[MIX & MAX] ENHYPEN JUNGWON & NI-KI (정원&니키) 'Bleeding Darkness' (4K)

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[MIX & MAX] ENHYPEN JUNGWON & NI-KI (정원&니키) 'Bleeding Darkness' (4K)

[MIX & MAX] ENHYPEN JUNGWON & NI-KI 'Bleeding Darkness'
[믹스앤맥스] 엔하이픈 정원&니키 'Bleeding Darkness'

엔진에 영원히 불을 지필 불멸의 조합!
엔하이픈 정원&니키의 유니크한 퍼포🤍
( 1:05 ) 완벽한 표현력에 소름 쫙 돋음🩸

2022.04.30 'Choreo-Record' Coming Soon

* Original Track and Music
Bleeding Darkness by BreadBeat, Junhyuk

* Performance Directing
Myung Sangwoo / Kim Dahee
Kim Sungkwan / Lee Gahun

* Dancer
Hwarang / Lim Junghyun / 9wang
Shin Seunghwa / Bae Wanjin / Bari
Yu Byunghwa / Hoodie / Bang Junho
Jeon Hojin / Hwang Seojun / Yoon Yeowoong
Leo_jung / Tiz park

[MIX & MAX] A collaborated pair performance showing the synergy of two K-POP artists, and a peek into their inner thoughts about dance.

Welcome to the new K-POP Dance journey of STUDIO CHOOM with your favorite K-POP Artists!

'MIX & MAX' present by 스튜디오 춤
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    • @ytclick BRUHH

    • This is the real deal

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    • ​ @木村彩香 さん 教えて下さい。見てみましたけどこの動画に何か関係あるんですか?誰も質問されてもいないようだし…

    • これかな? id-tv.org/tv/video-nXpFWm4WC10.html 間違えてたらすいません!!

  • I swear to god, NI-KI is one of the best dancers in the 4th generation.

    • Ni-ki is one of the top dancer. Even he's not involved any dance competitions, you can tell from his career. looking he've worked with are literally world top dancers. Such as Kent Mori, Travis Payn etc... they must have very strict, skilled, keen, sharp eyes of dancing. So if you see the judgements of world dance competitions, you can easily tell to win the auditions of them are much more harder. Can't compare with these two. World winners gather their auditions as well. You need to WIN. It doesn't matter if you're titleholder. And Ni-ki was participated in the weekend pv as a dancer. So what I think, He's literally one of the top dancer in the world. I also respect his policy he's never interested in dance competition because, he thinks dance is the way to comunicate, connect with people, not the way to fight with. That's why I love him so much.

    • Yeah, jungwon was there too.

    • We already knw without swearing girl.

    • He’s the best

    • No doubt he is

  • NI-KI is going to be recognized as being Kai/Taemin level soon omg. Not many 4th gen idols have this much stage presence with talent as dancers.

    • @Tm. SH. you're absoluuutely right 👍🏻 what I 'd love to say, you just did !

    • @cats love I totally agree. It is not necessary to participate in competitions to be a talented dancer. Everyone has his own path. Someone is trying to prove something to others, and someone just lives by dancing, as if breathing. Those who have eyes - they see Ni-ki's dancing skills! This is not just a technique, but also a soul, an expression of oneself. That's why he's beautiful.

    • Ni-ki is one of the top dancer. Even he's not involved any dance competitions, you can tell from his career. looking he've worked with are literally world top dancers. Such as Kent Mori, Travis Payn etc... they must have very strict, skilled, keen, sharp eyes of dancing. So if you see the judgements of world dance competitions, you can easily tell to win the auditions of them are much more harder. Can't compare with these two. World winners gather their auditions as well. You need to WIN. It doesn't matter if you're titleholder. And Ni-ki was participated in the weekend pv as a dancer. So what I think, He's literally one of the top dancer in the world. I also respect his policy he's never interested in dance competitions because, he thinks dance is the way to comunicate, connect with people, not the way to fight with. That's why I love him so much.

    • @ゼ ロく ん 二人とも最初はマイケル・ジャクソンのダンスを踊っていた。彼らには共通する教師がいた。スタイルにも共通点が多い。 ニキは、将来ソロでプロモーションをすれば、テミンのように優れたアーティストになれるかもしれません。

    • テミンのスタイルに似てきましたね。雰囲気も

  • Nikiiii so so handsome so attractive so charming so charisma so perfect

  • I like how NIKI is cute and pretty, but charming mature professional dancer at the same time , his solo part was sooo fine and mesmerising ! He got taller !! He is getting taller and taller and he is just 16 !!! Both boys slayed the face expression

    • Yeah, jungwon was there too.

  • This is not a joke. ENHYPEN's maknae line fascinated me with the legendary performance. I'm really proud to be ENGENE!‼︎

    • @Jesus Saves! 💀💀💀

    • sameee

    • Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless them! Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who believes in him and follows his commandants! Have a blessed day, everyone! ❤

    • これかな? id-tv.org/tv/video-nXpFWm4WC10.html 間違えてたらすいません!!

    • Me too

  • I'm so happy that I could see Ni-Ki's brilliant performances. I can't imagine my days without Ni-Ki anymore.

    • Yeah, jungwon was there too.

  • Ni-Ki is the youngest from Hybe but has a very charismatic & mysterious star power. His every single movement is so artistic, I can pause anywhere & get a beautiful thumbnail screenshot for him. I love also the way he chose his words for his vampire role: "I wanna end this", that desperate feeling, is portrayed not as a maniac nor crazy, but is just on point, his loneliness struggle, he gives a perfect performance emotionally and theaterically.

    • @명보라 yes, I know and I did give comment for him too, but it didn't become top comment.

    • Yeah, jungwon was there too.

  • I am always overwhelmed and impressed by NI-KI's facial expressions and high dance skills. I don't think he's a very 16 year old boy. He wants to see more dances.

    • Jungwon was there too.

  • Congrats for 5 Million vi3ws after 2 weeks. I still remember how other fandoms reacted amazingly for Ni-Ki's lie dance cover, but it takes 1 year to reach 5 M at Enhypen channel. I hope more people now join to become engene, our maknaes and Enhypen r incredibly talented.

    • @Дана what do you mean?

    • Неэ Аespa

    • @Lil wonie One reason i hope for Ni-Ki to be AOTM is to attract new dedicated fans. Cox even his last birthday, he didnt win any birthday vote, except bus Ad at the Kking which i spent crazy hours voting for him. Really he gives more than Engene gave him back 😢. To reach group goals, definitely need a lot more fans and engene shouldnt be busy with just fighting internally that i notice happened too often while the bigger goal for the Group's growth is neglected. The funny thing is Enhypen has 6 M subscribers at ID-tv, while studio choom only 3.7 M subs, but reaching 5M a lot faster. We need those new fans to support Enhypen's dreams for billboard no.1.

    • As much as i am happy with this, we really need to step up our game, cz we can't reach out goal most of the time...

  • Jungwon & Ni-ki tienen un talento increíble!!!, coreografía, expresiones, tema... esto es mas allá de lo fantástico

    • aaaaaaah te amo, amo tu contenido ❤❤

    • Si es cierto!! que bueno que valores a los dos... Hay muchos que solo hablan de uno y la verdad eso es demasiado triste... Deberíamos elogiar a ambos por su talento y esfuerzo!! WONKI fighting! ❤️💜🖤

    • exacto, está coreografía estuvo increíble

  • I really love how Jungwon just split blood just after Niki bite him . It's just awesome!!

  • Idol of Idols is his future. Hybe got an incredible huge diamond and should not keep it in a safe. Ni-ki must shine for everyone!

    • @gabdominates I don't agree with you. A person with a minimum of central positions. Minimum lines. Not on Korean shows. Cut out parts of it from performances. Got 5 seconds in the song and those 5 seconds didn't even make it to the ost. Yes, he has one cover and he was taken to mix-max, but is that enough for one of the best dancers in the industry? How many covers did he want to show? And where are they? A normal company would have promoted the band to the fullest with the help of such a talented artist, but what are they doing?

    • No one in Enhypen is kept in a safe, they're promoted a lot and treated very well

    • Jungwon was there too.

  • they are insanely talented like the stage presence is so???? niki got me hooked up he is talented af

  • Ni_ki IS the standard

  • They deserve an oscar for that FACIAL EXPRESSION more like actg

    • @logic excuse me? have you seen their performances and dance breaks? it’s like they make the performance into a whole movie simply using their facial expressions.

    • That's true.....✨

    • @logic stay pressed

    • @logic its not a joke have u seen how they put meaning into their dances with their facial expressions??

    • 😂 ha nice joke

  • God I fall for NI-KI again

  • They are both amazing dancers 🤩 But Ni-ki’s facial expressions hit really different 🔥

  • We want to see a solo performance by NI-KI. Please Studio Choom.

  • How was this so clean!? The facial expressions, the clarity of the steps, the stage presence, the visuals, the lighting and literally everything about this video was PERFECT!!! I’d love to see more from this duo!


  • this will be legendary forever


  • 2:21 Ni-ki moves naturally and smoothly


  • Ni-ki's dance is literally perfect. And Jungwon's acting is also attractive.

    • @CrimsonDawn1586 Yeah I feel so bad damn

    • @CrimsonDawn1586 Needless to say, Niki is a great dancer, but Jungwon is also an indispensable leader and great dancer for enhypen.I'm proud of them😌💙

    • @CrimsonDawn1586 probably bc hes a better dancer idk

    • Thank you for mentioning Jungwon in your comment I fr can't find a single comment talking about him 😭 Ni-ki was fire but people in here talking like he was the only one on stage 💀

    • I agree with you

  • wow, simplemente wooow😃, los chicos han mejorado tanto😦, estoy muy orgullosa de ambos🥺, los quiero chicos desde Latinoamérica VENEZUELA😍😍😘😘😘

  • ni-ki beneran keren banget. gue kaget liat profesional dancenya dia di usia 16 tahun, gila.

  • Nikis Facial expression in 0:57 KILLED ME

  • Wow , they are sooo coool, keep watching it and come back to it again and again

  • Ni-ki is really amazing I'm impressed how professional he is with his dancing at just 16 years old

    • @Obito Uchiha No he didn't lol! Born with HYPE? LMAO! He trained hard and he is talented. How dare you! Keep hating. How about your bias K? Oh wait- still in the dungeon.

    • @Carmina 😭😭😭

    • He... He's.. 16? I've been attracted to a minor? Nah I'm going to hell

    • @Sofia tamayo no. He was born with hype

  • Niki you are just amazing!

  • They so good!!!

  • Ni-ki and Jungwon are so talented!!

  • NI-KI's dance is amazing!I love you!

  • Their dance, facial expression- everything is top tier omg they never disappoint

  • this is legendary

  • He visto este perfomance mil veces y mil veces me deja impactada. Increíble!

  • Speechless. Ohmygod. So good, i cant believe it. Marvelous

  • Niko's hair has infinity times better dancing skills than me

  • NI-KI is a professional dancer indeed. his title as a dance prodigy is for him and him only!

    • Yes! Ni-Ki's dance level is way beyond kpop. All his movements are so well executed that we don't need words to understand the feeling he wants to deliver us. Ni-Ki's perfect body lines and expressiveness make the performance so aesthetic it's impossible to take my eyes off of him. His gentle voice is very attractive too. Ni-Ki's passion for dancing is so inspiring that enveloped me in a way I can't escape anymore. He knows what he is doing. There is no doubt that he is a dance prodigy!

    • @Sharlott Yessica Larico mamani Nadie hizo a un lado a Jungwon ni mucho menos lo rebajaron, simplemente también están admirando a Ni-ki, calmate xd

    • JUNGWON TAMBIÉN ES UNO DE LOS MEJORES, no solo Niki . Niki podrá ser excelente en los movimientos, pero eso no rebaja a el otro miembro. Es un prodigio , pero no debemos hacer a un lado las habilidades de JUNGWON!.

  • Best combo, best charisma, best facial expressions, love you Both guys


  • ♡congratulations ⑤M♡

  • 500万回おめでとう これからも見るよ~ まだまだたくさん見たいからね!

  • Both Niki AND Jungwon performed outstandingly! At such a young age, they were able to pull off perfectly a gory and powerful choreography which is quite demanding. From strength in they're dancing to the expressions on their faces while acting, both of them did an immaculate job! Congratulations Jungwon and Niki ^_^

  • youngest leader in kpop industry and the youngest idol in hybe y'all

  • deserves more views !!!

  • These two are actual, literal children and have more grace and professionalism than most performers two decades older than them. Enhypen is always fun to watch perform, but this is a work of art!

  • Niki's movements are so clear it's CRAZY, he is a dance machine I swear

    • @Kyo but his brand reputation does

    • @olivee i promise you niki doesn’t care

    • I AGREE!!!

    • Ni-ki*

  • Amazing!!!!

  • ni kiii soo cute

  • Niki visual is no joke

  • この凄いパフォーマンスはK-POPよく知らない人にもぜひ見てもらいたいです✨

  • Jungwon & Ni-ki's overflowing charisma


    • @ciakodz famous queen 😎

    • Omg wow my first time in my life having a comment with 1k likes!!

  • Now i need Ni-ki for AOTM asap,then i can rest in peace haha

  • Nikiiii visual and dance is no joke heis the king he naildet perfect

  • Please come back and watch this video again, let's achieve 10 MILLION views for our Wonki

  • [MIX & MAX] "Bleeding Darkness" was a performance that was instantly shocked by its charm. NI-KI's dance, which is graceful, powerful and mysterious, is indescribably beautiful. NI-KI's unique expressiveness, using its long arms and legs beautifully, is very cool. JUNGWON is very good at managing facial expressions. The change in facial expression conveys the vampire's, anguish. WONKI's performance is a wonderful piece of work that will be remembered forever.

  • We’re asking for ni-ki as an artist of the month, but Studio choom gave us this! They made a new segment 😭

    • @Sophia Bella ni-ki is an ovious stage slayer so I want to see him specially in aotm..tho Sim Jaeyun is my bias I truly want Ni-ki to appear on aotm tbh^D^

    • @Juliisgreat hope so, i've been wanting ni-ki to be aotm since 2021,so i'm rlly excited. But whoever in enhypen will be aotm i will stay proud and happy.

    • @Sophia Bella hope Studio Choom is preparing for AOTM segment and hope Enhypen will be in aotm..Ik it will be blast if one of Enha appear there..and I too know it is the segment that creates blast ..I m also eagerly anticipating as how you are

    • @Juliisgreat i'm just saying that ni-ki and jungwon rlly fits aotm, and engenes rlly want them to be aotm, it's not like i'm saying there's no other idols that also deserve that, but i'm just saying that ni-ki and jungwon r mostly known because of their dancing skills that's why i said that they are one of the most expected idol to appeared in aotm. Yes heeseung and sunghoon is very flexible in any positions, it's that i'm saying that wonki rlly fits and the one of the most expected idols to appeared in aotm.because those two known as the best dancer in enha esp ni-ki(enhypen admit it themselves) And it's different segment too like mix&max and aotm is different. So they might be the artist of the month.(but we are not sure if there still aotm because it's been 5 months and no aotm)

    • @Sophia Bella I m an hardcore Engene..Ni-ki and Jungwon performed rlly great in Mix &Max..They might appear in other segment in future too..But I think there are still other deserving idol who ve not appeared in AOTM segments(aespa and other 4th gen group)so Studio Choom may cast others talented rookie idol ..and it is not usual to cast the same member who appeared once again when there is still other remaining talented member who need to be casted and should get platform what studio choom provides to showcase what they ve got..I still want Niki and Jungwon to appear again bc they deserve so much more!!But take a look ..Take Enhypen members as an example bc Heeseung,Sunghoon are also very flexible in any positions beside jungwon and ni-ki and that’s why they won’t be casted for at least a yr or less bc all Enha member are overall aces and if they want enha to appear in AOTM it won’t be Niki and jungwon bc of what I think

  • No one can beat Niki dance his the dance king .. best dancer in ka-poop even j-hop see that Niki is great at dance we need Niki Aotm please he deserves his amazing and so so attractive and handsome ❤️

  • Niki visual is no joke should be model ❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • Niki is insane he naildet amazing boy so goooood and cool at dancing and so handsome

  • Muerta despues de ver semejante cosa, me re encanto y se nota, se nota mucho el esfuerzo del wonki, amo esto, me gustaria que tuviera mas apoyo, deberia de tenerlo, AHHHHH ES QUE ES RE GENIAL ESTOOO, NO ENTIENDO A ENGENE QUE NO HACE STREAM.

  • Ni-ki's solo dance was on fire!!!

  • Ni-ki hits different 💓

  • WOAHHHH OK JUNGWON AND NIKI!!!!!!! THEY KILLED THISSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (side note: does anyone know what the song instrumental was for the first part of the video?? ik the second part's song was Momma I hit a lick by 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar)

  • the powerfull maknae ❤


  • Studio Choom literally set themselves up. Putting THEE DANCE PRODIGY and THEE ACE LEADER together to start their new segment, damnn how can the next pair surpass this ..

    • これかな? id-tv.org/tv/video-nXpFWm4WC10.html 間違えてたらすいません!

    • exactly LMAO they set the bar so up high

  • Gente... como assim já tem 1 mês essa obra de arte??

  • I can't believe these two maknae brought a spectacular performance like this 🥺🔥

  • It's really perfect. I'm looking forward to something new and it's so exciting. Enhypen is on the next level🔥

  • Linda de mais 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👏👏👏

  • I think NI-KI deserves to be recognized more. he's very talented

  • Sus visuales, el baile, el sonido, la coordinaciones no puedo es tan guau!

  • This really killing me. Perfect duo!

  • I Can't Bring myself to even utter one word about this!!!!! This was DRAMATIC ,POWERFUL ,& a bucket full of charisma

  • It's been weeks already, but I still can't get over wonki's performance

  • I feel like I just watched a theatrical performance, this is insane. Ni-ki's dance never disappoint, it is always graceful and smooth yet powerful. And Jungwon's facial expressions, both of them actually are more than enough to tell the story of this whole performance. WonKi, our youngest and powerful duo.

    • これかな? id-tv.org/tv/video-nXpFWm4WC10.html 間違えてたらすいません!!

    • IKR

  • This part was so smooth 0:38


  • still can't get over with it can't believe how they managed to dance like that💜💜💫 WonKi is really cool love u guys💜💜💜💜

  • Let’s be honest we have all watched this more than.15 times

    • its on my str3aming playlist with enha's mv ... so yeah actually more than 15x😜

  • Everyone who choreographed this is a genius. The choreographers and the dancers listened to the music so well. There are so many small details that make this performance so badass. Incredibly done! NI-KI and Jungwon played their roles so well. At the end; NI-KI is the more vulnerable one hehe.

    • This is just .... no words, their facial expressions blew me away how are they sooo good just how

    • これかな? id-tv.org/tv/video-nXpFWm4WC10.html 間違えてたらすいません!!!

    • @heeyunki you're right

    • @heeyunki agree



  • 何回見てもかっこいい!ニキのダンス最高!

  • 嘘を付けない善良な少年ニキくん  真反対な人物表現してるのが凄い

  • los dos lo bailaron tan bien. wow O.O

  • I applaud their performance. I'm not a K-POP stan, but I'm interested in talented dancers and performers. Ni-Ki has long arms and legs, and the dance expressed by the body follows a very beautiful trajectory. I think he's obviously talented and needs to record a solo performance, but Funny thing is, his company seems hesitant to do that

    • Thanks. I may have talked a little too much. I will close the comment.

    • @KyLe Thanks for your reply. The person who pointed out the continuation of Ni-ki's synchronized choreography says the same thing as you. He said Ni-ki could still improve his dance skills. I noticed that Sunghoon's dance is similar to Ni-ki's dance, but I didn't notice Jungwon clearly, so your comment was so helpful. thank you. And anyway I am surprise at their company's strategy. It ’s not a good surprise.

    • I forgot to answer this question, but Jungwon has clearly adopted Ni-Ki's moves. However, since he and Ni-Ki have different body shapes and flexibility, many people may not realize that Jungwon has adopted Ni-Ki's dance moves. And Sunghoon has also adopted Ni-Ki's moves. His movements in Tames-Dashd and beyond show Ni-Ki's characteristic neck and body movements more than before. And it was decided before EN-'s debut that it would be centered around two members. Yeah, one of them is Jungwon. The man who has influence over their music personally likes Jungwon's voice. But from time to time that strategy has changed. The boys have all gained popularity in their own unique ways, and some members are more popular than the two who made them the center of the group. However, it is not certain how they will be marketed in the future, as the upper management, which has a lot of influence, will continue to develop the strategy. Strategies are constantly changing

    • @風が呼ぶほうへ 向かおう. The person expressing the view that Ni-Ki's dancing will stagnate if he continues to use only sync choreography is probably a professional. If not, he/she is probably a professional like viewpoint. Ni-Ki still has excellent moves, but I think he has the potential to further develop his dance skills. What I think is that he is staying his skill where he is. This is not good for him. He should showcase more of his own dance and expression. Otherwise, he will not be able to make use of his own good ability. His flexibility of character is a good thing, but if that flexibility works against him, he will develop habits that are not very welcoming

    • Someone has made an interesting comment. That is that if you keep doing only synchronized dances, Ni-Ki's dance will stagnate. And in reply there was a comment that the company is promoting Jungwon the most and that his dance is similar to Ni-Ki's dance. This reply comment seems to have been deleted now, but I found that comment very interesting. I interested to you opinions.

  • WOW! WOW! WOW! Whoever thought to put these 2 together needs a salary raise! LOVE THIS!

  • There dynamic is so well together. Ni-ki is a ace, the stage presence end everything.

  • if you see this, this is a sign for you to STAN ENHYPEN.

  • 500万回おめでとう!たくさんの人に見てもらえて嬉しいね☺️

  • Jungwon's facial expressions are truly captivating. He really knows how to act and put on a show. Gave me goosebumps! Ni-Ki's dancing is amazing as always. Love his solo. WONKI FIGHTING! THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL

  • No one can beat Niki dance and so so handsome and attractive 😍🔥🔥🔥


  • the fact that they are the maknaes of enhypen. they did this so powerful and iconic. their power as a duo !! wonki did really great. i love their duo. jungwon and ni-ki the powerful maknaes !!

  • That’s is sooooo amazing!!!!!

  • NI-KI's solo part nailed me. His facial expressions and dance are really fascinating and his body movements are insane

    • Yes

    • He nailed the dance!