Last To Stop Walking On LEGOS Circle WINS $3,000

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Last to stop walking on legos wins some money!
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  • 7:10 damn:)

  • Here's a Melkit for dem feet

  • Should have got them to walk backwards lol

  • Nigga

  • Fucking trash James you lost with the best nba player ever d wade

  • Jesser you Are the best

  • Should have done this on a wood or tile floor 👌💀☠☠☠😁

  • Imagine if you stubbed your toe on a Lego

  • Nice

  • Zackk is so funny

  • I love jesser he is one of my favorite youtubers but why didn’t he show anybody’s fert

  • How tall even is Kris

  • Kris ain't 10 feet

  • I LOVE stepping on LEGO’s idk why but it’s Soothing

  • Hi

  • “Shove the three thousand up your but”

  • Should've did it on hard floor

  • Am I the only one here who isn't affected by walking on legos?

  • Gayest game

  • Gayest game

  • Watching the part where they crawl with no context and no audio would make it seem like a cult

  • This is how I imagine Hell to be ...

  • Damn if this was mr beasts video he would give $50,000 or $100,000

  • Mitchell’s cart wheel 😂 12:39

  • For football they make me and my team do bearcraws and if we fall or fail while doing them we do double as a team

  • Mitchell cheated!

  • Jidel love 6ig man lmao

  • is it just me or is mopi lookin like frodo from the lord of the rings

  • He censored mopi’s feet dude 🤣🤣 I’m high key scared of mopi’s feet now 🤣🤣

  • Shoutout to the cameraman itching his nuts at 8:32

  • I feel like if cash was in this, he would win

  • It took them five minutes to start (starting time is 4:58 for those who don’t want to watch people talk about mopis feet)

  • O

  • Mopis hot

  • Lmao my mom thought im watching porno

  • Lol this kid trying to be like MrBeast

  • Pause at 6:46 kris got Dino toes

  • Kris: Legos Are Fuckin Hurtin

  • Mopi:Fights Kris Kris:Fights Back Mopi: Says Kris I Hate U Kris:Punches Mopi In The Face Mopi: I’m Small U Look Like Chris Fmalll

  • Close your eyes and listen 13:03

  • No Mopi

  • This is just crazy you guys ar going to kill your feet

  • Leaked Navy Seals training footage

  • Try walking on gravel next

  • jesser you should make a minecraft series

  • Yo is jesser still with Emon?

  • that's abuse to a 30 year old man🤦‍♀️😂

  • Can you pay for my college

  • Their all weak

  • Where did iman go

  • Is no one going to talk about how he put LEGO’s on carpet??? That’s just suicide for cleaning up😂

  • Is rod felling pain

  • Kris 10 feet tall

  • Who got iman @ ?

  • Jesser is like a dictator

  • A Hawaiian would win this like nothen XD

  • He cheated 2

  • I'm late but you can tell how good of a person he is. Felt bad for making his friends step on legos after giving them money and loves to give stuff away

  • I like how James has a Porche but still competed

  • Jeidel funny asf “ring of blood” “ring of urine”