Living on my Own

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Living on your own isnt as easy as it looks. Or uh… I’m just dumb. Eh
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  • I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

  • Adam that mailman didnt look judgemental Bruh looked amazed

  • i found an "easter egg" the fame is lame grafiti

  • My chakey milk

  • You do you like mha I'm just wondering cause I do

  • ChOcy mIlWk XDDDD


  • so do you have a better apartment yet, or how long until you can switch and get a better one?

  • Well I can't really ignore that's because I'm sick but I still love it I think I might have a fever


  • Adam: Autopay is useful Me thinking: Can't people just sneak in extra bills to get more moolah?

  • I saw a Bakugou poster in adams room. *I see you too are a man of culture adam.*

  • ive been buying my own groccery since 13

  • Adams voice reminds me too much of the comic dub voice that people usually have for Sans.

  • Lol, i should this video to my mom and she said "oh heck no, you are definitely moving out when you go to college" lol

  • That’s it you know! I’m a kid

    • Roseny's Watermelon uhhh I was just saying?

    • Nobody cares, okay kid? He gets to make his own decisions.

  • Pshhh wow

  • Ok I luv ur vids but you cuss... 😂

  • Were is that GOD DAM chocky milk!?

  • Eni mini mint moh XD

  • How many times he mentioned Chocolate milk | V

  • Wait fan mail

  • @SomethingElseYT me a Girl Scout not knowing what Samoas are

    • You clearly aren’t a Girl Scout if you don’t know what those are.

  • 9:41 SomeThingElseYT in the future

  • How old were you when you moved out

  • Im drinking the last of the d**m chocy milk right now

  • I dont know if you've ever watched the nick show Tuff Puppy but the main character says 'chocky milk' just like you do and I find it hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂


  • Did you work for a crime lord

  • I got a bill as a message today. I’m a fricking nine year old.

  • This video made me realize that capitalism is a bad system. Let's all convert to communism

  • Do you have merch

  • You can buy pizza!

  • he protecct he attack but most importantly.... chochy milk his favoriye snacc

  • 9:40 tho-

  • Live on your own they said. It will be fun they said.

  • 1:14

  • somethingelseyt: if you're a kid (which you probably are) then.... also somethingelseyt: *cusses in every video*

  • Grocery list •Chocky milk •Coffee or Tea bags •Potatoes •Frozen pizza •Apples •BANANAS •Milk •Sugar •Salt •Bread •2 min noodles •Spread (like vegemite and shiz) •Gatorade

  • 1:55 deaw adawm

  • Plot twist!! His mom and moved out because Adam drink all of the god dam choky milk!!!!

  • Lol

  • Adam can I be your best freaking friend who you respect and appreciate, LIT!😃

  • Adam can I be your best freaking friend who you respect and appreciate, LIT!😃

  • Has you got your GOD DAMN CHOCCIE MILK yet ? ? ?

  • Try hello fresher u can’t grocery shop.

  • Kill. Me. Now. 😂😂😂😂😂.


  • I'm like that except with food I'm SO GOSH DARN PICKY with food

  • It is not real story right?

  • did someone saw bakugo :3

  • Can you make a video with only the chockie malk in it? I wanna make a meme °vv°

  • Why I am excited to get my own home: 1: I GET TO BUY ALL THE STEVEN UNIVERSE STUFF I WANT 2: Thats all

  • Heres a tip for grocery shopping pick out meals you like and know how to make then go buy the ingredients then just buy like cereal and the main things like bread, cheese, milk etc.

  • grocery list 1:chocky milk 2:hotdogs 3:water 4:cerial 5:milk 6:meat 7:bread 8:eggs 9:salt 10:sugar 11:vegetable oil 12:and did i say chocky milk

  • I love how he said "Let's read some fanmail" but only read one by Terrance the BFFWIRAAL who he respects and appreciates.

  • Wow Adam sure is salty that his mum stole his chocy milk

  • Your the fastest rapper

  • "Who could it be knocking at my door??"🎶

  • A Girl Scout what the yo this bi*ch better have Samoa’s haha all y- hmmmmm wbwbbwbwbwbwbw

  • No Terrence I am his number one fan

  • Who else wich is theod1sowt

  • 😶

  • Adam is that the SCP sound track in there? 3:08

  • I cant relate to this video. Moving out and living on my own was easier than living with my parents.

  • heh?

  • pin me for no reson

  • My apartment came with furniture. That's how I got my filming station.

  • 1 like = 1 chocy milk for Adam

  • Did anyone see bakugo in his poster no? Only me

  • Anyone else saw the Bakugo poster?

  • Maaaaaaaarrrrrrrriiiiiiiioooooo where ms chock milk

  • whats that scar on ur hand

  • Can I get an F in the chat for Terrance

  • lol look at the ratting's next time xD

  • 0:19

  • 1:03 literally I thought someone was knocking at my door

  • Get this man some damn choccy milk

  • 1:18 the power of bills compel you!

  • This is great and all but, WHeRe Is tHe GoDaMM ChOClAte MilK