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In this emotional episode of Impaulsive, our roommate & best friend Dwarf Mamba speaks on the struggles of being a little person, his addictive coping mechanisms and his lost friendship with Logan.
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.


  • This mans said wogen

  • Its upsetting seeing how broke down evan is when you can find glimpses of his amazing character shine through between the tough stuff hes obviously struggling with.

  • I think Evan has witnessed the creator manifest in his life its a beautiful touching and crippling pain its realisation of self smoke enough weed you'll get there fast.

  • I wish i had a mate like mike hes been through some similar experiences to me and he really cares about his homies.

  • Props to mike on this one he gained some respect and much love for Evan

  • JK

  • I feel like Logan just liked having his Dwarf friend around for content and now that hes not making vlogs anymore, he doesnt care, hes over it.

    • yeah that's exactly what's going on here. Rather sad but I am not surprised with his character

  • Logan acts like he makes the GREATEST CONTENT and his purpose is to make people laugh??? I dont even find him that funny.

  • Logan is a red pill alpha and Evan is a blue pill beta. Hierarchy of the wolf pack, plain and simple.

  • Ugh Bandana is so annoying.... Like Logan can take a little criticism its okay.... Stop kissing his ass

  • Evans so cute wtf

  • Hahaha the nobody in the bandana rides logans jock so hard lol


  • I agree with Logan unfortunately we cannot be the driving force for others happiness, if your friend is depressed and you are there for him but he’s not listening to you for a long period of time, that is just becoming toxic for you and putting you down too. Unfortunately we are all responsible for our own lifes

  • Evan says that being called a kid is one of his biggest pet peeves. Logan calls him a kid at 1:19:12

  • Mate Logan this is worse than the Japan incident You were fucking best friend ps you even made a best friends series it’s like you wnat to be hated you replaced him idiot He needs you and you need him

  • 1:20:57 damn bro Evan hurt dawg

  • You can give a man fish he eats once, you teach a man to fish he eats forever. In other words, instead of telling him the same shit thinking it’ll help him which only works temporally, how about spending an hour or so to teach him how to handle certain situations? Dont take advice from Logan, maybe you can from Mike, but then again, they will keep giving you fish instead of teaching you. You need to understand, you need to find fulfillment in yourself to be able to focus on a goal you picked, which will minimize your distractions and sometimes depression. Anyways, hope he figures it out.

  • Replace Spencer with Evan please

  • Mike needs to stop protecting this, its bullshit, The forest shit is about to be 2 years old that's like me Kickn it over Chris Browns house & when he leaves behind his back I say "When do you think he gonna beat up rihanna again?" Like that's not coo

  • Even should do Gameplays, if he enjoy playing games that much, why not be the G of Dwarf Gaming

  • Mike is very endearing on this podcast.

  • Spencer is quite out of touch with the actual world. I like his outlook on life is beautiful but it's fantasy. Logan understands how to interpret Spencer's message in a more realatable way.

  • Evan is lost and trying to figure out what to do with his life. He is just using video games as a pastime until he finds that meaning in his life. Logan is trying to help. What Evan needs is a daily job. In my opinion can we have Evan take Spencer's place on some podcasts. I think his perspective could be very useful on the podcast. Can we try him out? I would love to see him debateing guests on the podcast. Who knows that might be his calling in life, and it would awesome if you could give him that opportunity Logan. Evan needs a stable routine like a job. Logan clearly loves Evan and visa versa. It's hard to see this friendship struggle because Evan is so unsure of himself. I hope you both figure it out. From A fan of you both.

  • Evan we love you ❤️

  • that was real. enjoyed the last years of content. and logan definilety is a reflected and caring person. but he's also a businessman no question. could be soo beneficial to consult a professional mediator/supervisor for upcoming team workflows... because you just can't expect to being able to handle every aspect of your business, especially not the most important aspect of keeping the work and team enviroment healthy. Just get someone to accompany your team, that's the easiest, most progressive, most beneficial method to everybody on the team. Be aware that all of you worked your asses off over the last years. And a body and a mind and a heart and a soul needs rest sooner or later. My two cents: start meditating in your team, awareness exercises, practice mindfullness in everything you do in your 24/7 worklife. You will become unstoppalble! all the power and solutions you are seeking, are within yourself! But you gotta admit, that you will not find out, when youre working everyday n allday. they say: allow yourself at least 30 mins of meditation everyday. only if youre too busy, then do it for an hour! =) peace n love 2ya logang

  • What was said in the audio cut at 1:12:15? I can't read lips yo

  • I really don't like the guy who sits next Logan hate him

    • There’s plenty of other podcasts. Sure you will still be watching fagbag

  • Is this a troll or serious?

  • I think Evan needs a girl... just facts I’ve been exactly where he is, needing that close relationship with my friends who go off to do their own thing and the reason I was depressed was because I was single. Friends are temporary but girls can be for life

  • I think Evan needs a girl... just facts I’ve been exactly where he is, needing that close relationship with my friends who go off to do their own thing and the reason I was depressed was because I was single. Friends are temporary but girls can be for life

  • So you cried coz he called you Tyrian? Yikes

  • He needs mood stabilizers

  • This is the only podcast that I haven’t turned off due to some kind of boredom. Evan is an amazing guy.

  • Is Logan and this guy fuckin ? This little cunt is acting like a 13yr old schoolgirl...blubbing about just how 'hurt' he was over totally pointless bollox ....Be nice to have a life where such tiny things are important and something to cry about...Or you can just laugh off loosing dumb things like a rolex n shit.....First world spoilt cunt problems..

  • this is so sad

  • I honestly don't like Mike or this new Logan Paul I want the old thing back Logan, evan, and Brandon

  • Im on logan's side! He has a goal in life and doesnt want any distractions.

  • I really liked this podcast😊

  • Mike is a very genuine person. No kap

  • 1:41:40 Frking Mike👏👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌

  • Can anyone read lips 🤔what did he say at 1:12 🤔

  • Yoooo..... the way this video began 🙊😯😶😶😶

  • No cap, frankly Logan needs to realize his mental state and I'll tell you what it is. Like he said, finding love is his life goal. Hes attracted to women he feels would never actually be the faithful loyal girlfriend/wife he actually wants. I'm telling you, what he wants is simply to feel the love only a female can give. If youve ever heard of the 5 Love languages. 1 words of appreciation, 2 quality time, 3 gifts, 4 acts of service, 5 physical touch. I'm guessing Evans strongest responses to love come from Physical touch, quality time and acts of service, in that order. Some people (perhaps Logan) shows love with gifts. Evan probably doesnt respond to gifts like someone else who responds strongly through recieving gifts, might. Concerning Evans depression and lack of motivation, this is where that comes from.- Evan probabaly has a dick proportional to his body, right? And all the other insecurities that come along with being a short person, Well combine this with the life goal of finding love, and having quality time and physical touch as your strongest love responses and what you have is a Guy who generally doesnt feel loved when being surrounded by guys who snag girls without thought, and not having someone who shares their time with him often. I bet he has difficulty reaching out to people also and saying what he really feels (hence contacting Mike as a mediator in some instances)...Due in part because of a lack in self confidence, partially because he doesnt want to bother people with his feels, and perhaps is afraid to even address all these problems completely honestly with people. He probably also gains validation from people who actually listen to him. I guaruntee you, hes used to getting cut off, or losing your attention quickly and being "overlooked" (by 'you', meaning; anyone generally in his life.) All Evan wants is to find "Love", right? Brotherly love, is one thing, but hes talking romantic love. Love for him, I'm telling you, is quality time and physical touch. And as much as carrying him around on your shoulders would probably put him in a happy mood, when he sits in his room what hes really stuck with is a racing mind (that he silences with distractions such as video games) and what runs through his head is the thoughts hes stuck with, which is the idea that no matter how hard he tries he wont and can't be good enough to attract and keep a womans love. As much as I guaruntee you, he wants a girlfriend to spend time with, hook up, make out and all that, with, since those are the factors that make him feel loved the most, just the same, physical touch and quality time (spent away from him) are the things that make him feel betrayed, jealous, worthless and sad. So, as much as he desprately wants that relationship, hes struggling with powerful feelings of fear of abandonment, helplessness and unworthiness. Logan was probably the Alpha personality that showed Evan (the Bravo personality) whats up and introduced him to tons of stuff growing up. Now Logan's attention is shifting towards his own life goals. And now he hasnt found that same type of friendship or love relationship to fill the gap. Evan probably likes logan the most when its just them two. In groups he feels less important and less needed and wanted by his friends. What he really wanted (at least what would have worked) when he got up and stormed off the show would have been if Logan followed him and turned him around by the shoulder and asked him to come back on...or even if Logan picked him up and hoisted him back into the room playfully against his will. These are the behaviors that will force a smile on his face when hes feeling depressed and angry and frustrated. Long term you two should learn eachothers love language and work on getting better at speaking eachothers love language. Long term, What he desperately wants is genuine attention and affection from a female. Short term, he also wants/needs this from his friends. And he also needs an Alpha leader type personality, like Logan, to help push and pull him (quite literally) out of his comfort zone.

  • Bruh 9000 followers that’s good you used to be there to Logan remember respect the grind mike

  • Don’t watch logan but Evan went from being in all his vids to barely any pretty quickly it seems

    • "i don't watch Logan" "Evan is in all of Logans videos" Okey

  • hi,, how are ya

  • 2:02:35 its actually a yellow kid. therefor asian with black hair. L¤L

  • 2:01:16 kids really grind my "gear" PEDOPHILE LOL. gear = slang for dick also.

  • 1:23:55 mikes lieing

  • Spcener is just getting on Logans good side bum buddies

  • 1:06:45 vegan jew crooked nose with diamond necklace and hairband hahaahahah

  • 1:02:40 the dwarf looks like Gizmo! found him! gyazo.com/9f4525eab68900ca13bf3a8f34cb7a3e

  • 1:00:03 is spencer a jew? crooked nose lmao

  • Wow ... this was soooo deep, at many levels.

  • mike is the most important person in these podcasts

  • Mike is so right hahah mike gives people who don’t like Logan’s a chance lmao

  • Someone tell me who they are talking about when they talk about someone going to there house making jokes about the suicide forest thing

  • sorry evan. I was diagnosed hypothyroid from an inactive pituitary gland at age 2 and then given medicine until age 21 to supplement my pituitary gland (which I think is a common treatment depending on the cause of dwarfism and when it's caught). I'm average height now and sooo lucky. Sorry to hear about your tough times, but you are a fighter & will stay strong :)

  • Evans the man. and mike bro you are fuckin hilarious and make this podcast