Meanwhile... Do Cats Know Their Names?

Dipublikasikan tanggal
Meanwhile... researchers have concluded whether cats are aware of their given names.
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  • I think it's the way he says the first "meanwhile" and the face he makes 😂.

  • >meat is fine >blood is disgusting and weong

  • I used to like Colbert... cant watch it anymore.

  • My cats sometimes respond when I say their names

  • You mean making things up don't you funny man.😂😂😂😂😂

  • I remember working with a substance that was both a liquid and a solid in my 10th-grade biology class over 30 years ago. WTH? How is this new? And every cat I've ever had has known not only its name, but the names of my other cats in the household. I'd say "fake news" but . . . even this is more accurate than anything Fox has ever said!

  • Sex toys vs. sex action figures: Is "Dildo" going to be the next Marvel hero? Just wondering.

  • People, hyphens MATTER. "Twelve moving boxes" and "twelve moving-boxes" are not the same thing. If the boxes were moving on their own, the batteries in the sex-toys were too powerful.

  • Orange man no like kitty kat.. *CLAPPING INTENSIFIES*

  • I am with the guy with the porn. Doesn’t matter what he had was his collection. No excuse will save those parents. Was his business.

    • Ana Maldanado: I just got up, can't see or think before coffee. I saw "I am the guy with the porn". I thought "Ana Maldonado" was a strange handle for a male to use, although I have a female handle that I use when I'm writing to correct an error in an article about the arts of highbrow music, because I find they're more likely to make the correction if they think it's from a woman.

  • Bouncing castles, for the chickens that don’t dare to parachute but want to feel like in the air?

    • Ana Maldonado: I think you're thinking of those chambers where the floor is a grid that you can stand on without breaking it and beneath that grid is a huge fan capable of creating upwards-blowing wind (which goes up through the floor since the floor is only a grid of rebar or something) in speeds in the neighborhood of 120mph with is in the neighborhood of being able to lift up a human being from underneath. The walls are padded. The top has to be open so the wind isn't blocked. They have to be built tall enough that nobody can get blown over the top edge.

  • No doubt my cats know their names. Could have saved you some time and money there scientists

  • Yes, Dogs have masters, Cats have staff

  • Hi losers.

  • yes.My fiancé said no YES NO YES NO YES YES OH YES NO NO NO YES NO ? OH FUCK ?

  • Of course cats know the names their human pet give them but to humans know the names their cats give them? No, so why should a cat come running every time their stupid human repeats the name they gave the cat? Maybe it is time humans pay more attention and learn what the names cats give them.

    • +Topher TheTenth When he nibbles you that is him being affectionate and showing that he likes you. My cat had a very diverse vocabulary. He had different meows for different things he wanted and he several meows for each thing to express is displeasure if I didn't respond quick enough. For food, he has one meow for I'm hungry, and anther for feed me! and feed meed NOW DAMN IT. My mother thought I was nuts when I told here about his vocabulary but after a couple of days when he would meow my mother would. oh, he's hungry go feed him or he wants to play. My other cat wasn't much of a talker but she would sit and stand on her hind legs for me.

    • Chuck-U Farly: My cat calls me "meow" and when he calls I run to see what he needs. His name for cat-food is "meow". I think this proves that when I die in the apartment and nobody comes for weeks he intends to nibble on me.

  • They know they're in charge.

  • I had a cat named Indy that always responded to his name. Only cat I ever had so I thought it was normal

    • Arif Iqbai: Where did you reside with Indy? Annapolis? Cats compete for an annual award called "the Indy". It stands for "independent" and is given to the cat who most completely ignores everything its owners want. So, good name. Was your dog named "Deppy" or "Pendy"?

  • I once had a Siamese cat for three weeks or so before I realized she wasn't deaf...she was just ignoring me.

  • Blood is actually not a secret ingredient in those candies. It's written on a wrapper. And they often are sold in pharmacies.

  • Hey Steven, Love Meanwhile....always entertaining and mostly funny

  • I have two cats. When I call one cat by name, only that cat comes running. When I call the other cat by name, only that cat comes running to me. It's obvious to me they know their names.

  • "there's bound to be some crack in there." hahahahahhaahha

  • Our cats respond to their names.

  • Sometimes my wife and I say something and our cat reacts like she knows exactly what we said

  • A stray cat has been visiting my house for 3 or 4 weeks now and responds to the name felix immediately. It clearly knows the word i use to identify it. It doesnt take a million dollar grant to figure this out

  • Think how dumb cats are: every other creature that can climb a tree knows how to get down again.

  • Dogs do, cats don’t. Cats aren’t smart enough.

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro No cat-scratch fever involved, but thank you so very much for your deeply felt concern. The cats actually _can_ make it down from the trees, but owners panic and call for help.

    • +Mary Rose Kent Is that the _toxoplasma gondii_ talking? Here’s my proof: every other creature that can climb a tree knows how to get down again.

    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro You are dead wrong

  • A lot of that was in bad taste :/ Not funny, just icky.

  • Of course cats know, they just do not give a single, solitary fuck about you calling them out.

  • Can we make Stephen with jet lag a regular segment?

  • It’s pronounced gimotogen and it’s delicious

  • my cat has always responded to its name!

  • Cats are far smarter than that lil POS of a wanna be man colbert

  • You cheered me up today, I needed that.

  • Yes. My two cats know their names, as well as if I mention my son's name.

  • Cats know their own names and they know the names of their staff, and where you live.

  • Is his name Charlie Sheen?

  • One day my brother came home, and noticed some of his old toys missing. He then went nuts. My mum had given away my brother's Star Wars collection of action figures from the 80's. She complained that he never took them out of their box to play with. Also they were in perfect condition.

  • How is it spelt hematogen its gematogen look at the first letter and the 3rd to last their g’s. A russian h is a x

  • Its funny because cats are jerks

  • in Russia drinking blood while not that common is fairly normal... its good against radiation etc last time i was in Russia i drank antler blood!

  • My cat knows his name

  • Its hard to trust this guy now

  • Meanwhile - my cat is clearly not a jerk, unless he wants to do his own thing. Every time I call his name, he goes "MEOW?" He could be fast asleep and as soon as he hears his name, he'll give a sign of recognition. He'll respond to both Tigger and Tigs (yeah, girls named him when they were younger). So, this is old news. I wonder how much government money they got to do this "research"?

  • I only clicked bc I saw the word 'Cats'

  • Can't talk much, Steven? Lol

  • But above and beyond there's still one name left over And that is the name that you will never guess The name that no human research can discover But the cat himself knows and will never confess When you notice a cat in profound meditation The reason, I tell you, is always the same His mind is engaged in rapt contemplation Of the thought, of the thought, of the thought of his name His ineffable, effable, effanineffable Deep and inscrutable singular name Name, name, name, name, name, name -- Cats (The Musical), "The Naming of Cats"

  • Meanwhile ... does any human recognize the individual mew sound which the cat 🐈 assigns to their individual servants? 🌲🌝☘️

  • My cat 100% knows his name. I can call him from anywhere in the house.

  • My wife loves ball pits

  • oh no, you got it wrong, everyone in russia knows that hematogen contains blood, it's just that no one really cares.

  • Every russian knows that Гематоген contains cow's blood. I knew it since I was 9

  • hematogen has cow blood because it is the most efficient source of iron , together with beef

  • Meanwhile the douchebags

  • Those candy bars are great actually

  • No one suspected that Hematogen contains blood? Everyone in Russia knows

  • I had a cat that not only responded to her own name, but several nicknames I had for her as well.

  • Shitty new rule

  • I knew Putin was a Vampire!

  • my cats know their names! They always come when I call.

  • The "Hematogen" candy bar didnt "secretly" contain blood. Everyone knew that it contains blood( at least where i'm from ) and still eat it. ITs sweet and good. We called it "cow blood candy".

  • 2:15 - Spongebob predicted this. It's called a _lolsquid._

  • yes? mine do anyway

  • Wow, an entire Colbert sketch where he doesn't mention Trump once! 😱

  • It's a LOLSQUID -- and a sponge knew about this years before...

  • I call my cat a number of pet names: 1. Brew Brew 2. Punky Monkey 3. De Brew 4. Brewberry Muffin 5. Brewberry Business 6. Rudy Brew 7. Brewby-Brew (who brewby-brews the way Scooby -Doo's) 8. Wrood Beezness 9. De Punkiest ob Punkies/Monkeys 10. Brew (who Brew scadoos like Steve and Blue) ETC. Never has saying ANY of those names sternly EVER gotten any other response besides her either running up to me for brushes or just giving me her typical "Oscar the grouch" look like "bitch puLEEZE!" 😒 HOWEVER! When she's in trouble, I break out her full name - the real thing - and she KNOWS! 😂 She looks at me like "oh, SHIT!" 😱 before booking it - and I mean BOOKING it! - the hell outta there! 😆

  • My 🐈 Repo Piggy Puppy, only comes if I promise him a game of cat softball. Smart cookie!

  • BOUNCY BOUNCY ooh such a good time BOUNCY BOUNCY shoes all in a line 👞👟👠👡👢

  • Weird that America is freaking about hematogen. I am not from Russia but Western Europe, where we make our own version of it. I've been eating it since I was a little girl and it does help me a lot, since I am anemic . It helps me to deal with menstruation, which would be bloody and painful without this snack. As far as I know the blood used in the bar is leftovers from slaughter house. I think it's an economical choice. Any other blood supplement to my knowledge also uses animal blood Don't judge me before you try it. And if you do, remember that gummy bears are usually made from leftover animal organs or skin.

  • Actually, everybody knew it contained blood as one of ingredients, hence the name, it was supposed to indicate that. Not really news. Most sweets nowadays contain much more disgusting ingredients, it's just that regular people do not know/understant it

  • Okay 1. Don't matter how much you disagree with an adults choices. If it aint illegal (e.g., video games, pornography) you have no right to move or throw away their stuff/property. 2. If you are going to be a dick and steal/take someone's property, why would you throw it away? Sell that crap! People end up throwing away good money because they ignorantly throw away something just because they don't like it.

  • 2:25 But did we _need_ that study? If your cat doesn’t respond to it’s name _it fucking hates you._

  • Does Trump know his name?

  • Bravo for not making the last story into a shame-fest. Anyone nursing has probably dealt with it. Also, hilarious joke.

  • Oh Stephen... it ok baby, everyone needs a nap once in a while

  • I have 4 cats. They all respond to their names. If you get them from a young age and say their name a lot they learn.

  • This is the best "Meanwhile" tbh😂😭

  • Love meanwhile

  • No they no the tone u use to call them, I think.. or my cat is weird..

  • My cat, Griffon, absolutely knows her name. She will look at me when I call another cat, Princess, or if I call one of the dogs, Pippin!, but she will run to me when I call Griffon!.

  • cats know everything

  • Come on Stephen, get your facts straight. Every Russian knows Hematogen contains blood, I knew that since I was 5 or so years old. There's no secret here.

    • @Gennady Reshetnikov - Hehe, you can blame Rachelle Bergstein for the clickbait article. Stephen even questioned it himself (3:04).

  • Yes they definitely know

  • Everh man needs a dog to make feel like someone and cat to bring hin back to earth.....rd.

  • Thats donalds collection and he got caught with it under his wife side of the bed .....pervert in chief .

  • They know … they just don't care.

  • a solid + a liquid = a loquid

  • But, like all parasites, cats don't bother to give names to their human hosts!

  • Everybody knew that hematogen contains cow’s blood, this news is a bullshit. I don’t understand why people booing? I guess they never ordered steak cooked rare in the restaurant?

  • Cats are not jerks, they are just like people with a sense of autonomy. People who want slaves get animals who don’t know how to take care of themselves, people who see animals as equals get cats. Anyone who has ever had a good relationship with a cat will tell you that they can and do respond to their names every time. As long as you’re not just calling them to show them whose the boss, they respect you as an equal too.

  • I’m a cat lover, and that was hilarious! “They’re just jerks.”

  • Confused about the liquid and solid at the same time thing.Because that's always been a thing. How is it different than glass?

    • It's probably one of those clickbait headlines misrepresenting science. If anything it sounded like a non-newtonian liquid when described.

  • Yes. They're just assholes.

  • What's with the people shocked about the snack that contains cow blood? What do you think is in beef?

    • +nantastic sure, but I am not talking about myoglobin. I'm talking about blood. There is blood in meat. Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. They drain most of it in the slaughterhouse, but all meat still contains blood... Much like the Russian snack-food mentioned in this clip - I'm sure it wasn't drooling out blood either, blood was just an ingredient, as it is in meat.

    • if you're talking about the red liquid, it's not blood. it's myoglobin.

    • +nantastic I'm not saying soaked; I'm saying it contains blood. All beef contains blood.

    • if you're buying blood-soaked beef in the supermarket, you're doing it wrong.

  • That man is the best hype man ever. I wish my hype man was that good. *angrily stares at hype rock*

  • I can confirm on the cats. All of ours know their names, particularly the youngest, although... he will answer either to "Jakey" or "JAKEY-YOU-LITTLE-BASTARD!!!".

  • Silly, cats know their names.

  • "Cats know their names.. Finally confirming that they're just jerks." Yes.. Because American's are jerks when they don't obey just because they heard their names. Cats are proud animals, and most humans are just retards. I can prove it too.. Are humans really that conscious? Counter evidence 1. Billions of devices made with real resources that exist flawlessly in digital forms in ALL smartphones, tons of energy wastes from the factories, and pollution. All over banning those products from real materials to increase the standards of all devices that can hold them. Counter evidence 2. The introduction of google glasses should have made people realize the technology could get better, and instead it was simply washed out of human minds. The capacity for any size screen any where you go, for almost no resource costs of maximum size. Including removal of cheap screens from all your junk standards. Counter evidence 3. We warn you about climate change, and in result you people step up thousands of versions of disposable air cleaner production from factories over the best of human knowledge. ^^ 100 fold EXTRA pollution.. You people even tolerate the production of thousands of versions for each step in mobile computing devices. We shift military assets around you as a warning of consciousness, and claim its preparation to defend against rivals that would void assets troops with nukes. Not because most humans are like lower animals that are so SHAMEFULLY stupid that they are approaching the need for a HUNTING SEASON. To prevent an ANIMAL from exhausting its habitat which could lead to extinction.. Climate change anyone? GREATER GOOD.. Wake up herd animals.. Because GREAT MEN have always been willing to do TERRIBLE THINGS for the species.

  • Hey, leave our гематоген alone haha