May Day: teargas and arrests in protests across Europe

Dipublikasikan tanggal 1 Mei 2019
Police and protesters have clashed, sometimes violently, in cities across Europe as tens of thousands of trade unionists, anti-capitalists and other demonstrators marched in traditional May Day rallies. The worst confrontations were in Paris, where riot police fired teargas and stingball grenades as a 40,000-strong crowd marched from Montparnasse station to Place d'Italie.
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  • Resist✊🏻

  • May Day protest is not ILLEGAL in Turkey, please correct the video.

  • Fight on and well, brothers and sisters. Take your country back.

  • ✊❤️✊❤️

  • What the heck is so fascinating with this ideology that has killed over 100 million people? Got genocide on the mind?

    • EDIT: Dang, sorry ThatPiGuy, didn’t see your reply until after making mine 😆✊✊✊ Yeah, I’m really not sure why anyone thinks positively about capitalism! The number is much higher than 100 million, by the way. No official count, because the effects of capitalism kill in millions of different ways.

    • You talking about capitalism? I'm pretty sure capitalism got a higher death toll considering 36 million people starve annually, all of which easily preventable if it weren't for market distribution.

  • The citizens of the EU don't seem to be very happy.

    • It is a regular May Day, nothing special

  • The city of love

  • all world presidents are corrupted .WTF is going on . Blockchain is the future Technologie who will kill all the BAD people and all corrupted world . WW3 incoming

  • Karma for the imperialist countries: West Europe, USA, China and Russia.

    • Goverment or community to disagree the person and the social in community. The community to elect goverment in cooperation with Parliament to option.

  • The rise of the Asian economy in contrast to the shrinkage of the European businesses fueled the anger among the people who bear the plunge. What's more, the wealth gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider ever. A cruel reality of globalization.

    • Swing and a miss jennyoy. Socialism is an evil system. The whole "wealth gap" concept is simply trope that socialists trot out. Considering that the upper 20% of any society employ the remaining 80%, stupid concepts like"the evil of wealth gaps" would seem to be ultimately self-defeating.

    • Suuure, it's globalization... not at all the larger system of capitalism.

  • Remind me again why the UK should remain in the EU? Looks like it's falling apart...

  • Anarchists!

  • “We learn from history, that we do not learn from history”~Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

  • What's the motive?

    • @Livin' The Dream oops, Its looks like they didn't get the raise but the tax and union dues shaft.

    • @Livin' The Dream Elected by the community to the funding in Parliament and the American system to capital by the increase or as policy by the community in regard!

    • @Richard Goode oh...well that's absurd. Just like here in the states. They review themselves for a raise.

  • In a world gone nutty: we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behindCause your friends don't dance and if they don't danceWell they're are no friends of mineI say, we can go where we want to, a place where they will never findAnd we can act like we come from out of this worldLeave the real one far behind(Men Without Hats),

  • Looked shocking.