Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

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Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • Captain America (like) iron Man (Comment)

  • Some dont watch these after they've seen the movie But not us

  • Avengers 1 : I'm always angry! Age of ultron : like the old man said,together! Infinity war : bring me thanos! Endgame. :AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Edit : this all scene gave me goosebumps.

  • Why is Thor holding Mjolnir instead of storm breaker?

  • I dislike to restore the balance of the YT universe. (Most comments Will be dislike from this universe)

  • This is such a shitshow

  • Like this to revive tony stark.


  • Iron man died

  • Avengers endgame hits 2.6 billion worldwide box office

  • How are the trailers always so awesome to watch

  • 1:13 *Bananas*

  • Whatever it takes I have watched this trailer 3000 times And i will watch EndGame 3000 times

  • SPOILER!! At 1:32 you only hear Steve, Natasha and Tony saying 'whatever it takes' and it took their lives😭 (actually not Steve's live but he's not cap anymore) (And someone else's voice but I don't know who's voice that is😅)

  • This Whole Fight Could've Been Stopped If Antman Would've Just Went Small And Went Inside Thanos Then Went Back To Real Size. But Then Kids Couldn't Watch.....oof

  • Rose's are red Half of the universe dead Avengers said whatever it takes


  • What is the title of this soundtrack??

  • *War is a universal language... and there was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people to see If we could become something more*

  • Yinsen is the real MVP if you know you know

  • I cried when iron man die we miss you iron love you and we never forget you we loveyou

  • Iron Man's Death: *Is Sad* Darth Vader From Star Wars: Am I a Joke To You?

  • 1:21 vieron una f

  • Avatar: Highest earning movie ever Avengers: On your left

  • Song ?

  • Fat thor playing fortnite greatest since ever

  • The trailer is absolutely terrible, it's a bunch of messed up trash, if that is any sign of how the movie is, then I do not want to watch the movie.

  • U rock

  • Spoiler alert They protecc They attacc But most importantly, they want the stones bacc

  • 1:41 that scene was not in movie

  • Endgame is the movie of centuries

  • @marvel Re release infinity war and endgame together as one combined film

  • Saw the trailer after watching the movie and my look is like a thor coz i am foodie(i know everybody can understand me)

  • Why Thor is so fat in there is that true Thor is fat in there????

  • 1:40 The Seen In Which Black Widow Was Shooting Targets Was Shown Many Many Times And Was Probably The Most Showed Seen In The Trailers. And Guess The Funny Part It Wasn't Shown In The Movie.

  • If Someone Ask You To Say 3 Magical Words Then You Have To Say :- I Am IronMan

  • Avengers villain ranking: 4th :Loki 3rd :ultron 2nd :thanos 1st :noobmaster69

  • GUYS WE’RE SO CLOSE TO BEING #1 FOR ALL TIME BOX OFFICE GROSS Don't stop watching endgame in theaters!!! Let's make this the #1 movie worldwide together. WHATEVER IT TAKES✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  • Next generation would watch this trailer.... After knowing that its being the highest grossing film in the world

  • At least hank pim is happy that there’s no more starks old enough to take his research

  • Spoiler alert: Thor was fat in the movie he’s not in the trailer

  • Rip IronMan We love you 3000

  • R.I.P Thony And Black Widow

  • Iron man I love you 3000

  • Iron man I love you 3000

  • wow i’m watching all the avengers trailers after watching endgame. it breaks my heart now.

  • Part of the journey is the end...

  • Who’s hyped for Spider-Man: Far From Home

  • I demand a movie of loki as the main character. Please make it happen

  • Endgame spoiler‼️ Am I the only one that noticed that Natasha and Tony were the last ones to say “whatever it takes” and they were the ones to sacrifice themselves 🥺😭💛

  • my favorite movie

  • "Avengers must be the best movie of all time, What ever it takes!!"

  • I already watch the movie but im so crazy cos im watching the trailer

  • What I wanted..... HULK SMAAASH!!!!!👊 What I got..... hulk snap👆

  • I just finished watching the movie the ending was so terrible I hated it I cried so bad I was happy for the captain I was kind of OK with the black widows death BUT NOT IRON MAN he had a beautiful young girl how can she Live without a father next to her for the rest of her life!!! I know how that feels it’s terrible I hated the movie so much I’m still crying 💔💔💔💔💔

  • What a great trailer for such an underwhelming movie

  • Plsssssssssssss plsssssssssss come back same iron man and captain America plsssssssssssssssss

  • 2012 wish I had thors body 2019 the work is done

  • If robert Downey jr. Doesnt get an oscar for this imma riot

  • It really foreshadowed their character arcs

  • Wow 108+ million views

  • Guys it's getting close,Avengers may not be able to pass Avatar because of the competition:(

  • 2:43 capt.america shield

  • "I am... inevitable." "It's-a me... Mario."

  • Last number of likes decides which Avenger you are. 0-Iron Man 1-Captain America 2-Thor 3-Dr Strange 4-Wanda 5-Black Widow 6-Hawkeye 7-Captain Marvel 8-Spider-Man 9-Hulk

  • I hope you guys will remember me too☺️

  • The best movie ever in my entire life

  • The end is near

  • The real reason why black widow sacrificied herself is so that she doesn't has to see Clint's hair again😆😆😆

  • If loki faked his death many times, why he isn't back..? I miss him!!

  • Iron man died I’m still crying

  • People are saying R.I.P Tony, or Natasha, but for me...... R.I.P Thanos arm. CAN WE PLEASE SMASH 12K LIKES! jk

  • Kid are watching endgame...👌 Mans are waiting for ones upon time in Hollywood...😍 And... Legend are watching john wick ❤

  • *Marvel Studios* Avengers EndGame

  • Who cried at the end of that Funeral ???

  • i love this trailer. i am still watching this atleast once a day now too.

  • if everyone is an actual person, then do they come back or what?

  • The dislikes are the Superheroes from Dc

  • Endgame ruined our childhood... Our favorite superhero’s are dying...

  • who is gonna die i love them all 😔💔💔😢😢

  • wheres Saitama when you need him

  • Who else is getting goosebumps while Nebula's screaming?

  • just can't get over this SAGA... ❤ music is 😍😍

  • 2015: Radom person: what’s the saddest movie ever? Another radon person: titanik. 2019: Radom person:what’s the saddest movie ever. Another Radom person avengers endgame

  • Avengers be like:- Thanos, owari da.

  • Titanic: Avatar, I don't feel so good

  • The first movie of phase 4 Is about the rat

  • 2012: That's my secret Cap, I'm always angry. 2015: Like the old man said, together. 2018: BRING ME THANOS! 2019: Avengers.....assemble.

  • We love all the avengers 3000

  • Movie of the year... 💙

  • Will it be a problem if we have not watched all the Marvel movies?

  • Mohawkeye

  • I watch this after I watch the movie it’s sad

  • Endgame needs $166 million more to top The Force Awakens as #1 in domestic revenue. Endgame needs $173.2 million more to top Avatar as #1 in worldwide revenue

  • THANOS :snaps fingers* RAT: I’m about to end this dude career

  • Avatar to infinity war hahaha you will never beat me endgame to avatar on your left Sorry if somebody said this joke don’t get salty

  • Endgame beat Avatar!

  • I'm so happy for this I'm going to see this in the movies on Monday

  • Goofy : gosh it seems like athousand years ago , I broke outta that cave , became Iron Goof.

  • And I am Iron Man