making and eating my first ever crunchwrap

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  • A crunch wrap is a quesadilla. You should trust me...I’m the quesadilla queen.

  • I want. Give it.

  • this is the first recipe that i actually want to try...

  • I want a julien

  • I literally shouted out “noooooooch” and did this thing 🤘🏼🤘🏼 (*gang gang*) @ 5:06

  • I only eat raw carrots when im cooking too! Lol

  • Unfortunately those are the worst GF “flour” tortillas, they legit taste like play dough (at least when they aren’t pan fried)

  • Wait where is 8:52 from???

  • Watched this while eating my first ever crunch wrap

  • Ummmmmmm hey king can you do this with the impossible ground beef

  • "we all here? We all ready to do it to them?" 😂🤣♥️

  • I've made crunchwraps at home before. Unfortunately, specialty(gluten free and low carb) tortillas are usually only small and you really need the big one to wrap it.

  • when i saw the thumbnail at first i though you had six arms and were hugging a crunchwrap 😳

  • U over here making crunch raps while I'm over here making microwave burritos then melting cheese on the top

  • I literally laughed so fucking hard when the crunchwrap just flew when he cut it

  • Can you make more cooking videos? Do a vegan steak video! I’ve always wanted to know and I can look it up but you would make it more entertaining 😂

  • I was a very sad gluten-free vegan prior to his cooking videos. I ate salads, basically. Now I am eating what appears to be normal food again, except it doesn't press the shutdown switch on my intestines and hospitalize me. B l e s s.

  • What about a chalupa?! Make one of those!

  • I would suggest you next time use like about three tortillas that you lay one over the other in a circle shape, so that in the end you got much more of the tortilla that you can fold over, if you know what i mean.

  • Omg I laughed out loud when he said “fuck the potatoes!”

  • No one: Julian:👨🏼‍🦰

  • you never know what you're going to get with these videos. either really insightful cooking tips or a hilarious string of cooking mishaps. it's great

  • Omg your channel makes me so hungry! And you really do inspire me to make these wonderful dishes!

  • Hell yeah, the "hot" sauce from taco bell is the only sauce that's acceptable

  • the thing is...the majority of teachers don't even care if you're paying attention or not. some will say they do but then won't do anything to mitigate distractions in the classroom. some just sit and play on their phones themselves.

    • Schools kind of a joke anyway

  • Your girlfriend is unbearably annoying.

  • Julien??? Does taco bell have anything gf that isnt cross contaminated??? Why was I not informed of this???

  • You should try making the Mexican pizza from Taco Bell! Hands down the best thing on the menu.

  • I thought a crunchwrap had a big piece of hash brown in it?

  • For the love of all of our ears, please fix your volume control.

  • But what about the potatoes in fryer? 😭

  • Why doesn’t Julien get a tortilla press and invent the best homemade vegan gluten free tortilla recipe and make big ass tortillas to make crunchwraps

  • jenna softly walking on screen with peach while julien is trying the meat is my favorite part of the video. "hello there"

  • I love your cooking videos so much!! I have celiac and I am SO tired of finding recipes that are all about being healthy. Celiacs united over junk food!

  • My first job was at taco bell. You need the giant ass tortillas, the biggest ones you can get, and first you need to warm them up in a pan for 10 seconds on each side to make it pliable. If you can't find bigger ones, just crunch the tostada into chips.

  • Oh I thought he was vegetarian? But he's using beef?

  • When did Julien become entertaining?!?😂

  • “Two shots of vodka” 5:17

  • 💙💙💙

  • 11:24 Jenna watching julien make a mess

  • that sunflower oil joke was god tier

  • I don’t think teachers can legally look through your phone without consent????

  • Where is the recipe for the cheese sauce?!?

  • I tried this on my own after I watched this video. I used a double sided pan. The kind that’s like two little skillets with a hinge in the middle. That took away the struggle of having to manually flip it with a spatula. It held together perfectly, and all you have to do is quickly flip the pan upside down. Idk if this helps but maybe you could use this idea on the next one?

  • Ugh....27. I'm now too old.

  • I just ate my first crunch wrap while watching this

  • @ 11:24 Look at her just standing there lol.

  • nearest taco bell of my home is 3 hours away. kill me now.

  • make it with a yellow corn chip

  • no one: absolutely no one: subtitles: this is the gluten free and incredibly difficult version of a cunt rap

  • Despite how the aesthetics looks, the food actually looks so appetizing, I started craving a crunchwrap... and I JUST finished eating dinner. I also appreciate the vegan and gluten-free recipes ! So hard to find chef's that commit to those kinds of preferences.

  • Build crunch wrap, use smaller tostada, heat in pan laid flat then wrap closed.

  • “so you’re gonna take six slices” *_adds 12 slices of jalapeños_* *_two shots of vodka_*

  • Ok but... WTF is he using for the ground beef? He never says!

    • Beyond Meat is a plant-based protein that tastes a lot like meat and has a similar texture. He's used it in recipes before.

  • omg i’m binging these videos but every time i watch them i crave the food he’s making so i’ve just been eating nonstop all day

  • this video should be named "Virgo screaming"

  • Those are my feelings exactly every time I use the Bob's Baking Soda. Like seriously. Man's a genius.

  • the first thing i heard when i clicked on this video was julien’s breathing

  • It’s 1am and I want Taco Bell now

  • They're not allowed to read our phones to the class, Teens say some explicit stuff now a days

  • Julien I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but I use the same tortillas. They hold together better if you steam them on a grease splatter guard over a frying pan with water in it. Then put a whole second tortilla on the top like you did before but whole. They hold together long enough for you to fry them in place and you can get the shape.

  • Try to do it flat like a quesadilla

  • Any tortilla is going to break apart if you try to fold it cold ... you have to heat it up first. Then fold it.

  • Wait.... will you share that nacho cheese recipe please?

  • What’s the recipe written PLSSSSS

  • me: I can’t eat that because I have celiac julien: shows us how to make amazing food gluten free & not shitty like most gf food I’ve tried me: ....... me: I can’t cook

  • Aww he is cute eating it at the end. You made me so hungry.

  • Julien's vegan gluten free cookbook. Thoughts?

  • If you warm the tortillas first, they'll hold their shape better when you go to form them.

  • I love and really appreciate these videos! I'm a celiac and my boyfriend is a vegan so it's so fun to watch and try to cook together for both of us. Much better than trying to follow a paper recipe!

  • Bob's Red Mill velcro closure! You're absolutely right! Preach!

  • Why are you cutting with a wooden spoon!?!?!?! You have good knives

  • You should try and learn how to make tamales!!!!! That would be so dope to see haha

  • He said crunch wrap 22 times. So if you were following his instructions about taking shots have fun on your trip to the hospital 😂

  • Bruh I watched this video when it came out and the next day I ate a crunch wrap supreme for the first time! And now I'm addicted! Thx

  • I celebrated watching this video for the first time by going to Taco Bell and getting my first Crunchwrap Supreme to try it along with you

  • Don mind me beech just bingeing juleeoo’s cooking vids an disassociating from reality BBeeeee

  • I love these honest videos. Surprising this is helping me with my anxiety. Thank you for being real! 🙏🏻

  • The first 10 secs keeps reminding me of jnj memes

  • I was excited and instead of saying " Yay, Chef Julien " I said, loudly, " Yay, Chef Julan " (With a voice crack) ;-;