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Creative Director : NU KIM

Visual Creative : Yujoo Kim, Gabriel Cho, Yoon Cho, Sungwoong Moon

Performance Director : Soyeon Park
Performance Assistant : Soyoung Yoon
A&R : Kyuyoung Kim, Sewon Kim

Director : Guzza (KUDO)
Assistant Director : Hyunhee Lim, Yeseul Jang
PA : Kookki Kim, Jinyoung Yang, Taeeun Kim, Jinhee Park
Production Team : SSUPORT

Director of Photography : Eumko
Focus Puller : Youngwoo Lee
2nd AC : Eunil Lee
3rd AC : Donghyeon Lee
DIT : Yuntae Go

Director of Photography : SangWoo Yun
Focus Puller : Sungju Min
2nd : Jimin Kim
3rd : Yeoeun Ahn
DIT : Minju Yu

Jimmy Jib Operator : Youngjung Kim
Jimmy Jib Assistant : Hyunin Kim, Seokchan Lee

Technocrane Operator : Sangjo Lee, Taehyeon Choi
Technocrane Assistant : Yonggeun Hwang, Doyun Kim, Junwhan Ahn, Jisu Woo, Hakseo Kim, Nakdu Kim

Gaffer : Junghyeok Jeong
Lighting Crew : Jeseung Han, Hyunseok Kim, HwaYong Jeong, ByungJong Kim, DongYun Shin, Jisup Choi, Johan Cho

Production designer/Art director : JINSIL & BONA (@Mu:E)
Assistant Art team : Ayeong Choi, Jieun Yoon (@Mu:E)
Art-team Manager : Ilho Heo (@Mu:E)

Special effects : JEIL.M.S

Stunt coordinator : Yoonheon Jung (@J CREATION)
Stunt team : Minwoo Seo, Minhyeok Choi, Mingyu Yoon, TaeKyung Kim, Yoosik Shin, Kangyoung Lee, Seongmin Lee

VFX Supervisor : Daeyoung Byun
2D Composite : Ayoung Lee, Youngjun Ko, Cheayoung Kim
Fx Artist : Hyeju Kang, Geoyoung You
MADBLAC : Jaejung Heo, Sungmin Kim
Project Manager : Seoyun Kim

Colorist : Wonseok Ko
DI Crew : Jaeyeon Baek, Dain Kim, Serae Hong
DI Producer: Sooyun Hyun

SOURCE MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
Manufactured by SOURCE MUSIC, Seoul, Korea

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  • they all look so stunning !!!! the melody is so catchy omg


    • It's a selling name! Excuse me!! I'm really embarrassed that I'm selling it now. It's interesting, so please take a look if you like! 🐰

    • @S. wdym??

    • @Creampuff the songs are completely different..if you think they copied them because some common scenes are alike, doesn’t mean they’re copying them.

  • this song never gets boring Let's get 100M views !!!

  • It's just mind-blowing song... If it's a debut song then just imagine how their other songs would be 😃

  • It’s only been 1 month since their debut and they have already establish themselves in the industry. All 6 girls shine so bright without anyone outshining the others. Cant even imagine what their comeback will bring^^

  • Antes del próximo comeback tenemos que llegar a los 100M!!! Vamos metamosle nitro al stream Nosotrxs podemos


    • let's go guys, accelerate to get to 80M soon.

    • @Stayzzz until now i am garam's side, HATTERS. player gonna play, hatters gonna hate. Real. I guest You are No need support LE SSERAFIM. Please get out from here


    • @Ricardo agree with you. Soojin, woojin, kris wu , jimin AOA, T-ARA are example if we trust with rumour and edited picture.

    • @jbluzb i am support garam from the begining. If you hate garam and le sserafim , get out from here and no eed to watch their MV or performing Video

  • I am really forward to watching their future projects.....

  • Son las 3 de la mañana, estoy estudiando para mis exámenes finales de la universidad y bueno esta canción dice sin miedo y bueno ahí voy 💪💪💪

  • Pls keep streaming let get 90m views btw we might get our fandom name n a light stick very soon their 1st comeback gonna be interesting especially their story looking at the daze magazine 😊

  • le sserafim is 6 vocalists 6 dancers 6 visuals 6 princesses 6 angles 6 aces le sserafim is talented,I love le sserafim

  • This song is growing on me!! 💜 Kazuha's rap is really addictive..each of them are very talented.. LE SSERAFIM🖤

  • Ya me compre su Album

  • Come on guys! Don't slow down, let's get 90m... So until we reach 100M as fast as possible

  • amo esta canción

  • I like it

  • FRESH. So new. So fresh!!!

    • @Jey_thv corny

    • @Lex there is sooo many proof lol.

    • @ok bp outsold 😹

    • let's go guys, accelerate to get to 80M soon.

  • It feels like a comeback song THIS IS A LEGENDARY

  • This song is so catchy

  • I love this song

  • Una de mis canciones favoritas


    • 81mil in just 1 month slayy

    • let's go guys, accelerate to get to 80M soon.

    • Now it has over 75 million views yayayay

    • 71M done now road to 80M [Fweeeeeeee (airplane to 80M) ]

    • Now 71 million!!

  • Vamos continuar apoiando vocês

  • Come on guys! Don't slow down, let's get 90m... So until we reach 100M as fast as possible

  • I I'm Stanning This Song Now I heard this on YT shorts I really don't know Their Grp Name can anyone tell me But I loved this Song💗💗

    • @LE OYSTER me too but not this one

    • @leenam.leenam yupp I know~ Maybe we'll get our fandom name in the next comeback (I hope🤞)

    • @LE OYSTER le oyster is not the fandom name 😑

    • le sserafim (?)

  • Girls are so amazing, the song is addiction

  • Honestly this song may not be everyone's cup of tea but personally I find it so refreshing. This song is so chill compared to most other girl groups these days. No hate to them but some songs tend to be loud and obnoxious. I love Fearless! Edit: I didn't expect my comment to spark such a heated debate but there are definitely a lot of songs that are loud. I didn't mention any names so if you feel offended then that's on you and your artists. This is just my opinion that I shared without shading any other artists. You are the ones that made it about our faves. Fearless felt refreshing TO ME and I stand by it.

    • @Chloe Smith 'most girl group songs are sugar sweet, cringey and way too over seducing and girly'

    • Agree!

    • I love loud. GIVE ME MORE!!!

    • hey guys let's get to 70M, let's go

    • @Johny calmm


  • I love this girls, they are so talented

  • Le sserafim is a South Korean girl group formed by Source Music and Hybe Corporation. The group consists of six members: Sakura, Kim Chaewon, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, Kim Garam and Hong Eunchae. They debuted on May 2, 2022, with the release of their first extended play Fearless.

  • The way of the members are keeping work hard for their fans we can't wait for their future song/album.🙈💙

  • The fact that this is their debut song?! Cant wait for their future albums/single

    • Hu

    • @jungshook Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkdkkdkkkkkkkkkkkkkdkkkkkddd

    • Same

    • @Supriya Grover see I am also a blink but u can't compare blackpink with this new girl group have some shame people like u are making blinks look toxic because of this other Fandom's are making us look toxic

    • Exactly!!! They're first song they're acting their voice everything just chefs kiss!

  • The fact that the choreography is indeed hard, they still pull it off. even live singing are dope!👍😎

  • I'm in love with Kazuha's deep voice, she sounds like an American rapper😍😍

  • Let's make this mv reach 85M before July 2!

  • I love sooo much this song ✨✨✨✨✨

  • I was so excited for Le Sserrafim’s debut and honestly they did not disappoint. All the members are extremely talented and the album and this title track is amazing. They’re also such a polished and professional group that they don’t even feel like rookies. I’m so excited for the next 7 years with Lesserafim and I wish all the members the best!

    • hey guys let's get to 70M, let's go

    • @Nadine A because most Kpop Groups have a 7 year contract with they’re company, and after that they can either choose to leave or to renew said contract.

    • @Salsal you're here agai

    • Why 7 years?

    • @Salsal 😂😂😂 por dios todo,por el da da da y el ba bam ba ,cariño sino sabes nada de canciones pues🤫aparte q una kpop y otra jpop ,pero Lesserafim no necesita anuncios para q escuchen su cancion 🤷‍♀️

  • The complete group version is better than the 5 member version.

  • the song of the year without a doubt you are going to win it, I love you girls 😊♥️

  • Honestly love the gym set. Gave me a flashback to Miss A and just how something simple works best without there being too much.

  • I'm grateful for those who are not tired of coming back here to watch this masterpiece debut song


    • Hey don't stop now , 100M is coming on gooo

    • It's copied , The original song is tippy toes from xg And before coming at me saying I am toxic af and all search tippy toes and see it your self ..... It's not the girls fault its their companies fault

    • Blinkers stop talking about BLACKPINK stop comparing I don’t know why are you guys here stop fighting on the comments leave the girls alone le sserafim they are amazing You guys are jealousy of the new group stop

    • @Sri vani Ayyala what- did you just type some random letters in THAT language

  • Amoooooo ❤️❤️✨

  • Assistam o mv na qualidade 1080, que ajuda nos str56am

  • Ignore the antis, you see that they are closet fans, let's go for the 100M, this will burn them more, they are also helping us 😂💪


  • I actually like this song.. Chill, elegant, addictive. And I'm sure there is alot in their pocket for future

    • @yæji 예지 I can say whatever I want as long as the content adheres to ID-tv guidelines thanks 😊

    • @woon ha who told you to bring IVE here 🙄

    • Fr!!! I got addicted to this song now !!

    • @Aretha's Palace🏰 what did she said?

    • If really like, let's get to reach 70M.

  • Я жду возвращения GARAM ❤❤❤

  • yunjin is another level, shes perfect

  • 1:15 this part is everything

  • I'm in complete denial that this is their debut song. This song is so catchy and addictive... It really showed how hard they must have worked. And I must appreciate hybe...the talent they are bringing. Fighting girls! 💖💖💖

  • This song is like a fresh breath to the current kpop scene. Im glad they didnt come with generic songs. All the best to them!

    • @はんとう 아이브 멤버 원영 유진이 르세라핌의 멤버 채 사쿠라와 같은 같은 그룹에 있었습니다 그래서 관련이 있습니다 제대로 알지도 못하면서 외국인이라는 이유 하나만으로 넘어갈려고 하지 마세요ㅎ

    • I really recomend you listen to XGs debut song tippy toes

    • @Yooyeon Pangvote1 cuz the fans are self-proclaimed.

    • @Alyssa Borja this is lesserafim's mv, why would we talking about ive

    • @Alyssa Borja great!

  • Come on guys! Don't slow down, let's get 90m... So until we reach 100M as fast as possible

  • This melody is so catchy ...

  • I'm grateful for those who are not tired of coming back here to watch this masterpiece debut song.

  • Fearless to 100M!! We can do this with little steps together

  • The thought that this is their debut song is unbelievable, this song is so catchy. Cant wait for more songs coming from them, there talented and nothing will change mind

    • Waiting T.T

  • The lyrics is just everything 😍

  • I can't stop singing yunjin's part

  • Congrats on 1.6m likes girls

  • 0:10 Garam 0:15 Chaewon 0:20 Yunjin 0:25 Kazuha 0:35 Sakura 0:44 Eunchae Hope that helps

    • @cinnamaricat thx!

    • @SkzBest we don't know yet the fans are calling themselves oysters until the real name drops and yes i know that sounds ridiculous and that's why some of us don't use it 😭

    • Thx im α new fan, and this helps. Also whats their fandom called?

  • Kpop should make more debut songs like these. Cool, calm refreshing with fresh vibes and a killer choreo with chill members.

    • @Sehun Moon yes

    • @Rio Milo she is not guilty

    • It's a killer debut. Love it

    • Agreed it's a wonderful song

    • @Orbit001 lol ur really into rumours wow

  • es que es muy linda garam

  • Esta música de Le SSERAFIM es muy diferente a los q estamos acostumbrados a escuchar, es un encanto la melodía para mis oídos. Estamos muy lentos VAMOS más STREAMS por día, tenemos q llegar a 100M si, sí podemos.

  • Who can’t over listening to this 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • They are looking stunning. Their debut song is so catchy and can't wait for their future album

  • Some people find this song lacking something but for me it's like a breath of a fresh air. This song is the the definition of unique, elegance, simplicity and powerful.

    • Ir lazyness. Putting hot issue to a concept and make it selling in the US, to make it hot, to make it competitive, put kpop label. Thank me later, but hybe did it

    • I love this song too

    • 😎 a cool song to drive with 🏍

  • Não deixem os comentários ruins 😕 abaterem continuemos com stream

  • loving this too much!! 💗💗🫶

  • They all look so stunning!!


  • kim chaewon NEVER disappoints. Since day 1, I knew she would be top tier

    • @kim clìt no one knows who chowon is. chaewons singing videos get millions of views and trend in korea. so I doubt it

    • I’m in love with her ♥️

    • @Weeju14evah I DID i’m so sorry to everyone confused 😭 The commenter edited it from “Kim Garam” to “Kim Chaewon” which is why i said “serious allegations”. I was talking about the bullying scandal

    • @Casy Strawberry I totally agree with that. The commenter edited their comment from “Kim Garam” to “Kim Chaewon”. That’s why i said “serious allegations” i was talking about the bullying scandal. So sorry to confuse everyone

    • She is the best

  • It's ok that you could not broke the record of fastest debut song reach 100m but fighting and do your best for this girls

    • Yes

    • truee. it's much better if the views keep on growing for a long period of time rather than just for a short while~

    • Don't stop streaming! Be proud & never give up! Let's gooooo! Almost 85M Views 💪💪💪💖

  • Temos que conseguir 100 M logo

    • Si ustedes se esfuerzan bastante tenga por seguro que llegaran a los 100 millones de visitas

  • Как же я их люблю

  • Me encanta mucho esta canción

  • I know it's not just me who noticed how this mv doesn't focuses more on editing and visuals, but the choreography! even their outfits aren't that exaggerated and I'm loving the simplicity.

    • @DIYANA ROSLAN but the other five girls are not. Do not hate them just because of one member

    • Garam is bullies


    • hey guys let's get to 70M, let's go

    • @Salsal why r u so pressed?I also listen to the song u mentioned,it’s totally different song.

  • Continuem dando streaming estamos atrasados

  • Let's gooooo 84M is very close 🙌👑👑👑👑👑👑❤

  • this song is really catchy

  • i want more and more songs!!! This song is amazing

  • Dont worry, you're not the only one listening to this on repeat❤️

  • They all are amazing and this is a support from India 💕💕! !

  • Me encanta 🥰

  • Vamos por los 90 M

  • Cómo no las conocí antes? ☺️

  • This group is so unique, seriously. Most groups start of with a more girly and cutesy concept but these girls give off maturity and experience. Loving the debut and can’t wait to get to know the girls!

    • it’s not really maturity. i see it more as like luxury. like they’re powerful with expensive taste :p

    • @Duck they don’t do it live only for the mv but I agree for that part

    • @Duck they don’t do it in the love performance that just uploaded. There’s a reason that it was only the older members doing it. Ppl are just looking for stuff

    • Just bcos they're not cutesy doesn't mean they're "experienced".

    • Hybe really should have put more thoughts into that

  • i love this songg yunjin rly stood out to me!!

  • Façam o máximo de comentários positivos que puderem isso movimenta o mv

  • They literally just debuted like a new gem

  • 비 많이 오는데 르세라핌 뮤비 볼 떄마다 힘이난당 너무 좋아

  • They did a great job not forcing high notes into this song and that the lyrics were sang in repetition for the most parts in the chorus. It's a minimalistic, albeit, very aesthetic and classy song. It's a package, this one. They did a great job for this debut song.

    • @love yeseo wadadada

    • Omg same!!! i love it so much! 😭 I’m happy this song ain’t as noisy as other kpop songs. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the other kpop songs, just, I’m happy that this is rather calmed and less noisy and beat is on point.

    • @love yeseo Why hate it so much? You have quite a few negative remarks on the same comment section.

    • flop song

  • HYBE i salute you for having such a class of groups

  • Las chicas fueron a Japón para seguir promocionando su álbum! Estoy contenta por ellas, les deseo éxitos en todo lo que hagan y que regresen a Corea sanas y salvas 💛 Espero que pronto nos den comeback!!!

  • Não liguem pra esses comentários maldosos continuem dando estream o fandom está se formando vamos continuar apoiando nossas meninas

  • これ何回も聴いたらハマる曲

  • For this to be a debut song, why does it sound like they've been doing this for a while? I love this song. It is so catchy!

    • @Rishie A i love this song, i'm talk about mv, mv very ordinary

    • Yes!!! There are 2 members that debuted on a old kpop group named IZ*one, it was made in a survival show!!! Sakura won 2 place and Chaewon I think 5-6 th place ? Either way Korean citizens love them!! They are very professional 😋

    • @Rishie A unfortunately had to watch to know how it sounds

    • @Lidiya source music

    • @Christian Faustinorio yeah some lyrics just don't make any sense

  • Me and my czn are addicted to the song..this song is so addractive

  • Fearless es tan adictivo, me encanta!

  • don't stop streaming!! We can do this~ Ot6 for life!!

  • I really love this song. It's a energy boost whenever i listen to this song.