Lewandowski testifies in first House Judiciary impeachment hearing

Dipublikasikan tanggal 17 Sep 2019
House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on "Presidential Obstruction of Justice and Abuse of Power."Former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski testifies. #FoxNews
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  • Who is that 'walker' at 3.33???

  • guy is a moron must be a demo

  • It must be nice to change, what the democrats called amending, the committee rules to suit their agenda. It becomes more evident that the democrats are only interested in getting rid of Trump.

  • Why are they asking the same questions over and over and over and over and over....??? Do they really think anyone get a different answer?

  • The blond headed governor with the bad hair is jumping to the conclusion that Russia was the one who leaked Hillary's emails to WikiLeaks. That was absolutely never established. In fact it was established that the documents had to have been downloaded by someone straight off the computer at Hillary's campaign. I am so sick of how the Democrats are willing to lie to make their case.

  • this is so unbelievably sad!

  • The democrats have a debt that they need pay, to the american people. From the day Trump took office every one of them have received a paycheck, vacation checks, and have even taken sick leave with pay. Have they really earned a paycheck since Trump has been in office. They claim to work for the people, there actions prove they have there own agenda. At the end of Mr Trump's term they will owe the people 4yrs of work. I think they should have to pay that money back or be willing to work the next for years for free.

  • Time to arrest the Dem ring leaders for obstruction of Presidential duty, Defamation of character, fraud, slander, lying and so on .How can congress lie to congress , no one is above the law. They should do the same amount of time as any witness for lying to congress. If you slap on the wrist, it will happen again, bring the gavel down hard!

  • This is how they plant evidence and lock you up.


  • proverbs 22:22 “How long, ye simple ones, will ye love to be simple, and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge? 23 Turn you at my reproof: Behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you; I will make known my words unto you. 24 “Because I have called and ye refused, I have stretched out my hand and no man heeded, 25 but ye have set at nought all my counsel and would have none of my reproof, 26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh, 27 when your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind, when distress and anguish cometh upon you. 28 Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me, 29 because they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord. 30 They would have none of my counsel, and they despised all my reproof: 31 therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own ways, and be filled with their own devices.

  • Hakeem Jeffries U.S. Representative..why you used that terminology in this hearing? are you involve with mafia, cartels, no legal trafic of whoknow s what??

  • 18 DEMS are facing possible charges of Treason....I'd say this is Serious Business..All Roads leed To OBAMA AND HRC.

  • This badgering and leading of the witness. Isn't it?


  • If Dems put this much effort into investigating Obama, Hillary, and Biden, imagine where we would be as a country!

  • Notice the Dems questioning seems all were coming from the same mind? Most Dems read their notes word per word. When was the last time you seen this many supposedly well educated individuals that thought and elaborated exactly the same?

  • Umm iffin you just got to this country and didnt know which party was right all you would have to do is watch Corey testify to realize he is trying to cover the truth about trump

  • NPR screws up all of their restreams. Thanks Fox for giving us the entirety. NPR should be stripped of their funding and Fox should become our new NPR!

  • Where is Hillary Clinton, and former president Obama's demand to be investigated for election tampering with the whole fisa report and the democrats who colluded with investigating trump to try to influence the 2016 elections and what about Hillary Clinton's hack job with the DNC against Bernie Sanders, why have they walked free of prosecution, I say the Democrats are trying to do a coup and influence the 2020 elections and take over this country by force, overthrowing a country is treasonous and the democratic chair and his colleagues should all face charges, no one including our congress should be above those laws! I really hope President Trump wins in 2020 and republicans take over all democratic seats in every state of this union to prove to the Democrats that they are not appreciated in their false attacks and fake accusations the DNC should be disbanded and another party formed without any former Democrats in it.

  • I finally got to watch the entire hearing. Bottom line: Congress is a joke.

  • Representative Jayapal, just as other Democrats, have a problem comprehending what they read and hear Trump saying. Trump’s tweet, “Statements are made about me by certain people in CMR, in itself written by 18 ADTH, which are fabricated and totally untrue,” was heard and read as, “All statements given by witnesses in the investigation, all those statements, were untrue.” You know, they might not hate Trump so much if they would just “understand” what he says and writes instead of hearing what their hate-filled minds and hearts want to hear.

  • Lewendowski admirably held his ground. These Dems are despicable.

  • I am a Democrat but now I will vote for Donald as president.

    • that makes 2 of us......it's called the "walk away movement".

  • So much empty time grabbing grandstanding by these democucks... The American People want their tax money back!

  • This man is very rude, he should be held in contempt. The only man who stood for the truth is Cohen. All the other rest of Trump's supporters stonewalled every thing. What a shame and most of them will be voted out.

  • You are just rude and disrespectful to the body in aim at protecting the president.

  • No questions - just grandstanding. Why call Corey if all they are doing is reading in Kabookee Theatre. These clowns should just show up read their nonsensical anti-American statements and call it a day. The only things these clowns represent is themselves and the dispicable leftist communists. And no they don't love America. They are trying to - and partially succeeding - in changing America for the worse.

  • Corey Lewandoski is awesome!

  • Continuing MAGA 2020

  • Rep Johnson - one of the DUMBEST persons anywhere. Same guy that thought Guam would "tip over."

  • The party that hatesAmerica is at it again, their never ending quest to be rid of a duly elected President before he exposes the corruption that has infiltrated America’s Departments and agency’s Trump 2020

  • @4:34:50 The Left once again _changes_the_rules_ ...as always! This CRAP MUST STOP!

  • RIP Nadler

  • Do they serve popcorn at this show???? Dr Kel

  • I don;t recall that **but I do remember sitting on the toilet that morning checking my phone calls **any other dates I can not recall so I can not answer all of the questions asked my this stupid body of traitors ***DR KEL

  • Gentlemen, there will be no fighting in the war room!! The citizens deserve reparations from all these twits!

  • ... hell of a book ... I did write that book ... available at fine bookstores. 😂

  • That whole hearing made Democrats look incredibly bad. Huge mistake on their part to attack with foolish rants rather than ask any questions of substance.

  • Universal basic income or a freedom dividend has been requested in assistance as well for the u.s. citizens but it has not touched congress tables its so unfair we've been fighting for this for americans holdiays for years. Its like all were hearing of misconduct swear 9/11s tears will keep on sheding but only america is destroying itseelf from the inside left un-guided, un-protected, un-aided properly lets not gettm into details to deep but we all know as a people edges of cost are one major, and I do not see how its years democrats, and republicans sit here waiting for such a thing requested havent seen a family get together as such in forever lets just hope it prospers through the way of congress.

  • Yall its thousands of democrats, and republicans influencing a way to get all the states u.s. people a universal basic income while all this misconduct from office representatives going away we're getting swept by eight brooms I find it the officials unhealthy to post there videos of nuclear war to the american poeple but pass thousands in general requesting a freedom dividend bill yeahh we the people-2016 yeahh this your land now. (Thousands of democrats an republicans showing their tones as family members I haven't seen that in years, and the people has not heard anything from congress in years.

  • While this going on im 20 years old, homeless still, do not receive housing, do not have proper finacial support, father is deceased, failed to accomplish my diploma three months till my due date, still havent received food stamps, but only get one income social security income, and I habe my ticket to work but no ones wants to hire me, im proscribed to take medications I cant afford to get im car less without family aid influence. (ALWAYS GETTING CALLED POOR BROKE RIGHT HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STATES ARKANSAS, and no-one still has complied with my regard or wish. Anyways can someone get to congress a passed bill of a freedom dividend universal basic income.. It aint like a brother or any of yall god helping me. Due to my talents its like you failed me I cant even tune into my schools functions my locals hospitals fundraisers NOTHING. !

  • $1000.00 freedom dividend universal basic income passed through congress today ! the U.S. 🇺🇸 hates the way their doing citizens, shaking my head im not a robot profile totally real. Cant believe this mess thanks to us individual supporters from different homes democrats, and republicans.

    • Charpentiea Lunnie your previous comment states you’re in Arkansas, and while I have friends in several states; Arkansas is not one of them. I’m in Georgia, and we’re perfectly willing to give you a job here, if you’re willing to push a broom, unless your “schooling” was in automotive technician, or something involving such like electronics, etc (we are full on techs right now, but cleaning the shop would put you here, for when a tech position opens). Can you get to South Georgia? We are a VERY small B2B Auto diagnostic/repair shop. Also, I have a friend with a very small roofing biz in Iowa. Another friend in Nevada, but doesn’t have a business, however I’m sure she could find somewhere. I personally do not believe universal income is the answer. What you need now is someone to give you a chance, the desire to do whatever job you can get, and a little assistance up front from a perspective employer until earning a paycheck.

  • He wrote book “Let Trump be Trump”.... haven’t read it but I will. 🇺🇸Trump 2020

  • Really just think of the taxpayers money they are spending you really want to vote for these people all I have to say dig deep democrats 0 president Trump 10 keep up the good work you are the fools of the usa trump 2020

  • WOW...4:38:06 and it really starts getting hairy at this want to be “lynching”

  • Democrat, what a bunch of CLOWNS! Low IQ Neanderthals with a banana labeled TRUMP stuck on a pole in front of their bone heads. No wonder all large democratic led cities are in such disrepair and falling to 3rd nation status. Hope people wake up and kick their buttes out of office.

  • Why do people always replace the lid on their water bottles if they know they are going to drink from it every few minutes, now thats the question that should've been asked!!!!

  • A disgusting show of our taxes at work

  • Trump 2020 Trump 2024!!!

  • Corey is a god among men. This was the best, smartest testimony I’ve seen since the Dave Chappell special

  • Circus cage freaks show

  • I decided to watch this. Nadler thinks people are suppose to remember what was said, remember where a person was at in a certain day and time 2 years ago or longer without refreshing a memory or notes. How ridiculous!!! Can we remember where we were at 2 years ago at a certain day and time and remember what we said? Heck no!!!!! Great job Cory!! You stood up to Nadler, did what was right. Bag of popcorn, front row seat just watching you perform was priceless!! Nadler needs to be voted out people of NY. Please!!

  • I know this is a late comment but, what are the centrists/ moderates that lean either right or left with to vote for???? Just seems both sides are forgetting about the centrists.

  • Can't believe a self described liar........

  • yeah.. two men meeting to have dinner and talking out of the office about a suggestion for a statement Trump wanted sessions to make regarding an accusation which was demonstrably proven false, a meeting that never even happened is much MUCH more suspicious than an Attorney General and the Husband of the subject of a criminal investigation, having a private meeting for an hour or so in a private plane on the tarmac of an Arizona airport. The house democrats have become the inmates running the asylum..

  • Watched it All!

  • Sheila Jackson Lee: "Volume Eleven(Roman numeral 2) 86..." Dope.

  • I hope Liardowski's wife and kids watched him admit he always lies unless he is under oath...what a PUKE!

  • Nadler obviously can't manage a hot dog cart, let alone a Congressional hearing.

  • maybe I missed something.. the secondaries are monologging or are they questioning

  • Is his name Raskin or Ratskill???

  • Lady behind Corey in the purple/blue has that alpha female look, very powerful. Anyone know who she is?

  • Its remarkable how the Dems are presenting their selves as the protectors of the constitution... the Dems who violated every article. People are waking up slowly and you will see the results in 2020 and I will dare make a prediction, by 2024 US will have a 3rd party.

  • left is so desperate and void of any morale compass. They've resolved to pretend like Trump did something and just start slinging baseless mud and try to get something to stick.

  • I LOVE how he's so much smarter than these jackals. He's got them chasing their tails, spitting mad cuz he won't take their endless bait traps.

  • This is proof the fake news reports lies. Cory and the Trump crime family knows the media reports lies, because they are the ones who lied. Sociopath logic.

  • This whole "hearing" was a joke, literally. The Democrats ask the same questions over and over and the Republicans ask questions that have no relation to what the hearing was meant for. The republicans sound like they are school aged children trying to bully the other children. The fact that Lewandowski has "no recolection" of anything he has said, whether written in the report or not, speaks volumes to his character as a person. Withholding information is in itself an admittance of a lie. Someone who "does not have anything to be guilty for" would have no reason to withhold any information regarding any conversation or other instructions given when asked a question. The executive branch is falling apart from the upper most tier not unlike a cheerleading pyramid trying to put the biggest person as the top and the smallest, weakest person as a base. The only thing we are missing is someone saying "You're fired!". It makes for a great tv show though...until we get nuked out of existence.

  • Sheila Jackson doing her best to win the Title of Dumbest Congressman. So much competition in the Democrat Party.

  • Mr. L., Pretty smart fella, made fools of all of them. "The "self-righteous" know it all DEM woman, who showed her EGOTISTICAL, "I'M better than you citizen, Mr. L." attempted put down, that failed miserably. Laughable, she sure didn't attend Harvard or Duke. Just uppity attitude not needed in the Halls of Congress. Get some schooling on man ners. better than you citizen so shutup!"

    • I did not write that last last sentence. it was added by someone "editing my email!"

  • I'M STAFF!!!! 😁 Hilarious 🤣

  • Mr. Nadler, you are out of your league, retire. Embarrassment to Judicial Committee. Resign.

  • Some day, they’ll write songs about Corey. At the very least, there’ll be a movie in which this testimony is featured

  • Idiots!

  • Whether she says so or not, she is an idiot.

  • Corey’s moral compass is off. He seems like a greasy slime. When was running the trump campaign, he was against lobbyists but as soon as trump got elected and he couldn’t get a job in the administration. He then started a lobbying firm. What a bozo 😂😂

  • This is the rich making poor people fight and distracting poor people

  • Mr. Lewandowski you did Great considering you are not an attorney. I sure hope Republicans hold these clowns accountable for all the wrong doing they have done . The Truth is The Best Policy and Everyone knows that except for the Democrats... So Sad..., But Good Luck with your Book...

  • The us has become a BANANA Republic😂

  • Who’s the clerk? She’s cute! Lol