Krampus (2015) KILL COUNT [Capture Count]

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  • fortnite burger

  • my husband is of Norse decent and the legend of Krampus was told to him since he was young by his grandmothers. Instead of scaring him it started a tradition around our house. We watch this movie every year (it was our first movie date on my hubby's birthday). He is such a big fan of the legend he made a Krampus costume with stilts and all towering 9 feet not including the 3ft horns he made that won him a stranger things guitar signed by 7 cast members, $500 and a "Best In Show" trophy at Spooky Empire 2016 in Orlando FL (we highly recommend it if you like horror) Spooky Empire comes twice a year and will be in March and October.

  • *BONK* 7:28

  • I missed this movie... It's so old.

  • If the dog dies I’m going to be so sad and mad

  • Shoppocalypse now... i get it it’s George Lucas’s Movie lol

  • Wait what happened to the baby

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ROSIEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Cheap horror version of Christmas Vacation

  • And he’s not a demon

  • I grew up learning about krampus. That’s neat

  • In Mother Russia Christmas Celebrates You

  • This scared me for some reason

  • Little did they know, those snowman where their children. ( ._.)

  • And I still don't like Christmas that much--

  • 4:03 go green

  • Nice simpsons reference

  • 6:17 “2 shots of Vodka”

  • You think that snowstorm is bad ooh you haven't been in Finland

  • Oh Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Krampus Is on his way :3 Oh My Gosh Plz Dont take me away O.O I love my Home Krampus: opens Mouth all the way to the floor*

  • ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is cranberry sprite, a cranberry sprite

  • so the dog dies :( :(

  • i now this is just a movie but does the dog die?

  • Love ya Meat! XOXO

  • I'm German :D

  • I hate to admit how quickly I snorted when you said “He’s *great* at ‘the floor is lava’”

  • Max’s dad in krampus is the mean brother in stepbrothers

  • It was soo messed up

  • Wait what happened to The dog

  • Isn't Howie jr. That one kid from trick or treat

  • Krampus more like crapus

  • I started to tear up when the dog was captured.

  • This is a comedy

  • 3:13 this kid is into Pacific Rim

  • So I just noticed that Howard is in the Goldberg's. If you have ever seen that show, comment down below.

  • Maybe something like a krampus motherf#cker

  • ending should've been krampus snuggling with the dog and giving it parts of the family

  • I T S B E G I N N I N G T O L O O K A L O T L I K E C H R I S T M A S

  • Hey look its Todd Packer

  • I went to see this in theaters, I was the only in there. I was terrifying

  • Is krampus santa?

  • Death note?

  • “Who has 2 thumbs and likes to bone your mom? This guy!”

  • Wait shouldn't the snow plow driver be a capture? Apart from that, good video.

  • 1:50 two daughters it’s two sons

  • this is pretty good to watch before going to sleep

  • Will you be doing happy death day 2

  • Grandma was the charecter i liked most she tried to tell them about krampus but they didnt belive

  • 1:11 parks and rec be dopeee

  • good girl

  • Live

  • Krampus is the G.O.A.T Ifffff you know what I mean

  • The first time I watched this movie when it ended my power went out

  • I'm only sad about the baby

  • If you did capture the dog,it would be 13

  • Santa is real

  • This- This will never beat Disney's Kill Count

  • Mario odyssey confirmed they both have captures

  • Whoever is too scared to watch this movie deserves to get a medal saying grow some balls For god sake this movie is more comedy than horror

  • Go Bucks!

  • what is a capur count


  • “Krampus møthęrfúçkér”

  • dang this guy is in fortnite man krampus for 2000 Vbucks XD

  • 2019 by the way. This is like watching the move I love it

  • 0:28 😲 that’s Todd Packer!

  • WHY DID YOU PUT THE CUTE DOG IN THE VENT: it’s not real btw


  • We have Ben and Todd in here

  • 4:13 is a finnish summer

  • Tom is from the good place he’s the owner of the bad place

  • u forgot one capture: krampus bell captured by well kind of max

  • I think Krampus is not a bad character if you think about it he teaches us to be good because if you're bad there's always punishment

  • 1:51 two daughters??? 🤔

  • Martha Stewart has no rights in this movie, apparently.

  • I love it when you swhere

  • another bunch of jews making a film with jewish actors about a pagan holiday and they defile it... this is getting really boring but please go ahead watch some jew propoganda

  • I was watching this and my pc’s box fell open and made a Big Bang I was thinking o hell no

  • plot twist the dog used a self destruct and killed that whatever

  • The thumbnail *WHEN SHE BITES*

  • So captured than killed? So it's a kill count but you get captured first? I'm confuoozled!!!

  • Funniest Part Is Rosie Eats Gingerbread Man 😆

  • Just had to kill the dog huh

  • Wow my birthday is on December,23rd

  • Do a kill count of this movie

  • wow this was awsome i loved it i liked the movie and this video! ;D

  • I think Krampus's Santa face is meant to be a mask.

  • 5:40 was that a the thing reference?😁

  • The jews created the antrax hoax😑

  • What is gyp?

  • why i didnt heard for this movie i like it


  • i love this video so so so so much and i love all your videos

  • I didn't watch that movie but i don't even mad that these are spoilers. This guy knows how to catch attention

  • 2019 any

    • Jony the gaming boy Rodriguez no I came in the theaters watching Avengers Endgame


  • U forgot the other Krampus

  • always forget the baby

  • Anyone else get a rape feeling from "the screams and the van shaking can only mean one thing"