Make THIS Shot, Win $300,000

Dipublikasikan tanggal 12 Jun 2021
If they miss the shot, the prize goes up by $10,000
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The reason the title says $300,000 instead of $200,000 is because I didn’t want to spoil when the video ended! I didn’t want people to actually know what the last shot was haha


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  • The basket challenge was the best moment wow. Just love this channel

  • Karl hugging Jimmy’s body guard and also just jumping onto the boys competing in shooting the basketball is just so cute ☺️

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  • I love Karl :))

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  • Why does Chris look high at 3:21 lmao! 🤣

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  • That last scene in the gym made me smile

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  • I love how the boys did most of the challenges perfectly while the contestants never made it 😂

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  • Eyyo this cool

  • this vid was so nerve wrecking

  • Is it weird that only at the end someone won?

  • Weddle looks so much different from what he used to

  • Here is the real Mrbeast…

  • When is your next finger on the app game?

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  • Those demonstration shots were insane! Props to the boys for those ones!

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  • i love how jimmy says “the boogie man is only going to steal ur pillow” and he doesn’t say life lol

  • Can we all just take time to appreciate how good Jimmy and Karl have become at anything sports.

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  • Remember when Karl got his first tattoo?

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