Knock down the Cup Challenge! 😜

Dipublikasikan tanggal 30 Mei 2023
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  • mikka bounced the ball on every table

    • But they're trying to knock the red cup down

    • I was sitting like that 😯

    • Do you guys know the meme where a guy is skipping Stones but it doesnt skip and then a second guy comes an gets s larger Stone and also "skips" The Stone and thay just get bigger and bigger rocka

    • @Hortster if i didn't read this comment i wouldn't have noticed the red cup

    • It's miikka

  • it's when Mika scored 3-0-0 That I realized I had looped the video twice

  • super super dhamaka

  • Fatman always wins

  • Bravo a Holger rune 😂

  • Nice graphics 😅& gd editing 😅😅

  • 친구들끼리 즐기는 모습이 보기좋네👍👍👍👍👍

  • First time i saw Mikka Winning Instead Of Otto 😂

  • That was satisfying asf

  • Mikka got the aim from doing the world's best serve

  • I was almost 100% sure Otto was going to get it first try😂😂

  • nice

  • 這就是我想看的結局😂😂😂

  • Nice❤❤❤❤

  • Can we get the info of the setup of your bats? 😂

  • 部活で1っ回は流行る遊び

  • Had me thinking he was gonna get it with that camera angle change. 😅

  • The guy with blue shirt is the Erling haaland of ping pong 🏓😂😂

  • roses are red violets are blue, I love pongfinity and so do you bruh

  • Last one always wins ...

  • Keren🎉😊

  • The first one would have been a hit too!

  • Should have called Forrest Gump

  • This is lit

  • Practice more 🥱

  • Her:He's probably out cheating. Him:

  • 🎉

  • My toxic trait is that I think ill do this with ease

  • Incredible!

  • You guys found the algorithm sweet spot

  • Nice

  • Talk about having way too much time on your hands but honestly I love these guys and the tricks that they come up with.

  • Every ID-tvr win last ball, Oscar winner 😂😂

  • 😎👍🏻🤘🏻

  • Can we play? No, we need all the tables!

  • Humans : we built an amazing tech like ID-tv TT : for what 💀

  • Великолепно. Теперь переверните стаканчик и киньте шарик в стаканчик. И тогда будет счастье.

  • 日本の卓球部と大違いやな

  • Just getting the ball to bounce on every table looks hard enough lol

  • If only they use their time for a PhD

  • That's how unemployment looks like. . . . . Just for fun! Don't take it seriously.

  • Haaland largou a carreira no futebol para seguir sua jornada no tênis de mesa. 😳

  • 右赤センスある

  • Wow

  • Неделю ждали этой подачи, если не месяц...

  • So what's stopping me from smacking the ball so hard it's practically a Lazer?

  • Should've turned the cup the other way around and tried to get the ball inside

  • 😂😂😂

  • Get Forest Gump, bet he can do it😊

  • ping pong bowling sounds like a legitimately worthwhile sport

  • That 2nd one was sad, it went directly over

  • After 1000 trys and the whole day.... gz

  • bro hit a knuckle with a ping pong ball

  • They keep putting a curve to it lol

  • And six months later....and 10,000 takes I'd bet

  • Everybody tryna bounce on every table.....then we got emil who just gave up😂

    • Ккккккщ4р

    • Fax 😅

    • They trier to touch the 🥤

    • @Car Djothey had to bounce off of every table or knocking the cup over didn’t count

  • Ppl who thought that the ball was supposed to in. I I V

  • My toxic trait is thinkin I could do this easily

  • Is it just me or Emil gets close a lot

  • who all wanted otto (the guy in the red hoddie) to hit the shot

  • King🙊🙉

  • Why is everyone calling this a waste of time? At least they’re doing what they love, and they’re super successful. Imagine getting to do stuff like this everyday and be living the life.

  • Anybody who thought they will land the ball on the cup. 👇

  • it's supposed to land ON the cup;

  • Took them 500 tries.

  • This is literally bowling

  • That’s called bowling

  • 總有一天等到你呀 一般人也沒問題

  • Bóng bàn môn thể thao đỉnh cao

  • Put a net to each table and then spin it

  • What if you put all the tables together and make a makeshift bowling lane with a bunch of solo cups up and play ping pong bowling, ofc you’d have to hit the ball towards them.

  • Her zaman ilk başlayan kazanır

  • skipping pongs💀💀☝️🤓

  • nice hit virgin

  • This is like ping-pong bowling

  • Girl: I bet he's out with some girl Guy: 20th try

  • Ooo may gat bro😊😮🎉

  • Asian boy would of knocked it down on the first try

  • カーブすっげぇ

  • and eternal life when He comes again..and remember to keep His sabbath day Holy which is Saturday

  • The last clip for success.. Usually edit.

  • My money was on Otto

  • I like Jesper’s brother

  • Y’all should play a game of jungle pong

  • Try this with matches

  • When you take so many tries it ends up being about luck and not skill

  • The pongfinity dorks

  • I thought the goal was to land the ball on the cup i didn't realize they were trying to knock it off lol

  • Бекорчилар

  • I like is😍

  • Safe messssiiiiiiii süüüü😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • Last good job

  • I wonder if ryoma echizen or the others could do it in a few seconds🤔🤔🤔

  • Os caras já zeraram o game e agora estão fazendo os puzzles

  • any chinese human does that first try with their eyes closed

  • I thought the ball has to land ON the cup lol 😂

  • 有中学生的水平了

  • I tried a roller😂😂😂