Last to Leave the Pokémon Discord WINS.

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i was not prepared for this amount of chaos.

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angelsalad: he doesn’t have a youtube but he says hi to everyone and thanks for asking!

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In this video, I invited 8 of my friends to joina Discord server, and whoever was the last one to stay awake won a HUGE mystery box! There are challenges that kick players out, but all they have to do is catch a shiny pokemon and they are okay! If you like this style of video, please let me know in the comments.


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told you this summer was going to be big ;)


  • i hope you like the video ❤️ everyone’s channels are linked in the description!

  • that shrek burger still got me messed up

  • This was an absolute Banger dude. I've watched it twice over already, you all are just so funny. Great group of people, interesting and fresh challenges, and not a dry moment in sight. Truly congrats to all, but goddamn Keefer is one funny dude. P L E A S E make more content like this!

    • 😮

    • twice? i have already watched it like aleast 10 times

    • I was getting ready to ask if there were other videos like this on the channel, and I spent awhile looking back for one. This was tons of fun and I would love to see more like it!

  • can we appreciate angel for just playing games while in the challenge?

  • This was insanely POG, and glad I watched it the entire way through in one go :)

  • As soon as he pulled out what was in the box I became more jealous than I'd ever been. I have never wanted something more in my life.

  • Thank you for defending my honor noble PaPaSea

  • Jack should turn this into a series, it was really entertaining

  • absolute banger video!! would love to see more ukenacliffe content in the future

  • Hi Purplecliffe this video was amazing! Loved the challanges! Good luck and keep the content going.

  • I absolutely loved this and would love a follow up with more people

  • papasea was looking a little drowsy :)

    • That green burger got him messed up damn you mr beast

    • He was just a little drowsy that's all

    • Can i get a link to the negative comment on pokeman07’s video bro 👀

    • Sad you didn't make it

    • wap

  • Wow, this was a really good video! I like how you brought a lot of content creators I knew, like Gapp and Papasea! I hope you make another video like this or just more cool content in general. Keep up the good work!

  • Not gonna lie, I was fully expecting triceppps to troll everyone around the end

  • i like how everyone is shiny hunting or smth like that and angel is just gaming

  • The quality of these videos have gone up so much, I can safely say he'll hit a million by the end of content month

  • Love your vids man, they make me laugh till I cry, keep it up my dude 😂

  • The fact that Katie has the same Sailor Moon shirt as me makes her my favorite person in this challenge. Sorry PapaSea but she got the anime advantage

  • I’d love to participate in a challenge like this

  • absolute banger video!! would love to see more ukenacliffe content in the future

  • we are so glad you are back. I hope you really had a great vacation but without you this platform was lacking something

  • Jack should turn this into a series, it was really entertaining

  • “Tricepps is a big hairy welsh man with a cat” best line ever.

  • You know what I just noticed Cliffe legit never had his camera on in the discord call at all. Meaning his camera was edited in.

  • Loved it! Absolute challenge of endurance and trying not to nod off. Question, anyone know who the streamer is at 21:55 ?

  • if i win im gonna buy fortnite renegade raider and pokimane

  • i laughed when purplecliffe laughs as he says'using UK dollars and buy everything in bootleg"

  • I was literally laughing my ass off, and then I looked at the time left in the vid. Dude this one is a BEAST. Idk if my sides are going to make it.

  • I really love Gapp and papaseas argument. It was really funny

  • honestly after seeing the box i would stay there for 24 hours to get it

  • Ukenalol is Flippin hilarious. Nice to see him with a legend like Purple

    • STAY

    • @Xalkieran Still droughting on Heatran hope you're doing well!

    • Oh hey derbear didn't expect to see you here how has your day been?

    • no u

    • Nuh

  • This is such a fun idea! I love it, so much chaotic energy that i am all about XD

  • This is by far my favorite video you’ve made yet😂

  • I came back to this guy in 2022 and I am still laughing my ass off

  • The person who vouched for angel on the stream is a legend

  • 14:25 The sheer anger and desperation in that 'STAY!!!' absolutely killed me, now I'm wheezing uncontrollably in the break room. 😂

  • I love your content keep it going purple cliff nice job making everyone laugh

  • I cheered for KT from start to finish

  • As my mental health is slowly deteriorating , watching this while quarantining has been the best thing. Thank you Purplecliffe

  • i need to see more like this love long form content

  • Please get Ukena and triceppps back in more videos they were great in this one

  • I love how they’re all talking and then theres angel just chilling and playing some terraria, fricking legend.

  • That video was 50 minutes? Watching felt like 10 at best, this was so insanely entertaining!

  • 48:05 I am a certified simp for lopunny and i approve of it, so im kinda disappointed in gapp for not winning lol

  • My boy Gabe out here editing for purplecliffe, come a long way man

  • It was a special occasion... why no MaidCliffe?! Jack being so rude is funny XD Good that you have more mature friends, my dude!

  • Purplecliffe dropped back to back bangers of videos, legend

  • I started the video thinking I would watch it in chuncks in the next few days and it was so good that I ended up just watching the entire thing 😂

  • Hey Jack! I just finished finals of high school and I couldn’t be more happy. Throughout the stressful time I needed something desperately to keep me sane and I fell upon your videos! I watched your VODs every night and they helped me fall asleep. I even dreamt of Pokemon, which was the biggest comfort ever. I wanted to say thank you so much. You’re a brilliant creator and I’ll keep saying it until everyone knows that. You’re my comfort creator and I’m really glad to see you back. Love you! :)

  • Oh this was a great watch just watching you guys have fun and shooting the sh*t.

  • I would love to appear in a competition and interact with Purplecliffe :'v

  • Yo @purplecliffe your videos maje my day and are so funny keep it up man 💯😊

  • Props for gapp going that hard with the song

  • This is such a fun concept!!! Also you’re a natural at hosting this kind of thing

    • Yo it's the "player react to" guy

    • Hey it's this guy

  • I’ll legit pass away to get my hands on the shiny hoodie! The color is gorgeous just like you!

  • 24:40 Imagine prank calling someone and they give you a 6/10. That's great

  • What really killed me was just the quick 2 sec clip or gabe rocking back and forth

  • That Marko polo for angel was definitely unfair. People screaming and shouting so he couldn’t hear.

  • i wish i had friends to do stuff like this with

  • That final challenge was HILARIOUS

  • well, very nice of them to let angel not have to be on camera but still participate

  • The 15 hours was definitely worth it

  • Was routing for Max the whole time, would love to see if he ever starts uploading on YT!

  • I love this stuff. Pls do it more often

  • .... I think I love Katie she absolutely hilarious

  • Lol watching this over again is still hilarious.

  • Angel’s the true winner of this whole thing

  • Marco Polo was absolutely the best way to keep track of Angel. Every despondent polo gave me life

    • Kinda dumb how he got out tho since he was still there just the guy said it to a point where it was hard to hear

  • i love katies energy!

  • At challenge number 4 I love how he is just playing raid

  • I didn't realize how unhinged PaPaSea is but omg I love it lmao

  • I could stay in there for hours. Atleast 8. I’ve been in a discord call before for 10 hours. I could be their longer. I WANT TO DO THIS CHALLENGE

  • I swear this is the greatest video I’ve ever seen. This was the best possible way to make the time go by at work. Thanks for the hilarious upload purplecliffe

  • I have never watched a full ID-tv video that was over 25mins until this video. This was one of the most entertaining things I have watched in a while…. Good shiz.

  • Showdown shiny mons are 1/1024 btw, not full odds but they should still count because a battle takes a while, you could also hunt them in blitz tho that significantly raises your chances because matches are so much faster

  • Glad to see my man is repping a Ghost shirt, great band

  • Im glad ur back Jack because ur the only funny person that i know. xD

  • I like that Triceppps was prepared for the challenge 😂

  • True comedy from gapp not hearing you guys when you already guessed it

  • I kinda wanna do this challenge too. But it is very hard to setup or even participate for me

  • “i want to be the annoying person” **immediately makes a your mom joke** I'd say you're doing an excellent job at that

  • 3:27 had me dying

  • Cliffe needs to be a game show host now! Just, get him onto survivor as a host!

    • @TheDancingTuber161 purplecliffe was on a gameshow with other youtubers (I think) and for the question "what would you not want your rotom to possess," he answered vending machine

    • @Caderyan07 wat?

    • If hate it if my rotom took over my *vending machine*

    • Bro we need to get him on as a contestant

  • Hey man, don’t got much to say except that I want that shiny hoodie. Boys, you know what to do

  • God I love how they shiny hoodie looks it’s so cool

  • The blow throw introductions we're crazy, til you introduced Katie and papasea

  • It was very funny. More of it would be perfect. But I could think they wont do it agian if Purplecliffe does not raise the prize pool.

  • This video was hilarious good on you for this banger video cliffe

  • I have to say I love your laugh! 🤣

  • Thanks for the free shiny hoodie! 😁

  • Should've invited Pokimane for this. We know how much she loves streaming with Purplecliffe

  • seeing Ukena work with Cliffe now is amazing. love y'all

  • PurpleCliffe, when he rages, he becomes a RedCliffe

  • I recognized uke as the guy who shits his pants a lot and has *loud* shiny reactions

  • 12:09 gapp punching the air right now

  • I'm commenting at the start, going full in on Ukena to win

  • I literally got a shiny croagunk while playing arceus during this vid where’s my immunity

  • God speed to the man who stayed for Dream's Song

  • PapaSea didn't speak a lot, but whenever he did it was straight bangers.

  • Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around And hurt you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie