Mercedes E-Class Saloon 2018 infotainment and interior review | Mat Watson Reviews

Dipublikasikan tanggal 21 Mei 2016
We take an in-depth look at the Mercedes E-Class's infotainment system and interior.
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Mercedes E-Class infotainment and interior review -
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  • It looks beautiful, but is the command system as good as the BMW iDrive system?

    • I have e class, it is bloody horrendous... one of the worst I have come across.

    • Daniel Sadjadian not even close. I tried various systems (actually everyone's except Volvo's): Mercedes' is some of worst in the market. I was disappointed. I tried it this year on a C class. It is tedious to use thus not very safe on the road. Some will say: "you can still use Android Auto or Apple Car Play." To which I answer: "then why the hell would I pay for an expensive satnav to just use my phone?!" BMW's and VAG group's are the best in the market by far. Also advice: if you go for BMW's, if you can pay for the pro, not the business. They're both good bu the pro one has a major feature compared to the business: it uses not only the GPS signal but also telemetry from the car (speed, wheel turn etc...) for the GPS navigation. Meaning even in a tunnel navigation is better. cheers

  • Is it possible to use Google Maps via Apple CarPlay (not apple maps)?

    • Thechainlard stop raping me

  • infotainment looks like (and maybe it is) two-three Tablets joined together!! they must hide that angle of 90 degress because it looks like some cheap upgrade of Tablets

  • Does the summon feature come as standard

  • Not very good Sound quality Mat, Unlike the car reviews themselves. Question though - whats your opinion on the car's steering wheel? Thanks, always enjoy your reviews.