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To celebrate Manchester City’s record-breaking 2018/19 season, we are took the men’s and women’s trophies on a global Trophy Tour, presented by Etihad Airways.
In this video we visited the UAE where we brought the Manchester City silverware to Abu Dhabi, supported locally by Etisalat and Rexona.
The Trophy Tour is a part of a global club celebration after making football history by becoming the first English football club to lift six trophies across both its men’s and women’s teams in the same season.
Club legend, Micah Richards, who played right back for Manchester City from 2005 - 2014, making 246 appearances and was part of the Premier League-winning squad in 2012, accompanied the trophies in Abu Dhabi for a series of exciting activities!
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  • Why Micah is lowkey look like tall version of Kevin Hart?

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