Ranking Minecraft's Most Unbelievable Seeds...

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Minecraft's Most Unbelievable and Rarest Seeds... Minecraft seeds can make some Minecraft worlds look ABSOLUTELY INSANE, so today we showcase and look at the most craziest Minecraft Seeds.
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Not Minecraft's History on ID-tv or Glitches, or even the entire history of minecraft i guess, and not even close to Ranking Minecraft's rarest occurrences and Minecrafts most mind-blowing inventions. Dream could totally use some of these seeds for a manhunt speedrunner vs hunters... Or maybe even tommyinnit in a Minecraft Mod video.
DISCLAIMER: All of these seeds are Java besides the ravine, Some of the seeds in this video only work on certain versions, so if it isn't working try other versions like 1.12, 1.7.10, and 1.14.
-To find the landmarks, do /locate(biome) (landmark) like stronghold or village and you should be able to find the landmark.
Credits to reddit and the Minecraft@home team for finding the majority of these seeds, they're crazy.
- u/plebiain



  • The desert temple and rhe mountain and village was the seed in my pocket edition world and it got deleted thats amazing since its in java and mine is in picket

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  • GUYS, that diamond fact really work, thats incredible

  • Can you do a whole vid about bedrock?

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  • 11:10 The most unbelievable seed no cap

  • I like when he talking like this was a documentary with tittle“seven wonders of the world”

  • Random seeds are cool

  • this guy is gonna be the next big minecraft youtuber

  • 1:42 whats the coordinates

  • How do I find the inf revein


  • Today i opened a world and i found a floating giant taiga tree😭

  • Amazing video you condensed so much information into 1 video. I've seen many of the things in this video before but separately and there even was alot of new stuff

  • Wait a minute I thought that 12 eye seeds are bugged and don't actually spawn the portal? Isn't that why 12 eye seeds aren't used for seeded speedruns?

  • 10:28 free diamonds lmao

  • They removdd the superpig seed

  • Its procedural. If it were random you wouldn't get anything that looked like hills or rivers etc. And these are just bugged worlds. That's all.

  • I found a stronghold on a superflat world, no presets, just flat terrain, villages... And the stronghold

  • The seeds dont work :///

  • Lol he didn’t make it boring

  • Why do they always say what they got in the chest it randomized so no no E-Gaps for all of us

  • let me guess, you were watching FitMC?

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  • Bro since when is Sipover getting 10mil views???? algorithm treating him right goddamn

  • Maaan! That last seed as a Madness Combat tribute is great! ... What do you mean it isn't a tribute...?

  • I didn’t make it herobrine abducted me

  • 7:54

  • The last seed would be perfect for a dooms day/apocalyptic world!

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  • i saw a pink sheep...

  • 2:37 Friend: hey where do you live Whoever live here: Statue of Liberty 🗽

  • I created a map and put the seed codes but it dosent take me to those places what a waste of my time

  • Hablo español y aún asi me entretuvo bastante😅


  • 7:00 i found a mountain that is Y 280 lol

  • This is so entertaining

  • What about the one room seed

  • When you realize the amount of likes in this video is almost the amount of subs Sipover has 😳


  • yesss the woodland mansion seed worked! tysm for telling me this

  • i had one with a small chunk of land and the rest just water also earlier today i spawned next to something that had enchanted diamond things, a nether portal and half an end portal i was too embarrassed to ask the boys what it was lol

  • Now THIS is the most interesting video ive seen all year

  • What’s the cordinets to the desert temple village house

  • uh i think i found the mineshaft seed where it goes to y2 before watching this video

  • u stole ur video from Nerkin

  • I liked the ending.

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  • The diamond thing is not working on my, does someone now why?


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  • Surprised to not see 404 on this list. It's not super flashy but it's definitely famous. Then again, that seed was in Beta 1.3 in 2011 and is probably older than a lot of people watching this video XD

  • 3:58

  • man forgot to put coordinates

  • 1:52

  • 0:50

  • 3:12

  • 3:30

  • do these seeds work on education edition? if not, i hate myself for only having education edition

  • My freind found the bedrock mineshaft

  • Awesome vídeo

  • 14:00

  • Ok, my Java seed is better than the 25 blocks shallow one. Entirely above ground. No cheats. It spawned above ground! I don’t remember the seed I just remember the world!

  • The seed one chunk please

  • i found nether portal thing in a village weird btw i'll make a video about that so u trust me

  • Next thing ya know someone's gonna find the far lands 😂

  • Is it just me or he sounds like dream

  • When you really want to know what the seed number is for the never ending ravine.

  • 423231464599325604 I choose this

  • I wish people had posted seed number on the comments so others can join those people, would be kinda nice?!🤗🤔🤓

    • hey i summon every seeds it did nothing in orginal mincarft uh uhh

  • I’ve literally searched the whole seed at 4:00 for the monument in the pond in the Mesa biome and couldn’t find it…. Does anybody know the exact coordinates?

  • its fake i tried every one in 5 days

  • last one SUS

  • -2658390636751341548

  • i also was on a crazy seed one day. there was a desert with 2 desert temples and in each desert temple one enchanted golden apple

  • Somebody please tell me what is the coordinates for the tallest mountain

  • This made me want to play mc again

  • The last very INTERESTING khmmm xDDDDD I liked the video :) InTeReStInG

  • what are the coords for the village skyscraper???

  • fake total

  • I have found a zombie desert village with a desert wel

  • 1:11 does anyone know the cords to the strong hold??

  • One time i found a random pink sheep. NONE OF MY FRIENDS DYED IT-

  • 5:31 I don't even know what you're talking about this is not scary.

  • hey i summon every seeds it did nothing in orginal mincarft uh uhh

  • The last seed is the best hahaa🤣🤣🤣

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  • This guy makes very interesting videos. And hilarious outro.

  • Anyone now the cords for the snow mountain at 6:25

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  • If you use the seed 666 you spawn into a village that spawns a ton of Enderman at night

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