Honest
06 Blue

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KAI 카이 'Peaches' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  • Everything is so majestic 😍

  • didenger berkali kali pun tetep candu

  • I really feel sorry for people that won't give him a chance. amazing artist

  • Kai keren banget pokoknya

  • I just can't get over how the song starts every time and the beat drop! I'll never tire of it! So much happening for you Kai, I'm so excited for you! You are trending quite a bit on Twitter especially after EXO clinching the K-Wave Special award based solely on fan votes. I've never voted so hard in my life along with all the rest of the fandom. We fought so hard and won with over 9.4 million votes! Not sure if any EXO members will attend to receive the award - Maybe hopefully Kai will be attending with Sehun & DO, Xiumin to accept at the award . I hope so...I think its on the 23rd of January but they haven't confirmed the time. And with this corona stuff, who knows. EXO has been on hiatus for 3 yrs (not complete group) and they recorded DFTF with 6 members without any promotion. So for them to win this solely by fan votes will mean alot to Kai and his EXO hyungs. Congratulations to all of us! In the meantime we keep going with Peaches and Mmmh and all other Kai tracks ❤️❤️❤️🐻🐻🐻. I cannot wait to see what comes next...

    • @음경 I'll take that with a grain of salt LOL! True I didn't have a life for a few weeks but you know what ...it was worth it.Thanks for the insight tho...Peace ✌

    • omg, I cant believe you have a life. Oh wait I mean no life

    • No emoji

  • The song is so sensual yet sounds so innocent at the same time. Jongin doesn't disappoint.

    • @rainbow rising star He said at the very moment we drink up eachother- I CANT KEEP DEFINING HIM

    • @rainbow rising star even without knowing Korean u can sort of tell cause of the English lyrics and hand gestures

    • When you doesn't know Korean and just hear this song it will be like it's innocent but then😀

    • Jong-in never disappoints!!!!

    • Damn that's exactly I gonna say

  • Sou completamente apaixonada nesse MV. Kai é simplesmente perfeito, lindo, Bela voz, maravilhoso bailarino, a coisa mais linda que Deus fez 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💐💐💐💐💐💐💐❤️❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Agradeço a legenda em espanhol 🌼🌼🌼🌼😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Can people leave more comments instead of complaining about other people Everyone supports kai in a different way. Don't discourage those people including me As we know kai worked so hard for this masterpiece it needs to be rewarded and support more . Peaches MV is an amazing ,whenever I watch this masterpiece I am always comforted I'm so thankful and happy that I always want to leave a comment on here even if it's just a number. NMW people say, I will to do it my way bc I love this MV so much

  • Kai is the best

  • Quiero que tengas presente kimjongin que siempre serás mi único bias. Ese hombre talentoso con un corazón grande lleno de amor para repartir a otras personas; menos a mi porque estoy tan lejos de ti, pero no importa siempre te amare y seguiré apoyándote mientras tu quieras compartir tu vida de artista. Para tu vida personal quiero que seas muy feliz con la persona que tu elijas algún dia para compartir, si tu eres feliz, mi corazón de fan también lo será. te quiero mucho.

    • Para mi también. ..mi único bias!

  • Not a fan of Kai or Exo, I barely even know anything about them, but I saw a youtuber reacting to it and got curious by merely the thumbnail of the video and I decided to listen to it. And I have to say that I really like this song. It has this relaxing, soft and kinda ethereal vibe that I particularly love (and also Kai voice is really beautifu), so yes, in conclusion I added another song to my playlist.

    • Thank you so much

    • I recommend you to listen to the whole album.

    • Glad to know

    • @Kyungsoo Sings loving this comment Classy

    • Thankyou so much you are so sweet. Please do tune into Kai's future solo albums too you won't be disappointed

  • Ver a jongin en el estudio de grabación lo es todo. Nunca tendré suficiente de la voz única y color miel de kai. Su voz hace que mejore mi existencia, la quiero escuchar cada segundo de mi vida. Esos álbumes repiten y repiten.

  • Your existence makes me a better person. I love you so much. Happy 36M ^.^ KAITING!!


  • De eso se trata de estar al lado de una persona que te haga ver cosas que tú no ves. Que te enseñe a mirar con otros ojos la vida. Dónde tú alma sonría, ahí estar el lugar adecuado. Tu hombre talentoso con un corazón grande te admiro. I love You Chile.

  • This song is as sweet and soft as a peaches

  • El primer mini-album de KAI ha superado 130 millones de reproducciones en Spotify! Felicitaciones!

  • People never want to be part of the process, only the result. This is why the process is the moment where you discover who is worth it, to be with you in the result.

  • Deserves more and more don't give up until 100M

  • Este es de los MV que no te conformas con oir la musica, tienes que sentarte a mirarlo para sentirte satisfecho. Y no son las "peaches" es KAI!!!!!!


  • He is very busy in the 2021. He has shared a lot about his moods, feelings and difficulties and he will feel more motivated when performing live in front of his fans. Give him more energy. He worked so hard. Kai you did so well, don't worry too much and don't work too hard. Take a lot of time to rest. We love you and always support you

  • Yo voy de MV Peaches, MMh, fancam KAI, su canal propio de ID-tv, programas y sus álbumes maravillosos y únicos llenos de arte una y otra vez en reproducción, todo el contenido que existe de kai es felicidad y buenas vibras para mi, llenándome de positividad para seguir haciendo mis obligaciones con alegría.:)

  • Such a gorgeous MV. Everything on point. Brilliant concept. The costumes, the choreography, the camera angles, the sets, the editing, the dancers and of course Kai's dancing is always *chef's kiss*. Such a feast!

  • My baby multitalento, solo deseo que estés bien de salud y aliviando tus molestias y dolores, comiendo cosas deliciosas y recordando que muchos te aman. pero yo estoy primera en esa lista :). Amándote y apoyándote por siempre. Desde Chile te amooooo


    • ……..

    • @krysha | stream peaches and dftf what's wrong using emojis people dont even have the freedom to do what they want even in youtube comments what a joke

    • Kai: pretty girl you like peaches Me: *questions life existence* haha hehe he.... I doubt that

    • Please visit peaches again

    • @Robin Skull your music deserves to be shitted on by every living being on earth lmao stfu

  • Sigamos reproduciendo, y no nos olvidemos suscribir a su canal, donde siempre se esfuerza por darnos contenidos.

  • Kai is already soft like peaches, but when you watch him in New World, you like him 10x more.

  • His soft voice is just sooo special and magical

  • 피치스 노래에 중독된 느낌. 카이 춤선도 넘 이뻐고 섹시 그 자체. 😍😍

  • I swear this man Kai never miss

  • Una de las mejores cosas que te puede pasar es encontrar a alguien que te haga bien, que te ayude con tu estabilidad emocional, tener una conexión especial, quererle de manera natural, aunque haya distancia , lo sientes cerca, que no te den ganas de rendirte porque sabes que lo vale y quieres seguir a su lado porque siempre esa persona con sus palabras y reflexiones sabias hará tu mundo mejor.. Jongin para ti por siempre a tu lado..

  • Ayer nos dimos cuenta que si el fandom se une y se pone las pilas y deje de ser LAZY en todo lo que tiene que ver con EXO todo seria diferente en apoyo para el grupo completo y el apoyo a cada solista en graficos, ventas y votaciones.

  • I just watched the replay of his Countdown live again...it made me tear up a bit because he said that he really understands how we feel from all the comments and letters he gets. He said that he knows exactly what we are trying to say in our short messages and how we choose our words. And that is why he works so hard to bring his content and new songs to us. He is the best when it comes to his fans... Just one more reason to love and appreciate this man and support him the best each of us can!

    • As a fan, I feel so loved...

  • KAI never disappoint us by his music , he is definitely a multitalented idol not an exo-l but i'm definitely a fan of jogin

  • Once again, Kai proved that he's not just a main dancer, his vocals is aesthetically comforting. It's just dreamy.

  • Kai, puedes hacer cualquier tipo de música, lo has comprobado.

  • Kai esa voz tuya te envuelve, te transporta y te hace querer "peaches"

  • Fact: Kai hasn't won any show awards for this amazing content because people won't vote for it. He worked hard, so buy the album and support him in all other ways. I love this song. I love it

  • это так красиво((((((((

  • He is the best kpop soloist everr. His dance, his voice, his vocal, his expression everything is on point!

    • @Amee Kim Agree!

    • Someone is praising Kai under a Kai video and I see no need for others to leave unnecessary comments, like why would you mention other artist here? Can't anyone share an opinion without y'all giving your 2 cents?

    • True!

    • @1718Dance تمین و ک.ی.ر خر

    • That's true

  • This MV is the best mood booster

  • Guys don't slow down peaches KAI worked so hard for Album Peaches and this is an amazing MV . Let's work together for reach 37M as soon as we can, kaiting always!!!!

  • I don’t know why Mmhhh & Peaches isn’t as popular as LALISA & Money. His singing & dancing is AMAZING!!

  • Beautiful song, gorgeous visual, excellent dancing Kai is the perfection

  • his voice is sweet and beautiful

  • can't live without listening to this song every day

  • Mi corazón te pertenece, siempre a tu lado apoyándote. si vas al ejercito , estaré esperando tu regreso. Deseo mucha felicidad y salud para ti.

  • sin ti no podría explicar este sentimiento. Los espacios vacíos que estaban en mi cabeza ahora se llenan de ti..

  • me encanta la canción, la coreografía, las tonalidades del mv, el concepto, la voz de kai, el tenue ritmo de la canción, todo es tan lindo ^^

  • he is the perfect kind of artist that should be thriving all around the world. after all his music does not sound like the typical kpop sound. put him on an international/worldwide stage now!

    • I've been saying this since his first album


    • It's because it's pure R&B. :)

    • Yep yep

    • this deserves to be top comment

  • I won't stop watching this masterpiece until 100M

  • Escuchar esta canción es como entrar en un sueño ...... su voz es tan relajante y hermosa .En resumen Godkai .

  • Listening to his voice and Peaches has become part of my daily life and I don't mind it hahaha. LYSM Kai 🍑s

  • i feel sorry to those who doesn't know this beautiful song

  • First time hearing KAI and I think I've lost my mind. \m/

    • @Viole Viole ……

    • Listen to Come In and Nothing on Me so you can join me at the mental hospital

    • @Duke Sound /Music …..

    • @Viole Viole ……

    • Listen to mmmahh its more bop than this

  • Kai's voice is sooo soothing and charming it sends me to another world full of comfort ❤️ this is called real talent

  • Kai makes my morning time happy with his songs. Great start to my day.

  • I will always support you Kai

  • The song is like the perfect mix between sexy and cute, with kai's voice is so satisfying and relaxing to listen

  • MV nya Estetik banget kayak orangnya *Love tiga rebu

  • We need all Kai fans, we need you Indian, Turkish, USA, Latinoamerican, all that lovely fans that made Mmmh so great debut!!

  • kai is definitely planning a summer comeback since he said he wants his kokobop body back ohhhh

  • Starting my day off with this MV is always the best move.

  • "There are few K-pop stars who loved by designers around the world as much as KAI.” AMPLE OF Congratulations Kai so proud and beyond of you that Kai has become the emperor of Fashion Industry who conquer the Global Fashion Industry and you Kai you Slay man

  • I don’t listen to Kpop anymore but I couldn’t resist listening to Kai’s new song-glad I decided to. This song slaps ❤️

    • @LUNANOVA Because That freeze the views as spam

    • @Elaheh why?

    • i actually a kpoper who just mainly listen to exo and their members' songs,, cuz exo is just *different*

    • Don't use emoji

    • Don't use emoji please

  • Menciones en los últimos días de los miembros de EXO No 1 #KAI 1.5 millones

  • If you haven't read the latest Esquire interview, I encourage you to go read the article. As mentioned in earlier posts here you will find some amazing insight into Kai. He is very reflective on his career and the past 10 years since his debut. His Peaches album... He is more than just a pretty face as they say...it does sweetly talk about what he considers happiness and his relationship with his fans. It was confirmation that we are fans of a great idol. Let's keep supporting him and watching all available Kai content !!! ILYSM 🍑s

    • I love his interview... his answers are so deep, so honest, so mature...

  • KAI es el único solista coreano en la Lista de los 25 músicos con más estilo de Rolling Stone!

  • Kai's honey voice is so soothing. It just makes you smile effortlessly

  • i'm craving peaches all of the sudden... 😏🍑

  • If the days do not unite us, the memories bring us together, and if the heart does not see you, the eye will not forget you....

  • So slaw but If we do our best shot, we'll have no regrets ,kaiting always !!!! All for our kai ♡

  • Amazing colors!!

  • sempre estarei aqui por você, kai.

  • Kai is on another level, a true artist on every point, from the song, the voice, the dance. this comeback will be amazing. Jongin you deserve all the love.

    • His voice, I'm just love with voice

    • True

    • @star 7 Algldh …

    • Lets support Peaches, lest show our love for Kai


  • Cảnh đẹp, không khí tươi vui rộn ràng, âm nhạc sôi động, tôi cũng như đang ở đó hát và nhảy múa cùng. Một MV đẹp và hoàn hảo

  • In awe with Kai's answers in his esquire interview... his mind is so deep. He as a beautiful face, body, voice, movement, brain and heart...

  • Akhirnya setelah sibuk seharian bisa dengerin peaches. Comforting ang healing song for me.

  • Pretty girl you're like peaches...... Way to 40M fighting!!!!

  • Morning!! this song is getting better and better

  • Lifestyle Asia nombró a KAI como el mayor influencer de moda del K-POP del 2021...

    • Kai is the true legend in everywhere

  • I truly connect with this man’s solo music on a spiritual level and i can’t wait to hear more of his masterpieces. Jongin sweetie, you’re doing so amazing and will patiently, excitedly wait for your next comeback whilst streaming and listening to Peaches. Love you bub ♥️

  • Kai's voice is so comforting...

  • He is the most talented, beautiful and precious man. He deserves to be loved of the whole world

  • Kai is not just an artist, himself is an art. His voice,dancing,visulas all are amazing

  • Kai is the cutest thing on earth 🤍☁️ and he's just crazy talented!

  • I don't know why but everytime I listen to this song my heart starts to beat so fast... I'm in love with this song..💖💝

  • Waking up to Kai and Peaches gives me energy to face the day.

  • Kai is an iconic in every way

  • He knows exactly what he’s doing with those lyrics.

  • Love Kai!

  • Peaches, best mv of 2021, still rocks in 2022!!

  • nossa que lindo, não consigo sair desse mv slk

  • the outfits in this mv are actually legendary

  • KAI udah improve a lot banget... dulu dia ga pernah pede buat nyanyi, tp liat sekarang solo solo dia sukses, suaranya pun gak nunjukin kalo dia adalah seorang MAIN DANCER tp udah kek VOCAL LINE. Suara per member exo emang gabisa dianggap remeh apalagi dibilang flop. Niniiii aku bangga padamuuuuuu

    • Benerr, suaranya lembut banget huhu T-T

    • @Nadia Pertiwi wkwkwkw iyaa jarang bgt sumpah nemu komen indo :(

    • My first day out da feds 🔓🥶 id-tv.org/tv/video-Ol5_DR9kxEQ.html

    • Akhirnya nemu komen indo:*)

  • Kim Kai the art

  • Can't stop loving this masterpiece

  • i love this song so much

  • Amazing vocals, choreography, visuals, backup dancers... literally perfect