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In the build up to the Manchester Derby Inside City goes behind the scenes as Laporte trains in Abu Dhabi, Ricky Hatton is boxing and Nigel De Jong pops into the studio.
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  • Ever since kompany has gone,we've dropped👇 so we need kompany's company on the field

  • Laporte and cancelo at the back 🤑🤑

  • But what happened to John "The great wall of China" Stones?

  • 6:15 treating women like crap I see

  • The fact is pep is too stubborn.. am not one of this crazy Mahrez fan. But as a City fan, I believe Mahrez is playing way better than Bernado this season.. and should be a first choice.. and also pep should give Garcia a chance instead of risky Fernandiho who is too old to do d job which is not natural to him ... At Least other teams give youngsters opportunity and de do well


  • Man u 2 vs 1 man city

  • this man would destroy van dijk

  • Sane

  • Where is same

  • Alright Virgil Van Dijk could be the best defender in the league...but Laporte is the most influential. Look what’s happened without him

  • I miss him

  • No injury update on leroy ?? Anyone??

  • hope we get him a duo coming january

  • I not happy for players


  • Bro 14 the season s alrdy over. prepare yourself for next season...



  • We all love you Laporte! 💙

  • Any new news about Leroy Sané after this terrible result vs United

  • Manchester is Red.

  • Damn... City needs you so much.

  • You lot are crumbling pep will be gone soon and you lot will be nobody’s again 😂😂😂

    • Dominus Earth spent force

    • Not true, if pep leaves another top manager will take the opportunity

  • disappoint home game to man u . really up sad me

  • Watching derby now Let's friking go Oatamendi

  • Came here to say Man United are beating you 2-0 loooooool

  • The game was change "laporte"'ll fight with VAR now...cause the own of VAR is LiVARpool

  • Come back fast the defenders line wow.......terrible

  • محرز أما ان تغادر السيتي او ان تغادر الجزائر لا اريد ان اراك في الجزائر وانت ضعيف هكذا اشعر بالغزي والعار ان تكون في دكة الاحتياط ارحل من السيتي او ارحل من الفريق الوطني ان تشعرنا بانك ضعيف الشخصية وهذا لا يناسبنا في الجزا غادر الكلب غوارديولا او ابق معه وكن كلبا مثله

  • City is racist club.

  • Can't Sané be in the gym 😢I miss the dude

  • This is the promising content we need to see

  • Raiad mahraz ✌️🤙

  • laporte

  • Man is a legend, i hope he comes back from injury

  • A great stadium 🏟 (Learn English football vocabulary on my channel. A new topic/lesson every week.)

  • Looking good Aymeric. Keep up the good work!

  • Laporte will be fully ready right before UCL knock-out stages. Let's go and win it this time!

  • ♥️Leroy sane♥️

  • Yes,we have been waiting him ages,Come on laporte

  • Damn I didn’t even know that Newcastle had that many supporters

  • Come on Manchester city 💙

  • Our defense is so poor that even an injured laporte would be better.

  • Come on laporte

  • good👍👍


  • C’mon city!! We got this win against united! Best team in all the land & all the world! 💙💙

  • C’mon City! 💙 let’s beat United today!

    • C dR Always believe in the blues man!

  • He dyed his hair so he's gonna be trash like aguero

    • "trash like aguero" says the guy who plays fortnite at home with his mom

  • Mahrez on fire

  • اذا تحب رياد محرز لايك 👍👍👍👍

  • Come on lapo we suffered enough. Can't wait to see you

  • Lots of Love 💙 Laporte. Hope you're feeling fit soon brotha. We miss you,Leader.👑

  • Come back soon Laporte we miss u the Big man

  • laporte is one of the best cd in pl we need him so mutch

  • We miss you Laporte

  • sane is leaving to bfc is that true

  • We miss you get well soon.

  • Damn imagine him making a surprise return today against Menu☠️

    • He won't be available until end of January