Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy | Gameplay First Look

Dipublikasikan tanggal 14 Jun 2021
Get a taste of what it’s like to lead a group of legendary misfits as Star-Lord, in this 10-minute first look at gameplay from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy!

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  • Everything is perfection just wish we only were able to play as all of them

  • christ they certainly took some "artistic liberty" with that one.

  • Hey that's a 6* crystal from Marvel contest of champions lol

  • Came back to say this game is way better than avengers is. Did not expect it to be that good lol 10/10 imo

  • Surprisingly, all the other character's voices seem pretty nice. Just the voice of Star-lord doesn't match the voice as Chris Patt at all. He sounds weird, like he doesn't belong in this game playing as Peter Quill. I am not saying his voice actor is doing a bad job, they are doing an awesome job at this, and making each interaction between themselves funny. But still his voice doesn't feel like Quill's.

  • So glad this game is awesome!

  • The game looks so awesome! But the downside is the decision-making. One bad decision may affect the story or the ending and that worries me. I just want to play this just for the fun experience, so I guess this is going to be fun AND hard at the same time.

  • In Video Games ka Channel dekho

  • Looks ok, not $80 ok tho

  • But i dont understand why we cant switch between charachters i want to play as gamora and drax with there blade weapons

  • Hmm Style Final Fantasy XV.

  • I actually liked the Avengers last game is was the lack of Villains was the only was the disappointing part.

  • Let's hope square learned from their mistakes from The Avengers game.

  • I think they should work on Peter's aiming system but then again it's on PC too anyway so I think it should be easy.

  • I really wished Dave Batista would of did the voice it would of made it a whole lot better

  • I have a feeling the actions gonna get monotonous after some time..

  • I dunno but, Drax's voice just doesn't fit his look, LOL!

  • Star lord

  • I like the look of this tbh. It reminds me of the PS2 / PS3 era where we got these types of games all the time.

  • Anyone else see Kassandra from Assassin's Creed as lady Hellbender? 😂😂 but for real, this game looks awesome, I wanna play it rn

  • Looks cool but I'm still a bit nervous that this will be avengers all over again

  • At first at was like " meh meh decent game .. decent " ...then music plays .... me : i need it NOW !!!!!!!!!

  • This looks awful. Are people really going to fall for this again?

  • Could my MacBook Pro M1 run this game.?

  • Don't look that good

  • gameplay looks really dull, character movements r awkard

  • looks good! tho star-lord look like the walmart version

  • Isn’t this just like the avengers game ?

  • "Aren't you old for that haircut dude?"

  • Wow first spider man then the avengers and now Guardians of the galaxy

  • a bit to much voice were should be music or just silents ( but it looks nice and interesting)

  • Final fantasy looking n movement

  • Stagger bar? So it's taking some elements from the Ultimate Alliance games

  • I've said it before Avengers game was good This looks better

  • Definitely will be keeping my money. Thank you lol

  • I am so excited for this game😀😀😀😀

  • That better not be finished game ..amount of money there got this better suck u off and lick ur ring at same time cos at the moment it looks like ps3 game

  • This will end up as trash as the Avengers game. So disappointed.

  • Amazing Spider-Man 2 is coming out GOTG And Logan ???? Wonderful time for gamers

  • Doesn't look that amazing at least not the combat. The music the storyline and the narrating looks all right. The combat looks kind of boring you have four skills looks a little redundant

  • Cool gameplay and part of the story but why does that Evil lady looks like Kassandra from AC: Odyssey? 😅

  • 👍

  • I don't like the story and the battles are too chaotic. But the graphics look good. I don't think I will buy this game. This game is too crazy and stupid. It doesn't grab me, but 99% of games don't grab me.

  • I just hope that after the story there’s freeplay and it’s not just a story game I also hope we get live action outfits

    • @Evan McDonald That'll be cool

    • @Loz wdym I want it as a like roam planets and collect things kinda like spider man

    • So you want it as a service? :/

  • Looks nice but it really ruins the immersion when there is no depth to the voices in the sound mix, just out front, flat overdubs...

  • I'd play on mute and listen to the soundtrack from the movies. The dialogue is more cringy then Suicide Squad 2016.

  • I'm actually excited about this

  • Imma pass on this. This has got to be the blandest fall for gaming in history. Nothing to play till the new year

  • I wish they would have made the players look the same

  • Is that Kassandra at the end?

  • This looks bad, is not consistent with the Movie version which made it famous in the first place. I am a fan of the guardians but they messed up the design

  • I wish they looked like there movie counterparts but it's ok I guess. I'm a bit of a Chris Pratt fan

  • that huddle up mechanic actually seems really creative and cool to use

  • Gameplay looks pretty bad. And Gamora's design is trash. She has better pecs than Drax and her hair looks weird.

  • The star lord voice doesn't sound very good to be honest. Hmm

  • why does this look like a great value marvel cast?

  • The character interactions look amazing, but the gameplay looks horrendous. Just another flop from Square Enix.

  • This is Final Fantasy 15 in Marvel Universe?

  • Kassandra of ac odyssey??

  • I’m ready to play this Game

  • not worrth the preorder , have to wait and see

  • i dont know about this movie license games are usually trash especially that avengers game that actually got the company that made it in debt

    • Not a movie license game, it's a comic license game. However unlike Avengers, this will be a complete story driven single player only game.

  • how can a game look so good yet so horrible

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  • iron man game plz

  • Is this open world? I have ask becuse the idea of exploring and getting jobs completed for money, food, and upgrades will make this game even more phenomenal! And all the jokes and puns will definitely do it!

  • Why does peter sounds like rocket?

  • Oh god please don’t be another telltale game

  • Looks amazing

  • Is this a mobile game?

  • Combat looks awful, prob gonna be a hard pass

  • it reminds me of telltale game

  • A bit clunky

  • It looks a little monotonous and slow paced.. Why did not they make it a open world guardians of galaxy with easter eggs.. Or instead of giving decision choices why dont they let us play as all guardians team.

    • IK but it stills looks a little monotonous

    • Not every game needs to be open world

  • This looks great and all but I wish they were more accurate to the movies

  • Looks pretty generic, not falling for this after the avengers game. Pass.

  • please tell me there is option to turn off those hideous healthbars looming around like immersion breaking blocks of TMI

  • Where is Shreik or Ronda rousey

  • The amount of dialogues in this game are amazing.

  • If you can’t drive the ship and walk around in it don’t release the game.

  • 2:36 Starlord's jacket is not clipping into the walkman, good gfx detail there.

  • I feel like there’s to much going on

  • bet the dialogue choices will get scrap

  • Meh!

  • Not sure if Drax or Kratos

  • BuGuardian Of BuGalaxy

  • Improve the graphics pls

  • I like that star lord is the only playable character in the game but also incorporates the slightiest bit of avengers game in there along with the elements of ps4 god of war game there too!

  • hmm, i'm not so sure about this one. I'll keep an eye on it

  • The lips animation doesn't match the speech. Eyes direction seem random, should be matching emotion or speech. Most of the animations are slower than realistic motions.

  • Marvel is good at movies, I wish same cab be said abt the games too.

  • I dont think i like this

  • loving it.

  • They should made a combined universe with Spiderman PS4 Avengers and Guardians

  • When is this game coming out

  • The voice actors just aint it for me

  • i hate how games like these never have the actors do the voice lines or the face models

  • Pac man has better voice acting than this. Also, who talks nonstop and never shuts up ? Imagine a 10 hour game which has dialogues every goddamn second. Nonetheless, hope I'm proven wrong

  • That actually looks like a good game?!

  • Please learn from Dragon Age: Inquisition on how to use multiple characters at the same time. Even Final Fantasy did it better than yours . Stupid developers