Meanwhile... Do Cats Know Their Names?

Dipublikasikan tanggal 17 Apr 2019
Meanwhile... researchers have concluded whether cats are aware of their given names.
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  • All my housepets - when I lived on a farm, we had many barncats - were very attached to me. They engaged in quite destructive separation anxiety when I was at work. I tested the theory that cats do know and respond to their names by stop calling my cat "kitty" and only used her name. She did only come when I called her name and just stared at me if I called her "kitty". They are as easy to train as a dog; you just need to find a reward treat they love. My cat didn't need treats. She just loved to be loved on. That was enough reward for her.

  • Cats are jerks... I call my cats all day.. when I say their name their ears react and they come running or turn to look at me. Then there are times I call their names repeatedly while they are sitting right there.... they won’t look, or respond. They are absolute jerks.. they do jerk stuff all the time.

  • my cat understands “no” and “food” that’s it. he also doesn’t give a shit about “no”

  • The Russian candy joke is very stupid - it's never been a secret ingredient- it SAYS SO ON THE WRAP!

  • Cats are idiots, a chicken might know their name quicker than a cat.

  • I got staph infection from a bouncy castle

  • Love it

  • A phase of matter which is liquid and solid....were these scientists experimenting with corn starch and water perchance?

  • An extract of beef citrate of iron and sherry wine combined in this cure for loss of appetite HUMAN MEDICINE WITH COWS BLOOD

  • I know I'm 3 months late, but... Peanut Butter Clots? Not Peanut Bludder/Blooder Clots?

  • When cats come when called, the world is in reverse.😉🐈❤

  • The study must've been done by non-cat owners, because cats know their names, they just don't care 90% of the time when you use it

  • Could somebody help me find the episode when he goes to a small town where somebody has like 50 cats. He goes to a bar and interviews a drunk guy about all the cats

  • Cats know everything. That's why they don't speak up.

  • Cats actually know theyre names. They just choose to ignore you... you may undertand in eyes of a cat you are the pet...

  • Jet lag is a hell of a drug.

  • Meanwhile... something else...

  • What are you talking about? It was never a secret that Hematogen contained blood. It's supposed to work as an iron supplement. Though my mother always told me it used to be bear blood which might be an urban myth. Or do you think that blood sausage or blood pudding also use a "secret" ingredient?

  • Hey my Dazey isn't a jerk...Her Majesty just prefers her slaves (me and my wife) to accommodate her at her current location rather than relocate to our location. All Hail Her Majesty Princess (Silly-Butt) Dazey

  • My cat responds to Kelly when she wants. But the word she responds to most is No. She hates that word. If she hears it, it is noticible in her face how cranky she has become just from hearing No

  • Of course cats respond to their names but unlike dogs they can choose not to respond. As my cat dose when I'm gonna longer that 4 hours.

  • To be fair, though, the porn you have to pay for is often higher quality than the free stuff.

  • Sorry Charlie, your parents aren't a free storage center.

  • I think animals are smarter than we credit them for being; little birds, crows and occasionally squirrels will correctly follow hand motions indicating the location of unseen food if they associate your presence with it (perhaps when they're not worried about your hand motions meaning they're about to be food).

  • On the porn story, the parents hearts were in the right place, but they broke many laws. Their son is an adult, you do not have the right to destroy his property.

  • he's doing his best

  • He made it through a whole video without mentioning Trump. Bravo, he really started to sound obsessed.

  • About Hematogen. The ingredient is not secret😂 everybody knows about that. Pretty delicious

  • Yet another example of how motherhood can be utterly repulsive.

  • I dont even understand how your writers graduated high school

  • What's the problem with cow blood?

  • Does anyone else picture Laura Palmer in the black lodge saying “meanwhile” every time Stephen does?

  • who the hell is still paying for porn lmao

  • I guess that makes you a cat, Stephen!

  • Blood in hematogens was no secret 😁😁 and they are delicious 😉

  • I've know Akira knows her own name for the past decade+

  • Guys... always pay for your porn.. it's not expensive by any means. Dont consume content without supporting the creators. Support sex workers.

  • They do. They also ignore when they want. They do know their names

  • 2:14 Isn’t that just...melting? 🧐

  • Of course they do silly and in actuality cats know more words than dogs..3cheers from Canada

  • I'm surprised that you didnt know about Hematogen. It has bulls blood in it and it's fucking delicious. It's good if you donated your blood for example and it kind substitutes and makes you feel better. It's super delicious and sweet.

  • I hope that man wins his porn destruction case, it would serve his parents right for intruding on his personal life and messing with stuff that's none of their business. He's a grown man, if he wants to own an enormous quantity of porn that's his right.

  • Ball Bounce House? Didn't you mean to say Gay Bar?

  • Yes my cats know there names!!!!

  • I'd like to taste those Russian blood bars. (seriously)

  • I trained my cats to come to me when I whistle. I stop whistling as soon as they are near me... so they learned to stop that awful sound they have to come to me.

  • Yea they know their names. Do humans know their doomed

  • Speaking of cats ignoring their owners, I read this post last night and I thought it was lovely, here's the link:

  • Cats are actually just as smart as people. They think on a brain level that rivals humans. x3 Interesting fact to know. Cats also communicate telepathically in a sense as they don't meow at each other but know exactly what each other is doing and where they're going. They only meow at humans which is another interesting fact x3. But yes, cats know their name, their role in the family, when you're hurt or need help, and many other very good things. It's always good to have a cat around. They are indeed proven smarter than any dog x3 they're just stubborn lol.

  • My kitters come every single time I call them and they meow in response too. We've got a good thing going. Gotta bring them up like pups

  • "Unclogged her milk ducts" wait is that a thing? 🤯

  • So that would be Charlie and his Porno Factory?

  • "They're just jerks" lol

  • Some years back, one of the cat kibble bags I bought had a zipper to close the bag. After awhile whenever my bf unzipped his pants cats would come running! Lol.

  • The Vladbar...

  • My kitties know their names very well. 😺 I cal them ( come here Poopie-Doo! Come to mama, Chubby!), and they come right to me. ♥️ Lol!!!

  • i have 8 cats, they all know their names (didnt plan to be crazy cat lady, i onl adopted 1. 7 are rescues. i mean real rescues as in i put myself in danger saving them, 2 of which put me in ER). anyways, training them to answer to thwir names werent hard at all. you just gotta call them by their names since they were born / adopted, and they will identify with said names. now my first cat are jealous of all the rescues. she literally look away everytime i call her. also she refused to come to the food, and demand that i bring the bowl to her. she wont eat together with rescuea either. such a diva.

  • My cat responded to its given name the very first day and every day since.

  • Meanwhile has changed my life, I'm now doing things in the meantime.

  • Those furry babies know their names and when you say their whole name first, middle and last they look down because they know they did something wrong

  • Your just an ass

  • Cats were once worshipped as Gods, and they haven't forgotten.

  • This just in.... Hamburgers also secretly contain cows blood :)

  • Is it just me or have Stephens Writers started writing much dirtier joke s the last few months?

  • Wasn't aqueous always the love child of solid and liquid? Also, some cats are nice and cuddly, at least the ones that have been mutilated by their piece of shit owners..

  • My ginger cat not only knows his name, he's smarter than trump. But then, so is my pet gerbil.

  • Yes of course cats know their names they just don’t care to answer when you call unless there is food involved.😹😹🐈

  • Its so weird: he used to be a satirical character of entitlement and privilege. Now he is one: I was in London yesterday... As though to discredit everything he says next, tarnished bec they're said to shitty people, the prols, us. He's a living joke that he told once a long time ago

  • Yes a cat does know its name a living god

  • Not sure if the Dad of Charlie was hinting that crack was valuable to him just like those porn were to Charlie... HEY I AM JUST SAYING DAMN😂😂😂

  • 4:52 literally threw me off my chair

  • Im pretty sure the Mario Brothers already discovered something like that.

    • Sorry thats a reference to the [movie has been eliminated from all records....]

  • My cat knows their name. They come when I call them like a dog, but as soon as they see that I see them, they sit down like-- "no I just wanted to lay down on this spot of grass. I wasn't coming over so you would pet me or something. But you know, since you see me can you come over here and pet me? that'd be nice."

  • Gushers

  • I think it's the way he says the first "meanwhile" and the face he makes 😂.

  • >meat is fine >blood is disgusting and weong

  • I used to like Colbert... cant watch it anymore.

  • My cats sometimes respond when I say their names

  • You mean making things up don't you funny man.😂😂😂😂😂

  • I remember working with a substance that was both a liquid and a solid in my 10th-grade biology class over 30 years ago. WTH? How is this new? And every cat I've ever had has known not only its name, but the names of my other cats in the household. I'd say "fake news" but . . . even this is more accurate than anything Fox has ever said!