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Lorde is a two-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, and she's back with her much-anticipated third studio album, Solar Power. The latest single, "Stoned at the Nail Salon," is out now, and there's a multi-continent tour set to begin next year. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the New Zealand pop powerhouse takes on the wings of death and discusses the sound of cicadas, the art of songwriting, and the keys to a perfect onion ring.







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  • Who handled the heat better than Lorde? Strong performance front to back.

    • garyvee

    • Henry Rollins did well, but I think he was just happy to be getting free lunch.

    • Shia LaBeouf. Sauced em all and cleaned em to the bone! Smiling the whole time.

    • Charlize Theron is still #1 in my book. She is a queen for so many reasons.


  • I still follow the onion rings review IG account ✨

  • I live lorde

  • Her best performance ey.

  • The Lorde of the Wings.

  • I fucking love lorde.

  • In case anyone is wondering, Seattle is definitely not the place for good wings. Just saying.

  • I never heard her talk. She is a lot nicer than most artists in this industry.

  • What a doll!!! I was smiling the whole time. She had such a great vibe and energy.

  • Everyone eating literal shit Lorde: Mmmmm! Yummy!

  • Guess we can call her, Lorde of the Wings, get it?

  • What was not mentioned was that sales from the album goes to support environnemental causes and the Maori people

  • randy marsh really doing this lorde thing huh

  • Lol the first time she winces and she's complaining about the *bitterness*

  • Damn, he's looking like a newbie in comparison.

  • The Lorde of The Wings

  • Yayaya I'm Lorde , Lorde Lorde Lorde yayaya

    • @Graeme Henderson It's just a joke you clown. Cleary you have watched too many documentaries to be this sad and angry about a joke 🤡🤦🏾. You should go back to Twitter and say how you feel you Stan 🤡.

    • South Park Spam Trolls are the pox of the internet with their stale, dumb, boring, comments ruining every Lorde video comment section.

  • She’s also a talented geologist in a tiny little mountain town.

    • South Park Spam Trolls are the pox of the internet with their stale, dumb, boring, comments ruining every Lorde video comment section.

  • im absolutely vibing with her trying to slightly americanise her kiwi accent bc otherwise people just . do not understand us

  • Inhale, bite and chew, exhale. This young woman is a pro.

  • My goodness she's beautiful . The way she talks, her face, voice, hair etc. Exudes lovely person ~~

  • Usually I am laughing at guest reactions but here I’m smiling and in awe of the goddess Lorde.

  • Wow I just fell in love with this person. I obviously herd the name lorde I will have to check out her music.

  • Someone comments "The Lorde of The Wings" in other video. Thats godly

  • Dunno..I think I'm in love with her personality

  • Lorde truly cannot be harmed. It’s as simple as that.

  • Lorde of the wings

  • Damn can't believe they got Randy Marsh on the show!

  • Should've dropped mic before singing into it to borrowed tunes..or singing full stop

  • "mmm! yummy wing, yummy! 😊😋" - no one on this show ever/Lorde

  • Performance enhancing infection, bold pre-game COVID strategy CONFIRMED!

  • the Lorde of the wings

  • She was a total champ! Nicely done.

  • Lorde of the Wings

  • Dude that dude has small hands

  • She's so charming.

  • This makes me wonder how my Carolina reaper hot sauce that I make measures up to the hottest sauce on Hot Ones. Lorde was a champ! 🤣

  • If golden retriver is a human being, lorde would be that.

  • 16:26 woah she sounded like Jennifer Lawrence.

  • They are really vibing! love this

  • God she's so cool especially hearing her talk about cheese!!!

  • She's not even sweating

  • Can we PLEAAAASSSSEEE invite her back to be a guest host? She is so thoughtful, and well spoken, and engaging. Ugh we need Lorde to host!!!!

  • If this episode was the first for somebody to watch the hot ones, they would not understand what is the show about. Just go watch Gordon Ramsay episode next )))))

  • The Lorde of the Wings

  • PNW Walla Walla Onion Rings.

  • I… forgot she’s only 24… wow


  • They have great chemistry! They both seem super intellectual.

  • The Lorde of the Wings

  • Sean: almost crying. Gordon: basically dying. Lorde: mMmMmm!!! yUMmM!! *takes another bite*

  • Hunger games yah yah yah

    • South Park Spam Trolls are the pox of the internet with their dumb, stale, boring comments spoiling every Lorde video comment section.

  • Ok... I've decided she's starving.

  • Tbh I live under a rock. I have no idea who this woman is but I came for the fact she was the LORDe of the hot wings!

    • Here are some of the artists who have spoken highly of her. David Bowie, Dave Grohl, Alice Cooper, Stevie Nicks, Randy Newman, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John. She is highly respected in the industry, well worth listening to.

  • The Lorde of the Wings indeed

  • Wow! Lorde! What a class act. Whoever raised this young lady: Well done!

  • This is even more entertaining if you watch it right after the Idris Elba episode 😂

  • didn't even know it was time for the final wing wth

  • I miss this singer

  • spicy food tolerance must now be rated on a scale from eric andre to lorde

  • Lorde of the wings

  • did she go for the triple bite on the last wing...?

  • does she get a crown of wings or something

  • How tf can she still taste going into the last one, I have spicy ramen and my taste buds are burnt off and stop working properly 0.o mad props Ella sheeesh

  • Is New Zealand known for spice food? I'm so impressed with how unbothered she was.

  • The amount of sauce she put on 😬

  • Sean was out here venting while lorde was basting the hell out of her wing with the last dab 😭😭

  • besides her incredible energy in this.......im so obsessed with her speaking voice

  • lorde eat the hottest pepper challenge (i assume its either carolina reaper)

  • Represent Lorde! Mauri ora e te tuahine !

  • Lorde just absolutely crushes the wing gauntlet with nothing but a runny nose. No redness, no sweatting, no loss of speech, nothing. Mad respect! She's literally just having lunch with Sean XD

  • Lorde is an absolutely delightful person. I love her eloquence and genuineness, and her tolerance for hot sauces is impressive. I think her and Gordon Ramsay are the only hot wing interviews I’ve watched to completion. I really like her!

  • this is exactly the content I needed to see today. lorde talking about onion rings made me cry

  • Handled like a true proper introvert!

  • I’ve never heard Lorde say a single word until I watched this video

  • The Lorde Of The Wings

  • Aussies and New Zealanders are built different 💪🏻

  • Two most impressive guests: 1. Lorde 2. Stone Cold Steve Austin

  • 😂the way she looks almost guilty about eating all of the last-dab wing She is such a sweet person!

  • I have a new appreciation for Lorde. I never really knew her except she was from New Zealand... personality is as awesome as you would want from a true pop icon... amazing

  • I love her song royal

  • the Lorde of the Wings

  • im convinced lordes tongue is dead and she was just starving

  • First Of All. I Feel Like I Learned A Lot About “Taste” Through Lorde. I Experienced A Whole Mental Journey. Lorde Is As Cool As I Made Her Out To Be 😂

  • Lorde of the Wings

  • I just watched Steve-o before this and how she handled this insanely better than someone who does way worse than this for fun amazes me

  • Lordes a super chill woman Nice spirit

  • god i love her, i love her devotion to food lol

  • Bet she lost her taste to COVID

  • You can feel the camera man’s awe and shock as she just globs it on man 20:08

  • This needs more views, she’s amazing

  • How did i never know Lorde wasn’t American till just now

  • I miss eating spice like this. But my boyfriend can’t handle spice, he’s got awful heartburn, so I have to stick to black pepper at most 😪

  • Randy Marsh is a God … 👀

    • South Park Spam Trolls are the pox on the internet with their stale, dumb, boring comments.

  • the woman version of report of the week

  • Dudes talking...nd she's dabbing the shit out that wing lol

  • Lorde: mh…*good soup*

  • Lord of the wings

  • She's even more badass than I thought.

  • Wow! She’s a gamer. And also seems like a genuinely cool and intelligent person.