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Lauren Daigle - You Say (Lyric Video)

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The official lyric video for Lauren Daigle's new single "You Say" from her album, Look Up Child, out now!
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Director: John Gray
Producers: Lauren Daigle, Joshua Wurzelbacher & Alicia St. Gelais
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  • Thank you for this music Lauren Daigle. You are great, exellent and incdibly awesome singer artist. Thank you soo much.

  • Lauren..come back to your first love ☝️💖

  • Jesus is Lord.

  • I really love this song

  • 👍🏼

  • That smile at 3:13 💕

  • Sigo luchando voces en mi mente que dicen que no soy suficiente. Cada mentira que me dice que nunca voy a estar a la altura Soy más que sólo la suma de todos los altibajos? Recuérdame una vez más quién soy, porque necesito saberlo Ooh oh Dices que soy amada cuando no puedo sentir nada Dices que soy fuerte cuando pienso que soy débil Y dices que soy sostenida cuando te decepciono Y cuando no pertenezco, oh, tú dices que soy tuya Y yo creo (I) Oh yo creo Lo que dices de mí (I) Lo creo Lo único que importa ahora es todo lo que piensas de mí En ti encuentro mi valor, en ti encuentro mi identidad Ooh oh Dices que soy amada cuando no puedo sentir nada Dices que soy fuerte cuando pienso que soy débil Y dices que soy sostenida cuando te decepciono Y cuando no pertenezco, oh, tú dices que soy tuya Y yo creo (I) Oh, yo creo (I) Lo que dices de mí (I) Oh, yo creo Tomando todo lo que tengo y ahora lo pongo a tus pies Tienes todos los fracasos, Dios, tienes toda la victoria Ooh oh Dices que soy amada cuando no puedo sentir nada Dices que soy fuerte cuando pienso que soy débil Y dices que soy sostenida cuando te decepciono Y cuando no pertenezco, oh, tú dices que soy tuya Y yo creo (I) Oh, yo creo (I) Lo que dices de mí (I) Lo creo Oh, yo creo (I) Sí, creo (I) Lo que dices de mí (I) Lo creo

  • This song is so beautiful I started crying. I have been fighting depression and it’s been really bad over the past week. I’ve been having these really bad thoughts and have been hearing these voices telling me that nobody loves me anymore and that I’m a nobody. Hearing this song reminded me that my God is greater than those voices, that God loves me and that I’m not fighting this battle alone. 😭 God is good 💗🙏🏼

  • I broke down and cried when I first heard this beautifully composed song. Brings me such joy now. #ibelievetoonow

  • No se ustedes pero ami esta canción me relaja y me llena de esperanza lo mas importante 🙌💖👍👍✌👌

  • You are strong. Yes. Just believe.

  • I'm going threw so much in life and listening to song and a couple other help me get up out of bed daily thank you God for blessings this beautiful women with such an amazing voice

  • I love this song I blast it when it comes on

  • Your voice is YOU Lauren!!! much love😘😘😘

  • beautiful

  • Sometimes when we drift from God he reminds us how much we are loved by him . I haven't heard this song in a while , but it just came on the radio and I was reminded... Thank you Heavenly father ❤️🙏🙏🙏

  • Thank YOU Lauren! The timing of the release of this song, and of the day I first heard it on the radio, was no coincidence in my life. I needed this. You have done more than you know with this song. God bless you!

  • Beautiful song from beautiful soul!!! She is very adorable

  • This song has been such an inspiration for my hubby and I we'd love to see her live one day

  • Sounds way too much like she is copying Adele's style. The song is actually quite good. The problem I have with it is that it does not sound original. It sounds like a copy of Adele's Somebody Like You when compared to the chord progression. Perhaps Ms. Daigle should explore creating her own style. When I first heard this song this morning I thought it was Adele. I would never want anyone to read a book I have written and think someone else wrote it. I have my own style. Ms. Daigle needs to develop her own style, her own voice, rather that piggy backing off Adele. Sorry if I am offending anyone, but the truth is the truth.

  • I hv play back this song lost count now!!..but still play this song from 1st i heard till not a believer but this song make me feel something..dunno how to describe it..😊

  • I believe

  • I'm fighting voices in my head right now telling me I am worthless and I am better of dead.

  • Thank you Laura, every time I listen to this song I CRY!



  • She so amazing and God gave her a talent to reach others. I pray she stands strong in her faith.

  • Love this song and love her BEAUTIFUL cd! She is Blessed, thank You for sharing

  • Perfectly constructed song and singer. Adele would have liked to have had this one.

  • Haleluyaa

  • Jesus Christ is the Lord GOD bless Brazil

  • Love it thank you God !

  • 💓

  • Life is tough. Often, its so hard that i cant even sense His presence. Often i feel like i m all alone and God has abandoned me. Often i feel so lost that i dont know which way to go and when i ask Him, there is voice no respond at all. It is so hard that many times i ask God to call me sooner to end all the misery and hardship. Still believing in Him for miracle and answer in 2019.

  • I wish I had heard this song 20 years ago. I would have felt better about myself then. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with a song to keep us encouraged. 🙌🙌🙏🙏

  • I don't know a whole lot about Lauren, I saw some sort of gossip asking "is she really Christian"? Lol... somewhere on you tube, personally as far as this song goes, and how are our world is ...been for too long.....religion has and always will be the human divide. However when I listen to "you say" no matter what my beliefs leaves me with a feeling, a sense of hope, I apologize if I don't fit in a category of religion, I'm no less then ones who are devoted to "each their own"... This woman gave me hope and anyone who can take a moment and truly listen to her words...let yourself believe in something if only for a second.....Their something/someone...look at another human being, really take a look into their eyes..we all have a soul, therefore BELIEF & HOPE is instilled in EVERY HUMAN BEING ..... ALL. Thank you Lauren! "Teetime's wife"

  • Thanks you I give going because of you.🌹🌹🙏🙏🙏

  • I am working at a job that is testing my spirit every single day. I work at an urban school with an awful, awful administration. I am bullied, verbally abused, and taken for granted. My passion is gone, and I spend my days and nights crying. I wanted to leave my students mid-year, but I have too many bills to pay and no other prospects. Sometimes, I believe all those awful things that are said about me at this place, but then I remember God. Would He really want me to think that of myself? 😔 I hear this song on the radio every single morning on my commute, and I burst into tears. I feel like He’s telling me to keep pushing forward until my contract is up in a few months. God is counting all my tears, and I have to have faith that there’s a greater journey out there for me. “You have every failure, God. You’ll have every victory.” ❤️

  • She is amazing ❤️

  • Thank you JESUS I believe 😍💕

  • Thank you for this song. It reminds me of what my brother used to tell me before he completed suicide. Miss you little brother.

  • I loved this the first time I heard it, this morning & dedicated it to my six children. The lyrics describe how they make me feel, perfectly.

  • Jesus bless you Lauren !!

  • Beautiful voice

  • Nice song it really touched my hart

  • Thank you Lauren, This song is helping me go through self-esteem struggles. This whole song has me crying. God has really shown me love THROUGH this song. I still sometimes struggle thinking I’m worth it. So thank you.

  • In Jesus Name, Amen

  • Love the song. God bless you Lauren.

  • Beautiful and powerful song. Thank you Lauren Daigle.

  • I just want to buy 10 albums and give them to my loved ones. I love your music!