Magic Johnson says Lakers GM was ‘backstabbing’, Luke Walton firing was the final straw | First Take

Dipublikasikan tanggal 20 Mei 2019
Magic Johnson explains that he wanted to fire Luke Walton, but Los Angeles Lakers executive Tim Harris wanted to retain him and identifies Lakers GM Rob Pelinka as the “backstabber.”
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  • Magic you're a quitter! As soon as the going gets tough he exits, anybody remember his record as coach?...5-11, he quit! Now this! Do me a favor & keep your word, DON'T COMMENT on the Lakers, C-ya quitter!!!

  • Are you saying you resigned as gm of the Lakers because of office gossiping? LMFAO welcome to any job you've ever had anywhere. You resigned because despite every lucky break imaginable you drove the franchise into the shit hole which is why the carpet was being pulled out from under you pertaining to decision making power. How can you say you quit because of gossiping while your actively participating in gossip on a national tv show? What a weak cop out..... LOL

  • A job is a job Magic thought he was the Owner that's no no Rob took the job how it suppose to be the Lakers need improvement not set backs til now Rob has done his job

  • But u quitin made u look weak because now Rob is going to get the credit not u

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  • Magic was great NBA HOF guy, a legend. Fun guy, nice guy, would want him as a neighbor guy. Sharp enough to pick great managers for his business empire. BUT he is a true moron at Basketball Operations. He made every bad decision one could possibly could make, he played the clown to every other GM in the league. Sure they did some backstabbing, they had to!

  • Isn't he dead yet 🤔

  • Maybe Kareem should be the next GM

  • Magic:I couldn’t make the AD trade I quit Rob:Hold my bear

  • 'Bout damn time that Magic start getting it from behind, since Magic has been doing the same thing to people ever since Paul Westhead was (very briefly) the coach of the Lakers. Magic takes what Magic wants, and will shiv you in the back if you EVER get in his bleeping way. This guy is a worthless lying sack. No surprise here. Glad he's gone. The Lakers are already the better for it.

  • Should never have traded D'Angelo Russel to get that father & son drama duo. Stephen A is right, blunder move. Its not Waltons fault for 'the brass' bringing in a 3rd tier point guard when you had an All Star in the making. Quit blaming & Own it!

  • I had a theory all alone that magic Johnson would possibly quit or be forced out and that Rob pelinka would get credit for something like an Anthony Davis trade..... What do you think?

  • “People don’t know... I got allies... I got friends everywhere.” -Magic

  • Magic got tired of being a token

  • will Kobe be next GM?

  • Sounds like Magic Johnson received some death threats heard about it then was later confirmed by his connections on the Streets. (His affiliations outside of basketball). He was even warned by other team organizations to watch out for Rob. No way he just quit over some trash talk.

  • cant feel bad for magic because he hired rob.

  • He admits he wasn’t in the office enough bc “he can’t give up his other businesses bc they make him more money” but gets mad someone said he’s not in the office enough?

    • Mike Hill that’s the deal that Magic and Jeanie had, any other exec wouldn’t have agreed to such terms.

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  • magic sucked gave away d'angelo, randle, lopez wanted to trade entire young core for davis lol

    • Justin they traded a lot more to get him without magic. So you suck!

  • steve smith is the biggest piece of shit sportcaster in the business.The Joy Behar of the view

  • Sometimes the ones with the brightest smiles have the darkest secrets... magic really showed the flaws in him these last few months. I love magic but he’s been up to some petty bullshit .

  • Magic Johnson is a class act over last 40 years -he is loved all over the world - Best of Luck Magic

  • Magic Johnson should be the President of the United States of America if he can bring the Lakers down from their financial thing to land LeBron and then he knows what he’s talking about

  • Nothing like this ever happens in the MLB or NHL. I wonder why(te)...get it?!

  • why the talking heads constantly bring up la bron james. I am tired of him and his names. lakers's looser

  • If Magic was around more then he would have had more clout the fact he was around that much with such a high position doesn't surprise me what does he expect they wouldn't give him the staff he wanted cause if his absence those people Rob P Jeanie Buss they are not fit for there position s as it is so absence and dealing with those 2 yes things can fall apart to many cooks for the meal to many opinions Miss Buss isn't doing the ownership position like it should be done so all that is dysfunction

  • So unprofessional. That thing shouldn't be discussed in the media. Those things that Mr Johnson uttered are normal hostilities per se in a corporate setting. Decision makers has their detractors and if one takes that rule, should be prepared on the consequences of the choices made - whether if it is positive or negative. I think Mr Magic Johnson couldn't take the heat, and just making some excuses here.

  • Much respect to magic and all hes done for the Lakers! But.... he said early on. Hes more focused on other jobs and it paid him way more. So why in the heck would a part timer who can gives a shit about being gm make all the big decisions?

  • After reading that GREAT article (edit)by ESPN on Magic & The Lakers front office, it seems like MAGIC STABS TOO. He just does it from the front.

  • Seeing what Magic did to I Thomas, I would hold back what Magic says about Tim Harris.

  • I want to see how y'all so-called smart Rich guys like white people use y'all like that even though they didn't even make the playoffs I think the Lakers with LeBron Jersey was one of the highest selling jersey Joe look it up look how much money you made the magic and what they do stab you in the back that's what you get n**** f*** with your own click but you don't f****** with the white people cuz y'all think y'all White

  • Yeah but you got them LeBron so you didn't get s*** out the deal

  • A rich dummy

  • You might be allies you might be friends but you ain't white that's what you get for working for white people

  • jeannie ruining the lakers smh this is what happens when ur daddy makes the best franchise in sports then leaves it to a child who has NO experience at all. thats what happens.. Wont fire cause ur good friends with him? You dont fucking keep ppl that do the job wrong cause ur friends, u cant get attached. Jeannie hired Rob cause he was kobes agent too lmao gtfo rob is shady af everyone knows that in the league.. i know for a FACT rob been clapping jeannie cheeks 100% i wud bet my right nut.. and my left nut too

  • Johnson was no good the position with the Lakers exposed him to everything that his not.

  • Rob didnt backstab Magic. To backstab is to talk unfairly about someone who is not present. In the beginning notice Magic said I have other things to attend to. So it was fair for Rob to critize someone who is not there. Not Rob fault for speaking the TRUTH. If anything Magic shouldnt have taken the job in the first place can you imagine someone working at company for 25% and people are going to talk especially when those people are putting 100% and than Magic gets all butthurt when people are talking. Magic playing victim. POOR LIL MAGIC MAN THE NERVE OF THIS GUY AND THAN TRASH ROB AND THE WHOLE LAKERS ORGANIZATION FOR WHAT? MAGIC YOU SHOULD OF KEPT YOUR MOUTH CLOSED AND KEEP IN HOUSE. BE THE BIGGER PERSON BUT NO YOU COULDNT YOU ONLY HURT YOURSELF. YOU LOST ALL MY RESPECT MAGIC.

  • Hmmmm. At least Magic has the understanding that Ball is special.

  • Kept swaggy over D Russell lol epic fail right there magic deserved to step down just for that and lonzo is a stud the lakers fell apart after he got hurt plays defense'and team basketball

  • Typical white man when you in a higher position than they are they are always looking to backstab you and take your position they love power too much

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  • Stop snitching bitch!!!

  • Question. Does Magic Johnson still step down had he not failed to sign another super star? Should his resignation be an indicator that no one's coming to the Lakers to help Lebron? He said he would after 2 years on the job back when Jeanie hired him. If I'm a Lakers fan I'm concerned because if one of the most iconic, loved, respected Lakers and sports figure of all time couldn't get another super star to join the Lakers then just who the hell can? This begs the question Why wasn't Magic able to do this? The sooner Jeanie and company finds the answer the sooner they can take actions. I'll give them a hint for free. Rid the place of toxins.

  • How can you elevate someone when you are not in the office?

  • Magic could be a visionary for athletes in the future. They still accept wages, albeit 20-30 million dollar wages, but could certainly ask for part ownership of the franchise in their contract. Sort of a high priced form of socialism. What if Lebron asked for 5 percent ownership of a team for life as part of his contract as did all top nba stars? 30 million seems alot until you realize the billions the teams are worth and the value all coming from the employees that accept salary without ownership. Do teams really need Donald Sterling types that become billionares solely through the priviliege of ownership?. Then just pass the ownsership to their kids? Nba might be a perfect place to try socialism.

  • Erving Johnson is a sneaky, bossy, rat bastard. Period. Thinks the world revolves around him. Why air shit out in media. #keepitmoving

  • Straight out lying about the reason to get rid of D'angelo Russell

  • Just like his talk show, he was too dumb for the job !!!!!!!!!

  • It's not like he needs the money.

  • It work rob made you what he wanted...

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  • You sound like a bitch snitch

  • This guy talks gay body language gay ass fuck no wonder his son turn out to be a fag

  • Why is Stephen a Smith so annoying

  • "No, just Rob." I don't believe you, Magic.

  • I wonder what Luke Walton would say about this.

  • Idk, why they have max on the show. All that dude know is boxing, he don't know anything other then boxing. Thats why nobody takes ESPN serouis no more. Because it's garbage

  • First he left because it wasn't fun anymore.. Then he left because it was planned all along and he knew he'd be grooming the new guy to replace him, because he was OK with new guy mouthing off about him (which is what made this not fun anymore, even though it didn't matter), and now he's glad the plan worked the whole time. YAY! And fairy dust rained down on all of us past the mighty rainbows and the unicorns floating through the sky...

  • Magic is OJ without the murder.

  • So the truth is that Magic Johnson was/is a complete and total asshole. He came on this show to preemptively trash Lakers management before the news broke about how team employees hated Magic because he's the world's biggest douche.

  • Man damn the Lakers. They'll never be Showtime again. I'm glad they're losing.

  • 4:25 Wind.

  • Rob is smashing Ms. Buss cakes

  • So gay

  • Let's face it - he left because he wasn't good at what he was doing. Stop with the excuses and the blaming and take responsibility.

  • he could've fight for it instead of just leave

  • Lavar Ball need to be the new GM😂

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  • Magic was clearly the frog that was foolish enough to give the scorpion a ride on his back. Ouch, said Magic! Why you do that Rob? It's my nature Magic... I was born to sting...Sorry.... GLUPP GLUPP GLUPP... end of transmission!

  • If the Lakers are this messed up and not focused on winning, Anthony Davis really should be joining Kawhi.

  • Spoke like a true boss

  • My

  • Also, to answer the other question, Kawhi proved he was the best player in the world a couple years ago.

  • How the hell can you be way over the salary cap? Isn't that why there's a fuckin cap?

  • He sounds like a cry baby to be honest.

  • Spoiled Millionaires drama , he should had stayed and fix his mistakes including surrounded w people of his choice that he also responsible to do so from day one. Lakers fans are with him what else he needs to be "happy" .

  • WHY was Rob afraid to tell Magic how he felt instead of telling everyone else? (Please don't click on my face. I'm a germaphobe.)

    • why was magic (who has more authrority) afraid to confront Rob about this, instead of quitting like a coward

  • Anyone dogging Magic for this has never been in the powerful position to leave a job not of value to you. He had other, higher paying businesses. He didn't need the bullshit. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Big ass facts, girl.

  • See what had happened whauuuud.

  • Let's keep it real... Majic was an empty suit straw boss and just window dressing for the Lakers, because he did not have any real power to fire who ever he wanted to get rid of.

  • I started getting calls saying Magic is a b*tch. And after watching this interview, it's confirmed!

  • Too much money and egos flying around........

  • looks like he scare, majic.

  • How do the buss brothers think they would be great GMs or presidents? They are..........

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  • Wow very interesting video, they treated him so wrong , you don’t treat your Lakers royalty Like they did, him they wouldn’t have fired Kobe or Shaq like they wanted to do, he didn’t need that stupid job he chose to take it . I hope one day they will apologize for how him

  • I havent heard Magic speak in a long time. I notice that he has improved his speaking skills by 10 fold. He used to sound country as all hell.

  • lakers died when jeanie buss took over!

  • Rob was Kobe Bryant agent, Rob is the type of white dude you see a lot in the working world(arrogant and mad to see a black man succeed)

  • I don't believe Magic. He's spinning it with the help of SA Smith.

  • Walton is a good Coach, don't care what any one says

  • Michigan vs Michigan St. Is never gonna mix

  • Rob pelinka really is littlefinger

  • sounds like magic was in over his head

    • Sounds like you need better comprehensive skills.

  • Very reason why I don't trust WIPEPO.... They need to fire that White dude

  • Magic's other "business" is basically Motivational Speaking engagements. Cmon Magic. It was too much work and you quit on the Lakers.

    • he can run seminars of how to quit your job without any notice and then cover your ass through connections with the media.

  • Magic Johnson let Jordan take the blame for keeping Isaiah Thomas off the Dream Team for over 20 years when it was in-fact him. Much like he does in this clip he said "other people told him Isaiah Thomas was saying he was gay due to the HIV diagnosis." It was total BS. Isaiah Thomas' brother died from AIDS. At that time Isaiah Thomas knew more about the virus than Magic Johnson did. The point is Magic Johnson is a selfish egomaniac who word means nothing . You just can't believe a word he says.

  • I wonder if LeBron James wanted Luke to be fired as coach which forced magic Johnson to make the call on Luke being fired.