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Kodak Black - ZEZE (feat. Travis Scott & Offset) [Official Audio]

Dipublikasikan tanggal 12 Okt 2018
Kodak Black - ZEZE (feat. Travis Scott & Offset)
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Dying To Live Out Now!
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  • Gracias PedritoVM 😍❤

  • d.a got that dope

  • I've watched this video a few times and I still don't know what that Z shit is

  • Showed this to my to a palm tree Now it’s the season 8 umbrella


  • you can tell when Offset is bouta sing as all you will hear is "OfFsEt"

  • Listen to this while drunk

  • Ouais c'est J-J ouais c'est J-J

  • Showed this to all you viewers looking at this comment that I made 👌

  • 1:30 sounds like he is choking

  • Ati copiat pe fineas si farb melodja pe plajA muie

  • Pretty fire.

  • 2:47 - 3:08 favorite part of the song for me!

  • Only like the chorus

  • do speed 1.25 it’s 🔥

  • Best song

  • I agree

  • I showed this to my terminally ill cousin He died

  • Showed this to Cardi B Now she's Cardi Ze

  • Showed this to kodak black Now he's Bodak Yellow

  • This song makes me wanna skip school on a sunday

  • Fefe Hehe Kiki Zeze peewee Wee wee What’s next?

  • I showed this to my old car and it turned to a Lamborghini???

  • If u read this your a good person 💜💜💙💙

  • GO CRAZY🔥🔥

  • Does the like tropical sounds sound like that fortnite glider?

  • Like so James Charles doesn’t touch u

  • It’s sad when the rappers you feature do better in your song

  • Song makes me wanna go to florida

  • I showed this to my cat Now it's a dog

  • far cry 3 lookin ass on that island

  • Dad:Turn this off Me:Why Dad:We have bigger speakers downstairs

  • The song Reminds me of my 17 year old sister wTf?

  • I showed this to my grandma

  • im fat

  • 0:15 who is saying “Big woah!”?

  • I dripping to death I might need a casket

  • Why this song make me wanna feed some monkeys bananas? 🤔

  • Where the bronclear at

  • Who in 2019???

  • I showed this to my lettuce Now it’s weed

  • Thebehz gelenler +1

  • I wish I was u kodak black

  • So fi

  • i showed this to a pinny now its a 100 thousand bill

  • I thought I was going to hell, then I thought to myself there are 200M views on this so im safeeeeeeee as fuck

  • Ummmm what the fucking fuckkkk

  • Turn this to Blue, If you're not Gay ↓

    • OfficialSandriiLera At least the other one is blue so idk🤷‍♂️

  • When the featuring person is better than the one whose song it is

  • this voice like a fucking gnome

  • The beat tho

  • Kodak makes bluface seem on beat

  • (Official Music Lyrics) 🔥🔴 🔴

  • I sHoWeDd thIS tO mY fAt MoMmA next time dont waste your time on these shitty comments

  • Why does Kodak Black sound like he just woke up and speaks like an alien

  • It be better if Tyga was singing instead of kodack black

  • Spizdil bit!

  • What is a ZeZe? Help me y'all.

  • Watch my videos and subscribe to my channel all fire 🔥 I wouldn’t waste yo time

  • Showed this to a kid. He shot up my school.

  • What is the name of the drum??

  • What it is up with these song name but the song still LIT

  • I likes this better when Tory lanes and Joyner lucas freestyle over the track

  • Go Follow my instagram @clutcheeem100 please and thank you

  • Blow the brains out the coop

  • I just took a 💩💩💩💩💩 to this 😂😂😂😂

  • Fraud is bad like her.


  • I showed this to my mom.... Now she is at church praying for me

  • Why does the beat make me want to blast it at Walmart and dance?

  • This beat tho y'all know y'all here it

  • Yes she was a baby 🍼 is my day to

  • Very Good Music

  • ze $hit

  • Worse when you listen over and over again

  • This is What happens in the island from spongebob when they go sicko mode.

  • I showed this at my mouth Gskdbdkd

  • lookin like i still do froyd.... XD xd XD

  • i should this to my hawaiin mates

  • 0:49 Offset

  • Fortnite S8 Umbrella. Who got that?

  • Poo lob ender deemint on god...

  • Türkler 🇹🇷

  • I showed this to my dad Now he's my son

  • gas

  • Mukha ka daw unggoy! 😂 oo ooh yeah yeah

  • Hello my Children

  • Nice

  • I showed this to Spongebob Now he can't stop blasting this in Octo's house

  • at least part

  • I

  • lyrics to this song Ice water, turned Atlantic (Freeze) Nightcrawlin' in a Phantom (Skrrt, skrrt) Told them, "hold it, don't you panic" Took an island, (Yeah) flood the mansion (Big water) Dropped the roof, more expansion Drive a coupe you can stand in (It's lit) She loves bitches undercover (In the sheets) I'm an ass and titties lover (Big ass) Guess we all made for each other Now that all the dawgs free (Yeah, yeah) And we out in these streets (Alright) Can you do it, can you pop it for me? Pull up in a Demon, on God (On God) Lookin' like I still do fraud (Fraud) Flyin' private jet with the rod (Rod) This that Z shit, this that Z shit (This that Z shit) Pull up in a Demon, on God (On God) Lookin' like I still do fraud (Fraud) Flyin' private jet with the rod (Rod) This that Z shit, this that Z shit (This that Z shit)

  • definitely my jam of 2k18 ;)

  • like mij als je nederlands bent

  • Best music

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎


  • I looovvveee this music

  • Клёвая песня

  • Шикарная песня