Minecraft but Everything I Touch Turns to Ocean

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Welcome to Craftee where we take on different challenges and play Minecraft but strange things always happen. Today we're playing Minecraft but Everything I Touch Turns to Ocean! Let us know which part was your favorites and remember to drop your ideas in the comments for future videos that we can make!
Minecraft but Everything I Touch Turns to Ocean
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  • I like that Craftee uploads so much. I never get bored of his stuff!

  • Hey Craftee, The Lucky's Minigame Mayhem is VERY well made. You guys did very well on it. Keep making awesome stuff like it.

  • Great vid Craftee You never fail to entertain us

  • What was once a playful joke addon with a modded map became a popular feature in every craftee touch video and soon enough became a staple in the craftee series

  • When craftee forgets that soaking up water heals him 💀

    • He forgets half his powers 5 seconds after getting them

    • Yas

  • did no one notice that his avatar basically turns into a ocean being with ocean powers and yet it still cant even breath underwater. also craftee, love your vids

  • Craftee's Harpoon is still turning land to ocean

  • I like how the structure compass looks like a donut

  • if you didn't know, that "sponge" is actually another type of coral

  • Alternate title: craftees guide on how to start one piece great pirate era

  • They should’ve made the Spectral Pirates zombies so that he could have made a Drowned joke

  • Proof that Craftee is a monster: I love to dip my bread in my milk. ATTACK PICKLE! And he loves fire and explosions

    • Yes Craftee IS a monster he also commands monsters. GET EM BOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYY

  • This would be awesome if you could get water bending

  • craftee is so funny that I can imagine him as a comedian.

  • 9:59 “I shall vanquish evil with my cheeks!” - Craftee 2023

  • I love these videos so much I also love how funny he is thank you craftee we appreciate it!

  • You should do everything and touch turns to mushrooms.

  • He needs to make a video called Minecraft but I can Buy Different Chesters. It would be cool if you could get different ones that all have different abilities.

  • I feel as though this should be done in the underworld just to see what sort of outcome that would be, or the end world..........oh what if he became a final boss for random number of ID-tvrs to fight.

  • I love how craftee is so family friendly

  • 16:27 "Don't worry bud, I'll pop your bubble!" *Proceeds to pop him instead*

  • Crafted uploads so much I can barley keep up plus his content is great!

  • Video 14 of my never ending quest to have you beat minecraft by upgrading Chester

  • we want more chester vids bud

  • I don’t really care for these types of videos but I watch them for the points on fan rewards. My son also loves to watch them so he watches them with me.

  • I love how he says : THE POWER OF MY BUTT." in a cool voice

  • the world is ocean,but enderman still chilling

  • I love the way that he said “I Dip My Bread In My Milk” i do it to my breadetattata

  • Crafted has made a few worlds to play in the marketplace in minecraft.

  • I'm still trying to figure out if that was Craftee sounding like spongbob or if he got that from spongbob🙃

  • pillagers everytime craftee destroys their pillager outpost: WE QUIT, WE HAD ENOUGH CRAFTEE DESTROYING OUR OUTPOST EVERY VIDEO!!! meanwhile the villagers: our savior craftee always kills all our enemies everytime craftee makes new videos, let him take all our wheat so he wont die from hunger the golem: the villagers dont need me anymore :(

  • Really like the idea. If you have a few minutes or some other things like that

  • “The water levels are rizzen” 😂

  • if he actually turned the whole world to ocean he would only be like 0.001 % 10 minutes in

  • Lore of Minecraft but Everything I Touch Turns to Ocean momentum 100

  • Let's vote for craftee 's face reveal 😎😎

  • Your puns always cracks me up

  • what happen if you jump and use the grappling hook?

  • Only og's know where did Chester come from

  • 15:40 , probably the chicken is singing ''astronaut in the ocean'' while flying in the sky

    • Ighfhfhfhfhffhfajsgsjshsksjzjhsshshsbhshshshsshjdnsnsjsshhshshshshsjshshshjssjjshshhsjsjsjsysgsug😂567sygahaaraddaffaaaaaaaaaaysshssvsnshzmjm

    • I love you

    • ​@Marife Alvaro wat

  • Dude we dip bread on milk here all the time, it's not bad

  • Damn....this video really suits that soon its gonna be summer,cant wait for a long swim at the beach😊

  • i love your videos so much! keep it up! 💖💖💞💞💕💕❣❣❣❣

  • "And my pickle is set to attack mode"

  • Me and my family are going to the Beach with Aunt in three days and I love all your work craftee ❤️

  • i have an idea you should make a chester playlist

  • Hello Parker, turn the world into dirt!

  • Crafty actually sounds like SpongeBob when he talks like it

  • the fact that he was saying ¨looks like we gotta save some people from a submarean" just reminded me of the titanic sub.

  • Craftee be groundpounding!!!

  • I swear it was not as easy when jack fought jones

  • Did Craftee just predict the imploded sub?

  • This episode is just SpongeBob logic but Minecraft

  • "the power of my b u t t" this made me laugh so hard i broke the fourth wall

  • This reminds me of what you know about rolling down in the deep when your brain goes numb and you’re gonna mental freeze, we were talking much

  • When you do pink caves it almost looks like you’re in the human body

  • When you said atmosphere I’m doing a presentation and I put on The final one I put the atmosphere so I got inspiration by you

  • Talk about color changing material with water, like those old hotwheels cars

  • Why is sushi on demand so funny!?!?🤣

  • Crafteeeeee.. Is there a way to get a hold of you? My four yr old is obsessed with you. Every. Single. Day. His fifth bday is coming up soon and was wondering if u could make a simple happy birthday video to him?

  • Another one of good video kind the same godlike level as xnestorio

  • I wonder if he thinks that the ocean is beautiful because I do.


  • Just show you could treat him like Dream

  • always a good day when craftee upload

  • Impressive!!

  • How come crafter stops turning the ground he walks on into sand?

  • We gotta save some people in a Sumberine💀💀💀💀💀

  • this is how sponge bobs universe was created

  • YO CRAFTY im so happy that you made another video with Chester today 🎉 10:19

  • I love Chester so much he's so cute

  • 9:54 How rivers and ponds were made

  • i rlly wish to have his plush,posters,hodie,t shirt, stickers, and botel

  • Nah we need everything i touched turns into GRASSSSSSSS Touch grass=grass powers

  • Craftee needs to win an Oscar for his content

    • yes

    • Oscar's are for acting so him getting one doesn't make sense

    • @Brook Williams you dont make sens hooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • that yellow block at 0:34 was horn coral btw keep up the good work and ill keep liking every single video i see and if i remember lol 😂🎉🎉

  • 5:04 craftee just unleashed his inner SpongeBob

  • Craftee's Voice Turned to SpongeBob 😂😂😂😂

  • Here’s the crazy part, I actually like a bread dipped in milk in, but I like the crunchy bread dipped in milk it’s just good it’s very good and it’s a nice snack

  • Hey craftee where do the pets go after the videos are over? I miss em

  • I’ve been waiting for this for forever

  • Best crafted vid ever. Perfect mix of comedy and nonsense. “Attack pickle! Go!” -Craftee 2023

  • Amazing!

  • Amazing new minecraft features 🙌😌

  • 🐢 thanks for making me be stronger turtle craftee

  • All right king of the ocean.

  • Finally he didn't make the weapons you obtain spawn 64 enchapples and create an explosion equivalent to a tsar bomb, good job

  • 5:10 I'm not into SpongeBob... BUT HOLY COW THAT VOICE IMPRESSION IS ACCURATE!!!

  • You could do a Chester mod where you find Chester’s around the world

  • the land lovers are like vegetarians :)

  • Go UP for some chests(I think) Go down for engineering. BTW membership costs dollars. Because of that my mom and dad will never let me do it lol😅

  • well you know, the sponge craftee skin reminds me with a BFDI character called spongy

  • Team Seas love Craftee for turning the world in to sea😅

  • Could you please make a video where everything you touch turns into World of Warcraft? (with structures please) (and items?) Please 🥺????

  • Crafty I cannot believe your videos. They’re so funny I could just laugh all day when I’m watching them every time you make a video I watch it I love your videos crafty.

  • I was just wondering if you could let us know it's the fact that you sponsor are free or not cuz that would be very helpful for me

  • Every time crafftee upload a video I always watch it

  • After watching your new videos for a long time i watched 1 of your old videos and i realized how much you have changed.your voice and your jokes now you do less jokes


  • The deepest underwater trench in real life is the marina trench the deepest point of the trench is the challenger deep