Korea's best handmade knife master. Knife making process

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Korea's best handmade knife master. Knife making process

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  • 영상속 칼 구매방법 링크 :

  • Extraordinary talent, extraordinary knives. Craftsmanship like very few others. My congratulations, sir.

  • Такие ножи для кухни-это слишком шикарно.

  • Thank you for including the flux application. I've never been entirely clear on that part.

  • Aí sim, vale muito a pena ter algumas dessas.

  • Спасибо автору ролика! Это очень красиво! Мечта хоть подержать в руках произведение Мастера.Еще раз спасибо!

  • Top as facas parabéns 👏 pelo trabalho adoraria te uma pra guarda de lembrança

  • I’ve been making knives for 16 years and I don’t have words for this man’s art.

  • Incredible work!! I'd be freaking out while heat treating a blade with those many layers and twists and turns and different steels welded together, but he seemed confident! True master of his craft.

  • Beautiful work from the master and great job capturing the process on video. Good luck to his apprentice because there is a lot to learn!

  • Magnifique ! Un travail titanesque ! Les couteaux sont d'une finesse, d'une élégance, d'une solidité à toutes épreuves et d'une telle beauté ! Merci au grand Maître d'avoir partagé son savoir-faire. From France

  • the hardness test at last few seconds blew my mind. amazing work. Respect

  • Man this was like an epic saga. I'm over here yelling like holy shit another fold and then another twist?!?! Holy fuck this was amazing. The precision was a sight to behold

  • 모루 위에서 망치 부딪히는 소리가 너무나 청아하게 들려서 좋았습니다. 우리나라 각분야에서 본연의 일을 묵묵하게 이뤄나가시는 모든 장인분들을 응원합니다!!

  • It was this type of craftsmanship and ingenuity that propelled civilization into the next age! Such an epic moment to witness!

  • Unbelievable the skill involved. Time, patience, craftsmanship. Just amazing.

  • Приятно смотреть на мастера своего дела.

  • Those people are true heroes for me. They are literally adding value and soul to their products. <3

  • Склоняю голову перед мастером, он действительно хорош👏

  • Food prepared with these knives no doubt tastes better! Absolutely amazing process in their manufacture. Bravo!