Minecraft, But Your XP = Realism...

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Minecraft, But Your XP = Realism...
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  • Man he always thinks up something else. I love it.

  • I love how level one actually looks good but nothing else does

  • Anyone else get excited when Nestor uploads?

  • xNestorio: "there's fish underwater" "is it just me or is that even realistic at all?"

  • It's actually crazy how minecraft can go from pixels to something so pretty

  • Can we just appreciate how much effort people put into their videos

  • "there's fish underwater" nah bro there fish in space trust

  • "there's fish underwater" A YES THE FLOOR HERE IS MADE OUT OF FLOOR

  • "There's fish underwater"

  • Soon one day with enough mods Minecraft will become indistinguishable from reality

  • "It's actually a little bit dark in here, let me makes some torches."

  • I love how he isn't like "omg this is so cursed" when Minecraft gets more realistic

  • Hi Xnestrio! I just want to tell you that today was pretty hard, but coming home and seeing you ALWAYS makes me feel better. So thank you for being there for all of your viewers.

  • These videos get crazier and crazier every time... Another great video!

  • u know u have good luck when nestor posts, keep up the work!

  • It's actually crazy how minecraft can go from pixels to something so pretty

  • Never fails with the videos xNestorio posts

  • Im pretty sure the weird thick blaze that was summoned was based on the 2017 mob vote. Which was lost to the phantom, the "Blaze King" Or whatever its name was was a thick blaze that had a crown and launched fireballs in all directions.

  • Thanks Nestor ❤️ Awesome content as always!

  • I like how Nestor doesn't notice there's WAY more new thing in Minecraft with the shader mod thing