Mobster Bugsy Siegel - Q+A

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How many cats is too many cats? Featuring special guest Andrew Ilnyckyj
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  • Anyone else think Andrew is a bit like Joel Mchale?

  • There was such a wierd vibe without The Shaniac

  • Two important things: 1: ABSOLUTELY UNSOLVED WORTH IT CROSSOVER 2: plz bring back ruining history I miss y’all

  • For the post mortem: cats also make me sneeze Ryan! Me and my family used to stay at a farm about an hour or so drive from us every year and the owner had a tonne of cats. They were great at keeping vermin at bay and the kittens were cute as long as I took an allergy tablet! #shaniac #boogara

  • LOL I just noticed the dude in the background messing with his phone.

  • Unsolved and Worth It crossover is a YES!!!

  • Why did Adam just randomly appear at 7:04?

  • ...SHANE!!!!


  • Andrew is Gordon Northcott

  • Goddamnit there's a marked difference between the M1 carbine and M1 Garand one is chambered in .30 pistol cartridges and the other is chambered in .30-06 rifle.

  • Never mind i love Andrew

  • Andrew is an off brand Shane

  • 2 hot men on screen. woof

  • so nobody is gonna talk about ryan's shirt? "D.B COOPER'S SPRING BREAK 2018"

  • "shane's stuck in chicago" hahahahaha all hail the watcher!!

  • 7:01 uh?? hi??

  • Andrew looks so confused and like he doesn’t wanna be here lmfao 😂

  • Andrew's voice sounds like it belongs to a murderer from American Horror Story

  • Yes!!, yes!!! Worth it unsolved murder pleaseeeeee


  • They should have called this The Mobster Bugsy Sequel

  • Ryan and Andrew together?! boy this just made my day ! UNSOLVED, WORTH IT CROSSOVER, MAKE . IT . HAPPEN !!!

  • My family had 4 cats at one time 😭. It's because me and my mum had two, and when my mum's boyfriend moved in he brought his two with him as well. It's not always a hoarding issue! 😂

  • I have 4 cats......

  • Shane probably recorded that message with a mob gun to his head

  • Too many cats is when someone cannot take them properly!!! I owned 5 cats at once and no one who came to my house knew I owned them until they came out of hiding! No one outside my house knew as all our clothes were pet hair free! Having multiple cats (and pets in general) is a lot of hard work! And you can walk into some peoples homes who have only one pet, cat or dog, bird or mouse, and it reeks like pet feces/urine and their home is destroyed! So for the how many are too many, it depends on how hard you are will to work to care for the animals! XOXO

  • I really love the fact that Andrew is a cat person ♥🐈

  • I was trying to figure out why Ryan looked so weird... it's bc he's not sitting next to a Bigfoot lol

  • I don't mean to imply anything but ryan and shane make a video about the mob and suddenly shane is mysteriously trapped in Chicago

  • “Weird kind of codependency” polyamory, ya dingus.

  • "I can't get scared." I got some hours worth of footage that would beg to differ Ryan.

  • Shane looks better

  • SiLenT J sounds like a creepy pasta

  • All hail the mother truckin watcher

  • MORE THAN 2 CATS IT’S A PROBLEEEM? I feel offended, I have 4 cats

  • i can confirm there was a blizzard

  • Eeeeee

  • Omg Ryan I loooove the shirt

  • wow i love andrew so much

  • Andrew I love you and your love of cats

  • "Silent J" is such a good nickname omg

  • That ending was a bigger cliff hanger than infinity war wow

  • What happened to season 4 of The Hot Doga Shane? I miss it :C

  • How many cats are too many cats? There’s no such number... #blessedbeAnnaAkana But also I appreciate knowing that Andrew is a fellow allergy-ridden cat owner. I like him even more now.

  • Wait was the guy behind always there???????

  • Ryan: I can’t get scared All of us: we have video evidence otherwise.

    • Yeah like every viewer did a collective *"Bullsh-t"*

  • andrew looks like my cousin ben.

  • 2:20 I breed cats... I have no idea how many cats I have... send help...

  • "just to let you know I can't get scared "clip to all the time's Ryan got scared or almost broke into tears in the Sally house 🤭🤭🤭

  • rip shane

  • When will we see brent again?

  • lol my friend ky and her family have twelve cats and generally around 3-5 fosters at all times

  • I enjoyed Andrew's dry sense of humor and the weird crazy answers he came up with. Wow. I thought I would never enjoy watching an episode without Shane... Hats off to you Mr. Silent J

  • “D.B. Cooper’s spring break 2018” lol nice shirt Ryan!


  • I have 4 apartment cats and i’m feeling CALLED OUT 😭

  • there aren't enough people discussing the uncomfortable pause after we learned that ryan is turned on by danger

  • We have 3 cats, 2 boys and 1 girl. 2 bedroom flat and they get to go out. My daughter wants another cat hehehehe.

  • Loving Ryan's D.B Cooper t shirt!😂😂

  • Shane gets stuck in Chicago due to “weather” *The Watcher* #AllHailTheWatcher

  • 7:01 a wild Adam appears 8:22 a wild Adam disappears

  • Andrew is so adorable like my heart can’t.

  • Where can i get Ryan's shirt?

  • Bob and Silent Jay

  • I have 5 cats three dogs two guinea pigs and a bunny. Plus I live by two cow pastures on a golf course.

  • Why is no one talking about the dude that randomly pops up in the background in the middle of this episode?! It creeped me out for a minute but now I'm just confused. 🙄😂

  • Madej is not a silent j. This is coming from a linguistic point of view. The "j" character makes a "y" sound in English. Madej is pronounced correctly and is not silent (keep in mind I don't know if the whole name is pronounced correctly, I'm not sure about the a but it is correct in terms of the ending -dej). Or else it wouldn't have been "ma day" but "mad eh". I won't get into detail and use linguistic vocabulary or correct IPA pronunciations, but just know that "j" is actually pronounced like a "y" in linguistics IPA. And if you were wondering, y is actually pronounced as something similar as a i or "ee" but it makes a u. Languages that have that sound usually write it as "ü". German has it, Turkish, Gilaki, and more. By the way, best ending. Let's do a Worth it: Unsolved.

  • Ryan: Just know that I can’t get scared. *Flashback to Ryan screaming footage from damn near all of the supernatural unsolved*

  • This is like an alternate universe where Andrew does Buzzfeed Unsolved with Ryan and Shane does Worth It with Steven.

  • Big daddy Ryan

  • What the heck is with the random guy on his phone?

  • I have 4 adult cats and 9 kittens.... the world is fine until they didn't want to poo on the sand ☠

  • MYSTERY: Who is the guy in the back? Why is he there suddenly and why did he disappear after the mystery question is over?

  • Did Andrew and Ryan ever work out that beef that got Andrew killed in the sims? I'm sensing some residual tension.

  • 7:01 we are going to ignore the dude In the middle?

  • You guys haven’t rotated the horse head in the background in a while

  • Ryan that shirt looks really good on you!

  • Who's the guy texting in the background??? XD

  • 7:02 Adam has entered the chat

  • Ah the gun afficianados. Blame the military for giving the M1 Garand and the M1 Carbine the same classification

  • Shane is treasure, but Holy Crap! Beefcake substitute! How can I get more Andrew in my life?

  • I love the guy just sitting in the back messing around on his phone for a while.

  • Plot twist. Shane is the watcher and he’s actually out bc he’s planting more letters.

  • Ryan Bergara(idk his name) is slowly turning more and more into just Ricky Goldsworth and I don't know how I feel about that.

  • Alright who agrees that ryan and shane should go to a shooting range since Ryan's apparently never shot a gun



  • how many cats is too many cats there’s no such number!

  • Is this episode *Worth It* ? The question will still remain *Unsolved*

  • Im related to bugsy

  • Can you add Andrew and make it a threesome

  • Why is noone talking about the random guy who appeared in the background at 7.01 just for one question O_o

  • "Just know, that I can't get scared." * goes into an abandoned house and cries of fear *

  • what about the hot dogga?

  • Moe, moose and Bee were pretty much in a polyamorous relationship. Isn't very unusual today and while considered "wrong", "frowned upon", and I believe illegal then, still not unheard of or too unusual. More taboo than anything.

  • The sound tech who just shows up?????

  • ANDREW!!! :D He looks so lost lol

  • The mob got Shane

  • Uh, is Adam sitting behind them watching por n and playing with his willy?