Krampus (2015) KILL COUNT [Capture Count]

Dipublikasikan tanggal 23 Des 2017
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  • 7:06 bites gingerbread man The gingerbread man:oi flip u too buddy *captures him* Me:god d***** u had one job kid


  • ok so im still confused in the movie... are they all dead after they were captured... or no.....???

  • This was a great book... I hope someone makes something close to it

  • I like the part where the doggo eats the gingerbread

  • I just notice that one of the guys in there ( Howard) is from the office

  • I Love These Vids

  • Also doggur who be verry good

  • Did you go to the university of Michigan

  • after seeing Krampus I always thought the Aunt character was a reference or at least based off of Barbara from Black Christmas.

  • What is a chaptchure count

  • I love krampus

  • @4:05 @Dead Meat hell yeah boy!!!! GO BLUE!!!

  • any one else get the thing reference

  • I can’t stop watching these

  • My teacher says that if we don't behave "Krumpus'' will get us i was like IT'S KRAMPUS NOT KRUMPUS

  • Thx for using the name of the country I live in and am from, Norway

  • I cought that boomstick reference

  • I want the movie

  • This is just like Halloween But christmas

  • 00.30 I have that last part 😂🙈🙈

  • Poor baby I don’t really like movies where baby’s die or any thing bad happens to them

  • My dad works for DHL

  • I think I read somewhere that Krampus's "face" was supposed to be kind of a twisted Santa Clause mask - might explain the lock-jaw

  • James can you do Santa's Slay,Gremlin,Silent Night Deadly night there's alot of horror Christmas movies next month December I'm from 2018 of November seeing you doing THE EVIL DEAD series.

  • I like “the thing” reference

  • 8:08 11:51

  • Lesslie knope .. Mr knope lol

  • please do a stranger things kill count for season 1 and 2

  • That's my favorite line in this movie twisted fairytale horse shit

  • W Wh Why Why Why d Why do Why doe Why does Why does Why does e Why does ev Why does eve Why does ever Why does every Why does everyo Why does everyon Why does everyone Why does everyone Why does everyone d Why does everyone do Why does everyone do Why does everyone do t Why does everyone do th Why does everyone do thi Why does everyone do this Why does everyone do this?

  • I watched a few videos like this right before i went to bed. Im scared af right now. Good job me

  • No wonder I get bad luck at Christmas except for getting good presents.

  • so deadass pun intendid my great grandma (is german) name is omi but no her family was not killed by krampus

  • Can I have you're attention for a minute ? read more

  • Keep the fire hot hot hot

  • *Doesn't count a dog on a capture count. Counts a Stuffed t-rex on a kill count*

  • I love this movie

  • GO BLUE!!!!!


  • James, your video was WAY better than the one you linked to. He recapped the movie for 90% of his video before basically guessing at the ending. He even says: "I guess that's what he [the director] was going for". I thought there might be actual research or insights gleaned from the production team, but nope. Also, his cutaway clips of himself are WAY too long, less funny than yours, and much more poorly produced. Bad link choice.

  • LOL, GO BLUE 👏🏼

  • 4:08 That's not Krampus, you silly. That's Elias Ainsworth.

  • I would pissed too if I had 2 annoying cousins who spilled the beans about my secret Letter to Santa

  • Your not the only one terrified of nail guns.😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅

  • When I was in first grade I really wanted to see this movie but my bullies said “no you’re a too much of a baby” I was really mad.. now that I’m seeing some of it it’s not scary it’s just depressing because the parents/family dies which I don’t like because I love my family dearly

  • Krampus Is kinda like trick r treat because there both about keeping the Halloween spirit or Christmas spirit

  • I know this is random but... whenever I think of any movie, it doesn't even have to be made by the brand but, I always think of this movie logo. The brand is "Metro goldwyn Mayer". I don't know why but, the logo has always TERRIFIED me! From the lion, to it's roar....

  • My fav character is the jack in the box clown he so creepy COOL! Who agrees😃😃😃

  • I love that Matt has a Otamotone

  • My dad made me and my siblings watch this and said that if we weren't good Krampus would kill us What a nice childhood

  • Do predetor

  • Wait nobody else has the last thing

  • Poor Rosy :(

  • I love that movie

  • So Krampus is that mofo that gives u Cole

  • This makes me look in the comments cuz it's so scary


  • can you do Poltergeist

  • Yo, tell me you are covering Silent Night, Deadly Night series for Christmas, this year!

  • I'll never say Christmas sucks my luck again

  • Grandma's that their family was killed by a goat head...well not every one... my was

  • Hey it’s the Cernunos skin from Smite.

  • *I LikE REaLly HAtE PeopLE THAt Say LIkE If U AgrEE *like if you agree:/*

  • Krampus backwards is sup Mark

  • I’m too much of a wimp to actually watch horror movies, but your channel makes me a fan

  • They dont actally die thank the lord. They in a globe for the rest of their life's 😋😋😂😂

  • Watch thankkilling 2 and 3

  • GO BLUE!

  • This just ruins the REAL Christmas. And who is waiting for 2018 Christmas

  • least they're together and not dead

  • Home alone got fucked up

  • I liked this movie.

  • DEMON GOAT 😂 😆♥️💗💜❤️💕💕💕💕😂🤣😂😂☺️🤣😂😅😃😄

  • I rember seeing this movie when i was 8 and i loved the gingerbread scene

  • 5:38 love the Thing reference, I was thinking the same thing!

  • I love rose ❤️

  • caw

  • Was not expecting a citizen Kane reference at the end of the recap. Nice touch.

  • Krampus is what i imagine you looking like a monster

  • There all defaults and the krampus is John wick

  • This could be a kids movie with some little changes


  • I have a teacher named Mr.Engle, and his son's name is max engle so I just tried to picture him.

  • Was really hoping Tom and Onii would make it

  • I knew I liked you for some reason lol GoBlue!

  • Big thots: (pickpockets letter) Notification: (sneak 100)

  • Do they die

  • Why

  • This gave me nightmares

  • Go Blue! You got a subscriber lol

  • Seriously, how mean spirited can a family be? If anything, they really deserve to be on the top of Krampus’s naughty list

  • "Go Blue!"

  • If you look close, the "Human" face seems to be a mask. The eyes are kind of out of sync and there is another set of teeth behind the gaping mouth. These teeth are also present in the concept art so it was definitely intentional. One theory I read was that it was Actual Santa's face being worn by Krampus.

  • We eat cows everyday (except *vegans* ) But one dog dies in a movie, rampage.

  • 8:49 my parents when my family gets presents for the baby😂🤣

  • You will think icetown will be better at surviving in the cold

  • *_Im just leaning and Bolding this for Attention You can ignore this_*

  • omi is a childish way of saying oma which is german for grandma, so technically she is called granny ;)