Kate's Outfit For Philip's Funeral Means More Than You Think

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Kate Middleton is one of 30 guests in attendance at Prince Philip's funeral, and appropriately, she donned an all-black outfit, designed by Roland Mouret, to mourn the royal family patriarch. Upon leaving for St. George's Chapel in Windsor, the Duchess of Cambridge was photographed wearing a black hat - complete with black netting - and face mask as well. Meanwhile, eagle-eyed royal watchers may have noticed Kate is also adorned in some familiar jewelry, which has a deep meaning for the family.
Indeed, Prince William's wife was seen wearing the Queen's pearl necklace - which is said to be from her personal collection. This is not the first time Kate has worn the elegant piece, having also accessorized with the choker in 2017 at a birthday celebration for Margaret Thatcher, according to the Daily Mail.
Meanwhile, someone else very special to both Kate and the royal family has also worn the pearl necklace in the past. But just who it is may surprise those who have followed the drama that has plagued the British royals for several decades.
Princess Diana, who was greatly at odds with the royal family almost from the start by all accounts, also wore Queen Elizabeth's Japanese pearl choker for a banquet in 1982, shortly after she married Prince Charles according to the Daily Mail. Of course, her mother-in-law at the time lent it to her for the occasion.
Now, Kate wearing the storied pearls is a show of solidarity with Queen Elizabeth, according to Express. The Duchess of Cambridge put her own spin on the look, pairing the meaningful piece with diamond and pearl drop earrings, which according to Hello! are also from the monarch's personal collection.
Kate's outfit for the funeral ties her to Diana, and to the sovereign, on a solemn day commemorating the life of the longest serving consort in British history, Prince Philip, but it also makes a statement about health and family.
Watch this video for how Kate's outfit for Philips funeral means more than you think!
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    • There was no need for her jewellary. , plain earrings would have been fine.

  • I wish people really address her appropriately according to what she is. She is not "William's wife", or "Kate"; she is Princess Catherine. Typical American ignorance who chooses to make a video without even bothering to do proper research.

  • William & Harry both have exceptional taste in women.🤩

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  • Those don't look like the same necklaces at all. Diana's was three strand, Kate's was four. And the center clasps aren't the same either. But otherwise, yeah. I'm not at all anti-royals. Just anti total non stories.

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  • Jewelry was totally inappropriate for a funeral.

    • Says who? The Queen wore a pearl necklace and earrings too, so why was it inappropriate for Kate to do likewise? Her necklace and earrings are from the Queen's personal collection and I'm sure HM was pleased to have Kate wear them. Colourless jewellery - pearls and diamonds - are appropriate for funerals and royals often wear both.

  • She is so beautiful, elegant and poised! She truly belongs in the Royal family! So glad that William made a choice of someone who had the respect and demeanor to be a Royal. Unfortunately, Harry didn't.

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  • There was no need for her jewellary. , plain earrings would have been fine.

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    • @DrusillaC Such rabid devotion to a woman you know absolutely nothing about...save what you read in the papers. It seems to me a truly confident gentlewoman or gentleman who truly possesses elegance and grace would seek to avoid personal attention at the funeral of anyone much less Prince Philip. Certainly she is physically attractive, perhaps a bit too thin for a proper role model, as are we all in one way or another. It seems so many, Catherine included, have lost sight of what grace and elegance is and have mistaken it for something as meaningless as attention seeking dressing.

    • How can you write such rubbish? Kate is dressed in black and wearing a hat like all the other ladies, she's wearing a necklace from the Queen's own personal collection which means the Queen was happy for her to wear it. She did nothing to upstage the Queen or anyone else, no one ever upstages the Queen and none of her family would ever attempt to do so. It seems to bother you that people admire Kate for her beauty and elegance, for knowing how to dress for the occasion. Of course the photographers always want to photograph her, she's young and beautiful and will someday be queen consort, she doesn't need to do anything to attract attention and never will.

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  • Good grief enough of the “acknowledgment to Diana”. The Queens jewelry is offered to all the women to wear on important occasions. Even Camilla wears the same jewelry. Stop the comparisons of Catherine to Diana. They are two different women with different styles.

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    • @DrusillaC thanks for sharing. I didn't know that.

    • She's a duchess but also a princess. If William hadn't been made a duke she'd be known as Princess William, just as Prince Michael's wife is known as Princess Michael. In later years when Charles is king William will most likely be made Prince of Wales and Kate will then become HRH Catherine, Princess of Wales.

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  • It is why Meghan was so upset, she didn't understand why Kate has more rights, the tiara she wanted in her wedding, was a tiara only princess of Wales, or queens can wear. She wanted the tiara princess Diana wore sometimes. Prince Harry tried to intervene, he called the Queen asking her to allow his future wife to wear. The Queen put her foot down, because it was a matter of status quo, It was when Meghan was told one day she would have to bow for Kate, Princess Charlotte, because they are the real royal family. Her background had anything to do is how the aristocratic works. It didn't matter if prince harry and her were the most loved couple in the world. Kate is a future Queen and the mother of the future royals.

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  • so what could she read to make her smile ... She is an amazing wonderful and hands on Mother!!!! she exudes love for her family keep it up Kate, we are all for that family, You have it all. and Will is the fortunate one . so I hope he knows this and is able to keep ..... a amazing . life going on. in other words a family man . and chooses to cherish this.

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