Magic Johnson says Lakers GM was ‘backstabbing’, Luke Walton firing was the final straw | First Take

Dipublikasikan tanggal 20 Mei 2019
Magic Johnson explains that he wanted to fire Luke Walton, but Los Angeles Lakers executive Tim Harris wanted to retain him and identifies Lakers GM Rob Pelinka as the “backstabber.”
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  • Lavar was right

  • magic johnson was right about lakers gm was backstabbing ?

  • I'm happy to see that most people outside of delusional Laker Land now realize that Magic is a piss poor basketball executive and one of the most myopic human beings to ever live. If there's a microphone within a thousand feet of this piece of shit, he'll find it to give his ignorant views on anything and everything. Meanwhile, Larry Legend's legend continues to grow and grow as time goes on. Better overall player than Tragic on the court and quite obviously a better coach and executive by a mile. I don't see Larry Bird looking for a microphone every chance he gets saying "look at me, look at me". As always, Bird is pure class while HIV Johnson, the sex addict, is a pure ass. And OHHHHH how that pisses you Lakers fans off, right?!?!?!?!?! Just admit the truth, it'll be a lot easier for you than to defend this worthless pile of pig shit.

  • Magic Johnson Has HIV...lmaooooo..!!!

    • I won't laugh at Tragic for this but he brought it upon himself. But not by fucking every porn star in America but by HOMOSEXUAL sex. The odds of a male contracting the disease from a female is virtually nil. The vast majority of it comes from male on male sex which I truly believe 32 engaged in. I never saw Larry Bird going around slapping other guys asses, kissing them before an NBA Finals game or acting like a total queer. And it's why Larry is universally respected some 27 years after his retirement as a player and why Magic is now widely considered an absolute buffoon.

  • Why did you resign? “Because I suck at this.” “Sounds about right.

    • You are right, he DOES suck at any executive position in basketball. Let's face it, he's no Larry Bird off the court. And Magic is an absolute quitter.

  • Magic Johnson is a man whore, a walking STD, and a sexist lowlife that enjoys discouraging his daughter's sexuality, but not his sons. He deserves to have his d*** chopped off. Hs is the reason this world is still so sexist!!

    • @Kamran Pierre What do you mean by "what"? Do you not understand a fact? Magic Johnson took his name all too literally and engaged in thousands of extra marital affairs, including SAME SEX affairs, which is how he contracted HIV. He IS a man whore and a totally myopic son of a bitch who will find the first TV camera or open microphone to get some undeserved pub. Oh yeahhhhh, 32, show up at EVERY Michigan State game in the NCAA tourney so the camera can focus on your fat blown up face 100's of times a game. This guy is a fucking cartoon character. Yosemite Sam has nothing on Tragic.

    • What

  • Magic Johnson is a lowlife scum that enjoys oppressing women and encouraging sexism by discouraging his daughter's sexuality/interests, but not his sons. He is the reason this world is still so f***ing sexist!!! I hope he dies from HIV!!

    • Absolutely the truth. Has there ever been an off the court scandal about Larry Bird?

  • Obviously the GM they are talking about is LeBron James.

  • Magic is a bitch not a true Laker

    • Yes Sir, he IS a bitch and that BITCH is all about himself, not the Lakers or anything else. The biggest glory hound in the history of this world. SO glad more and more people realize that now.

    • TRUTH

  • i like the positivity

  • Another example of HOP thinking he can run an organization... One has nothing to do with the other.

  • I love Magic Johnson to death however u can’t run an organization being there 40% of the time.

  • Rob Pelinka is actually doing a great job now. From the coach hiring to the amazing free agent signings. The trade for AD. Lakers are rolling and i think Pelinka does have that work ethic

    • WAY better than Magic but the Lakers won't get past the 2nd round and now that they've acquired Stage 4 cancer (Dwight Howard) they likely won't even make the playoffs.

  • You know who else blame everyone for their own demise? *FAILURES* -UrinatingTree June 2019

  • Lavar said it from day 1

  • Fire Luke? Darn, he was in the struggle with the Lakers. As many can honesty recall the word "quitter" is Magic. He quit as a coach decades ago. Now, he quit as General manager. So Walton isn't on the court.

  • How Did Magic Johnson catch H.I.V.??? He was in his car then pulled over to the side of the road as he blew a Piston.

    • I get your point and agree. He contracted the disease through HOMOSEXUAL sex, I personally guarantee it. A man contracting HIV from a woman is virtually impossible. Magic Johnson might not be a full blown faggot but he IS, at the bare minimum, Bi-Sexual. And the ultimate quitter.

  • We need Jerry West back he's builds champion teams

  • Kobe for Coach 🙏🏽

    • Yeah, I'm sure that would work out very well. LOL

  • btw, it was nick's fault! dangelo was only telling the truth!

  • Just concern of his self Its good he is out of lakers

  • I am with Magic all the way.

  • This video is a part of a 77 video playlist by ESPN entitled “Magic Johnson resigns from the Lakers”. Seventy-Seven videos!?!?!

  • This interview came back to haunt the Lakers in FA

  • Magic could play a ninja turtle without any changes to his face. Just paint him green and he's good to go :-)

  • Magic said he quit “because it wasn’t fun anymore” lol did he think he was having a orgy from the 80’s????

    • If your at a job with terrible co workers and dumb ass bosses I would quit too and im assuming you would too

  • Magic is a selfish egomaniac

  • The interview that can possibly fuck up the chances of the Lakers getting Kawhi.

  • Nobody: Not a single soul: Stephen A. : Purlinka

  • Under Magic the Lakers for Lonzo,Kuz and Hart and only Kuzma remains and you could say that Kuzma was more of a lucky pick than a good basketball decision so it really makes you wonder just how beneficial Magic was for the franchise now that we have AD, all the possible cap space we needed badly and possibly Kawhi

  • Do you think Magic would want to go back in time and not do this interview?

  • I don't think another GM (I know he was Prez, whatever) has ever backstabbed and betrayed his team like Magic did. He deserves to be booed by Lakers fan at every sports appearance. For an incredibly selfless player, he turned into the most selfish NBA Administrator in history.

  • Magic was a DISASTER. He started the interview by saying, i make more money with my businesses? DONT TAKE THE JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE THEN, THIS ISNT SOME HOBBY YOU CAN HALF ASS.

  • Finally the Lakers are doing the right thing since the days of Jerry Bush, firing Magic Johnson, a great player but terrible manager, and Luke Walton the worst coach.

  • Magic never had a good character. Slept with thousands of women!!!!

    • dragolax90210 he was a low character person. Always selfish even with this situation

    • lol that this fuckboi/incel comment is coming from someone with hustler in their name

  • Their a hot mess!

  • White dude looks weird! (Haircut).

  • Rob P, a classic punk-ass white boy on the job, throwing a n***a under the bus for his own gain. Been there before too!


  • “I make more money doing that then being the PRESIDENT of the Lakers” ...magic just low key stunned on everybody with that one sentence and no one even realized it....

    • O R bruh nobody gives 2 fucks about what kinda money HE’s making. He just tryna point out IRRELEVANT shit to distract from that fact that he’s snitching out his whole organization and basically is tryna set the house aflame AS he walks out the door.. childish shit by magic and I’m really let down by how he’s actin. Only kids will think that bragging about yo money is cool.. *yawn*..

  • For the life of me! i cant figure why this negro is smiling so damn much consider these facts! 1.Hes walking around with the that monster 2.He has a son walking on sunset acting and wearing clothes like a women 3.He was setup for the biggest failures in laker history and couldn't figure it out fast enough , so he made a Bad exit for a real boss Hell i would be mad as hell, Yet he is smiling like all is good , Something anit right

  • I disagree with Magic Johnson on the fire Luke Walton he was never given a real shot just to be successful he should have been at least given one more year with Anthony Davis and lebron on the same team magic seems to forget before LeBron got hurt last year lakers was about to take over the top spot in the west

  • Rob pelinka it's a snake

  • I loved earvin as a college player, but when he went to LA and whined at the rrefs and banged all the hoes I lost respect. He is a well dressed lazy bum. Poor coach and poor GM.

  • Stephen A: Rob Pelinker Magic Johnson: Shaggy P

  • steven a is a clown

  • Magic you're a quitter! As soon as the going gets tough he exits, anybody remember his record as coach?...5-11, he quit! Now this! Do me a favor & keep your word, DON'T COMMENT on the Lakers, C-ya quitter!!!

  • Are you saying you resigned as gm of the Lakers because of office gossiping? LMFAO welcome to any job you've ever had anywhere. You resigned because despite every lucky break imaginable you drove the franchise into the shit hole which is why the carpet was being pulled out from under you pertaining to decision making power. How can you say you quit because of gossiping while your actively participating in gossip on a national tv show? What a weak cop out..... LOL

  • A job is a job Magic thought he was the Owner that's no no Rob took the job how it suppose to be the Lakers need improvement not set backs til now Rob has done his job

  • But u quitin made u look weak because now Rob is going to get the credit not u

  • Excellent video! Continue producing good content and you will get bigger rapidly! Subscribe to our channel and then we could subscribe back to you!

  • Magic was great NBA HOF guy, a legend. Fun guy, nice guy, would want him as a neighbor guy. Sharp enough to pick great managers for his business empire. BUT he is a true moron at Basketball Operations. He made every bad decision one could possibly could make, he played the clown to every other GM in the league. Sure they did some backstabbing, they had to!

    • He was the best point guard ever but a terrible coach, analyst, and president of basketball operations.

  • Isn't he dead yet 🤔

  • Maybe Kareem should be the next GM

  • 'Bout damn time that Magic start getting it from behind, since Magic has been doing the same thing to people ever since Paul Westhead was (very briefly) the coach of the Lakers. Magic takes what Magic wants, and will shiv you in the back if you EVER get in his bleeping way. This guy is a worthless lying sack. No surprise here. Glad he's gone. The Lakers are already the better for it.

  • Should never have traded D'Angelo Russel to get that father & son drama duo. Stephen A is right, blunder move. Its not Waltons fault for 'the brass' bringing in a 3rd tier point guard when you had an All Star in the making. Quit blaming & Own it!

  • I had a theory all alone that magic Johnson would possibly quit or be forced out and that Rob pelinka would get credit for something like an Anthony Davis trade..... What do you think?

  • “People don’t know... I got allies... I got friends everywhere.” -Magic

    • Car Ram-Rod You’re absolutely correct, of course he’s Magic. I loved the quote and the way he said it, he sounded so Gangster, Tony-Montana like! Ha, I appreciate your participation, always welcome for SportsTalk.

    • Project World he’s magic Johnson lol who df doesn’t know he’s got friends everywhere? Magic is trippin on this one..

  • Magic got tired of being a token

  • will Kobe be next GM?