MIND CHILL 360 (VR) - Alien Psychedelic 360 SOUNDSCAPE Chill-Out Music Mix and Art

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MIND CHILL ➡️➡️ www.mind-chill.com
Chill-Out with Mind Chill 360 for 10 Minutes.
New Mind Chill for 5 Minutes 🖐👽 - Crimson Red - Rami Winston id-tv.org/tv/video-t2Jvh8n5GMc.html
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Experience a 360 psychedelic music soundscape with trippy aliens, seascapes, mystical planets, galaxies, creatures from another planet, aliens, intergalactic campfires and floating Elephants and tigers.
Chill out with awesome moving art and ambient, lo-fi, hip hop and electronic chill out music curated, produced and mixed by artist Mind Chill.
Mind Chill 360 - Psychedelic Alien Dream Chill-Out Music Mix and Art
Track list:
Chillhop- Imagined Herbal Flows - Beyond The Sun
Imagined Herbal Flows soundcloud.com/ihfmusic
Listen on Spotify: bit.ly/ChillhopSpotify
Jenova 7 - Life is Just a Ride
Jenova 7 Sound Cloud soundcloud.com/jenova-7
Jenova 7 Facebook facebook.com/JenovaSeven
Jenova 7 Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/4l8S3gH7kFBB9XcI7EtUoT
Chillhop - Chop Juggler - Jam N’Soul
Chop Juggler soundcloud.com/chopjuggler
Visual Mix - Mind Chill
Mind Chill 360 ID-tv: id-tv.org/ch/UClIBeKLwUMOkQa1ExMzqY5A
Amazing Fractal Art:
Sherry L Grandy
Julius Horsthuis
Split Animation - CentoLodigiani
Watergirl Art : Alexandre Sato
ASatofph - Plotograph
@asato.fotografia instagram.com/asato.fotografia/?hl=en
huge love for the amazing Beeple beeple.tumblr.com/ Amazing art from Vladislav Ociacia
-What is this music genre?
Lofi - hiphop - ambiant - electronic chill out beats - jazzhop - vaporwave - chilled hip hop - trip hop - chill out house - instrumental chill beats and techno.
- Are you a musician or artist?
Do you want your music or art to be showcased and included in the 24/7 live stream or on our 360 degree video channel? Send us your creativity here:
⦁ ART: mind-chill.com/showcase-your-art
⦁ CHILL OUT MUSIC : mind-chill.com/showcase-your-...
Permission to showcase the art and music has been obtained from each artist, the credit is displayed on the screen with the corresponding content - please contact and visit their social media to discover some amazing creativity. If you would like to discuss anything please contact hello@zaiga.net
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Mind Chill Webiste: www.mind-chill.com
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