Meet the Filmmakers Behind Kitbull | Pixar SparkShorts

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Director Rosana Sullivan and Producer Kathryn Hendrickson introduce their Pixar SparkShort, Kitbull.
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Watch Kitbull:
See how the film was made:



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  • Watch Kitbull: See how the film was made:

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    • @Brandon GrubenWell its true!

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  • SAME!!! You are genius!!! Love seeing women's work at PIXAR

  • Yes 'Brava' from me too Rosie, The story was so beautifully balanced and the artwork style so ground breaking and perfect for this story. I am an artist animator myself { now happily retired from games industry }and I know the many talents that have to come together perfectly to produce something like this, but the writer director has to be way ahead of their game to make something as perfect as this was.Very well done from the bottom of my heart, you will do great things and this { along with the wonderful 'Perl' } deserves awards, they were both perfect

  • 💜" ⚘" 🌟" 🌞" 💜"

  • ❤️

  • Please make more animations about cats. You feel a cat's character perfectly!

  • I Love it

  • I don't get why would people abuse pets? I mean what would they gain out of it? Is it just a fun thing for them to do?

  • Now I need a full-length version of this cartoon :)

  • I love this! God bless the creators of this short beautiful film!

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  • shut up and make another but as a film plllz

  • Kithull first of all thx for doin this movie :3

  • Man. I wish this was longer and spoke out a little more about evils of dog fighting and how pit bulls are often blamed for those evils... wasted opportunity

  • Not a shred on the soundtrack and its composition/history. Poor work folks. 'Incomplete' is your score.

  • Please make the movie or the series!! Please ! I love Kitbull already 😍😍😍😭

  • You girl are a genius...

  • When an animated cat acts more realistic than a real cat XD

  • 😭😭😭💖 this name me cry...! It’s so emotional...

  • Well i Kinda hate her for making me cry but i still want to give her The biggest hug ever

  • 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • i cried

  • Thank you for adding kindness to this troubled world! Thank you!

  • Thank you :)

  • aW

  • 😭I'm literally crying wow 😢I actually relate to this 🙂

  • Thank you so much for raising awareness to dog fights and animal abuse and also great animation done on the kitten and dog it was so adorable I'm not gonna lie I cried for 5 mins straight after the animation ended 😢❤️

  • Great job!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  • Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful 💙 I loved everything about Kitbull!

  • you did a great job. Loved it. It made me cry, angry and happy. Most of thank you for the happy ending.

  • Very touching story. Very well done! More more more. Thank you.

  • One of my absolute favorites, it still gets me all choked up at the end even though I've watched it a bunch if times. I love a happy ending!

  • Bless these women!!! I cried


  • Love from India guys. This is a world beast story ever seen before. You made my my dear. Why don't you start new kitbull series?? Try it bcoz everyone want to see again an again

  • PIxar is my favourite.

  • Any one have contact info for Rosie Sullivan? Besides linked in?

  • I would watch Disney movies again if there were more of this style, the ones that touch your heart.

  • Me too with cats! 🐱

  • This short film needs to be a full series alot of people would love to see that including myself

  • Thank you for the kitbull I love the kitty can't have enough of it can't you make a series? The pit is cute too

  • I'm still crying.

  • Nice job. Tnks for creative film. Maybe make a game for story. good luck.

  • thank you so much for making the video i love it

  • So, try to get a job in a company like Pixar. All of their kindness and heartiness will go away in nanoseconds...

  • Thanks! I love kitbull ♥♥♥

  • Good job!

  • Tha I you for making such a touching short film, this made me cry the story line is amazing and the characters are just adorable please please continue making films like this one because this is truly amazing and if you do continue making these mini films please keep the kitten it’s so cute❤️💕😭

  • So much respect for all the people who worked on this amazing piece of art!!!

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  • *plays meme* *cluck* nice.....

  • Thank you wonderful hooman

  • Ur so great making films

  • Hey guys really good work on kitbull this is the cutest animation i have ever seen and also has such a deep story

  • Your genius

  • I am so glad a big company is giving small animators a chance to animate something beyond just a small project that could be forgotten

  • Rosana Sullivan and Kathryn Hendrickson show a bright future for Pixar and Disney.

  • Thank you for making that video, I love kitten ,its touched and emotional .🌺😘🥰⭐️⭐️💞♥️🌹😍

  • 0:51 look in the window I see a face

  • "To be completely honest, it started from a cat video." - Rosana Sullivan "She went down this rabbit hole of watching endless kitten videos..." - Kathryn Hendrickson