Khabib Nurmagomedov - Journey to UFC Champion

Dipublikasikan tanggal 5 Sep 2019
Khabib Nurmagomedov became the first UFC champion from Russia with his victory over Al Iaquinta at UFC 223 in 2018. Take a look back through Nurmagomedov's journey to UFC gold.
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  • Dang I shed a tear. This man is a beast.

  • Imagine conor had won the fight

  • alhamdulilan

  • Everyone complains about how he wrestles all the time and doesn’t fight with a stance. Well real fighting is all about making the game go your way, if you can make your opponent go the way you want them to go, then you've already won.

  • He once said " My background is like smash opponents"

  • Conner wants no more of that.

  • 1:46 and his dream came true!!!

  • It's pronounced :"NurMuhammadov"

  • 🐐

  • Absolute legend

  • If someone wants inspiration get it from Khabib. HE IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME 👏👏👏👏

  • The way he doesn't give up is the thing that makes him strong!💪

  • Blachowicz vs Khabib ???? WHEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no one wants to fight him because. he 's boring ....boring

  • 8:28 That's what real friends look like.

  • Khabib true Dagestani gangster 😤

  • I give you slap. This one for you, this one for Connor😂😂😭😭😭

  • Wooow!. Such a legend!.

  • Humble to earth. God bless!!!

  • I want to make him humble 😂😂😂

  • Khabib❤️❤️

  • جماعة والله اقول الحقيقة 74kiloميزان تشوفوني تحسب فيلم تاع ufc اقول الحقيقة ومن يريد اللعب عندكم هاتفي

  • I belive that there is always someone who can beat kabib but why the fuck did he retired I wanted this man to get beat the shit out of him but he retired like a pussy

    • Bring that guy into the dagestan

  • During the Connor Mcgregor vs Khabib fight my cousin was voting on Connor to win and the look on his face when Connor lost 😂😂😂

  • Nobody: Khabib: bratha send location I smesh u

  • Thank you for pronouncing his name right. Nur-muhammad-ov people. Not Nor-magoumid-auv.

  • The only person Khabib couldn't take down was his dad

  • 8:28 lol look at DC and Usman.

  • 1:44 ..... that son of a bitch did it !

  • Like Paul walker said....he earned both money and respect

  • There can be only one king of the jungle 🦁

  • Ser he ye.

  • khabib vs karlos vemola

  • I love you khabib❤❤

  • interviewer: so khabib how are you feeling? khabib: *i come here for smesh peepel*

  • 11 million views..Wow!!

  • Why did it take so long to give Khabib a title shot

  • ماهيش ساهلة باشتلعب في هذا الميزان التدريبات القاسية الاكل المتوازن التركيز في المبارات الدقة في تصويب الهدف السرعة تقسيم الوقت على الجولات الكارديوا

  • Khabib seems to be a very honest, humble, champion person. He is like the Tim Tebow of Dagestan. I honor and resect him.

  • Khabib seems to be a very honest, humble, champion person. He is like the Tim Tebow of Dagestan. I honor and resect him.

  • Khabib 29.0 ♥️ u bro

  • “You have to give up, you know i want this”

  • 7:24 8:17 8:28

  • I started loving ufc because of him after he beat mc gregors ass

  • I love how he completely skipped over the part where he jumps out of the octagon and started fighting people

  • Short: bear vs dog

  • Khabib: I want to make him humble...🔥❤️

  • Habib number 1 inshallah

  • Muslim never quit fact


  • He surely THE ONE AND ONLY KIND of the JUNGLE..🔥🔥 Alhamdulillah❕

  • Most humble person ;)


  • khabib is already one of the greatest legends i have ever seen. i need to see him back in the ring

  • Khabib the Eagle

  • Until now, when Mcgregor heard someone say "Lets talk!", he always cover his face automaticly...

  • GOAT!


  • Khabib is a humble beast.... Mongol genes developed in the Russian steppes...

  • One of the greatest and numerous athlete seen in UFC. He's 'UNDEFEATED'.

  • it's interesting how every fighter gets beat up by someone one or the other way in promotional videos.......but it's crazy there isn't a single one of khabib

  • It was interesting to see Connor less relaxed when he entered the fight compared to his usual smiling. He was clearly trying to play it off, and even if he wasn’t cocky I don’t think he’d stand a damned chance against Khabib

  • When khabib was fighting bear,connor was sleeping with teddy bear

  • Real Sultan

  • So fking boring

  • Incredible man

  • Please don't fight a man who just played with a 🐻 bear when he was in his prime🙏

  • He’s an amazing fighter he probably retired knowing he’s getting old and that someone will come along that will make it 29-1 so he did the smart thing to retire

  • Khabib 💪💪💪💪

  • Loved 🥰 Kamaru Usman’s and DC’s reaction

  • Number one in the world the man with all due respect to him a strong brave man and the hero of the world I love Khabib successfully always

  • he made him humble tho

  • If you can't out wrestle Khabib, you are a bush league loser wrestler. This guy is fake as shit

  • UFC fighters are amateurs. It's embarrassing and silly to watch them fight. They always lose to boxers. It's a joke sport.

  • *“Non-Muslims don’t read the Quran, they don’t read the Hadith, they read you, so be a good ambassador of Islam.”* “They have no idea how strong my faith for Allah is. They win the belts. I win the hearts.” _Khabib Nurmagomedov

  • *“Allah gives me everything, without Allah, we cannot do anything.”* _ Khabib Nurmagomedov

  • He can’t fight standing tho he always has to go to the ground

  • They both have pressure

  • the only way for Dana to bring Khabib back from retirement is make double fight for him in the same night...that what Khabib always wanted... 1st Khabib vs Olievera/Chandler 2nd Khabib vs Tony

  • first time i see his fights masha'Allah best moment when he says you give up?

  • I literally cried....I love you brother I love you..

  • Khabib may bro

  • Khabib N1

  • My man Khabib nurmagomedov 💓

  • How,,, how,,, can stop this guy...!!???

  • “My dream is to smash him, make him humble” well his dream came true. Wow.

  • Вышка💪

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  • Khabib corner advices "takedown"

  • Now khabib champions & he had changes connor face

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  • a lot of damage

  • I hope this is universal language that Connor fans must understand 8:36

  • i hate you conor you lost khabib against 😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  • The best fighterr

  • "my dream make him humble" what a best words

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